Best Movies on Netflix of All Time


Netflix is the ultimate destination of entertainment and there is probably no doubt in it. Discover the best movies on Netflix with my help and get ready to double up the quotient of your entertainment now. There are a lot of media files on Netflix but how to know that which ones are the best?

Well, I am here to do the work for you and that means finding out the best and most entertaining movies from the entire database of Netflix.

Now, you must be thinking that how that even possible from a database of millions of movies. Well, for that I have prepared the listing on the basis of different categories.

But, before you directly move to the categories wise bifurcations of the movies done in this segment of movies on Netflix, there are some aspects of this site that you must get acknowledged with. To help you out in the same, you can check out the sections given below.

How to Join Netflix?

This section is especially for the newcomers on Netflix. This is important to understand the little details of the site before finally heading to join it and of course investing in it. So, before you hop into searching best movies on Netflix, first get acquainted to the step by step guide which is going to help you understand that how you can join Netflix.

  • Get on the Official Site of Netflix. Of course, you cannot head forward without getting on the site of Netflix and do not forget to change the setting of the country according to your area.

  • Click on Join Free for A Month button. You are going to find this option on the home page of the site which is going to lead you towards the main sign up process of Netflix.
  • Click on View Plans option. Just when you will click on this option multiple plans are going to be displayed in front of you along with their features and benefits. You can choose whichever you find the best one for yourself.
  • Choose one plan. The options of the plan are Basic, Standard, and Premium. Once you have chosen the plan, then click on Continue for moving ahead.
  • Create your Account here. Now, fill in the necessary details on this page like email address and password. Now click on the Register option to create an account on Netflix.

  • Select a mode of payment. of course, the most crucial part of all as you need to pay the amount for the type of subscription you have chosen for movies to watch on Netflix.
  • Choose between Credit Card and PayPal option. Fill in the necessary details of the desired payment mode and press Start to begin your membership on Netflix.

  • The world of super vast media library of Netflix awaits you now. You can cancel your subscription in your trial period anytime and an email will be sent as a reminder just before the expiry date.

Netflix Pricing Plans

So, by now you would have got it that to watch best movies on Netflix, you would have to pay a certain amount which comes under the subscription offered by them. Basically, it is about choosing the desired subscription pack by keeping in mind the features and services offered under it.

Don’t worry, you do not have to get panicked here that how you are going to get clear that what plan should be chosen on Netflix. Given Below are the details about the pricing plan offered by Netflix along with the features you are going to get with it.

  • Trial Period – $0.00

This is basically a trial period which is going to last for 30 days and they charges no amount for it. You get to stream unlimited under this plan and you can cancel your preferred subscription anytime you want when you are still in your trial period.

  • Basic Plan – $7.99 / Month

This is the first type of subscription plan offered to watch movies on Netflix and other stuff too. There are some aspects related to this plan which should be known to you. There are no HD and Ultra HD content provided under this plan.

You can watch only 1 screen at a time and it supports laptop, TV, tablet and of course phone. You can watch unlimited movies and TV shows under it and you get first month free as a trial period for this.

  • Standard Plan – $9.99 / Month

This standard plan is for the moderate users on Netflix. It supports HD but not Ultra HD content on it. You get to watch 2 simultaneous screens at the same time. The rest of the features are just like the Basic subscription plan mentioned earlier.

Unfortunately, the pricing for this plan is soon going to be $10.99 per month and you would have to pay extra to watch best movies on Netflix.

  • Premium Plan – $11.99 / Month

The last one is the premium plan which is the most prestigious plan of Netflix. The plan offers maximum benefits along with both HD and Ultra HD display with the ability of featuring on 4 screens at the same time.

Apart from these features, all the features that Standard plan possess are available in this one. Sadly, as the prices of Netflix are going to be increasing soon then Premium Plan is going to cost $13.99 very soon. Only the fee of basic plan remains unchanged.

Best Movies on Netflix Based on Different Categories

Now, that you have gone through the important details regarding Netflix that how to join it and the pricing plans offered by it, this is the time to check out the best movies on Netflix. Now, you must be thinking that how can I pick the best one amongst so many cinema gems. Well, then don’t worry as I have placed them under various categories.

Given below, is a table that contains all the data regarding the best movies on Netflix available in different categories. So, instead of wasting your data in checking out different movies, you can directly watch this one. It will not only save your time but data too.

