Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend


Cute things to say to your girlfriend: Most men find it hard to express their feelings in front of their girl they love, so they want something easy that can convey their feelings in just no time but effectively.

So if you are also looking for the things that make a relationship better, more romantic and cute then these cute things to say to your girlfriend are just right to share with your girlfriend.

These cute things will really make your girl feel happy and loved, so you can have these things in front of her or just by text.

Make her realize that how important she is for you and how happy you are after finding her with these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

Just use these lines as you really mean them and this way you would be able to express your true emotions from your girlfriend.

Don’t just pretend like you have to say because to make her happy, but say these lines like you genuinely love her and feel for her and really care for her.

So here I am sharing 100 cute things to say to your girlfriend.

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

Cute Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1). You know, last night I counted each star for a reason to love you and I ended up with stars but not with the reasons, there were many reasons left to love you.

2). If you are not in my life it’s like a pencil without a point.

3). If you are with me holding my hand, I’m all ready to set up a war with this world.

4). God made you to make me feel proud and jealous all other men in this world.

You can add these cute things to say to your girlfriend in just any normal correlation and to s her smiling.

5). I promise to give you the world and the things you deserve, so come to my world.

6). I won’t leave you ever only if you allow me to do so.

7). Walking in the streets holding your hand is like walking in the heaven with an angel.

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8). I tell you the whole time why I love you because I want to leave this sentence as the last thought in your brain.

9). You are like a dictionary to me because you add a meaning to my every confusion.

10). You know that you have stolen my heart; you are such a big thief that dared this much in front of everyone.

11). Your love is a sweet dessert, I’m the filling and you are the sweetness. We are both incomplete without each other.

Want to see her face with broadening eyes then Just say these cheery and cute things to say to your girlfriend.

12). Have I said that I won’t be living this long if you were not in my life?

13). I fall in love with you every morning I see you in front of my eyes.

14). I love your smell when we make love.

15). You are my dream girl and that’s why I never want to give up on you because I was taught in school you never give up on your dreams.

16). I can live literally in a hell if you are with me there and the heaven is not just worth living if I am alone there.

17). I proudly want to grow old with you and have gray hairs together until we RIP.

18). I didn’t bring any flower for you because none of them was capable of defining your beauty. So I brought you my heart.

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She will really astound by your lines so have these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

19). Last week, I got an x-ray and the doctor almost fainted to not see any heart there because you have my heart now.

20). Sometimes I think that there should be a pause button for time, I would pass it forever with you and we would spend every second together.

21). You know what is the easiest question for me to answer “what is the best that life has ever given to you” because it’s you that my life has ever given as the best gift. You complete me and my life.

22). I can’t picture myself living and growing old until I imagine you with me.

23). I have now realized that there are soul mates after I found you. Before meeting you, the word soul mate was just a story to me lie fairy tales.

24). I got butterflies in my stomach at the very first day I saw you, but I’m getting mad because they are growing up each day and I feel like my belly is full of butterflies.

Share your love together and strong it than ever with these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

25). When you smile any shine or any sweetness has no comparison with it. It is the greatest than all.

26). Just like hamsters love to run in that exercising wheel, I love to run after you all the day.

27). Just listen to my heartbeats once and you will realize how mad I’m in love with you.

28). I just want to tell you that whenever you smile looking at me, my heart skips its one heartbeat.

29). I am addicted to your kisses and can’t live without your hugs; they are really like a cure to me.

Get kisses and hugs immediately after asking these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

30). You have these amazing features that no one can make a painting of yours but stil,l I dream you every night.

31). Do you know that you are the one for who I prayed every day?

32). Please won’t be mad at me if I love our little girl as much as I love you, I hope you won’t get jealous.

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33). I already donated my heart to you, now I’m the youngest organ donor.

34). In the past days when I used to close my eyes there was only darkness, but now I see you and nothing else.

