Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl


Mostly guys are really confused about having a conversation with girls as they really don’t have any idea about interesting questions to ask a girl to set up a god conversation. For some of them, it’s really hard to keep up a conversation going that the girl finds interesting.

Moving forward to the conversation, I am here with several interesting questions to ask a girl, these are really good and standard questions that you would feel easier to ask just any girl and she would enjoy them too.

So just set it as a casual talk just like you do in your daily life with your friends or girlfriend and know the unknown answers to these interesting questions to ask a girl.

100+ Interesting Questions to Ask a Girl

interesting questions to ask a girl

1). Who is that famous person with whom you want to take a lunch?

2). If you would meet the president, what would you say?

3). How much height do you prefer in a guy?

4). If you can choose just any job, what would it be?

5). Do you like the idea that when a boy hugs a girl her head lies on his heart?

6). Do you envy anyone’s life and wish to live that one’s life?

7). Which type of aroma is your favorite? Do you use it in your bedroom?

8). How often do you prefer going out with your boyfriend?

9). Do you like this weather right now? This really falls in those interesting questions to ask a girl, this way you know her choices about her favorite season.

10). What is your favorite FM radio station?

11). How is your heart for others?

12). If I am in the hospital, would you come for me?

13). What is your favorite animal in the sea world?

14). If you have to live inside an animal’s body, which animal would you choose?

15). How would you spend your Saturday reading a novel or playing any sport?

16). Which one is your favorite, money, freedom or love and why?

17). If I give you a crayon right now, what would you draw? So you know if she is good in drawing what she really likes to draw by these interesting questions to ask a girl.

18). Do you believe in earning as required or just an unlimited amount of money, what gives you happiness?

19). Which is that thing that you want to take with you even after death?

20). If life would not be about earning money, what would you do in your life?

21). How many relationships have you had? Which is your favorite one and why?

22). Do you have any relationship at this moment?

23). Have you published any book or any magazine? Know if she is interested in becoming an author by these interesting questions to ask a girl.

24). Have you ever faced any car Accident or just minor bumps?

25). How would you do after retiring from your job?

26). Can you tell me how many keys are in your key ring without counting?

27). How much importance do you give to your parents?

28). If you have $10,000, what would you shop and from which store?

29). Who is that one person that you miss very much and want to bring back to life?

30). How fast are you to receive your phone calls?

31). Have you ever lost your gold ring? Know how does she react for rings and how does she prefer wearing them through interesting questions to ask a girl.

32). What would be the best words to stop a man which is committing suicide?

33). At what age, you had your first relationship?

34). How would you react to anyone’s spot death in front of your eyes?

35). If I am a foreigner, what would you suggest me to eat or experience before leaving the country?

36). What’s your favorite place to build a home?

37). What do you know about a perfect date and a perfect relationship? Know her opinions about a perfect date just by these interesting questions to ask a girl.

38). Do you have any wish list that you want to complete in this life?

39). How good are you with your siblings?

40). Do you respond to unknown callers?

41). What is my name in your contacts list?

42). How would you handle your child if he has health problems?

43). How Much glass of water do you consume every day?

44). Do you read online articles to solve your health issues?

45). If you get a one month trip, what would you choose and what things would you do?

46). How many hours it take to pack your stuff and how many hours to unpack it?

47). How much beer or wine do you consume per week?

48). What is your favorite breakfast?

49). Have you ever done a test for any STD (Sexually Transmitted Diseases)?

50). Have you ever wanted to start your own company, what would you name it? So you know how much she gives priority to her career by these interesting questions to ask a girl.

51). What is that song that you can sing right now in the perfect voice?

52). How do you feel if any man sings for you in front of everyone?

53). What’s the most famous person that you always wanted to meet?

54). Who would you choose as a president if you have the choice?

55). If you were Bruce Almighty, who would you change the world?

56). If you would have an unlimited amount of dollar in your heritage, would you still consider working?

57). In your dream house, how many bedrooms would you have?

58). Do you like the idea of having dinner with me?

59). What’s your favorite drink that you really want while having your meal? So you can offer her a meal with her favorite drink, don’t wait have these interesting questions to ask a girl.

60). What is your favorite time in the past days of your life?

61). How do you imagine the world in the future?

62). What do you think if anyone only has 24 hours left to live, what should he do?

63). What’s your favorite country to travel to? Have you ever been in any foreign country?

64). What is the greatest adventure sport according to you?

65). Have you ever dreamed of becoming an actress? What type of script would you pick?

66). Do you still remember my first impression? How was it?

67). How much happy did you feel when you graduated? Did you throw a party?

