Cute Nicknames for Guys


Cute Nicknames for Guys: All the couples love to call their partners with the names that they give them or the name with that they find their partners more adorable instead of the regular names.

But not only this, you also want cute nicknames for guys that are not so common around or at least in your group so I’m here with some really unique and cute nicknames for guys.

So girls, be ready to choose the one which suits the most on your boyfriend and let him give a new adorable name.

Cute NickNames for Guys (100+ NickNames)

cute nicknames for guy

Pick among these cute nicknames for guys and let your love and cuddling grow. These are all new pet names like original and so you don’t stick with the old irritating nicknames.

1). Adore – the name is just like adorable and sounds like that one, so it simple but lovely nickname for your guy. So every time you call him he will find him adorable and loving.

2). Amore Mio – so you can pick the whole name or just Amore, this is an Italian one that means “My Love”.

3). Angel – this is the perfect if your guy has a really sweet nature just like babies so you can choose Angel.

4). Apple – you call him with this name because he is the apple of your eyes and also a fruity name.

5). Babe – it sounds hot and perfect for the guys with the babe or dude personality. So, this one matches up perfect with the cute nicknames for guys.

6). Baby – it is just like the babe but with a sweeter meaning, like kids or a guy whom you treat like your baby.

7). Batty Boo – this is a good one among those cute nicknames for guys, you can have this if your boyfriend and you sometimes talk like babies.

8). Bear – if your boyfriend is a dude or has a powerful personality then this one is the best.

9). Beloved – well who doesn’t know the meaning? A boyfriend who is extremely loved by his girlfriend.

10). Big Guy – if you are dating a guy who seems really big and powerful in the structure just like the Dwayne Johnson, then you can have this one.

11). Blink – if he loves to blink his eyes by seeing you or if he gives any cute eyes reaction just by seeing you, so go for these cute nicknames for guys.

12). Book Worm – the one who loves you but secondly he loves his books and really loves to gain knowledge.

13). Bug bug – It’s so cute without any specific meaning, so have this one.

14). Bun – Just like the bun, a very short and sweet name.

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15). Button – If you find your boyfriend a small one but cute like a button then have this one.

16). Cakes – Everyone just loves cakes and sweet things, so call your boyfriend as cake to express your love for him.

17). Candy – This one goes if your boyfriend is so sweet like candy and the one who you don’t want to say away.

18). Captain – This means if your guy has the power to take responsibilities for things in life then go for this special name.

19). Casanova – The guy who is known for being romantic and sexy at the same time.

20). Charm – If you think that guy you love does really have a charm or he is so charming in his way, then this is the ideal one.

21). Cherub – a cute guy to a great extent and also a romantic one, lime ridiculously cute and romantic, so perfect one among all cute nicknames for guys.

22). Chief – A guy who likes to take charge of everything.

23). Chiquito – This means a little and an exotic guy.

24). Cookie – You always love cookies, so a sweet and delicious name.

25). Cowboy – A man who is as strong and wild looking as a cowboy.

26). Cuddle – If you feel like cuddling him every time you see him then go for the cuddle.

27). Cuddly Bear – Another name just like cuddle but this time extra cute with the word bear.

28). Cuppycake – It is such a cute name, for your boyfriend has a sweet and pleasing personality then go for cuppycake.

29). Cute Pants – if you think your guy looks cute even in pants then go for cute pants.

30). Cutie Patootie – it is just a rhyme word that shows cuteness.

31). Cutie Pie – The man loved by all for his cuteness and sweetness.

32). Daredevil – If you think the guy’s really adventurous and not afraid of the difficulties of life.

33). Darling – It is like a mature name that you say to him straight from the heart.

34). Dearie – An extra cute version of the name dear, if he is being so cute.

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35). Doodlebug – There is the word bug but it’s not the one who irritate you instead you love this bug.

36). Ducky – Just like a duck being so cute and adorable that you want to love him all the time.

37). Eye Candy – If you are just unable to keep your eyes away from him, he is such your eyes candy. Go for these cute nicknames for guys to realize him that you really love his cuteness.

38). Fav – You call him fav because he is your favorite one.

39). Cracker – The guy is just like a firecracker, he seems spontaneous and excited in every moment.

40). Flame – If he has the flame that attracts you more to him and if he is the light of your life.

41). Fruit Loops – If your guy is sweet, funny and crazy in a cute way.

42). Funny Hunny – This seems cute without just any meaning, this is perfect if you have started dating that guy and also among cute nicknames for guys in my list.

43). Fuzz – It’s not like being really fuzzy but it’s good if you want a cheeky name.

44). G-Man – Don’t worry, it’s not for the Superman, it simply means you have a gorgeous man on every term.

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45). Giggles – A guy who always makes you laugh deserves the name Giggles.

46). Cool – A guy who is always good looking and send you cool vibes just by his looks.

47). Gumdrop – A sweet guy just like gummy bears.