35). What do you eat in breakfast, you are so delicious.

36). You are my one lucky charm.

37). I tell you to not eat any more cupcakes, you’re so delicious already if you eat too much of these I am afraid you would burst into tiny pieces of sugar.

38). I just wonder how do you manage running all the day and night and don’t take rest, because you are running in my mind all the time.

39). After the last night, I couldn’t manage myself from thinking about you. You really know some magical powers.

40). I think of you and smile even I’m going through worst in my life. Never ignore explain how important she is in your life;

just express your feelings by these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

41). I can say that love is endless because now that I’m with you I find more and more reasons to love you each day.

42). I know I’m just one person in your life but to me, you are my life and the entire world and I can never replace you with anyone else.

43). I really thank you for being in my life and falling in love with me with all that pure soul and heart.

44). What do you think me having a knee surgery because every time I see you I fall for you?

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45). You are so pretty and I think it is illegal to be this much lovely so I think I should call cops.

46). Do you have any idea that how badly I am attracted to you?

47). Rainbows occur and end with the day, so I decide to find one that stays with me for the rest of my life so I found you.

48). I think whenever you smile and laugh, the whole world blooms and the spring comes.

Through these cute things to say to your girlfriend, you will really win her heart more than ever.

49). I have never found any human being with this much prettiness, #how do you manage this beauty all the time?

50). Do you have some sort of magic? Every time I feel down and negative you are there to fill up my mind with positivity.

51). Sadness is just a word when I am with you, it’s like it doesn’t exist in the world.

52). I always found those people irritating ho always stay holding hands and being clingy, but now I got it after finding you.

By these cute things to say to your girlfriend, share that finding you was the best thing that happened to you.

53). Sometimes I think I drink myself and be a very tiny one so that I can live my life forever with you.

54). I have realized that not only candles melt human beings melt too as I have melted for you.

55). You are the only one that I believe; you are always by my side whenever I need you. You believe me when there is no one. You always have my side no matter what happens.

56). One day my friend asked to describe you in one word and I said life and then my heart got jealous.

What are you waiting for just have these cute things to say to your girlfriend and let her know how much you love her.

57). When I receive your touch on my body, my heart starts skipping beats and I feel like a heart attack.

58). Whenever you stay with me, I think of stopping the time.

59). As long as I’m alive you don’t have to find a place full of peace, my arms are always there for you.

Let her know that you are always there for her in every good and bad by setting up these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

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60). Love is great but falling with you is like touching the greatest heights.

61). I will give you whatever you ask, and you will give your love whenever I need it.

62). I was told that you would know when your dream girl will come, now I know how true that sentence was.

Have these cute things to say to your girlfriend and realize her how happy you are to find her.

63). When you are with me I feel like empowered but your distance makes me vulnerable.

64). If you kiss me whenever I say something bad then I’m going to say things even worse.

65). I find myself every morning repeating your name and searching for your hand.

66). I found perfection the first time I saw you and then I found flaws and I started loving you even more.

Tell her that no one is perfect but she is perfect even all with her flaws by these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

67). If I’m lost one day, you would be my key that can get me back to life and happiness.

68). I give you a kiss as I don’t want to waste this moment in words.

So go ahead and kiss her in a cute way by cute things to say to your girlfriend.

69). For me breathing and loving you are the same thing because I can’t live without both of these.

70). Everyone here just scared of death but all I’m scared is of losing you.

Through these cute things to say to your girlfriend, you would be able to tell her how much you afraid of losing her.

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There are several things that you can say to feel her special, so there cute things to say to your girlfriend is a way to express your emotions for your girlfriend in a cute way.

If you say these things rightly, you will really see her blushing and smile or maybe a small cry if you say these a little emotionally. So I hope these words will just right to help you for what do you want to say to her.

Just have this conversation at the right time and right place where she feels comfortable talking to you. So have a good conversation with these cute things to say to your girlfriend.

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