Things to Talk About With a Guy


Things to Talk About With a Guy: If there is someone you feel attracted to and you want to find something to talk with him. A good talk always keeps you from several of embarrassments, so next time when you plan a date with your man; remember these questions on what to talk about with a guy.

If you’re dating your guy then you need some good topics on which you can talk and know each other, but imagine if you don’t have anything then you can only face boring times and you can feel that the guy is not taking any interest in you.

You also face a sudden pause if you miss a quality conversation and then you will feel like everything is going like a stupid and you are acting weird because you don’t know how to talk to a guy when he is with you.

Chances can be that you will feel panicked inside and that silence slowly grows more and you seem like a complete idiot because you are without the things to talk about with your boyfriend.

Things to Talk About With a Guy

Things to Talk About With a Guy

Don’t worry because I’m here with the incredible questions and just by asking them you can do the doctorate in love and your partner would find you a really interesting person.

Learn About Their Past

What can be a better thing than talking and knowing someone‘s past? If you want to really know someone, talk about their past incidents and what they have assured in their young age.

Several questions here about the past can be a little tricky but they help you to get the correct answer so you get to know more about person’s choices.

But don’t look like an interviewer, just take all the questions casually and when they tell you about their past you can share some of your past stories a well, so you can enjoy these things to talk about with a guy.

1). What is the best memory you have so far?

2). What is the recent place that you have voted with your family this year?

3). How close are you with your friends and how can you explain your friend circle?

4). What was your favorite video game/movie/book in childhood?

5). What was the job that you hated the most?

6). How was your schooling life? How much did you enjoy it, so ask some past things to talk about with a guy.

7). Have you ever felt embarrassing?

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Explore the Personality

These questions related to personality will help you to know more about your guy and will clear out his personality. Don’t just judge him based on your answer but have an idea about him and about his traits by these things to talk about with a guy.

1). What is your favorite recipe that you can cook for me?

2). How can you insist me to dance in your favorite song?

3). How do you rate yourself as a gentleman?

4). What is that beautiful thing that you do in spring and winter?

5). Is there any big project you’re working on?

6). What would you do if you get a bag full of thousands of dollars?

7). What is the biggest problem in the world these days, how can you solve it? Have these things to talk about with a guy to know him more and clearly.

8). What is your ideal person with whom do you want to have a lunch and at which place?

Get Personal

After having these things to talk about with a guy, it’s time that you know him on a personal level.

1). Have you ever been through a broken heart? At what age?

2). What is your idea of being romantic?

3). What was your best relationship so far?

4). Have you ever broken any relationship due to sexual reasons?

5). Have you ever cheated in any of your relationships? Did you tell your partner later?

6). How do you imagine our future together? These are some perfect things to talk about with a guy if you want to know him personally.

Get To Know About Relationships

Nothing can be more than having these things to talk about with a guy for his human relationships or how well he keeps his relationships whether it is family or friends.

If he is a caring person about his relationships, he will surely care about you in every step of life. So you need to know how perfectly he values his relations.

1). How can you describe your friends circle in one word? Do they have same choices as you? How different do you find yourself from them?

2). How easily can you break old bonds? Know how much he cares for his older relations by these things to talk about with a guy.

3). How would you rate yourself in keeping up your relationships?

4). How close are you with your family?

5). How fast can you make friends, like real friends? Know how easy he finds friendship and having conversations in public though things to talk about with a guy.

6). How do you consider your friends’ families? How they behave with you? Are the rude or normal?

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Other Good Things to Talk About With a Guy

Other than relationships and past experiences of a guy, here are some common and easy questions that you can ask him just anytime while hanging out casually.

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  • What is your favorite place to stay for the lifetime, in the middle of the city or near the farm?
  • What are your future goals? How concentrated you consider yourself to achieve those goals? What have you done so far to achieve your goals? Are there any other things that you planned and have achieved by putting your great efforts?

Just keep him interested in you by asking his accomplishment, so these things to talk about with a guy can really be great if you do these rightly.

