50 Most interesting websites to Visit when you are bored

Are you feeling exhausted after doing work? Don’t want to compose a tweet, update Facebook status or upload a picture on Instagram, and then you can spend your time on some amazing websites to pass your time. Let’s find out 50 most interesting websites to visit when you are bored. 

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50 Most interesting websites to Visit when you are bored list

1). Listen to your birthday song – Playback.fm

Would you like to recognize the first song on your birthday? I think yes, Because of everyone like birthday songs. But this website plays birthday songs after submitting your birthday related information. Only you need to visit http://www.Playback.fm/birthday-song link and input your birthday information and hit “Find” button. And enjoy the song on your birthday. Is it not cool?

This website is very user-friendly. Another cool feature of Playback is you can listen to your desired song just type desired song name into the search box and hit enter. You will get relevant results.

2). Cartoon Yourself – Cartoonize.net : most interesting websites for time spend

Did you ever try to make a cartoon picture from your photo? If yes then navigate to Cartoonize.net and upload your picture, pick an effect and you’ve done. you can share or copy your newly create cartoon photo on social media. And can tag your friends, it will be great fun. Even you can create a cartoon of your best friend and tag your all friends, you and your friend will enjoy this moment very much. This is paid software but you can create some cartoons with trail version also.

3). LOL at funny autocorrect fails – Damnyouautocorrect.com

Autocorrect is a significant feature of writing. But it may be awful sometimes. But it’s quite interesting as well. Look at the funny autocorrect errors on Damnyouautocorrect.com. Also, you can discover latest mistakes here after visiting URL.

4). Look like a Celebrity – Faceplus.com

It’s hilarious completely. You can look alike a celebrity. Reveal it by navigating Faceplus.com to determine your face with a Celeb. What are you waiting for?

Take a picture and upload it to find out the result. You’ll be presented with not one or two but eight celebrities like you. You may notice some Chinese celeb as it made by Chinese developers. Try it yourself and be a celebrity.

5). Help to end hunger – Freerice.com

Do you Like Burger? Would you like to finish a burger to help to starve people around the globe? Am I joking? Nope! I’m not as per Freerice.com. It donates ten grains of rice to the needy people for giving every correct answer. Is it really? Find out yourself. 

6). Make a wish — Wishpush.com : Best time spend interesting websites

Make a wish and your all dream come true. Are you kidding me? It’s not so easy. But it can happen on Wishpush.com. Go to the site, look at the sky, click the star and make a wish. Your dream will come true after falling stars.

7). Get reading suggestions – Whatshouldireadnext.com

Do you like to read the story? So, if you want to find similar kind of books according to your choice then head over to Whatshouldireadnext.com. Search your desired book and you will notice much suggestion for your next book.

8). Read funny emails – Dontevenreply.com : Popular interesting websites most using

Dontevenreply.com has a collection of advertising spam emails. The writer wants to muddle with spam advertisers, puzzle those people and pissed them off.

9). Make everything OK – Make-everything-ok.com

Can you make everything okay with one click? Does it happen really? Well! Check yourself. Open Make-everything-ok.com and hit “magic “button and see what happen.

10). Calm down with famous Brits – Calmingbrits.tumblr.com

Why Does British never lose their temper? It might be due to their nature.
Open Calmingbrits.tumblr.com to explore British actors soothing expressions.

11). Listen to the rain – Rainymood.com : Interesting websites for Fun

Don’t you like to hear the sound of falling rain? If yes then go to Rainymood.com to feel the sound of rain. I’m pretty sure that you won’t leave it immediately if you think “Rain makes everything better” as the saying of the site.

12). Chitchat with clever Bot – Cleverbot.com

Cleverbot.com is a fantastic place to kill your time. You can speak with an artificial brain (bot). Ask your question and you’ll get a reasonable answer at once. But what if you’ve nothing to ask? Just press “think for me” to obtain random questions. Are you ready to converse with a digital brain? 

13). Get a free hug – TheNicestPlaceOnTheInter.net

TheNicestPlaceOnTheInter.net claim to be the most amazing site for offering free hugs to the strangers. Just use your webcam to record your video and then send your YouTube link to the developer.

14). Lunchtimers – Lunchtimers.com : Most popular interesting websites

You can play with words (refrigerator magnets) online along with friends, family and others on Lunchtimers. You can create poems, funny messages online and change others word to make it more fascinating.

15). I Waste So Much Time – iwastesomuchtime.com

It works just like the name. You’ll find numerous interesting images here. Go to this site and say goodbye to all sort of hassle. Because it has several categories for images (like Popular, Random, What the What) and videos to cheer up your mood.

You can upload an Image or its link and video too. But don’t hang on it too much because you may be captivated then

16). Sporcle – Sporcle.com : Interesting websites for enjoy

Are you like to play Quiz? Then I have got something crazy for you which is called Sporcle. It has (12+) categories and numerous quizzes to play at your leisure. Open Sporcle and fortify your knowledge bank.