68). What do you think, which one is most common, chocolate or vanilla? These interesting questions to ask a girl will let you know her favorite flavor.

69). Which culture is your favorite one?

70). At what age do you wish to die?

71). If you have the power to re-live a past day, what would it be and with who?

72). If you have the option to drive only one car for the rest of your life, which one would you choose?

73). How do you meet any person for the first time? For knowing what impact she wants to leave on any person then have these interesting questions to ask a girl.

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74). Imagine if you’re a man, now how would you arrange your date to impress the lady?

75). What are those 3 things that you can eat for the rest of your life?

76). Can you describe our relationship in just one song?

77). How much are you satisfied with your Physical Appearance?

78). In which bank do you have your account and why?

79). What do you think about the appropriate dating age? Also, know the age when she first dated someone by my list of interesting questions to ask a girl.

80). Have you ever tried to change your name legally?

81). If you have the whole week with your partner, what would you do the whole week?

82). What is the best way to relieve you from stress?

83). What would you choose between your friends and your family?

84). How do you want your partner to support you? So you better know how kind of support she needs in tough situations by these interesting questions to ask a girl.

85). If in future there would be a great Disagreement between you and your partner, how would you handle it?

86). How would you react if junk food is banned in your country?

87). How attractive are you on the scale of 1 to 10?

88). Which thing is necessary to make a relationship long lasting?

89). What is the best idea to spend a free day?

90). Do you have any cds or dvds that you often watch? Would you mind if I join you? It’s the best way to spend more time with her, so just have these interesting questions to ask a girl.

91). How is your image among your friends?

92). Can you explain yourself in just 4 words?

93). How many hours do you spend on the internet every day?

94). Can you live without any TV, internet, and phone for a month but the place is full of nature?

95). How is your connection with your cousins?

96). What do you prefer more, Hugs or Kisses? These interesting questions to ask a girl will clear out what kind of cuddling she wants?

97). Do you still remember your first love?

98). How much body appearance matters to you when choosing a partner?

99). How much time do you often take to get ready?

100). What’s the greatest idea so that couples can spend more time together?

101). When was the last time did you feel emotionally down and who was there with you?

102). Is it normal to have sex more than three times in a day?

103). If you found someone’s wallet, would you do an effort to return it to him or just enjoy with the money? So you know her honesty level by these interesting questions to ask a girl.

104). If you’re told that I was with another girl, how would you handle that?

105). How successful do you really want to be in your life?

106). If you have to be a bird for one day, which one would you choose?

107). How should be a Sunday morning according to you?

108). Can you hurt someone really bad if it’s about winning?

109). Do you actually know the difference between Intelligence and Common Sense?

110). What is that musical instrument that you can play fluently?

111). What do you do to stuff your anger?

112). What is the best way to show your partner that you love him?

113). How often do you shop using your credit card?

114). What’s the place that you would prefer to live in the world?

115). If a relationship is not working out, how would you repair it?

116). What are those things that you want to change in yourself?

117). If your partner knows that you lied to him, now how would you handle him?

118). What is so intimate thing in a relationship?

119). Have you ever faced depression in any of your relationships?

120). Have you ever thought of committing suicide and then what stopped you?

121). How much do you rate your confidence? Have you ever faked it?

122). Do you think women can rule the world better?

123). Have you ever received a gift that is not expensive but the most precious one?

124). What would you choose between being rich and being happy?

125). Which social networking app is our favorite?

126). If You Could Go Back In Time To One Point In Your Life, Where Would You Go?

127). How would you expose yourself in the city where no one knows your language?

128). Have you ever played any big lottery and won it?

129). Which face would you choose if you have the option to get a Plastic Surgery Right Now?

130). How much do you consider yourself for being Romantic?

131). Have you ever felt like you should kill someone?

132). If you have to change your religion, which one would you pick? Know about her beliefs through these interesting questions to ask a girl.

133). For how many years can you stay apart from your family if it’s about your career?

134). How long can you wait for your partner to get married?

135). Have you ever wanted to born as a famous person, who is that famous one?

136). If your boat met an accident and you found a new island, which name would you choose for it?

137). What was your age when you first kissed someone?

138). For how many minutes can you hold your breaths? Have you ever done it while swimming?

139). If you are in a dessert with a compass but with no water, how would you survive?

140). How long was your last relationship and with who?

141). What do you like the most about the city you live?

142). Have you ever wanted to not have any child after marriage?

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To make these more interesting questions to ask a girl, you have to change the way of asking. You have to change the thinking that these are questions which you have to ask her because this will make the girl feel like she is being interviewed.

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