Challenges To Do With Friends (40 Best Challenges)


Today I bring you all fun challenges to do with friends that are really funny and can make any hang out memorable. So if you are getting bored and have nothing to do then my idea of challenges to do with friends is the greatest thing to do with your friends circle.

These all challenges can be incredibly fun and you can try just any time; even I have the challenges to do at sleepover and the challenges to do with friends at home. These challenges to do with friends are great for both boys and girls.

List of Challenges to Do With Friends

I am here with a complete and very long list that you can do if you are getting bored with your daily life and want to make some really great fun with your buddies. You can have these challenges with just any friend or with your loved one or with you best friend.

These are suitable just for any age, so you just choose what suits you the most and play challenges to do with friends, so let’s start with these fun challenges.

1). 100 Layer Challenge

As its name, it’s a really exciting challenge. In the challenge you say your friend to cover him with 100 layers of anything. For example, if your friend is going to apply any specific makeup then he has to do it 100 times over and over again.

So basically it’s like creating 100 layers of anything on you whether it is cosmetic or clothes, this is really fun among all those challenges to do with friends.

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2). 7-second Challenge

This is a challenge where you have to operate just any hard or simple task in 7 seconds only. It can be anything like tying your shoelace, wearing underwear, drinking a glass of water or sandwich making but in just 7 seconds, so this is going to be some real fun among challenges to do with friends.

3). Accent Challenge

In this, you challenge your friends to adapt into just any accent, and they have to speak and act like that accent.

This can be very funny when you see your friends talking in different accents like Russian, American, British, India or any other. So taking this accent challenge in all these challenges to do at home can be a simple yet fun loving task.

4). Aim Crossbar Challenge

Of Course, this is a challenge invented by the Brazilian Ronaldinho, these times there are several ways to complete this challenge but a basic one you just have to hit the ball against the crossbar.

You can also set some time limits and see if your friends are able to complete it within given limits. The one who hits with the highest number of successful crossbar hits wins at last.

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5). Baby Food Challenge

This is a huge fun when it comes to amazing challenges to do with friends; it is a very simple eating game. As you all love eating, but in the challenge, your friends have to eat different varieties of baby foods.

So you set the amount to eat and they have to eat it to complete and win the challenge. You can offer water but only after they swallow it and now you know how this is a total fun when you see those gross faces of your friends.

6). Baking Soda and Vinegar Challenge

Well, this is going to be a tough one among all these challenges to do with friends and also can lead to some circumstances if not done carefully. The best idea is that you have to take a spoonful of baking soda and vinegar in your mouth and keep this mixture there for as long as you can.

7). Banana and Sprite Challenge

This one seems like really gross because to win the challenge, you have to eat up 2 bananas and then immediately drink up a bottle of sprite without vomiting the mixture. So, good luck with banana and sprite challenges to do with your best friend.

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8). Beans and Chopsticks Challenge

This is a challenge where you don’t have to swallow anything, but this is not as easy as it seems. This is the real challenge where you have some beans in a bowl and chopsticks in your hand.

Now to win you have to out these beans with the chopsticks into an empty bowl. The one who makes the greatest number of beans into another bowl will win in these challenges to do with friends.

9). Big Meal Challenge

Well if you’re a foodie then this is perfect for all if your friend. The One thing is that you have to spend some bucks because you have to give a treat to your friends in any restaurant or order the food on the phone.

So you have to order a really big deal for your friends, or you can do it alone and have some quality fun with delicious food.

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10). Blind Kissing Challenge

This is a really hilarious from these challenges to do with friends because in this you have to kiss blindly your friend’s lips. So first you gather some items and then blindfold your friend, now ask him/her to kiss your lips.

All you have to do is put any of those objects on your lips and then tell your friend to kiss that object. You can put just anything, so you can also reset the kissing later, but don’t forget to ask a video with your friends.

11). Blindfold Makeup Challenge

In this challenge, you both go blindfolded, and now both parties put some makeup on each other’s face but blindfolded. You can try with just any cosmetic and see what goes where when you are not able to see.

To increase the fun, don’t forget to click some pictures after finishing these challenges to do with friends.

12). Blindfolded Drawing Challenge

If any of your friends has artistic abilities, then you can check those skills of your friend. You just have to blindfold yourself and that person; now take some drawing things like brushes, colors, and pencils.