17). Name Combiner – Namecombiner.com

Name Combiner is a place where you combine two names. So, you can put together your girlfriend, crush or idol’s name to mingle and then see the result. Try it yourself and you may find out something spectacular.

18). Midomi – Midomi.com : Interesting website for best time spend

Who want to play a musical game? You didn’t get it. Right? Let me explain. I’m speaking about a site called Midomi where you can record a song with your microphone by clicking the green button.

Well!! It’ll determine the song from your recorded voice afterward. So, if you sang appropriately then you’ll notice the original song in the results. Isn’t it fun for you? So, test your voice and seek your favorite song.

19). The Useless Web – theuselessweb.com

The Useless Web is an absolutely hilarious place to visit if you are feeling bored. Just open site and Click “Take to me to a Useless site” and boom. You’ll see funny, interesting, weird site with every click. It’s really amusing. If it’s not a worthy site to pass your time, then excuse me.

20). 9 Eyes – 9-eyes.com : Most interesting websites

Google Maps is the most preferred way to find a location. But we miss striking pictures often until we find it somewhere. So, if you like to discover some crazy pictures then visit 9 Eyes to explore such photos.

21). What happened in my Birth Year –  whathappenedinmybirthyear.com

What happened in your birth year? You should have this question on your mind. Don’t you want to know about the particular things in your birth year? I bet that it’s yes, but it’s quite problematic to gather all information. Isn’t it?

Go to this site and putting in your birth date. Now you’re ready to know every story from your birth year.

22). Omegle – Chat with Unknown — Omegle.com

Your friends are not online, and you have nothing to do. So, what is the solution? If you’ve nobody to speak, then you can Omegle to talk with anonymous people. You can send messages and video call too. But if you don’t like it then stop whenever you want.

23). The faces of Facebook – app.thefacesoffacebook.com

You can utilize “The Faces of Facebook” to find various user profile. Go to the site and you’ll see many pictures, click on any image and you’ll be sent to his/her profile. So, send him or her friend request for further conversation if you like. 

24). Zombo.com : most interesting website for enjoy

Zombo.com is a motivational welcome. What am I saying? You’ll be greeted by a man continuously, and he’ll restore confidence in you by telling you that it’ll be a blessing day for you and you’ll fulfill your targets because you’re   humbling. If you require a motivation source, then it might be an appropriate place to boost yourself.

25). Do Nothing for 2 Minutes – donothingfor2minutes.com

It acts just like the name “Do Nothing for 2 Minutes”. It’s important to take a break from Internet and stay away from mouse and keyboard for a while to grasp the moment of our life. You require staying offline whether you’re worker or general internet user.

26). Class namer – classnamer.com : Interesting websites

Are you wanted to be an innovative coder? Then Classnamer can help you by naming your class in JAVA or other programming languages. Sharpen your coding skill by visiting Classnamer often. It may be not standard, but it’s worthy to exploit sometime.

27). Turn Your Name into a Face – turnyournameintoaface.com

Mine is in the screenshot above. How weird does yours come out to be?

TYNIaF is a witty site totally. When you type your name, it’ll present your name into a face. Don’t think too much. Just try it see how does your face look like?

28). FontBomb – fontbomb.com

Want to blow up your load without troubling anything? Go to FontBomb and press anywhere on the page to fit bombs. It is made by JavaScript code to spread out the content for the explosion.

29). ASCII- picascii.com : Most popular interesting websites

ASCII transforms an image into ASCII art. So, upload or drag and drop your pictures for converting in ASCII. Select your picture and pick ASCII variant and you are good to go. But you can’t save the output, unfortunately. 

30). Stop ‘em Sheep –  http://www.bbc.co.uk/science/humanbody/sleep/sheep/reaction_version5.swf

Stop ‘em Sheep is going to test your reaction time? You’ll witness ten sheep in a line, but five sheep will try to escape out of ten. You’ll be given a tranquilizer to stop them as soon as possible. But you don’t know when a sheep is going to get away; you need to be steady always, therefore. Stop ’em sheep and increase your spontaneous effect.

31). Giphy – http://giphy.com/

You should’ve noticed moving images on the internet. Don’t you like it? If you say yes then you’ll prefer Giphy definitely.

Even if you have nothing to search for, you can just look at what’s trending on the front page or spend some time browsing through the categories.

If you are looking for animates GIFs, and then Giphy is the one place you need to look at first for sure. You can browse homepage to find our trending GIFs or sort via categories.

32). The Oatmeal – theoatmeal.com : Good interesting websites

Matthew Inman found the Oatmeal. It’s a lively place for all passionate comic lovers. He draws on real-life incidents like education, odd stories that’s impossible in reality. But it’s still pretty amazing to lighten your mood. Give it a try and see how it goes for you.

33). Draw a Stick man – drawastickman.com

OMG!! I have just felt like an animator on Drawastickman. It’s such a astounding to do animation and fun. First of all, you will create a drawing (however you can) and then you need to add an object depending on the situation for the stick man. It’s not like an animated GIFs where you’ll make a moving image only. This site will give you a story, and you need to play with it. I became a fan by using it once. So, I recommend it highly especially if you are bored. 

