20+ African Movies That You Need to Watch


African Movies: There are different genres of movies. There are categories like romance, drama, action, thriller, suspense, and many more.

Everyone has a different taste in watching movies. Every nation has own film industry. These film industries contribute a major amount of money in the GDP and taxes. They are the most sought after profession in almost every country.

The film industry of India is known as Bollywood. The industry of US is known as Hollywood same as Africa film industry also known as Nollywood. There are different films made in the African Film industry.

These films are timely applauded and praised through the Awards giving ceremonies. The counsel of Africa Movie Academy Awards grants them different awards in different categories.

If you want to explore in the world of African Film industry then here you go. We have listed out the best African movies for you. They are of different genres and categories. Some of them are so inspiring that you would love to watch them twice.

20+ African Movies That You Need to watch

These movies will surely leave their imprints on your heart and mind. Some of the movies are done in the local language. But their English subtitles are also available.

1. Nairobi Half Life

It is one of the African movies by David “Tosh” Gitonga which was released in 2012. This movie was selected as the Kenyan entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at 85th academic awards. Although this movie couldn’t win the award but still won many in Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards 2014.

The film is about an aspiring actor named Mwas from the rural part of Kenya. He makes his living by selling western action films. The character of Mwas is played by Joseph Wairimu. Mwas wants to go to Nairobi to become a famous actor.

The movie is all about the struggle and reality faced by Mwas in the Nairobi. It is a must one to see the harsh reality of life.

2. Confusion Na Wa

Confusion Na Wa is a Nigerian dark comedy movie which was released in 2013. This movie is directed by Kenneth Gyang. This movie managed to get the best picture award at 9th Africa Movie Academy Awards as well as the Best Nigerian Film. The movie is Starring Ramsey Nouah, OC Ukeje, Ali Nuhu and Tunde Aladese.

This is one of the finest African Movies. The film is based on the interconnection of separate stories. It tries to tell us that how these stories come together to complicate the life of people. This movie is based on the plot of comedy as well as melodrama.

The different stories when interconnects then give a different meaning to the movie. This movie got 4 out of 5 stars in Sodas and Popcorn rating.

3. Kwaku Ananse

Kwaku Ananse is a short film released in 2013. This movie was directed by Akosua Adoma Owusu. This short film was screened at the Berlin International Film Festival. This movie also won the Best Short Film Award at the 9th African Movie Academy Awards. The film is featuring Koo Nimo and Grace Omaboe. The duration of the film is 26 minutes.

The story is about a girl named Nyan Koronhwea. In this film, she got to know the dual life of her father. She got to know that her father was leading two separate lives at Ghana and United States when she attends his funeral.

The story is about the reflection of the broader truth and reality. This is the finest short African Movies. The plot of the story is mixed with the tales of Ananse.

4. Ninah’s Dowry

Ninah’s Dowry was released in 2013 and directed by Victor Viyuouh. The duration of the film is 1 hour and 35 minutes.

The plot of the movie deals with a serious issue of domestic violence. The movie is an eye-opener for many issues. This movie is not about the problems faced by racism but by gender biasing. It is one of the finest inspirational African Movies.

The story revolves around a woman named Ninah. She is married to a guy named Memfi. The character of Ninah and Memfi is played by Mbufung Seikeh and Anurin Nwunembom respectively.

The character of Memfi is quite abusive towards Ninah. Ultimately Ninah run away from her husband and her abusive relationship. Her husband then tries to find her out as he comes to know about her pregnancy. The story is an inspiration to the women who are going through such abusive relationships.

5. Last Fishing Boat

The Last Fishing Boat was released on January 11, 2012. The movie is directed by Charles Shemu Joyah.

The duration of the film is 1 hour 50 minutes and its plot is based on the Drama genre. Although the movie could not earn any awards for its academics but managed to secure another. This is one of those African Movies got the Africa Movie Academy Award for Best Soundtrack.

The story of the movie revolved around the struggle of a fisherman. He was once a successful fisherman but later his cultural values got destroyed by the expanding tourist industry.

The story is the clash of African cultural values and rapid modernization. The movie gives a message that a person can be poor, but he should not leave his values at all.

6. Virgin Margarida

Virgin Margarida was released in 2013. This movie was directed by Licinio Azevedo. The duration of the movie is 1 hour 30 minutes. This is one of the African Movies which focuses on the serious topic like re-education of women. This movie captures the harsh life of Mozambiquan prostitutes in a period of 1970’s.

The movie focuses on the women only. The story starts from the independence of Mozambique in 1975.

The revolutionary soldiers capture the female sex workers and send them to countryside to be re-educated. Then the main character of the story comes.

It is a 16 years old girl named Margarida who believed to be a sex worker but actually is a virgin. The complete story is a life-changing experience for this girl.

7. Last Flight to Abuja

Last Flight to Abuja is one of the African Movies from 2012. The duration of the movie is 1 hour 21 minutes and directed by Obi Emelonye.