Now start by drawing some basic shapes and let’s see who paints better. The person who makes better drawings will win and you can also make anyone’s painting, so go ahead and experience these challenges to do with friends.

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13). Blindfolded Tasting Challenge

To make it a very funny challenge, blindfold your friends and put some foods to taste and it’s like anything from Oreos, dark chocolates, Baby food, uncooked food to disgusting foods. So get them blindfolded and tell them to taste these foods and see their faces while enjoying these challenges to do with friends.

14). Frozen Challenge

What is that thing that can freeze your mind, well what can be better than Ice? So all you have do is send your friend for taking a bath with a bucket full of ice and then he can come out only if he answer some question correctly.

You can set up the questions by our own choice and let’s see how kind your friends are in these all challenges to do with friends.

15). Bread Challenge

It seems like what is this; anyone can do it, well then have a look. In the bread challenge, you tell your friends to eat up white bread piece without drinking even a drop of water. The one who eats maximum in a minimum time will win. I told you this is not going to be easy among all these challenges to do with friends.

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16). Cereal Challenge

Even grosser than the bread challenge because in this you tell your friends to set up a full bowl filled with just any kind of cereal without taking any liquids. Also, you can challenge your friends to take a cereal bath of just any cereal and make some videos to feel the fun later by these challenges to do with friends.

17). Chapstick Challenge

This chapstick challenge is perfect for couples. You can have different flavors of chapstick and blindfold each other. The game is that you don’t look on the flavor of chapstick and apply a thick layer of this flavor on your lips. Now kiss each other and identify which flavor your partner is having.

18). Cheez-Its Challenge

You take a bowl of full of Cheez-Its and challenge your friends to finish it up. The one who finishes quickly will win eventually. To enhance the fun, take a spicy flavor and then challenge your friends to finish their nuts. This is a really enjoyable task among all these challenges to do with friends.

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19). Chubby Bunny Challenge

This is a great game when there are a lot of friends because you choose a finds and then put marshmallows in his/her mouth and tell him to say “Chubby Bunny”. Each of your friends repeats the process of putting a marshmallow in her/his mouth and tells to say “chubby bunny”.

The one who puts more marshmallows in comparison to other will win and if you swallow or spit then you lose.

20). Cinnamon Challenge

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It is by popular when it comes to insane challenges. In this, a person makes his video, eating up a spoonful of cinnamon powder without finding water in just 60 seconds. So you can have this challenge with your friend but ignore it if you don’t feel comfortable eating up cinnamon as it can be dangerous.

21). Clingfilm Challenge

This seems like a lot of fun, in the challenge you tie all your friends using cello tape to a chair. Now everyone has to release himself from those tapes, the one who quickly finishes it will win. So take these challenges to do with friends and record all the moments to enjoy later.

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22). Cold Tub Challenge

Maybe your friends have goosebumps after listening to this challenge. You challenge your friends to sit in a bathtub full of ice cubes or just simple ice for as long as they can. The one who sits for more minutes will win, so you can use your stopwatch to determine the winner.

23). Cold Water Challenge

Just like the ice bucket and cold tub challenge but a bit different. In this, participants have to jump into a river or lake of cold water. This challenge is way better in winters as it is a great outdoor fun with your friends.

So challenge your friends to jump into the cold water and dunk the head under the water, the one who does it for more time will win, but be careful as this can be hazardous in winter and those who can swim only take these type of challenges to do with friends.

24). Condom Challenge

For creating hilarious scenes, this one is much greater than all funny challenges. You just have to fill up a condom with water, now take the condom and drop it on your friend’s head and see what happens. The condom will wrap around the face and will burst on the face.

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25). Cook-a-meal Challenge

Take your friends that know little chapter about cooking. Now tell them to cook the same recipe using the same ingredients. The one who makes the delicious recipe will win and you have something delicious to eat, and this is also a budget friendly challenge.

26). Cotton Ball Challenge

You will need a blindfold, a bowl full of cotton balls, a spoon, and a plate. Now blindfold your friend challenge him to put those cotton balls from bowl to the plate using that spoon.

See home many cotton balls your friends can put on the plate, the one who finishes with more on the plate will win, so try these funny challenges to do with friends and end up laughing each time.

