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Best Emoji app for Android: Thinking of our lives without smartphones is almost impossible today. We rely on our smartphones for all sort of activities. From reading newspaper, texting with friends, staying updated on Facebook to tracking calories we have burnt, we depend on our smartphone. One such activity is texting that we perform on huge level on our smartphones.

Texting can be sometimes boring. To solve that problem, we have emoji with us. Emoji are ideograms and smileys that are used in electronic messages. Emoji can make our chats much simpler. Why to bother about writing a whole sentence when an emoji can perform the job with a single tap.

So we see that emoji can be very funny and handy at the same time. Seeing that, we are going to introduce you to best emoji app for android. These are some of the best emoji app for Androis, you can try your hand-on.

15+ Best Emoji app for Android to Express Yourself Easily

Even though the list is prepared for Android, some of these apps are available for iOS too. They are all supported by smartphones running on Android 4.1 or above. So stay tuned and let’s start our countdown for best emoji app for Android.

1). Google Keyboard (Built-in)

Why to go anywhere else when Google provides you a built-in emoji keyboard right in your smartphone. Yes, we are talking about the stock Google keyboard that is available in every smartphone running Android 4.4 or above. It is one of the best emoji app for android.

Google keyboard has a huge database for emoji. Searching for your favorite smileys was never so easy. Furthermore, to make it handy, an emoji bar is provided right above the qwerty keypad.

Emoji are constantly updated to make them as stylish as they can be. The number of emoji are quite limited but you can’t ask anymore from a built-in keyboard.

Also to take it to the next level, Google keyboard also supports GIF support now. So from now don’t just text. Use emoji, GIF and much more showcase your views and feelings.

Google keyboard is available in whooping 120 languages and above. Other features that you get with Google keyboard are glide typing, voice typing and accurate predictive typing.

So what are you waiting for, download or update your keyboard and see your life changing upside down by Gboard. Link is given below.

It is available on Apple store too! if you are still searching alternative best emoji app for android then you may also bellow given more than 15 apps.

2). Kika Emoji Keyboard + Emoticons

Kika Emoji keyboard is one of the smoothest and coolest emoji keyboard you can look for in the Play store. The keyboard is loaded with features like animated emoticons, clip arts, animated icons, funny texting pictures as well as GIF stickers. So we can say it is a one-pack blast for all of our needs.

Select and share array of emoji’s, stickers and GIF’s with your favorite apps like Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. You got tons of emoji to express yourself. New emoji’s like middle finger, taco, unicorn that are found in marshmallow are also made available in this keyboard.

Make your own unique themes, turn your keyboard into photo keyboard and use ultra-intelligent predictive text and autocorrect. The one-handed mode is also available.

It is well optimized for mobiles and tablets and works like a charm for both portrait and landscape mode. Go on and check out this best emoji app for android right now.

The best part of Kika keyboard is that its PRO version is available for free.

3). GO Keyboard – Emoji, Sticker

One of the highest rated keyboards on play store, GO keyboard is the choice of millions of its happy users. It provides large collections of stylish emoji and other smiley faces for free. Using these emoji’s turn your plain and boring text into fun and creative.

Difficult as it may seem, but in real it very simple to use.

More than 1600 emoticons are featured in this keyboard. They are all available at the swipe of one touch. The arrangement of them into different categories makes searching them very convenient. The emoticons are well supported by all popular messaging apps like Facebook, Kik, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Share your views with others using personalized stickers and configure your keyboard with more than 10000+ colorful themes. Apart from this you get all the basic functionalities like word correction, voice typing and multi-language support.

It surely is one of the best emoji app for android you can look for. Once you try GO keyboard, you will never rush to any other keyboard. Have it from the link given below.

4). Imoji

Do you want to try out something different? How about having your own personalized emoji that showcases your image. Imoji makes that possible in a very simple way.

In this app, simply choose an image saved in your phone, erase the parts you don’t want to include and bam, your selfie or any other photo is now turned into a funny emoji. It’s that simple. So, by using Imoji you can always have something new by making emoji of different persons/pet.

It also features a built-in sticker finder. There are plenty available for every reaction. Search through millions of community generated stickers without any extra cost.

