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In our today’s modern world, technology is changing with a very fast pace. And with changing technology, changes the medium of communication. Today everyone wants to be different. Magazine covers, newspapers, profile pictures, etc. are all meant to catch as much praise as they can. In this situation, graphics come into play.

Graphics is the most trending field in the area of designing. Every minute detail of any photo or video can be made to dominate the whole photo using these graphics. That’s why it is said that images with superior graphics integration, explain things better.

The world is in search of great graphic designers and they are willing to pay them much above industry standards. So, there is a boom in this field. If you are a beginner and have an interest in this segment of graphic designing you must start right now with your creations.

But not all of us has the availability of enough resources to buy full-fledged graphic software. For all those people who want to try out their skills in this with a free graphic design software, today we are presenting before you the best free graphic design software you can search the internet for.

Best Free Graphic Design Software 

This list of the best free graphic design software is made by our experts by testing them individually. They are tested on the basis of features, performance, rendering capabilities and the ease with which they perform multiple tasks. Thus, they are the best that you can get without paying any penny.

Let’s get started with our picks for the best and free graphic design software.

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  • SVG-Edit


SVG simply means Scalable Vector Edit. It is a graphic format in which the shapes are in XML. When it comes to best free graphic design software, nobody can beat the beast i.e. SVG-Edit. SVG-Edit is an open-source, web-based vector graphics editor. It was created by some developers from MIT and is really extraordinary in the field of graphic designing.

The software has a rich integration with some of the most advanced rendering algorithms like CSS3 and HTML 5. It also has direct support for Java Script and thus there is no requirement of server-side processing.

The software not only let you create and edit documents, but also let you modify the source code after the file has being downloaded. The software works upon 2-dimensional vector graphics as it was designed for so. But, you can always look for X3D for 3-dimensional graphical elements.

The best part of SVG-Edit that makes it one of the most versatile free graphic design software is that it’s live version is a totally browser-only supported editor. Thus, you don’t need to install applications in your PC.

Go on and check the live version from the button below.

Platforms Supported: Browser supported

  • Vectr


The next in our list of best free graphic design software comes the very popular Vectr. This great graphic software also comes in two modes. You can use the online version by going to the website using any standard HTML5 browser like Chrome, Firefox or Safari. And if you want even a more feature-loaded interface then you can download the application and install it in your PC/Mac.

The editor provides you with various options for filters, shadows, and fonts. Making 2D graphics is really a treat for this graphic editor. The interface is made easy and intuitive so that the user gets it correct, right from the beginning. To make it even more easier, you can check out the tutorial video given in the website itself.

As it incorporates vector imaging technology, the images are crisp and crystal clear. There are bunch of options to share what you are working on with your friends and colleagues in different format options like PNG, JPG or SVG formats.

So, download this full-fledged free graphic design software and enjoy all your creations blur-free.

Platforms Supported:  

  • GIMP


Regarded as one of the most successful and best free graphic design software, GIMP works on the algorithm of the GNU Image Manipulation Program. The software is widely used around the globe for various graphics tweaks like image stabilization, image composition as well as image authoring.

If you have used Adobe Photoshop but wants to try something new with kind of same interface, then GIMP is the best available for you. Everything is designed for easy reach to the user. There are separate dedicated buttons for operations like cloning, image correction and enhancement. A second version is also available of the application, but it totally differs in terms of the interface.

The software also houses one of the best built-in manager but it somewhat resembles the Adobe’s Bridge. The developers have tried really hard to make this software compatible with most operating systems. The software also supports bunch of basic as well as advanced graphic formats.

Thus, it can be easily stated that graphic designing is really a fun when we have a free graphic design software like GIMP installed in our PC. Go on and check it out from the button below:

Platforms supported:


Website: (pronounced “easily”) is all about creating and sharing infographics. The software is used by institutes like the University of Texas, Stanford, Harvard as well as companies like Boeing and IBM. The software gives you full support to project your ideas on a visual graphic image.

The whole method of designing any infographics is divided into simple small steps. First you need to pick up a theme. There are plenty of design for themes available in the program. Next you can shape the theme in whatever manner you want. You can change fonts, colors add borderline and various other graphic elements.

There are over 1000s of reports, timeline, resume, and process templates to choose from. The program incorporates various tools to maintain the privacy of its large number of users.