48). Handsome – So you can also call him hansy or just handsome.

49). Heart Breaker – A guy who is always a heart breaker to all the girls but loves you rightly and perfectly.

50). Throb – A guy who has a faster beating heart when you come near to him or when you to come closer.

51). Hercules – A strong guy having the power to protect you against the world deserves Hercules.

52). Hero – Your guy is your hero and no one else or if he wants to be your hero all the time.

53). Honey – A classy and cute name, just as sweet as honey.

54). Honey Bear – It means he is sweet a honey but powerful as a bear when needed.

55). Honey Bee – If you think your guy is really hard working just like a honey bee.

56). Hot Chocolate – Just like a hot chocolate of your guy is hot, rich and somewhat popular.

57). Hot Lips – If you feel the world’s best feelings just by kissing your guy’s lips then give this name.

58). Hugs McGee – If he really loves to hug you and if he is good at hugging his girlfriend.

59). Hun – A short name for a cute and sweet man.

60). Ibex – If your guy just loves adventure and enjoy his life with you then go for Ibex.

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61). Ice Man – He can be cold or looks so cool and in love with you then choose this one from this list of cute nicknames for guys.

62). Iron Man – If he is a perfect man and has a strong body and power.

63). Jammy – He is jammy because he has you so he is the lucky man.

64). Jay Bird – A guy who sings very sweetly that contract just anyone.

65). Jellybean – I mean who doesn’t love jelly beans?

66). Knave – If you think he is naughty with you then Knave is just right.

67). Kiddo –A cute and caring boyfriend for you.

68). Armor – If your guy is always ready to protect you just from anything then Armor is the best one.

69). Ladies’ Man – If you guy fits perfectly with the ladies and can make the ladies feel loving for him then it is for him, but he is always loyal to you.

70). Looker – The one who looks great in just everything.

71). Love – It doesn’t need any explanation; you can name your guy Love as he is the love of your life, so this one also sounds good in all cute nicknames for guys.

72). Marshmallow – If you agree that he is sweet and adorable just like a marshmallow.

73). Monkey – A dude who is always playful then go for Monkey.

74). Mr. Cool – You know that he is so cool in all his attires and habits.

75). Mr. Cutie – Just a good one to call a cute man.

76). Mr. Perfect – The guy who always loves perfection in everything but accept you with all the flaws. So I think this is also the best one in the category of cute nicknames for guys.

77). My All – If your man is everything to you than anyone in the world.

78). My Sunshine – If he is in your life and you love just shines every moment.

79). My Prince – If you are a princess in your brain then he is really your prince, a cute one in all cute nicknames for guys.

80). Nature Boy – The one who always loves nature than the crowded cities and who is very down to earth.

81). Nemo – You always afraid to lose him, but he is in love with you and won’t go anywhere.

82). Night Light – if your guy makes you feel safe in every dark moment.

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83). Oreo – a guy is as yummy as Oreo then give him this name from these all cute nicknames for guys.

84). Other Half – he is like your other part of the body, just like your half soul and you are incomplete without him.

85). Pancake – guy you always want to eat up just like a pancake. This is such an adorable one in these cute nicknames for guys.

86). Peach – you always think why he is always juicy and romantic.

87). Playboy – your guy loves the ladies but be with you as his perfect lady.

88). Pumpkin – he doesn’t have a shape like a pumpkin, but this one really sounds cute.

89). Quackers – if your man is cute but weird at the same time.

90). Robin Hood – if he always loves the right things and does the justice.

91). Rockstar – if you have a rocking or a musician boyfriend then he is your rockstar.

92). Romeo – what can be more romantic than hi, so go ahead and choose your Romeo? So other than being romantic it also falls with cute nicknames for guys.

93). Shortie – If he is a bit short than you, but still you love him.

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94). Shy Guy – if he is a shy person and shrinks most of the time in front of others.

95). Snapper – a guy you love but he is a short temper.

96). Soda Pop – the man who always gives you refreshing moments, so choose this one from cute nicknames for guys.

97). Soul Mate – you’re made for each other and you both believe it.

98). Stud Muffin – he is always famous in ladies but he always loves you.

99). Sugar – the one who is just sweet as sugar or the sweetest.

100). Sweetie – if you find him sweet without any reason then sweetie goes well for his sweetness from those cute nicknames for guys.

101). Tiger – if you think he is your tiger in outside and also in the bed.

102). Tough – he may look tough on the outside but he is really sweet inside.

103). Winkie – a really adorable and cute name for those guys who wink to their girlfriends.

104). Wonder – if you think he is your wonder boy and makes your life wonderful, so choose this one from cute nicknames for guys.


So there are all cute nicknames for guys that you would love because they’re all different and not the normal ones. These pet names will really spice up thing between you both.

So go with these cute nicknames for guys and just be more playful around your guys. Also, let him realize that you find him adorable and just use this name every time you call him.

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