  • Do you have any hobbies or any past hobbies like any sports or something? Have you ever played golf or experienced skateboarding like a dude with stunts?

Just listen to his hobbies and interests and pay attention even after you don’t have any interest in those things. This will keep him confident that you are into his things. So things get better when you arrange some interesting things to talk about with a guy.

If you’re thinking like he is really interested in you and wants to take the relationship further then ask him to join you in your new hobby.

  • How can you explain the word sex? When did you last share a bed with anyone? What do you think about same gender sex, do you respect their feelings or same sex is just an insane idea?

Have some sexual things to talk about with a guy and explore him more by knowing how much he values others’ feelings for their partners.

Keep it little longer by asking his sexual interest and share yours with him.  Know if he likes experimenting thing to spice them up or he wants to keep these usual and normal.

Know about the things that he can do for your satisfaction in bed and just explore him by asking about sex toys and all that stuff.

  • How much are you in food? Do you love to cook or you want to leave it on your partner?

Know his interests in cooking world by having these food things to talk about with a guy. Don’t forget to mix up your interests in the kitchen and tell him about the dishes that you can cook deliciously.

Try to match your mutual interests, the more you find mutual hobbies the more you get a better relationship.

  • How humorous do you feel yourself? In how many seconds can you bring a smile on my face even with your silliest joke?

Talk about humorous things, share jokes and some comedy incidents that you both faced in the past.  This will help you to grow conversation in a humorous way.

Things to Talk About With a Guy to Understand Him Even More

After getting all your answers from above questions, it’s time to know him even better for more things, so here take a look.

Talk Him about His Dream Car

Normally guys love this conversation about automotive like bikes and cars. You’re not wasting your time if you are having things to talk about with a guy that are about cars.  You can have several questions such what is your dream car or how are you progressing to achieve your dream car?

This is really a one trending topic among men that is not going to old-fashioned ever. Every man dreams of having a car of his dreams so keep this in mind and go with the car conversation confidently.

Remember one thing that you don’t have to know anything about cars because this is his exciting topic and he would tell you everything about a car and why he likes any specific mode so much.

So it’s not only an engaging topic but you would get some good knowledge about cars and their brands.

Share Your Sports Interest with Him

Just like the car and other vehicles, jump into the sports section. Talk about your favorite sports and how much are you interested in that sport and what attracts you to that sport? What have you achieved so far in your sports world?

While talking about this topic, don’t forget to know about his sports interests. Because it is another thing that men show very much interested in.

So allow your partner talking about his favorite sports and know what has he achieved in sports so far and what is his favorite team. Have these good things to talk about with a guy to maintain a healthy conversation.

Find Out His Opinions about Women

Try to talk him about women and his past relationships so you can understand what he really thinks of a woman’s choices and her behaviors.

You will surely get an answer and a good one for your every question because men really enjoy talking about women and now he is eating you so you can really have just any question because it allows you to look at that guy from a different point of view.

So don’t think that you are talking about some other woman but just get his opinions, so these things to talk about with a guy will help you to set your next date with him.

Have a Movie Talk

Now it’s time to have some talk about movies, like which genre he likes very much and which he feels like gross. Tell him your favorite movie and ask about his favorite one.

Get to know whether he likes romantic, action, adventure or horror. So have these great things to talk about with a guy and next time you can plan a movie date with him.

Discuss Money Matters

Just like any other thing, this is also a thing that matters to guys. When you talk about money matters you sound like a sensible person. So this way you can ask his yearly income, his expenditures, his goals and how much he values money.

So strike a conversation on money matters and know if he gives more importance to money than relations.

Ask Him about His Favorite Band

You can easily guess a person with his choice of songs and bands. So by doing the same, discuss his list of songs that he loves to play, also his favorite band and favorite music artist. Also, share your musical interests find your mutual music interests.


It seems like you have a clear understanding to accomplish a better conversation with the guy of your choice. These interesting questions will never let you down when you are with your special one and always make you conversation grow better and better. So have a good talk with your loved one, good luck.

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