The plot of the story is about the emergency landing of a Nigerian aircraft. The remaining story revolvers around the terrible consequence occurred due to this emergency landing.

The genre of the movie is a serious one. The movie is starring Omotola Jalade Ekeinde, Hakeem kae-kazim and Jim Lyke.

The movie was nominated in five categories at 2013 Africa Movie Academy Awards. It also won the award for the category Best Film by An African Based Abroad. The movie is based on the true events. It makes us learn the steps taken on a critical condition.

8. Elelwani

Elelwani is one of the African Movies released in 2012. It is a South African drama film directed by Ntshavheni Wa Luruli.

The actress of this movie Florence Masebe won the award for Best Actress in a Leading Role in 9th African Movie Academy Awards. The duration of this movie is 1 hour and 43 minutes. This movie was also a South African entry in the category of Best Foreign Language Film in the 87th Academy Awards.

The movie is based on a novel by Dr. Titus maumela. The story revolved around Elelwani and her boyfriend who are well educated and leads an urban life.

They wish to spend their rest of life together. The twists and turns come in the story when Elelwani’s father wishes her to get married to the local king. Afterwards, the story deals with the ideas and mindset of Elelwani.

9. Heroes and Zeroes

Heroes and Zeroes is one of the African Movies released in 2012. It is a Nigerian drama written and directed by Niji Akanni.

The movie is starring Nadia Buari and Bimbo Manual in lead roles. The movie was nominated in 6 categories at 9th African Movie Academy Awards. This movie won the awards for Best Director, Best Screenplay and Best Editing.

The film is a story of the relationship of 45 years old married film director Amos and a film actress Tonia. Amos is married to a woman named Tinuke who works in a financial institution. Amos got the opportunity to work upon a big budget project to re establish his career.

Afterwards, he starts an extra marital affair with its actress Tonia. The movie focuses on the triangle of Amos, Tinuke and Tonia.

10. The Contract

The contract is a film from 2006 directed by Bruce Beresford. The movie is written by TV writer Stephan Katz and John Darrouzet.

The duration of the film is 1 hour and 37 minutes. The movie is starring Oscar winner actor Morgan Freeman as assassin Frank Carden. The movie could not impress the critics and received some negative reviews too.

There are three main characters of the story. They are first an assassin named Frank Carden, a billionaire named Lydell Hammond and a school gym teacher Ray Keene.

The story also focuses on the reunion of ray and his son Chris. This is one of those African Movies which could not impress much.

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11. From a Whisper

From a Whisper is a Kenyan Drama film which was released in 2008. The movie is directed by African Movie Academy Award winner Wanuri Kahiu.

The movie did outstanding on the box office and managed to get many praises too. It was nominated in 12 categories at African Movie Academy Awards. It also won 5 awards of Best Picture, Best Original Soundtrack, Best Director, Best Original Screenplay, and AMAA.

This is one of those African Movies which is based on the true events. This movie tells us the real side of the victims of a bombing attack took place in 1998.

It shows that how their lives were totally shattered after this attack. The movie inspires us to forgive and let go off the past things.

12. Viva Riva

Viva Riva is out of those African Movies released in 2010. The movie is a Congolese crime thriller. It is directed by Djo tunda Wa Munga.

The movie is starring Patsha Bay, Manie Malone, Fabrice Kwizera and many more. The movie is an outstanding piece of work. It was nominated in 12 categories in African Movie Academy Awards.

It won 6 awards for Best Director, Best Picture, Best Cinematography and Best Production Design. It also got 2011 MTV Movie Awards for Best African Movie.

The film is based on a gang war initiated by a fuel crisis in Congo. The movie got positive reviews from even critics. It is a crime based thriller and a treat to watch. The rating of the movie was very impressive.

13. Sinking Sands

Sinking Sands is a masterpiece from 2010. It is a Ghanaian drama film. The movie is written, produced and directed by Leila Djansi.

The movie is starring Jimmy Jean-Louis, Ama Abebrese, and Yemi Blaq. The movie was nominated in 9 different categories at 2011 Africa Movie Academy Awards. It managed to won 3 awards including Best Screenplay and Best Make Up.

This African Movie is a story of the couple Jimah and Pabi. Their life was going constant until Jimah met with a domestic accident. Their marriage becomes abusive afterwards. The movie was applauded and praised by many people.

It got positive response from all the critics. This movie gives inspiration to many and a delight to watch. The movie is a gem in the category of African Movies.

14. White Waters

White Waters is another gem in African Movies of Nigeria released in 2007. The movie is a sports drama film directed by Izu Ojukwu.

The film was nominated in 12 categories in 4th African Movie Academy Awards. However it managed to won 4 awards of Best Director, Best Cinematographer, Best Sound and Best Actress in supporting role.

