Love Letters Straight From Your Heart With Sample


Love letters straight from your heart: Have you ever imagined your life without the one you love the most? Just think that one day when you wake up you find they are nowhere to be seen. You just start feeling that you have lost the reason to live. If you love them this much then why not express your feelings into words. Why not write down your feelings and let them know how much they meant to you. now you can say it all just by writing love letters straight from your heart.

Whatever you are thinking about them or whatever you feel for them, you can express it all with the help of cute love letters straight from your heart. Sometimes it happens with you that you are not able to say what you exactly feel but when you start writing it all, then suddenly you put all your heart on the paper.  If you really want to make them feel special then here are the tips for you to write love letters for them.

If you want some change in your relationship and you want to try something new then exchange these letter. Especially when you are in a long distance relationship you can use these love letters as the medium of correspondence. It will bring the newness in your relationship also It will make your old dull relationship in an exciting love story.

Best Love letters straight from your heart with Sample:

1. The decoration ( Best place for writing and color of pen)

Your love would not say it all but do not just give her a simple piece of paper written with your all heart out. Even the best of your feelings would look dull in it. if you are using a light colored paper then use the dark black glitter pen for writing on it. and if you want to make it look more elegant then use a black paper and write with silver glitter pen. And then write down what you exactly feel for her.

2. Straight forward

Nobody likes to read those long letters with all the feelings going round and round. Even the length of the movies has been reduced so that the audiences do not get bored of it. so if you want to tell her that what you feel for her then say it directly without even confusing her. Say it all without keeping a single doubt about your feelings in her mind. She should get it quickly that how much you love her and that you can do anything to make that curve goes on smiling forever.

3. Different types

The love letter straight from your heart has its all kinds and types. It all depends what is the taste of your love. If she is happy go lucky person then you can go for a funny love letter. If she is a bit serious about the feelings then you can go for a serious to the point love letter. If you guys are on a starting of your friendship then go for a flirty love letter. If your queen wants everything different then go for a cute love letter.

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4. Funny love letter

It should not be your type to always go main stream. If you want to make her laugh instead of making her smile then you should do something really funny and creative for her. Crack some jokes, write something insane, and make fairy tale stories. And am sure you won’t mind doing that for your in return of your girl’s smiling face. Its not necessary to always behave too romantic in front of her. Remember too much sweetness cause the diabetes. You would surely not like your girl to get bored of you. Then its time to make her smile because that will let her know that you will keep her happy always.

5. Love letter to propose

If you want to propose to the one you like the most then love letters straight from your heart would be the perfect way to the perfect way to propose her.  Forget about the roses and romantic dates here is the new way to show how much you love her. Love letters are the best way to give out your heart to your girl. And am sure she would not be able to say a no by seeing this much efforts of yours.

6. Missing you love letters

If you are missing your love then love letters straight from your heart can be a great medium to approach your girl. You can tell her about the how you feel without her, that how much loneliness is there without her. You can say this all just by writing a love let ter for her. Forget the texts you can say this all by writing what you exactly feel for her. All you need is a pen and paper for this.

7. Flirty love letters

If you guys haven’t officially got together yet then it is a great and effective way to flirt with the girls of your dreams. By seeing this much efforts she will definitely be all by your side. Whatever you think about her, the way she talk, the way she move or the way she dress you can describe this all in a love letter straight from your heart to the heart of the girl you love. Simple things always work the most over a girl and you can see the magical results after trying this out.

8. Romantic love letter

You are feelings so much loving towards her and you want to show it but in a different way then you can take the help of the love letters straight from your heart. All you need to do is draw some cute emoticons in the love letter and describe how it feels to be with her. If you guys recently had a date then tell her how much awesome she was looking on that day. These cute tricks will surely take away the heart of your girl and things will be all in your way.

Never think that these love letters are something old fashion. They are really helpful in creating sweet moments in your relationship. Hope you also like my this post “Love letters straight from your heart with sample” becuse every day many users visit this post and share his/her heart feeling front of him/her partner by help of given love letter. If you also use any one format then please share this post on your social profile.

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