Inspirational Quotes About Life and Love [Best Collection Forever]


Inspirational quotes about life and love : Life is all about living it the fullest. And when love is added in the mix, life becomes all the more worthy of living. Here we have for you some amazing inspirational quotes about life and love but before these inspirational quotes about life and love, some wisdom about life and love is a must.


1). Do all the good you can, in as many places as you can, as often as possible, to the people you can and while you can.

2).  Nobility is the largest wealth and love is the most treasured.

3).  If you do not start your day with a smile, it is not too late to start tomorrow.


4).  Out of everything we wear, attitude is the most important.

5).  Learn that to heal a wound, you have to stop touching it.

6).  All people come into your life for a reason. Some come to learn, others come to teach. Good people give you happiness. Bad people leave you with a lifetime worth of experience and wisdom.


7).  Smile if you have nothing to say. It does not make you smarter, just makes you pleasant.

8).  The real fighter is not the one who fights with fists for a trophy but struggles with the heart to achieve the dream.

So now, let us have a look at some of the inspirational quotes about life and love to get you started.

Inspirational quotes about love

Love always inspires the best of people but as this feeling sometimes leads to other very different feelings like hatred, anger and humiliation, it is wise to keep some nice quotes and phrases in your pocket for one of those bad days.


Are you looking for some inspirational quotes about love? March is the official month of poetry, since March 21 is the World Poetry Day. You want to dedicate some nice phrases to the person you love? This compilation of new phrases and quotes are some that you will absolutely love! Here are all the cute phrases that you need for that purpose.

Read these inspirational quotes about life and love and learn the secrets to a happier and a more content lifestyle. They will help you, guide you, motivate you and inspire you to live life to the fullest and be the best in life that you can be.


1. The mind determines what is possible. The heart exceeds.

2. Love is as good as it seems. That is why people are so cynical about it. It is really worth fighting for it, risking everything for it. And the problem is that if you do not risk everything, you risk even more.

3. Where there is love, there is no room to be small.


4. For every truth, somewhere there is an ear to listen; for every love, somewhere there is a heart to receive it.

5. There are three things that you cannot hide: coughing, poverty and love.

6. Love sees the roses without the thorns.

7. Life is like a piano. The white keys represent happy moments and sad moments… keys give music to both!


8. A friend is someone who knows everything about you and still loves you.

9. If you judge people, you will have no time to love them.

10. Only he who is too strong to forgive, can experience this beautiful thing called love.

11. The smile of a woman is the key to the secrets of a man.

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12. Love life and life will love you. Love people and they will love you.

13. True love comes to you, it just has to be inside you.

14. Some people come into our lives, leave their mark on our hearts and we are never the same.

15. Love knows no bounds. A man loves just because…..


16. He who follows the path of love walks a thousand metres as if they were one.

17. Love understands all languages.

This is by far the wisest of all the inspirational quotes about life and love.

18. Love makes the impossible, possible.

19. Only the eyes retain their youth.


20. Love is like a ghost, which everyone talks about but very few have seen.

21. The love is stronger than the mind; with the mind you can bend a spoon, but you can move mountains with love.

22. Love makes your soul leave the place where it has been hiding.

23. Laugh often and love a lot to appreciate beauty and to find the best in others. Give yourself selflessly…..and you will be successful.


24. Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

25. Love is being in love with the same person everyday without the monotony.

26. There can never exist love without some madness.

27. Love is not a fantasy. Love is poetry  and that is why I say that I not only want you but I love you too.

28. If you really want to quantify my love, count the stars in the sky.


29. It is better to be alone for the right reasons than to be with someone for the wrong reasons

30. I don’t go through life trying to steal glances. I go through life trying to steal hearts.

31. Love was invented by a guy with closed eyes…..which is why they say that all lovers are blind.

32. I know that I cannot fly but there is someone who makes me feel like I can indeed fly and that person, my darling, is you.


33. For you give me everything, but……what could I give you, if all that I have is already yours?

34. I wish you to be the first thing I see upon waking up and the last thing I see before going off to sleep. But the distance between us is so huge that I have to settle for you being the first thing I see on sleeping and the last thing I see before waking up.

35. My heaven is your body, your smile is my dream, your kisses are my drug, your caresses are my obsession, my way is your happiness and my goal…….is your love.

