Fun Texting Games to Play When Bored


Fun Texting Games: Texting is an integral part of our modern life. Be it between a couple or just plain friends, texting plays a very important role in communication. It started with exchanging SMS and later on has upgraded its form to online messaging through internet.

But sometimes texting can be boring. Does it happen to you that you want to stay connected with your friend and keep doing chat but somehow ran out of topics to chat on. Well today we are going to tell you about some of the fun texting games that you can play with your partner. These games will not only help to kill the boredom but also some of them will help you understand your partner much better.

Top 10 Fun Texting Games to Play When Bored

Fun Texting Games

It doesn’t matter how much distance apart you are from your lover, you can always rely on these texting games and make sure you both have a good time together.

So now without wasting any much time, let’s get started with our top picks for fun texting games that you can play on the internet or via SMS.

1). What If?

The first in the list comes my favorite games to play when bored. Does it ever happen to you, that when you are all alone, you think of hypothetical situations? And then you think of the possible action you would have taken under that situation. Well, What If? is totally based on that thinking of the players who like to play fun texting games.

You can ask for your partner opinion that what they would have done under certain condition. The questions can be like “What if you have the power to be invisible for a day? What will you do with that superpower?” You can use your imagination to figure more and more interesting What If? Questions.

The best part of this fun texting game is that there is no right or wrong answer. You will love this game once you get used to it, plus you also get a little insight of the person you are playing it with. It will tell you about their way of thinking as well as their opinions.

Now rush to your favorite messaging app and play this one of its own kind of fun texting games.

2). Hangman

The next in our list of fun texting games to play when bored comes the very classical, our own Hangman game. Yes, you can play this game with your chat partner very easily. Everyone has played this game with paper-pen in their childhood.

The game begins with one of the player think about a word, sentence or a phrase. The word is then represented in the form of row of dashes and the second player is allowed to guess the word with a limited number of chances. The word chosen can be the name of any person, title of the movie you like or any random English syllable. The classic game allows only 7 chances but you can manipulate the rules to make it more and more interesting.

The game is a fun ride itself and you can also make the conversation more exciting by juicing it up with a little flirting or something like that. If the second player lose, the winner can ask for any prize and if the second player wins, he/she will choose the next word.

The game is perfect when you and your partner are free and need to kill some time with simple entertainment at your bay.

3). Song Lyrics

This is another pick in the fun texting games that you can try with your partner when you both are getting bored. The game is quite simple. One person thinks of lyrics of any particular song and texts it to the second person. The second person now need to guess that these lyrics belongs to which song.

The game can turn to be quite interesting if both the players have a good taste in music and their lyrics. There is an option to go for classical song lyrics or you can also try flirting by sending romantic lines. Either way both the partner is going to have a great time.

The game is not just about the song lyrics, you can also extend it to famous quotes, or dialogues form your favorite movie or anything like it. The second person can be asked to guess the movie or singer or the actor. If the second person fails to guess the correct answer, he/she can be asked to sing that song in a voice call later. Thus, the two partners can really hit it off and have a good entertaining time with this great choice in fun texting games.

This game works best when both the partners share common interests about topics like song lyrics, movies and dialogues. Go on and try it with your boyfriend/girlfriend and make your bond more and more stronger.

4). Never Have I Ever

Never Have I Ever Questions

You must have seen this game in movies. It usually involves a lot of players and you must be guessing how it can be played through messaging between two people only. You can play this game easily just with your boyfriend or girlfriend easily and it will provide the equal amount of fun irrespective of the texting involved.

The players will be given chances to make statements started with ‘Never Have I Ever’ and then quoting the things he/she has never done in his/her life. If the second person has done that thing in the past he/she gets a point. The game can be played for a long duration and whoever with the highest point is declared the winner.

The game is quite easy to play and it can help reveal some of the secrets of your partner. You can know more about them and thus make you both even more attracted to each other.

The game surely falls under the list of fun texting games. Try it out with your girlfriend/boyfriend.

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5). 20 Questions

The Boyfriend Tag Questions List

This classic game never goes out of style. Started in 19th century, the game can be played with that much fun and excitement in today’s modern messaging dependent world too!