So, infographics are really a good medium to communicate in modern world. Use this one of the best free graphic design software and get engaged in creating something extraordinary right now.

You can check out this graphic design software free from the button given below:

Platforms Supported: Browser

  • Inkscape


Another best free graphic design software, Inkscape provides you with endless possibilities in the field of graphic designing. Designers from all around the globe uses Inkscape to create some of the finest piece of art ever.

It doesn’t matter whether you are an illustrator, designer or just someone who needs to create some vector imagery, Inkscape delivers the right package to you. It has features like flexible drawing tools, broad file format compatibility, a powerful text tool as well as Bezier and spiro curves.

Another plus point of Inkscape is that it supports over 66 different languages. So, English is not a barrier anymore. You can render primitive vector shapes and text using this one of the full-featured free graphic design software.

The list of features that this great design software offer goes even more like alpha bonding, cloned objects, and markers.

Therefore, Inkscape is a must to download if you want to create a sophisticated piece of art with the minimalistic effort. The download button is given below.

Platforms Supported:

  • Google Developers


Technology giant google is familiar to everyone. It’s really a delight for designers all around the globe that google offers its very own free graphic design software.

The program features tons of tweaks like GUI with common design tools. It is made fully integrated with google web fonts, a shape tool, and 3D graphic elements. The software also encourages users to opt for the material design, a design created by google itself.

You have the capability to prepare illustrated charts, compatible both with android as well as with your desktop. You can also go for real-time data filling in these charts making dynamic charts one step easier for you.

The best thing about using google developers which makes it the most perfect free graphic design software is that it is constantly checked for removal of bugs and new features are added by developers every day.

You can check it out by clicking on the button down below.

Platforms supported: Browser

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  • Sumopaint


Sumopaint is another great option in our list of free graphic design software. The program incorporates full integration with web browser-based graphic editing.

You get all the basic features covered with this software. All editing tools like brushes, pencils, color gradient options as well as cloning are easily accessible right from the main menu. The application is made lightweight which significantly reduces the loading and rendering time.

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The interface is quite handy and is easy to use even for a novice. It given provides you the functionality to edit or re-edit images, and documents saved in your desktop’s local hard disk. All this makes Sumopaint an ideal free design graphic software for everyone to use.

But one thing that you should make sure of while running this software is to always keep your Adobe flash player updated to the latest version. As it requires a direct support of flash player, it can be run on desktops only.

Now go on and try the online version of this software for free from the link given below. Once you liked it, you can download the PC version at a nominal price of $19.

Platforms Supported: Web Browser (Requires Adobe Flash Player)

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  • Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition


Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition is one of that free graphic design software which will make you addicted to the world of graphic designing. Being one of the most downloaded designing software of all time, it sure offers a great deal for those looking for a replacement of Adobe.

If you are a beginner then Serif DrawPlus Starter Edition is the correct choice for you. I have tried it personally and it has every time met my expectations. The software provides one of the most intuitive interface we have came across. All the necessary and basic features are available at the correct positions. So, using them during the workspace is very easy.

Even though not intended for professional use, still it contains certain features that are only found in high-end software. For example, it beholds a 3D workspace tab in which you can quickly make any 3D object using extrusion as well as move it around. This comes with various styles and format options that you can incorporate during designing.

So, try out this great free graphic design software and turn your images and documents to something very impressive. You can download it from cnet. The button is provided down below.

Platforms Supported:

  • Daz Studio Graphic Design Tool


Daz Studio Graphic Design Tool is a must-try free graphic design software. This software takes you one step ahead in the way of becoming a proficient 3D artist. You can always refer to online tutorials to have deeper understating of the tons of features provided with this software.

Daz Studio Graphic Design software inhibits techniques like 3D morphing, animation and rendering suite. It is also equipped with GPU accelerated real-time rendering. All these options are available on a few mouse clicks. This makes sure using Daz Studio Graphic Design Tool never becomes tiring.

The developers of this great free graphic design software are also associated with the development of Genesis 3. It is an architecture that is used by big corporations to make next-level 3D human model. Thus, we can say that it is the best in its segment of 3D modeling that you can get without even spending a single penny.

Grab this free graphic design software mac and unleash your creativity like never before. A pro model is also available of the software which provides even more rendering options. You can download from the button below.