36. My life made no sense until you. Your love gives me all the strength I need to keep going. I love you my love, more than anything else in this world.


These inspirational quotes about life and love will surely take you far in life, should you choose to follow it.

37. If you read this message, it means that you love me. If you delete it, it means that you love me even more. And if you reply to it, it means that you want me…….how are you going to get out of this now?

38. I never knew I had a dream until you came into my life.

39. I thought I should give you my life but then I realized that I still needed one to love.


40. Today, I love you more than yesterday and if yesterday I loved you too much…..imagine how much I love you today.

41. I know why the sea is salty. Because you are the epitome of everything sweet.

42. Do not miss the beauty for the mere illusion that life gives you. You must learn to differentiate and not throw away a lifetime for a passing moment.


43. Love is an inexhaustible source of reflections as deep as eternity, as high as the heaven and as deep as the universe.

44. Value what you have at the moment because it is not the same to lose one minute of love and to lose love in a minute.

45. Only he spent ten minutes with the love of his life, and thousands of hours thinking about her.


46. Friendship can never become love. And love can never become friendship.

47. Love is like a newborn child: It is not known if it grows up crying.

48. The night embraces the darkness of your black eyes, the night offers a glimpse of your look, and me, a look of your night.

49. I just want you to want me to love you.


50. If I told you that I loved you a lot, I would be lying. If I told you that I loved you so much, I would be lying then too. But if I told you that it is not possible to say how much I love you, I would be telling the truth……because adding ‘a lot’, ‘so much’ and ‘too much’ would put a limit to my love. And I love you without limits……

51. Trying to forget someone is a reminder in itself.

52. Love, if I had to give something to you; I’d give you a mirror. Because after you, the most beautiful thing in this world is your reflection.


53. Your eyes are my sky, your lips are my sea and your body is my earth. I want to live for all of eternity.

54. Mutual love is always the most desired…..because you love and are loved back.

55. A sword in the heart always hurts but do not think that you have nailed me down!


Inspirational quotes about life

When we move down the road toward our highest dreams, inevitably we will have moments of ups and downs. There are moments of high energy, euphoria and joy that help us move more quickly on our way; however, there are difficult moments too where we can get stuck, wasting time and energy on small things that do not help us to reach our goal. It is true that there are difficult times to learn and then leaving them will have valuable knowledge too leaving us. However, when things get tough and the thought of ‘we cannot’ enter our mind, the option of “giving in” to gain strength enter our mind, we often simply raise our hands and say, “no more”.


Because we know that we will encounter difficult times but if we dare to follow ahead, one of our fondest dreams will be waiting right ahead for us to reach out and grab hold.

Here are some inspirational quotes about life for you to keep you going:

1. Man is the only animal that eats without being hungry, drinks without being thirsty and speaks without having anything to say.

2. There is free cheese only in the mouse’s trap.

3. Education is what most receive, many transmit and few have.


4. It is not everyday that an opportunity knocks your door. So when it does, you need to be extra careful to recognize it for what it is, grab hold and not let it pass.

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5. Power does not have half the force that sweetness does.

These five inspirational quotes about life and love are the basic there are, but these simple words can prove to be a boon for you….should you have the courage to grab them and to fulfill your dreams.

6. Always forgive your enemies. Nothing will infuriate them more.


7. Give what you have, to deserve to receive what you lack.

8. Indecision is the thief of opportunity.

9. A tear is too important to pour on someone who does not deserve it.

10. In life, you love a lot. But true love only comes to blessed people. And only once.

11. Those who believe that money does it all, end up doing everything for money.


12. A successful man is like a tree: where people around it are covered with fruits and dispersed when they have fallen.

13. Enjoy every smile and every tear, for the most beautiful smile always comes after all the tears are shed.

14. Rule no. 1 of mathematics: “if it looks easy, you’re doing it wrong.”

15. Better one, “I have done” than many, “I’ll do”.

16. Be careful of what you say to a woman. They remember everything.


17. The impossible does not exist for a woman. It just takes her longer to get it.

18. Never argue with a fool, you will descend to their level.

19. No matter how many hours you sleep, you always have to sleep “just 5 more minutes”.

20. Falling in love is free, you start to pay the price when you have to forget.


Best Inspirational Quotes About Life and Love forever

21. There are such false people in the world that it should be tattooed on their forehead: “Made in China”.

22. Sometimes I wanna call you and tell you that I love you but then strangely, a voice says: “Your balance is insufficient”.