The movie revolves around a boy named Melvin. The character of Melvin is played by OC Ukeje. Melvin’s life is sandwiched between his step father and his helpless mother. So her mother sends him to his grandmother to save her marriage. The story moves with the bonding of Melvin and his grandmother played by Joke Silva.

The illness of his grandmother always caused him to run and take her medicine. This made him realized his running capacity. The story moves further with different shades like love, patience and loneliness. It is a treat to watch the performance of OC Ukeje in the movie.

15. Mwansa the Great

Mwansa the Great is a movie which comes from the country Zambia. This movie was released in 2011. This attempt in African movies was made by director Rungano Nyoni. It falls in the category of short films with duration of 24 minutes.

The movie is starring Owas Ray Mwape, Samuel Mwale, Anna Mithi and many more.

The story is about a boy named Mwansa. This eight year old boy aspires to be a hero. So he kicks off a journey to prove his greatness and end up with having some unexpected consequences.

The movie is all about the transformation of thoughts of a young child. The story is about his experiences on this journey. The movie is totally directed from the point of view of a child. Ultimately this child proves that he is actually Mwansa the Great.

16. Moolaade

Moolaade is a film from 2004. This movie was directed by Ousmane Sembene and written by Senegalese. The movie is based on the serious issue of female genital mutilation. It is a common practice done in various African countries.

The title of the movie has a special meaning which is magical protection. The duration of this movie is 2 hours. This film strongly opposes such practices and spread the words of awareness.

The story depicts a strong personality of a woman named Colle. She is the second wife of her husband’s three wives. Colle is a strong woman who cannot see something wrong happening around her.

She protects her daughter named Amasatou as well as 4 other girls from genital mutilation. The movie did a wonderful job to enlighten the mind of rural people of Africa. This is one of the finest African Movies and a must watch too.

17. Otelo Burning

Otelo Burning is one of those African Movies released in 2011. This movie is directed and produced by Sara Blecher. The film is in Zulu language with English Subtitles available.

The movie is starring Jafta Mamabolo, Thomas Gumede and Tshepang Mohlomi. The duration of the movie is 1 hour and 42 minutes. This movie was the opening film for the 32nd International Film Festival.

All the cast of the movie is young and upcoming faces. They are the fresh talent who performed like professional in the movie.

The movie’s plot is based on the era of 1989. The story revolves around boy names Otelo played by Jafta Mamabolo. He rises out as the surfing star of his area. This is the story of fighting for the justice and truth. This boy let go off his career for the justice for his brother.

18. Benda Bilili

Benda Bilili falls in the category of documentaries. The duration of this movie is 1 hour and 14 minutes. This movie was released in 2010. It is directed by Renaud Barret and Florent de la Tullaye. The meaning of the title of the movie is Look beyond Appearances.

This movie focuses on the members of a group staff Benda Bilili who are disabled due to Polio. The shooting of the film took complete 5 years of perfection.

This film received a standing ovation when it opened in Cannes Film Festival in 2010. This film is a musical documentary and tribute to the members of this group. They had proved that no disability can block your path if you are determined.

This movie was nominated for best documentary at Cesar Awards 2010. It won many prizes in different category of awards. This is a diamond in the African movies.

19. Irapada

Irapada was released in 2006 and gained the eyeballs of many people. This movie is based on the genre of supernatural thriller film. It is produced and directed by Kunle Afolayan.

It won the best Film in African Language award in 2007 at African Movie Academy Awards. It was also voted the best African film of 21st century on CNN African voices in 2013. This is one of the African movies which worked as milestone for the director.

The movie revolves around a guy named Dewunmi. He is a Yoruba man but lives in the northern part of the country. Mother of Dewunmi calls him home to perform some sacrifices as she had some nightmares. But he denied to do so and did not come.

Her mom follows him to the northern parts and ultimately dies. The story is about the beliefs and superstitions of a man and his mother.

20. Ghett’a Life

Ghett’a life is in the category of African movies released in 2011. The movie is directed by Chris Browne.

The movie is an action and drama film. It has duration of 1 hour and 44 minutes. This movie was nominated for the Best Diaspora Feature at Africa Movie Academy Awards. The movie got a rating of 6.5 out of 10 from IMDb and 47% from Rotten Tomatoes.

This movie is the struggle of a guy named Derrick. He is a teenager who aspires to be a champion boxer someday.

He has to fight with his community and family for this. After so many odds this guy shines out among all. He tells everyone that if you have determination then you can do anything in your life.

This inspirational movie is a must watch for those who has a determination in their life.

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These African Movies are the most famous ones. There are also numerous African Movies that you can see online or offline.

There are different sites and apps available to get these movies download in a great HD print. These movies are full of drama and inspiration. There are renowned directors who has directed these movies and won different awards for them too.

There movies stand out from the other ones. They are the ones which hold every aspect of life.

The screenplay and story has a powerful narration. They are the artistic vision of the director narrated so well in the form of films.


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