21 Questions Game: Dirty, Cute & Funny Questions


21 Questions Game: This game is the popular one just like the questions that you ask your potential boyfriend or girlfriend to know them more.

This game comes with very simple rules and the great thing is that you can have it just any time with the one who you are interested in.

The one greatest advantage is that you can have all the required info about that person with who you are interacting. This game doesn’t take much time as there are only 21 questions.

The first person in the game acts as an asker and the second person gives the answers to the frost person with this 21 Questions Game. The second one tries to answer them with all the honesty because you are not required to lie in this game.

So basically, you can put just any topic and can take an answer for that. Once you are done with your game, the second person will act as an asker and now it’s your turn to answer him /her.

21 Questions Game

Benefits of Playing 21 Questions Game

The fantastic thing about this game is that you can choose questions from any category as dirty, funny, good and normal questions or just cute questions.

By having a little of this 21 Questions Game you two can be friends for a lifetime because conversations really go well when you come with some quality questions.

So take the advantage of this opportunity and know the person better by choosing questions like hypothetical, personal, flirty, sexual or even experiential questions. Take it as a guarantee that you will surely learn a lot about that person just by this 21 Questions Game.

It’s guaranteed that you’ll learn something about the other player that you didn’t know previously and understand more about what they think and what things they care about.

This game also gives you some psychological benefits such as according to a study two strangers can become deep friends or more than that just by having a good quality of conversations.

So this 21 Questions Game is just a way to build a strong relationship between two persons in just 15-20 minutes. According to the studies, you can even fall in love if you find really good answers in the session of 21 Questions Game.

The reason behind falling in love is that when there are two strangers asking questions with each other. They answer honestly and these answers develop feelings in them for each other. So after the phase of this 21 Questions Game, people get attracted to their partner.

Dirty 21 Questions Game

1). Have you ever seen anyone having sex? What happened next, did you walk in or just ran from the situation? How did the couple react?

2). When did you do your first kiss? How was it? Do you still remember the feel and the taste? Who was the guy/girl and how old was he? You two planned to kiss or just kissed randomly?

3). Do you consider yourself a good kisser? Has anyone ever praised you for your kissing talent or said any bad about your kissing technique?

4). What is that thing that you want to do on your first date? How do you setup your mood? Have you ever had more than two dates?

4). How was your first date? How did the end? Did you get any kisses? How would you rate it?

5). Have you ever had sex when you are drunk and regretted it? What is that wildest thing that you have done after getting drunk?

6). At what age did you lose your virginity? Who was your partner? How did it happen? How much you enjoyed it? Describe it to me as much as you can and did it happen at night or in the daytime?

7). Have you ever completed your sexual fantasy? If not, what is your greatest sexual fantasy? With whom do you want to do it and when? This way, know her sexual fantasy just by having this 21 Questions Game with your crush or your girlfriend.

8). Do you consider yourself a kinky person? What is that dirtiest thing that you have ever done? How did your partner react to it? How much you both took pleasure of it?

9). How often do you have sex or like to have? Who acts as the main performer? Are you a below or above person? For how much time do you continue it? How many times do you experience orgasm? What will you do if your partner doesn’t complete your desired sexual life?

10). Do you believe in taking advantage of someone by using your sexy body? Have you ever got anything from anyone because you slept with him? How did you feel after all of this happened?

11). Who is that person that you imagine the most while having sex? Or you just imagine the real one with whom you are having it? How many sex positions have your tried? Which is your favorite one?

12). How many times in a day can you have sex? What is your greatest limit? Have you ever done it like a submissive? Get some dirty with this 21 Questions Game and just ask her your dirtiest questions like this one so you know her limits in bed and discuss yours to make the convection warmer.

13). Which things do you notice first in the opposite gender? What are those physical qualities that attract you the most towards him? What can you do to satisfy him in bed if you ever see all those qualities?

14). Have you ever thought of cheating on your partner just to fulfill your sexual desires or for any other advantages? How do you feel? Would you do it again? Did you get caught by your partner afterward?

15). What type of body structure makes you horny in the opposite gender? Have you ever shown interest in someone’s body because you wanted him badly?

16). Do you sleep naked? What’s your favorite position?