23. Tomorrow may be too late. Too late to apologise, too late to try, and too late to believe. Try it now!

24. Life is short, live it! Love is rare, catch it! Fear is horrible, face it! The memories are sweet, appreciate it!


25. Do not spend all your time looking for someone to sleep with. Find someone worthy to wake up with.

26. Do not tell your children how to live better. Just let them observe you as you live.

27. The important thing is not a known person, but someone worth knowing.

28. If you cannot be the perfect happiness for someone, be the eraser to remove their sorrow.

29. Make smile think of you to remind you not to cry.


30. I do not regret anything that I have done. I regret the things that I didn’t do when I had the chance.

31. Envy is a thousand times more terrible than hunger because it is a spiritual hunger.

32. Do not tell God that you have a big problem. Tell your problem that you have a great God.

33. There is no person more admirable than the one who lives and acts with humility.


34. When you really get to be happy, you do not have time to publish it on Facebook or on other social networks.

35. Take the advice of someone who loves you, it will always serve you good.

Very true advice. A person who loves you will never do you wrong and will always think about your welfare. This one is one of the smarter and shrewder inspirational quotes about life and love.


36. Start your day with a smile. Draw it, believe it, paint it, no matter how. Just get dressed with a smile and find success.

37. Love is like a rubber band that holds two people. If any of them lets loose, the one who is still tied suffers the lash.

38. “Sorry” is not an excuse. “Thanks” is not necessary to say. “Me too” never means “I love you”.


39. Women are unfaithful by inattention. Men for lack of sex. Write it down!

40. Hope is the last thing you lose, and happiness is the last thing.

Awesome Inspirational Quotes About Life and Love

41. Have character to say no and the wisdom to say yes, when necessary.

42. The worst mistake in our life is when we do not put an end to what hurts us.

43. Without respect, love is lost. Without jealousy, love is boring. Without honesty, love is sad. Without trust, love is unstable.

44. If you want a partner who does not argue with you, who does not do dramas and is not jealous; then find someone who does not fall in love with you.


45. If someone brings to your life more trouble than joy, it’s time to politely show them the exit door of your life.

46. “You never know what you have until you lose it” is not true. I always knew what I had, just never thought that I would lose it.

47. The past is there to reflect and not to repeat it.


48. The ideal thing in life is that your best friend and your girlfriend are the same person.

49. Being successful is not to prevent you from copying, but to get you all that you want to copy.

50. The nice messages, calls and unexpected visits are love.

51. What is lost is neglected.


52. Stay with someone who already knows the worst version of yourself and supports it.

53. Being mature is to realise that the love of your life is not a princess or a prince or a fairy, but a perfectly imperfect person.

54. A boat should not be subject to a single anchor, nor life to a single hope.

55. A smart person is one who only believes in half of what he hears. A bright person is the one who knows which half to believe in.


These inspirational quotes about life and love will take you very far in life indeed, but here’s some extra wisdom for you, just to finish things off:

The presence of love in the life of any person is one of the most beautiful settings in humans. There will come numerous times when we have huge difficulties and we are stuck in seemingly impossible situations in our lives that we feel that we can not overcome…just be yourself then and don’t give in…love yourself.


Take the opportunity to achieve all those goals that you have always thought are the most important in your life. To love, you must never think you’re less, or feel embarrassed about your physical appearance or your social standing in the society or life in general, you should never feel less than others.

Love, in a general sense, is the most beautiful feeling that may exist in this world. Love is the most beautiful feeling in this world. There exists no feeling more beautiful than to be in love. You feel like the most special person in the whole entire world to be living your life full of love and always hearing the words, ‘the love my life’ from your partner’s mouth.

Never give up and no matter what life throws at you, always be ready to receive it all and face all the challenges head on, without worrying about the consequences. Because if you start to worry about consequences and repercussions in life, you’ll never be able to achieve anything.

Extra Popular Inspirational quotes about life and love:




















So, I sincerely hope that you are now fully equipped to handle any problems that may come your way and that these inspirational quotes about life and love, have been of service to you.

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