71 Best Friend Birthday Wishes With Pics


Today is a special day for any special person and want to wish him, and looking best birthday wishes that you can wish him.

This article will give you more than 70+ quotes and wish lines that you can share with your best friends.

Everyone knows a birthday is a special day for everyone when that guy wants to make that day special that’s why people throw a party with friends or family.

70 Best Friend Birthday Wishes with Pics

Select any one best birthday wishes line and send to him on any social media platform, where your guys can check. Let’s deep dive into the biggest best friend’s birthday wishes sea!

    • Its been many years now since our friendship but still, I feel our friendship is just as fresh as your Birthday, Happy Birthday dear
    • My caring for you doesn’t have words to express but I can express it with the word Happy Birthday my dear friend
    • Though I didn’t see you personally your Birthday is very special to me, coz it is a real friendship between us maybe it is an online or offline friendship it is the day to celebrate your, Birthday.
    • No idea about your age, age doesn’t mean our friendship and celebrating your Happy Birthday!
    • You must be enjoying your last year with joy and happiness hope this Birthday also will bring you the same.
    • The peace you had earlier year may become double this year. Have a wonderful Birthday.
    • You are my best friend of mine forever, and it is your birthday. Hence it is my happiest day. Have a joyful birthday.
    • A special warm Birthday wishes for you, my dear from me and my family. Have a blessed birthday.
    • My Heartiest birthday wishes to you, and I pray to god to bless you abundantly.


    • Today is a special day because it is your birthday; my prayers may go up to the sky and reach God. Happy birthday dear
    • You are my childhood friend, and still we are friends and this birthday shows how strong our friendship is; I hope this will continue forever. Happy birthday
    • The candles on your birthday may show your age but for our friendship never count it and I don’t want, you must celebrate your birthday years and years. Have a blessed happy birthday!!
    • Every day is not a birthday but coz we were born birthday is a special day and I wish you must celebrate many, so many birthdays with the fullest happiness. Happy Birthday.
    • God must bless you with hundred years of happy life to you, I wish and pray this on your birthday. Happy Birthday, friend.
    • No words for my emotions how much I feel happy on your birthday because God blessed you with the best days earlier and the same will continue dear. Happy birthday.
    • Don’t count the candles you lit on your birthday but count the days of your happy days spent with me and we know it is countless, dear I wish the countless birthdays to come. Happy birthday
    • Countless birthday blessings from God on your birthday, have a blessed day dear.

Best Friend Birthday Wishes

    • Your mom may bless or your dad may bless you on your birthday but my wishes may bring you the utmost happiness coz the words are from our friendship. Happy Birthday.
    • Enjoy your birthday with more blessings from God along with my Birthday wishes.
    • My wish is, I could wish you birthday greetings till your 100th Birthday. Have a wonderful birthday.
    • You have grown a year and it is a happy thing coz the days we passed are very special ones. Happy birthday
    • What we shared till last birthday is very special and a heart full, hope this will continue ever.
    • I remember last birthday party, hope for the best happy birthday today also.
    •  Joy !! Joy !!! Joy !!! hey it’s your birthday.
    • Hope this birthday will bring more wisdom and more cheerful with lots of joy. Happy birthday.
    • Hey !!! hey !!! heyyy what a wonderful day, yes dear this is your birthday a wonderful day for me. Happy Birthday
    • Your wisdom may grow, your intellectual may grow here after coz you grown a year by this day and a very happy birthday.
    • You proved you are the best among all other friends and my hearty wishes on your birthday to be continued as you are yesterday too. Have a wonderful birthday.
    • Don’t look at the back of your years those are of course wonderful and joyful I wish may you have this year too. Happy birthday dear.
    • My warm sincere birthday wishes to you dear.
    •  God may pour his blessings on you on your birthday, have a blessed birthday
    • You are very special to me and your family. Our friendship also may grow and remember this unique day ie your birthday. Happy Birthday.
    • Many more happy, healthy and more productive years to come. Happy Birthday.
    • It is my honour to have you as my friend and this birthday of yours is a very special day for me. Happy birthday.
    • Need not to remember this date, it is always in my mind coz it is your birthday.