Platforms Supported:  

  • Canva


Anybody who is fond of graphic designing to make special cards, photographs and invitation just can’t afford to miss Canva. Being one of the best free graphic design software that you can find on the internet, Canva here is a perfect solution for editing your photographs for uploading on Facebook or Instagram.

The slogan of the website is Amazingly simple graphic design software. So, you can assume that the website is all about designing and creating more and more innovative infographics.

The website gives you access to millions of styles and themes that you can choose from. You can change the layout, look for different fonts and backgrounds as well as mix up your images with different elements. The website also makes sure that you can share your creative ideas with your friends and thus giving you many sharing options.

The website is popular among hard-core graphics designers as well among casual designers. Now next time you are given a project in the office or your best friend’s birthday is near, you know where to look for the most impressive graphic designs.

To visit the website, click on the button given below. Sign up with your email, Facebook, or Google account and unleash yourself to the world of innovative designs.

Platforms Supported: Browser

  • Xara Xtreme


A major part of designing in software is related to rendering as well its capability to produce animations, 3D objects or illustrations. Xara Xtreme is all about these techniques which you can incorporate to make wonderful graphics.

All the basic accessories are available on the click of a mouse. You can go for color recapturing, toning as well as changing the composition. The best thing about this free graphic design software is that it is very slick and thus very fast to operate.

The interface is designed in such a way to make the process of understanding the software very easy. It comes with full set of brushes that are suitable for handling all manner of work. You can check tutorials as well hints that just help you make the most out of your creations.

Graphic designing is really a fun when you have such full-fledged yet small free graphic design software installed in your desktop. Go on and click on the button given below to enjoy the benefits that this software offers.

Platforms Supported: 

  • VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor


Another great free graphic design software, VCW VicMan’s Photo Editor is a must to try for a user-friendly graphic designing experience. Designed to give maximum comfort to the user, this popular software inhibits some of the most advanced picture quality composition and retouching techniques.

A good range of dynamic filters, multilayer support as well as adjustments for curves are some of the advantages or benefits that you get while using this software. Not only this, you can also try certain special effects to create fake perspectives, blend the colors together, and adjust brightness and contrast of the image.

The developers responsible for making this software give regular updates to add more and more functionalities in it. This free graphic design software has the potential to easily replace Adobe’s photoshop application.

It is compatible with all versions of windows. You should really give it a try for an intuitive and user-friendly experience.

Platforms Supported:

  • Houdini Apprentice


If you are interested in 3D image building and graphics design, but can’t afford high-end software then you are in luck. Houdini Apprentice is one of the best free graphic design software that you can crave for.

Many award-winning features are incorporated in Houdini Apprentice like Dynamic Tessellation, an immersive interface, and quite handy navigational controls. Apart from this, you also get optimizing brushes, mask systems as well as image texturing techniques.

Even though so many features are bundled to the software, still it shows no sign of lagging or slowing down. A wide range of special effects makes your creations speak for themselves.

Overall the software is well optimized to provide an all-around good performance in every aspect of graphic designing. You can download it from the software’s official website, the button of which is given below.

Platforms Supported:  

  • Paintstar


Paintstar is one of that multipurpose free graphic design software which can be used to turn any photograph/image into a brilliant piece of work.

You get all the basic functions like photo retouching, composing and authoring multiple images as wellas photo morphing. It has a great in-built image manager too which can easily fetch and organize all the pictures including psd, jpg and bmp.

The interface is such that creating graphical designs feels like a child’s play even to a beginner. The software can also be used to work on polygon modelling, curves and animation.

Thus, by using this free graphic design software, you can add a new dimension to your creativity. Check it out.

Platforms Supported:  


The world we live in is changing day by day. Newer technologies and methods are slowly making their way in our day-to-day life. Even the mode of communication is being changed. The world is shifting towards graphic designs and infographics for hassle less information transfer. Thus, having good free graphic design software is really a boon these days.

So, in our above list we uncovered some of the most renowned free graphic design software that you can have your hands on. All these are available to be downloaded from the links given in their description at almost no cost at all.

All these software has some positive as well as some negative aspects of their own. You can try them and find the one that suits you best. We are sure you will really appreciate these softwares for getting things done in the simplest way possible.

We will keep posting lists of various utility software and life hacks for you to make your life simpler and better.

So, did you liked this list. Let us know your reviews in the comment section below.

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