Questions To Ask a Girl You Like


Today these questions to ask a girl you like are all about to know that girl more and to know her opinions that are really necessary if you are thinking about dating her.

Through these questions to ask a girl you like, you will get to know her interests and things that make her feel special and make her feel worse. These questions also will make a better chemistry between you two and you will be able to make your girl smile and gain her trust.

When having these questions to ask a girl you like, you just need to focus on ignoring any awkward situation and asks her only if she feel about that question. So take a look at these special questions and prepare yourself to ask her.

Good Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

Questions To Ask a Girl You Like

1). What is that thing or person that can make you instantly happy and whenever you see that thing?

2). Do you want to know your partner or you like getting updates by time?

3). Do you judge a person according to his past?

4). What would you prefer more, having your dream job or your soul mate for the rest of your life?

5). Are you open minded when it comes to sexual things?

Know how openly she can talk on sexual things by these questions to ask a girl you like.

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6). Should every person fall in love at last once in life?

7). What is your favorite pet in your home? What do you call it?

8). How much are you in musical things? Do you have any favorite band?

9). When you were in the school, in which activity did you participate the most?

So you get an idea about her hobbies through my questions to ask a girl you like.

10). In which city were you born? Do you still visit it?

11). What about your siblings, how much do you love them?

12). Have you ever been any family vacation and made it an unforgettable experience?

13). Do you consider yourself a Great Conversation Starter?

14). What kind of posters or wallpaper so you have on your room’s’ walls?

Know her decorating ideas and you can also help her through these questions to ask a girl you like.

15). Have you ever had tonsils? How did you treat them?

16). Which is your favorite phone while having any junk food, Coke or Pepsi?

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17). If I offer you a vacation on my money, where would you want to go?

18). What is your ambition in life? How close are you to achieve it?

19). Have you ever lied to anyone who is important in your life and then regretted it later?

20). How can anyone catch if you tell a lie to them? Are there any special expressions you get while lying?

21). How do you imagine us together after 3 years from now?

So you get a rough idea for her choices after 3 years by these questions to ask a girl you like.

22). Who is that person you can say your beloved one?

23). Is there anything about me that you don’t like?

24). Which things do you hate the most in others?

25). How do you handle a sad situation in public?

26). What is your strategy for a long lasting relationship?

27). What are your views on your religion? How well do you know about it?

28). What are these traits that you like in a man?

29). What are your 3 favorite things that you do on Sunday?

30). What is your type when it comes to music like pop, jazz or any other?

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31). Which types of movies do you mostly enjoy, romantic, sci-fi, adventure or fights?

32). If you are alone in a forest and you see a bear just some miles away, what would you do?

33). Do you prefer having dessert after dinner? How much do you like this idea?

34). If we both are on a trip for a week, what type of adventure would you like to experience with me?

35). Can you name those movies that a couple should watch on their first date?

36). How much you enjoyed your childhood? Is there any funny story about it?

Know her childhood to know her better by these questions to ask a girl you like.

37). How much do you like cooking? Can I cook your favorite food for you?

38). How easily can you make friends? Do you stay with your friendship for long times?

39). How do you imagine in next 10 years?

40). Who is your favorite Hollywood actor of all time?

41). How much are you happy in your life?

42). What is your achievement in life so far?

43). Is there any person who takes care of our more than anyone in this world?

44). What is that biggest lie that you have ever made to anyone? Did it hurt them or they’re still clueless?

Don’t judge her for that lie, but you would get to know her some deep by these questions to ask a girl you like

45). Who was your first crush, at what age?

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46). If I ask you on a date, how much would you want to say no from inside?

47). How much do you enjoy being near nature?

48). Have you ever talked about me with your friends?

49). Do you believe in eco-friendly products? How frequently do you use them?

So you know how much she is aware of environment through questions to ask a girl you like

50). How is your relationship with your boss?

51). Have you ever had a crush on your college and you didn’t tell him?

52). What do you think about long distance relationships? How well they go?

53). Is there any beverage you are addicted to as coffee or any drug?

54). How mad are you about chocolates? Which is your favorite one?

55). What are those 3 wishes that you want at any cost?

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56). Is there any shoe pair that you really love or find adorable?

57). How close are you to our family, who would you choose, your mother or our father?

These questions to ask a girl you like would help you to know whether she is close to her mother or her father.

58). Do you believe that you have fallen in love before?

59). Which qualities make you the hottest?

