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Questions to ask a Girl over Text

In this modern world, people usually prefer to talk over texts. Nobody has the time to meet in person and then share each and everything. And this is also an important phase of a long distance relationship. So for all those guys, her are the questions to ask a girl than you can use over texts.

1). In the lifespan of yours whom do you owe all your love to?

2). What do you think is the last extent for loving someone?

3). Have you ever manipulated someone to link your story with them?

4). Do you want someone to try the idea of proposing with a diamond ring in champagne glass?

5). Can you describe the perfect relationship in your words?

It is such perfect questions to ask a girl over text. This should be known to you that what she actually means by having a perfect relationship.

6). Can you leave your ego for the person you love?

7). Did you ever take advantage of anyone by some fake stories?

8). Can you tell the song which perfectly defines your current relationship status?

9). Have you ever fell in unconditional love with someone?

10). Do you think that when two people separate then, they both are equally responsible for it?

11). Which type of relationship can survive the most?

12). If you had to name your love story then what it would be?

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13). Name the movie whose story perfectly fits in your love life?

14). Have you ever stay awake for the all night just for a text from someone special?

Such questions to ask a girl is just a way to know that whether she can do the same for you or not? I guess you should definitely go for this question.

15). Is this life enough for you to see all the shades of love?

16). Can there be any situation where you can find yourself trapped in love?

17). Do you think that love is the second name of boundations?

18). Define the word love in just one perfect word?

19). What was the longest duration you took to move on from a relationship?

20). Do some part of yours still love your ex-boyfriend?


Here is the complete collection of the questions to ask a girl of different categories. You just need to see the category you want and then there are plenty of options for you to pick the right question for your girl.

These are just simple and straight forward questions. Do not twist the things round and round for her because they can totally mislead the conversation into a blind alley. Just make sure that you are going slow but steady with her in terms of conversation and keep on using the questions to ask a girl to know her in a great way.

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