17). How often do you masturbate? Have you touched yourself this week?

18). Imagine you and me are in the bed right now, what would you do to me? Know her dirtiest thoughts about you by these 21 Questions Game and take ahead all the dirty scenes from your brain and speak them all.

19). Is there anything that I can do to make you feel horny right now? Where can I touch you?

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20). Would you like it if I make it rough? What is that place in your body where I want to touch you?  Would you enjoy the original or playing some toys?

Funny 21 Questions Game

1). What is that silliest and old-fashioned dress in your wardrobe?

2). What is that easy technology that you do not know to operate?

3). Have you ever sung a chorus of a song like a dumb? Ask about that song while having this 21 Questions Game and you can also ask to try it again in front of you and see the dumbest thing, this will help you both to create numerous big laughs.

4). If you were a zombie, which type of character would you choose?

5). What is the easiest job in the world have you ever imagined working with Easter bunnies or fairies?

6). Have you ever ruined your Saturday in a terrible way? Would you explain me?

7). Have you ever felt guilty in front of the guests in your home? What is that weird thing you did? Ask her this question in the 21 Questions Game and know what happened the time that made the awkward situation for her and enjoy a great laugh.

8). Have you ever eaten the ice cream from the fridge with getting know your siblings and then blamed it on them?

9). If you had a genie, what would you wish at the very first?

10). Have anything ever screwed up your birthday party? Have anyone ever messed with the cake?

11). What is that worst filling for your burrito? Have you ever done it?

12). Which celebrity’s life would you choose if you have the option?

13). If you have the option to put more hands on your arms, how many hands and how long hands would you choose?

14). Have you ever done anything to look cool but end up with awkwardness?

15). If you have to be any species, which one would you choose and why? Know which animal is her favorite by this 21 Questions Game and if you have the same fantasy to live in any creature’s body then share yours with her and take the conversation ahead.

16). What is your favorite movie sequel that you wish to erase from your brain?

17). If you suddenly be a vampire and have all the powers, who would you visit first?

18). Who is your favorite super villain in ant TV shows or movies? Have you ever acted like that one?

19). Have you ever invented something silliest?

20). What is that thing for which your friends make fun of you?

21). How bad was your habit of peeing in bed every night?

Cute 21 Questions Game

1). If you are feeling really hungry, gross like shit and really tired what would you do first, nap, sleep or would take a shower?

2). Imagine you have a time machine right now, in which time would you go with me?

3). If there is waiter that you find not that capable of serving that good in a restaurant, would you give him a tip or not?

4). If you have two options- rather take $100 or distribute $10 to everyone in the class, what would you choose?

5). What is your type- posting selfies without caring about the comments or not posting even a single selfie because you care about the opinions too much?

6). Would you rather go to Harvard at free to study higher or just go with a cool boss where you don’t have to work more but the pay is really high and also the company is well-known?

7). What is your personality food? So ask her favorite food or the food that defines her completely by this 21 Questions Game, also you can ask the food that she can cook deliciously, so next time you can enjoy it having with her.

8). Have you ever proposed a guy to marry you?

9). Tell me three best things in your life?

10). What’s that habit that is really worse but you found it cool?

11). Have you ever done any experiment, for that everyone praised you?

12). If you have a chance to get back to a moment with me, which one would you choose when we were together?

13). Do you ever read comics without telling anyone?

14). If you have a bag full of cash, which brand of car would you choose?

15). If anyone offers you a premium quality of your favorite music, would you choose it over me for 1 day?

16). What are your favorite super power and superhero? So you know her childhood fantasy about superheroes and powers and tell her yours and enjoy a lot with this 21 Questions Game.

17). Have you ever wished something to Santa and then anyone gifted it to you?

18). What is your favorite place in the world?

19). Do you ever imagine how would your honeymoon be?

20). What is so better in your life that is just a dream in others?

21). How can I make you smile in just one sentence?

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So I hope you find this 21 Questions Game very helpful when you are in need of setting up a good talk with your girl or your guy. You don’t only know someone but you know then better and deeper and they also get to know you and this all make you interesting for them.

People also sometimes speak up the secrets when you have this 21 Questions Game because they find comfortable sharing with you. So just ask these questions with the one that you want to know more and good luck.

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