CategoryTop 10 Movies List
Comedy Movies10 Best Comedy Movies on Netflix
Family Movies10 Best Family Movies on Netflix
Christian MoviesTop 10 Christian Movies on Netflix
Korean MoviesTop 10 Korean Movies on Netflix
Sad MoviesBest Sad Movies on Netflix 2017
Russian MoviesTop 10 Russian Movies on Netflix
Alien MoviesTop 10 Alien Movies on Netflix
Sci-Fi Movies10 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix
Halloween Movies10 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix
Disney MoviesTop 10 Disney Movies on Netflix
Sports MoviesTop 10 Sports Movies on Netflix
Japanese MoviesTop 10 Japanese Movies on Netflix
War Movies10 Best War Movies on Netflix
Spy MoviesTop 10 Spy Movies on Netflix
Action Movies10 Best Action Movies on Netflix
Indian MoviesTop 10 Indian Movies on Netflix
Marvel MoviesTop 10 Marvel Movies on Netflix
Vampire Movies10 Best Vampire Movies on Netflix
Adult Movies10 Best Adult Movies on Netflix
Gay Movies10 Best Gay Movies on Netflix
German Movies10 Best German Movies on Netflix
Dirty Movies10 Best Dirty Movies on Netflix
Superhero Movies10 Best Superhero Movies on Netflix
Worst Movies10 Best Worst Movies on Netflix
Zombie Movies10 Best Zombie Movies on Netflix
Animated Movies10 Best Animated Movies on Netflix
Inspirational Movies10 Best Inspirational Movies on Netflix
Holocaust Movies10 Best Holocaust Movies on Netflix
Disaster MoviesTop 10 Disaster Movies on Netflix
Lesbian MoviesTop 10 Lesbian Movies on Netflix
Romantic Movies10 Best Romantic Movies on Netflix
Sexy MoviesTop 10 Sexy Movies on Netflix
Sci-Fi Movies10 Best Sci-Fi Movies on Netflix
Halloween Movies10 Best Halloween Movies on Netflix
Disney MoviesTop 10 Disney Movies on Netflix

Things You Should Know Before Joining Netflix Plans

Now you know even the minute details related to the use of Netflix from its pricing plans to the sign-up process. But, still, you must make sure that you do not skip even a single important thing about the policies and features of this site. This will not only make the accessing simpler for you but would also help you to watch best movies on Netflix too.

So, in a nutshell, I have listed down some of the important things that you should know before you opt for one of the subscription plans of Netflix.

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  • Netflix allows you to not only watch movies but also TV shows, documentaries, Netflix originals, award-winning movies etc. on various types of devices altogether.
  • Free trial lasts for only 1 month and after that on the expiry date you will get an email whether you want to continue with the chosen paid subscription or not. You can opt out on last moment if you want.
  • Duration of free trial might vary according to the region.
  • Only USA customers can avail the DVD plan to their current subscription plan. These subscriptions are also available in 3 months duration.
  • Netflix is available in 190 countries except some like North Korea, China, Crimea, Syria.
  • Netflix is also available as an app for Android, iOS, Windows 10 computer, and tablet too.
  • Netflix supports its content on – Smart TVs, Netflix apps, game consoles, smartphones, computer, tablets, streaming media players etc.
  • Netflix is a smart site and mobile app, it offers you what you might have interest in, on the basis of the media you watch through it.
  • To make the accessing on Netflix simpler, select genres and browse according to them or rather directly search for the desired media file.

Pros of Netflix

Apart from watching best movies on Netflix, you must know that there are other advantages available of this service too. If you are paying for a certain service then it is important that you know every single benefit related to it otherwise all the amount you are paying won’t be worth.

Thinking about the same, here are some of the lesser known pros of Netflix which is really important to know for a newcomer on Netflix.

  • Multiple Profiles

Did you have any idea that Netflix offers you this amazing feature of creating up to 5 profiles that too with only a single account? Yes, you heard it right. You have the option to operate five different profiles with the exact same information on your Netflix account.

All these profiles can have different watchlists and different choices too. Things that you will watch from a profile will reflect the suggestions coming on it and they can vary with each profile.