The gameplay is quite simple. The game can be played with utmost fun between two people only. First person needs to think of any object. Now the second person will start asking for questions to figure out which object is the first person thinking of. The answer to the questions will be in the form of yes/no only and only 20 questions or we can say chances are available for the second person to figure out the object correctly.

For example, you can think of say, Banana. Then the second person can ask questions like, “Is it a person or not? “The answer to that will be a simple no. Thus, with more and more questions like this the second person will deduce the object you are thinking of.

So, you see the game can turn out to be quite interesting once you start guessing it correctly. The winner of the game can ask for anything like a treat or song or anything he/she would like. Make it more interesting by thinking of objects harder to guess.

Now think of object like socks or earphones and get started to go on a entertainment ride. It is among the best fun texting games that you can think of.

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6). Would You Rather

This is a great texting game that involves thinking but at the same time provides hell lot of fun. The game is well suited for face to face gaming as well as during texting. The game involves giving hypothetical future situations and the second person is made to give his/her opinion on that.

The game starts with asking a question beginning with “Would you rather” and ending with two weird situations. You can level up the entertainment with fusion of your creativity in these questions. For example, some suggestions are “Would you rather have the superpower to fly or to become invisible?” Another would be, “Would you rather have unlimited money or unlimited love?”.

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Of course, these ones are just funny one. You can make them naughty as well as absurd as much as you want. This is the beauty of this game. It can help you pass the time with fun and frolic and at the same time give you some insights of the person you are playing it with.

It can be played in a group or between two people too. Overall ‘Would you rather’ is a enjoyable pick among this fun texting games list.

7). Name Game

Name Game falls under the category of simple as well as fun texting games. The game is well suited for enjoying fun and excitement while messaging with your loved ones.

In the starting of the game you need to select any particular topic like movies, cars or countries. Once a category is selected, one person need to think of a word and text it to the other person. The job of the second person is now to think of another word which starts with the last letter of the first player word’s. Whoever rans out of words to say, is declared the loser.

Thus, the game is quite uncomplicated. Make sure you choose a category in which you both have a good knowledge. Thus without a doubt, we can say that name game is a great choice for people who likes fun texting games.

If you want to play name games right now, looking some good names which you can use in your games then here I have some hand pick post which can help you in your Name Games.

Let’s Enjoy!

8). Kiss, Marry, Kill


The game is popularly played online by its fans from all around the world. But this game also falls under the fun texting games and thus can be played smoothly over messaging.

In the game, one player is supposed to think of any name. The name can be of any celebrity, friend, or any one you both know. The task of the second person will be to tell whether he/she wants to Kiss, Marry or Kill that person.

The game can be used to figure out the common feelings about persons you both know. So, play it with you boyfriend or girlfriend and make the best out of your free time.

9). Truth or Dare

Truth and Dare Questions

One of the most popular game played in social gatherings and collage parties, Truth or Dare combines entertainment, fun and naughtiness in the right mixture. The game can be played with the same elements of fun as it is one during parties and all.

You can mix up certain elements like taking pics while completing dares or something. This will increase the level of excitement and also intimacy with your partner.

But you need to ensure that the dare or questions that you ask form your boyfriend/girlfriend are not very absurd. Also, don’t forget to delete the pics if necessary, otherwise the game may cause you a little trouble.

So, Truth or Dare is really like a treat for people who like fun texting games and really want to enjoy in their free time.

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10). Abbreviations

Abbreviations is basically a shortened form of a word or phrase. This is something we all have been use to even during our day-to-day messaging.  Now think how much fun will be indulge if you could do this like you are playing any other fun texting games.

Abbreviations can be used to denote anything. It could be company’s name, or any sentence or phrase. For example, if you have to tell your partner that ‘I am going for lunch’. Than you can send him/her ‘IAGFL’. Your partner will now have to guess and unabbreviate it. It can happen that they unabbreviate it to something even more funnier.

Thus, the game is a great way to know how good you both are connected on intellectual level. Make sure that the abbreviations are not very much hard that frustrates your partner.

Head on to your messaging app and TIO (Try It Out).

11). Story Builder

This is perfect pick for fun games to play when bored for couple or friends who love to write a lot and have a good interest in storytelling. This simple yet entertaining game is quite well adapted for both WhatsApp messaging as well as for SMS.