27). Butter Challenge

Well, let me tell you first that this can be dangerous to you people because you have to swallow a tub full of butter as fast as you can and many of you lead to vomiting, so if you agree, only then act this challenge. The one who consumes more in a fewer time will win.

28). Drinking Challenge

There can be several drinking challenges in which you challenge your friends to drink something whether it is beverages or sodas or liquor like shots in the bar. So the friend who takes more shots than all others will win, and then you can award him with something good to make the excitement and to inspire for more challenges to do with friends.

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29). Duplicate Image Challenge

You can even perform it on social networking sites like Instagram. In this, you with all of your friends recreate the old pictures. The group that receives the highest likes will win. Just recreate the moments in a new way as a competition and have massive fun through these challenges to do with friends.

30). Eat It or Wear It Challenge

If you all want to have a great laugh, then arrange this eat or wear challenge.  Take some food and wrap it on a paper and then put it in a box, now call your group and tell them to choose any of these boxes.

After picking up, these ask them either to eat it or wear it. If they don’t get they would choose to wear it, and then you just open the wrap and hit the food on their heads.

31). Watermelon Challenge

I think most us know about this watermelon exploding challenge. It is quite fun and a little time consuming, but what do you expect when you’re with your friends because it is all about sending those lazy hours.

So it is just right when you are with your friends, in the challenge, take a bunch of strong rubber bands and now just tie these around the watermelon, continue this process by using all of those rubber bands until the watermelon shrinks and explodes on your faces.

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32). Extreme Saltine Challenge

Take a pack of saltine crackers and share it with your friends. Tell them to eat these all but not to drink water for the next 3 minutes and see how funny it would go. Also, set the time limit to eat saltine in just 30 seconds.

33). Fast Food Challenge

This is a great one among foodie challenges to do with friends and for those who love fast food. You have to spend some money on fast food with your friends and just challenge them to finish it up as fast as they can. The one who finishes up faster will win.

34). Flour Challenge

While being enjoyable, it can be dangerous as well. You have to take a spoonful of flour, put it in your mouth and just swallow it without taking up any water or other liquids.

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35). Milk Challenge

Take these challenges to do with friends if you are ready to drink a gallon of milk in just a minute that means 60 seconds without vomiting, also tape the challenge to enjoy more.

36). Pepper Challenge

In the challenge, you gather your friends and challenge them to consume a chilly pepper that has a high amount of Scoville level, the friend who consumes more will be the winner. These days it‘s really getting popularity on the internet.

37). Ginger Challenge

Most of us hate ginger but if you think this can be done then take up h ginger challenge and watch your friends’ funny reactions after taking a spoonful of ground ginger and challenge them to even swallow it.

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38). Body Part Challenge

In this play, you Blindfold your friend and tell him to touch our body parts. After choosing a specific part they have to tell which body part it is, so it can be dirty sometimes, and couples can do these types of challenges to do with friends.

39). Pizza Challenge

You have to spend little extra to perform this pizza guessing challenge. In this, you ordered pizza with different toppings, and now your friend taste these entire pizzas one by one, and they guess the topping. The one who guess more will win these challenges to do with friends.

40). Internet Slang Challenge

In the challenge, you come with your friends with a buzzer and ask them famous internet slangs. The one who buzzers first give the answer and his way you continue the game. The friend who gives correct answers will win.

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41). Jell-O Challenge

Jell-O is like a fruit gel, so you have to buy a lot of Jell-O and full a tub of it, now challenge your friend to stay in the pulp. The more anyone stays the more chances he gets to win. This Jell-O challenge is really unique among all these challenges to do with friends.

42). Fire Noodle Challenge

These are noodles are also known as Korean Spicy Noodle, so you have to change your friends to at a full bowl of these Fire noodles. You will really love this game if you want to see your friends’ screaming and cry while taking up this noodles challenge.

They have to continue eating without taking up any milk or juices, so enjoy these inane challenges to do with friends.

43). Lemon Challenge

These challenges will clear out that how much you love lemons. These challenges to do with friends require your friend to eat as many lemons as they can in a limited time. The person with most lemons in his stomach wins the game.

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I hope you like my list full of funny and insane challenges to do with friends or loved ones. These all are really fun loving and easy to do, you can also put these on the Internet to go viral with your friends.

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