60). What are your favorite 3 super powers that you have ever wanted as a kid?

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61). Have you ever proposed a guy to marry you? Have you loved anyone this much?

62). What is that expensive thing in your wardrobe that is just useless do you regret buying it?

63). What is the biggest mysterious thing about your personality?

64). What is your darkest secret that no one knows? Can you hint me about it?

65). What would you choose, rich or happy?

If she chooses rich, it’s better to move on after having these questions to ask a girl you like.

66). Do you actually snore while sleeping? Have you ever faced a fight because of this habit?

67). How much do you prefer wearing hats in summer?

68). When did you last receive a compliment?

69). Have you ever seen an alien or such thing in your life?

70). What was your happiest moment in the past year?

71). Do you consider yourself a good dancer? How fast can you pick up the beats? What is your favorite style of dance?

72). Do you believe that gifting a shoe or a perfume is a bad practice and it really affects relations?

73). Have you ever though the title of your autobiography? What would you name it?

So you know what she thinks about herself and her life by these questions to ask a girl you like

74). What’s that one thing in someone’s personality that impresses you, no matter what the gender is?

75). Who should make the first move, a girl or a guy?

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76). How effective love at first sight is?

77). Do you consider yourself into any sports activities? Have you ever won any medal?

Know her interest in sports and why does she like sports by questions to ask a girl you like.

78). Do you feel that it’s okay to lie to save a relationship?

79). How would you rate my skills of talking?

80). Has any person ever made a great impact on you?

81). How fast can you be impressed by a person? What attracts you more, his looks or his way of talk?

82). What is that thing in you that makes you different from others?

83). Do you prefer keeping a dog or a cat?

84). How much are you into Disney films?

85). Which is your favorite beverage to consume in the morning with breakfast?

86). If you have the power to fly, where would you go?

87). What is your weakness, anything or any person?

These questions to ask a girl you like would let you know her weakness in life.

88). If a conversation is just about to fail with your partner, how would you take it to a new and exciting level?

89). What is your favorite holiday destination and which food do you like there?

90). What are your greatest ideas to spend a day when it’s holiday?

91). Have you ever suffered from any kind of phobias?

92). Which thing is the number one in your wish list? Which is the last one?

93). Have you ever faced a police station? What was the reason?

94). Have you felt utter embarrassment in front of your family?

95). How would you rate your conversation from 1 to 10?

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96). When you go to shopping in a mall, which thing do you mostly buy?

97). What are your favorite places that you have ever traveled to?

98). What is the coolest thing to do in this city? Have you don’t it ever?

So you know her idea of being cool by my list of questions to ask a girl you like.

Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl You Like

1). What’s your zodiac sign? Would you mind if I tell you mine?

2). Can you define me the idea of having a perfect date?

3). Have you ever said those three words to someone special?

So you know if she ever loved anyone though questions to ask a girl you like.

4). Is there any tattoo on any part of your body?

5). Why I find your body so sexy and beautiful every time I look at you?

6). Who has a perfect body, a male or a female?

7). When you are naked and taking shower, can you define me this feeling?

8). According to me, how much sexy you are?

9). What’s that part where you love to be touched?

Know the most sensual part of her body by these flirty questions to ask a girl you like.

10). If I get brought with you, would you allow me to continue?

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11). Why do I think that you are always gorgeous?

12). Do you mind kissing in public? Where have you done it and with who?

13). Have you ever fell in a relationship at your work environment?

14). What do you think about starting a relationship with someone who still thinks about her ex?

15). How older guy would you prefer for dating?

16). Is it possible to understand a woman completely for a man?

17). If you’ve just met someone who has an incredible personality and exact as you want, would you dare to ask his phone number?

18). Which is the color that you find the sexist on your body? Would you wear it for me?

19). Do you have any special demands for your marriage? What do you think about a marriage?

20). Which part of a woman, a man notices very first? What makes a woman sexy for him?

You can have these questions to ask a girl you like over text if you’re afraid do not ask her face to face.

21). Do you think a partner can also be a best friend?

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22). Have you ever tried one night stand? Have you tried it more than once?

23). Have you gone through any nude photography?

24). What is the thing which helps you to fall in love with me?

25). When you first saw me, how attractive was I to you?


My list of questions to ask a girl will surely allow you to get into your girl’s head and it’ll reveal several secrets about her while having a conversation. She will remind this conversation with you for a long time and as a unique experience. So read these all and just ask her and know the things about your girl.

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