Funny Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Questions)


Funny Questions to Ask a Guy: In this complexity of life you should have some moments which are just meant for the laugh. the laugh of a true heart. It is really necessary to make yourself comfortable and relax after all the frustration of a daylong work.

Funny Questions to ask a Guy

If you are not able to think that how to share a laugh with your guy then you need not to worry anymore. Here is the collection of some craziest and funny questions to ask a guy. These are something that you will surely gonna love. And you will find an excuse to know him more and more.

150+ Funny Questions to Ask a Guy

1). What was the funniest incident of your childhood that made your parents embarrassed because of you?

2). Have you ever tried on a girl from another race? And if you haven’t then Would you like to do so?

3). Have you ever awakened one morning with your pants totally wet?

4). How often do you lie to people? Are you lying right now?

These types of funny questions to ask a guy can also proved to be a trick for them). You can get to know the sign while he is lying). You can catch him anytime else when he is lying to you).

5). What was the craziest lie you ever told a woman to get laid?

6). What F.R.I.E.N.D.S character do you think resemble most to your personality?

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7). Do you think wearing suits on NBA game is totally too much?

8). Mention the first letter of the girl’s name you are totally into?

9). Describe the word lips without even using the words lips and red.

These crazy questions can land you to some hilarious and mind blowing replies). I mean who does that with anyone). Such funny question to ask a guy can let you know his skills to make you understand the things).

10). What do you think is the must to be in a girl?

11). In which category would you like to place yourself, naughty or nice?

12). Say something to me which can prove that are you naughty enough.

13). Have you ever got into a trouble which made you laugh at yourself?

14). How would you describe the first kiss your ever had?

15). Have you ever smell so bad that people had to stay away from you for the entire day?

Now this is one of such funny questions to ask a guy which can be really hilarious). I mean you know this is not a common thing to happen). But if it has occurred to him then you should definitely think twice about him).

16). Did you ever go to your office without taking a shower?

17). If you had a female boss then do you think you would have been doing well with your office?

18). Do you think it is natural and very common to fall for your teacher once in your lifetime?

19). Have you ever sweat this much that it felt like someone poured water on you?

20). What do you find the most fascinating and exciting sport ever?

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