In story builder, one of you starts the game by sending the first line of any story you both want to proceed on. Then the next person adds a second line to it and sends it to the first person again. Thus is this way, turn by turn you both builds up a story.

As the imagination and level of creativity of two persons are quite different, chances are that the story will prove to be very interesting and full of surprises and fun.

So, next time when you feel like running out of topics which you can discuss with your friends or loved ones, simply switch to Story Builder which is one of the most amusing fun texting games.

12). I Spy

My whole childhood I was not addicted to anything like I was to the game of I Spy. The original game is great way to boost brain activities, but it can be well played in the blind version during messaging too.

In the beginning of the game, one of the player starts by describing where he or she is. After this lookout for anything around like any object or something. Now according to the information that you have provided in the beginning of the game, your partner will have to guess what is the object you are spying on.

You can only provide the hint to the partner by providing the first letter of the object only. Also try to limit the number of guesses that the player can make to figure what you are spying on.

This game was once made for long road journey and family gatherings but now can be played on smartphones, keeping all the elements of enjoyment intact. So, if you like fun texting games and Sherlock, then this is a perfect blend for you.

13). Where Am I?

‘Where Am I’ is for the people who loves travelling or whose jobs involve a lot of moving to new places. Thanks to the mobile technology, now we can still connect to our dear ones despite the distances. You can play this while messaging and make the conversations go great.

In the game, one player will describe his or her surrounding using a set of hints. In order to win the game, the second player will have to figure out the location that where is first player present. This all has to be estimated using the hints or data provided by the first person only. Decide the no. of guesses that are allowed to figure out the correct answer.

Thus, it is a great pick when you are away from your home and feeling bored. You can also mesh up this with other fun texting games with elements like ‘Who Am I with?’ or ‘What Am I Eating?’

14). Celebrity Friendship

This game is all about fun. It will help you kill the time, give you a nice time enjoying it as well as you will get to behave like a celebrity you like!

The game is very simple. Both the players need to choose a celebrity he or she likes. You should know everything about that celebrity like what are their likes and dislikes, how is their behavior and how would they respond to certain situations that they face in daily life.

So, start messaging to each other, by assuming that you are the celebrity you like and start behaving like one. You will need to act what they have acted if they were in your situation. The one who loses his or her focus on being that celebrity is declared the loser.

You can also choose any movie character too!

Thus, celebrity is a must to opt, if you are looking for fun texting games to idle away your time.

15). Emoji Translation (Emoticons)

Best emoji app for android

This one is among my personal favorite fun texting games. It requires a good emoji app installed on your phone. If you do, then congrats, you can play it literally anytime or anywhere with your partner.

Now to play this game, you will start using these emoji in your daily sentences. Your partner will have to figure out what you are saying based on that emoji. This game is perfect for enjoyment because it incorporates not only shortcuts but also can be used to express feelings that words can’t do.

You don’t need to be an expert to play this game. Play this game to communicate well and use your creativity to have a good time.

If you want some good emoji app for your smartphone, we have a dedicated list on that too. Don’t forget to have a look at our picks for Best Emoji App for Android.

16). Fill in The Blanks

This one is perfect when you want to flirt with someone and at the same time want to kill the boring time. This is one of the fun texting games which can help you know the other person, a little better.

One players start the game by raising a question about himself/herself like, “I get angry when…”. Now the second person will complete this sentence based on his/her knowledge about the first person. To make it more interesting you also ask questions about the person himself like “Your favorite song is…”.

The beauty of this funny texting game is that no one is really a loser in it. In addition, you also get to learn more about the other person. Thus, making your bond more deeper and stronger.

But one thing that you should make sure is that don’t ruin the game by questioning some absurd questions which will make the other person uncomfortable.


In today’s world, smartphone has become a necessity. And with smartphone comes the ability to text or chat with our friends, lover, family and relatives. Sometimes this messaging can feel a little bit dull and boring. To cope with that, we introduced you to best fun texting games that you can play when bored.

Each of the game listed above is unique in its own way. You can choose anyone based on you’re and your partner’s interest. The best part about these fun texting games is that they are not limited to involvement of two players only. You can try it out with multiple players by creating a group or something.

Do not forget to share your views on the list in the comment section below. Now go on, rejoice yourself with these texting games to play.

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