  • Subtitles Customization

If you think you are going to get stuck to the subtitles already given in a media file then you are completely wrong. For a given video like TV shows or movies, you would have to dig deep into the settings.

You are going to find the option to change the subtitles in other language too. It might be possible that all the videos may not contain subtitles other than English, but you can try out if available.

  • Netflix Original Series

This is the most favorite feature or advantage, or I would say pros of Netflix in this list. As you already know that I have mentioned the best movies on Netflix in the section above. But do you know that Netflix releases its original shows too.

There are options like Narcos, Orange is the New Black etc. are the original shows of Netflix which you are not going to find somewhere else.

  • Commercial Free

Whereas all the other premium sites hosting various movies and TV shows contain commercials in the middle of the videos timely, Netflix is different. When you are paying something for the app, then they make sure that you get everything best. Hence, you are not going to find even a single commercial in the middle of any of the videos on Netflix.

  • Simplest Platform

Netflix comes under the simplest and the easiest platform to watch movies on. In fact, I think everyone should go for at least one month trial on this site to get to know it more.

To watch best movies on Netflix, you are going to find a huge library and well organizes categories to browse from. This means Netflix ensures that users belonging to every age group find it really simple to operate this site.

  • Offline Watch

There are like thousands of TV shows and movies on Netflix which you can watch ditching the limit of watching. In fact, Netflix is quite an addictive site which is so hard to resist.

This is impossible to download the movies again and again and watch them over again. So, you have the option to digitally download the shows or movies on Netflix and then watch them endlessly whenever you want.

  • Superb Display Quality

By now, you must have understood that Netflix is one of the most premium types of services available right now to watch various media files. Apart from vast library, Netflix also offers superb display quality to its users.

They can watch videos in HD and Ultra HD quality through Netflix but only under Standard and Premium plan. In this way, you can have the best experience to watch best movies on Netflix.

Cons of Netflix

As you know that every single service available on the internet comes with some downfalls for sure. For everything that you are paying some amount, it is important that you spend every penny wisely. Therefore, there are some of the major cons of Netflix which are listed below.

Apart from enjoying best movies on Netflix, it is important that you get acknowledged to the cons related to it.

  • Not Free

Of course, there is no doubt in it that Netflix is the most browsed media streaming site in the whole world but unfortunately it is not free to use at all.

There are various movies to watch on Netflix but they come with a price which is paid in form of monthly subscription. This amount is must to be paid in order to access all the features of Netflix.

  • Excessive Buffering Sometimes

Another big trouble that has been seen regarding Netflix is the fact that it takes a lot of time in buffering the media on its streaming player.

However, this issue depends mostly on the speed of connection and area too. But many users have complaint that sometimes it takes even 10 minutes for the buffering of a media file.

  • Limited TV Shows Availability

If you are a resident of USA then you are likely to get access to all the TV shows and movies in regular time intervals. But trouble arises for those people who belong to other countries.

Netflix allots the TV shows according to the area. This means it might be possible that the same show which is available in the USA might not be available in your country. The same can be applies to the movies too.

  • Are You Still Watching Notification

One of the most irking situation arises when you are comfortably lying in your bed streaming Netflix the entire weekend and suddenly a notification pops up “Are you Still Watching”? This is the biggest pro when you are streaming some best movies on Netflix.

  • Irregular Updates

Another biggest flaw in Netflix is the fact that the site follows very irregular flow of updates on it. Some of the users really complaint about it a lot that Netflix takes really long time to upload the media on its site. In fact, some of the recently released episodes of various shows are have not been uploaded yet on this site. This adds a really negative point about Netflix.

  • High Data Consumption

It has been reported by various users timely but there are still some confusions left behind it. It has been reported that Netflix consumes up to 5 GB or more per hour depending upon the video quality too.

So, this means if you are watching a movie on Netflix then you would have to give up about 20 GB for it. I think that is too much to watch a single movie on Netflix.

Final Words

I hope that now you know how to watch the best movies on Netflix. There are various little things that you are supposed to take care of which I have mentioned in full detailed in the different sections. This is a detailed study which is not only about the various best movies to watch on Netflix but also about how to make most of Netflix.

Apart from movies, you have the option to watch various TV shows on this platform as well. And the entire features and elaborated services are already mentioned above. Once you are gone through it, I am sure accessing Netflix will be way easier for you.

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