Happy Birthday to you My best Friend

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    • I wish you another year of joyful one !!
    • Happily make a wish on your birthday and I pray to god for you to fulfil that.
    • You deserve the love of God and the whole world coz you are my friend and I wish a very happy birthday to you.
    • Life means up and downs and last year experience may become a lesson for you and this birthday may give a glance of the past year and make you perfect. Happy birthday darling.
    •  No limitations and No hesitations between our friendship, your birthday may make more closer.
    • You are like a star on the sky, every year on your birthday it sprinkles more bright. Have a bright birthday.
    • My friend, you are having one more birthday and it you should have 100 more years of this day.
    • Have maximum fun on this birthday as like other birthdays
    • Celebration of this beautiful birthday I never forget in my life day.
    •  I remember the fun what we had on your birthday last year and it is still a fresh feeling and I wish this will continue for 100 more years..
    • Congrats on getting step into another birthday and I wish many more to come.
    • You are not old by celebrating this birthday I feel it is a blessed one to celebrate another year of your birth.
    • Every birthday is a memorable one, hope this birthday too one of it.
    • Awesome day in my life coz we met on your birthday years back and I really love your birthday.
    • I thank God to give you as my friend, happy birthday dear
    • God blessed me, you as a friend, I still smell as fresh as lavender of your birthday, this day is one more day.
    • Calendars changed, years changed but never our friendship. Happy birthday
    • I am happy that you grown one more year with the same joy and happiness.

Happy Birthday to your

    • Great pleasure to share with a special person like you, especially on this day.
    • I truly cares for you dear, I wish this special day be there for years and years.
    • I am happy to pray to god to give me more many happy years of this day.
    • It is my honour to be having a brilliant person like you as a friend and I wish a bright and joyful birthday.
    • As you entered into my life I experienced many miracles in my life. My special birthday greetings to the very special person of my life.
    • Good or bad we are together, I feel we must celebrate your birthday together, as your birthday is very special one to me.
    • You are my angel and today is my angles birthday.
    • Oh oh oh what a wonderful day is this !!! have a blessed happy birthday.
    • course we have an age gap but no issues for our friendship, I am honoured to be your friend and you remember that we met on your birthday ie on this day. Have a happy birthday with joy and cheerful.
    • You start your day with the Happy Birthday song, while the sparrows and Parrots sing for you. Have a beautiful and wonderful Happy Birthday.
    • I could see the Angles are blessing you from the sky on your birthday. I wish this could be there forever.
    • You are my soul mate and I can’t express the happiness that God has gifted you as a daughter to your parents.
    • I can’t imagine my life without you, If you didn’t born on this day I don’t know what is my fate will be. I would thank to God for giving birth to you my dear.
    • Your other friends may bring you, sweets, God may shower you the blessings but I wish you from my deep heart with special wishes to you, Happy birthday dear.

Best Friend Birthday

  •  Pure tenderness of the love from our childhood may grow year by grow and this day I with double of it because it’s your birthday.
  • I feel joy and happiness with your friendship and today is a very special day for me and it delighted me today. Happy birthday friend.
  • You must know how much I need your friendship and this birthday may make us more closer than last year. Happy birthday
  • It need not show daily our concern because you know how much I give importance to you, not only because you are my friend, coz you are my well-wisher. Have a sweetest birthday.
  • Today may bring you more happiness, be prepared for celebration with joy of your birthday.
  • Now and then I remember your birthdays we celebrated since our childhood and every year is new and unique hope this year is too one unique one.
  • Hey let’s your fantastic birthday celebration, I wish all your wishes may come true.
  • I could feel the passion on me when we are together and I need it lifelong. Happy Birthday my dear
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