34). Creepy Girl – http://www.cubo.cc/creepygirl/

Creepy Girl is a weird website. I don’t this site too much because you’ll see girl moving her eyes with your cursor movements.

35). Incredibox – www.incredibox.com

You’ll find four cartoon version (The original, Little Miss, sunrises and The Love) on its homepage. Click on one and then you will be sent to a page where you can create and mix sound with various music options like instruments, percussions, chorus, effects, and bonus.

Also, you can listen to top 50 tracks. You should listen few at once because those are made tremendously well. If you disagree with me, then try “feeling the song” track. You will love it undoubtedly.

36). Spreeder – Spreeder.com

Spreeder says that Speed reading is the art of silencing subvocalization, and so it’s true. You can write pretty quick but can you read at the same speed? Recognize your reading skill and determine your readability against your friends or colleagues. Press “Click Here to Speed Read this Introduction” and then you observe a box with a blue button. You’ll give a single word one by one for testing reading speed. You can adjust background color, font, word per minute, etc. before start spreading. What are you waiting for? Give it a try.

37). Zoom Quilt – zoomquilt.org

ZoomQuilt is a like moving train because you see everything passing when you’re on a train. Similarly, you will perceive stunning pictures that keep going more and more inside until you close the window. It’s so simple but still pretty nice for time passing.

38). SnapBubbles – Snapbubbles.com

Did you ever snap a bubble wrap? I bet you did. Even if you didn’t, bow you have an opportunity to do it. All you have to do is visit Snapbubbles.com and start snapping bubbles. Also, you can tell your friend about it so he can snap few as well. This is a serious shit you can perform in your spare time or whenever you want. 

39). Feed the Head  – Feedthehead.net : Most interesting websites

Feedthehead.net is a weird website. You can do awkward things with head, ears, eyes, etc. Your ultimate aim is erasing it completely. It may look simple but you need to play it smartly to win it. It’s an astounding brain game to play when you’re felling bore.

40). Bubble – Bubole.com : Funny interesting websites

Bubbole is a tremendous time passing website to squash bugs. It has 200 (approx) monster squash model so you can’t get a single chance to be bored. Also, if you can create your own bugs squash game from “create new  bubole”. You will love the funny sound effects and typos too. In short, this is the best game you can play and finish quickly while doing fun.

41). Ball Droppings – Balldroppings.com

Balldroppings.com is an amazing site for quick timepass. It’s simple but quite pleasing Javascript effect to do fun. Navigate to the website and draw a sqaure, traingle or other shapes and then you’ll hear the sound dropping the ball and it’ll change according to the shape.

42). Why Do You Stay Up So Late? (http://www.bornmagazine.org/projects/whystayup/project.html)

Why do you stay up so late? It’s a compilation of wonderful poems about it. It won’t bore you because it’s not a textual poem site rather it has built with smart looking flash animation. So, click on a different shape (or moving objects) to find a new line every time. 

43). The Infinite Oz – http://www.webgeekly.com/design/the-infinite-oz-an-amazing-use-of-flash-sci-fi-imagery/

The Infinite OZ provides you a collection of flash animated words from nine renowned International artists. Enjoy splendid replacing Sci-fi worlds to kick out your tediousness.

44). Drum Machine (onemotion.com/flash/drum-machine)

Drum machine from Onemotion comes with pre-loaded music. It’s start playing with page loading instantly. I like its variety of sound. I am quite confident that you won’t leave quickly after opting on this website. 

45). Flightradar24.com : Another popular interesting website 

What do you want to see? Plane or people? You can do it via Flightradar24.com. It gives you access to see all flights around the globe at present. Just click on any known or unknown airport for spying. You may be able to solve missing plane’s mystery.

46). nooooooooooooooo.com : Best interesting website for life fun

Shouting is the possibly best method to lessen anger or stress. What if you have a bad day or demotivated and you want to scream louder, but you can’t do due to the environment. Then visit nooooooooooooooo.com, plug your headphone and press the blue button as long as you want. I hope it’ll help you a bit like me.

47). creepypasta.com : awesome interesting websites

Creepypasta.com is a popular website on the web, and it’s neither boring nor weird. It compiles numerous from the internet to make a single story, and that’s why it’s absolutely unique and out if the box. You’ll find every story quite amazing. Trust my word and read it to know why am I telling you to spend some time here? 

48). Record Tripping – recordtripping.com

Bell Brothers own record Tripping. You can solve a series puzzle by scratching a record with your mouse scrolling. It’s a fantastic flash game along with elegant UI. Even though it’s kind of weird but worth to play.

49). Echogenesis – www.echogenesis.com

Echogenesis is another excellent flash website by Bell Brothers. You can experiment with its five elements and sound as per your imagination.

50). ViralViralpictures.com

It’s my favorite website to find a viral photo and videos online. It has several categories to give me a joyful break. Also, you can submit a picture to share with its wide audience. I can guarantee you that even if you didn’t like a single site from above then all you need to open this website just once to find your desired place.

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