So from now add your own personal touch in the chats and make them fun like never before. The stickers can be continuously made and this is all available for free. This makes Imoji one of the best emoji app for android.

Download it and add a whole new dimension to your messages. Click the link below.

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5). SwiftKey keyboard

When it comes to typing, SwiftKey is really a giant itself. Its numerous features make it all-time most rated keyboard for Android. It sure holds a strong position in best emoji app for Android.

The keyboard is very stylish and has no problem regarding any lag. A vast collection of emoji is available for you to use. All varieties of stickers, emoticons can be found in this one, which begin from very basic one to newly updated too.

You can add them with your messages with a single swipe. It also learns predictions even about the emoji’s. The artificial intelligence used in this feature is very advanced and is correct most of the times.

This keyboard also makes typing very easier for you. Thanks to the swipe-to-type feature. Other features that you get with SwiftKey keyboard are accurate autocorrect, 80+ designs and themes as well as bilingual language support for more than 100+ languages.

The keyboard is available in free and paid versions for both Android and iOS. Try it now!

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Let’s check out more best emoji app for android smartphone.

6). ai.type Emoji Keyboard

This keyboard by ai.type also makes its place in the best emoji app for Android. It is said to be the most personalized keyboard for smartphones and tablets. It is intelligent and smart with rich emoji sets and thousands of free downloadable themes.

The keyboard contains scrollable UI which makes navigating through over 800 emoji’s and more than 1000 graphical characters a piece of cake.

Other than this, the top row can be used to efficiently add emoji’s into your texts and messages. The emoji are well predicted by the smart UI and they are supported by all major apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and Instagram.

The default look of the keyboard is simple but you can always customize it using add-ons and plugins available for free. A grammar checker tool powered by Ginger Software is available for corrections along with a calculator to do your math as you type.

Overall ai.type Emoji keyboard is a nice and simple keyboard to be used for emoji’s and animations. Download it from Play Store.

7). SMS Rages Faces

Do you like those Facebook memes that are viral all over the world? Than SMS rage faces provides you all those memes to be sent as emoticons. It is an app that is developed for people who are fed up by just texting. This list of best emoji app for Android can’t be completed without mentioning it.

SMS Rage Faces provides you a different way to using emoji’s. You can choose rage faces from a collection of more than 2500 faces. More and more faces are added day by day. The sharing is very easy and all major platforms like WhatsApp, Go SMS and Viber are well supported.

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You can even create your own rage face. It lets you use your camera or a saved picture in your phone to create rage faces. Save them to your gallery or share with your friends. It’s simple as that.

You can tag your favorite ones and all of this is available to you for free.

This application can be a boon for a real emoji genius. Go on and experiment with it in your own style. It is available on play store as follows.

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8). TouchPal Keyboard – Cute Emoji

TouchPal keyboard is a free keyboard that allows you to send emoji, GIF, smileys and text faces right from one keyboard only. All the features can be easily accessed with the swipe of one finger.

The emoji collection of this app goes to as high as 1000+. The emoji’s the divided into sub-categories very smartly. That makes searching the keyboard for the right emoji very easy.

The GIF’s and emoji’s are supported by all major texting platforms like Facebook, Messenger and WhatsApp. To access the emoji’s just swipe the space button up. It’s that simple only. The text face feature just adds more value to this awesome keyboard.

Other advantages that TouchPal keyboard provides are 400+ colorful themes, 97 language support and cloud prediction. And in case, if you feel like running out of emoji’s, Touchpal keyboard supports extended emoji pack to download too.

To download this one of the best emoji app for Android from Play Store, tap in below

9). Keyboard – Emojis, Emoticons (KK Keyboard)

KK Keyboard studio is one of the top developers of Android applications. KK keyboard is their one such application. KK keyboard is one of the simplest looking yet powerful keyboard that are available in the market today.

A smart, colorful and free keyboard. It provides a choice of more than 3000 keyboard emoji, emoticons, sticker, Lenny face and GIF. The search for these emoji’s are made easy by dividing into different sections. Japanese emoticons, emoji art, emoji symbols, you just ask for it, it will provide you all emoticons for your every mood and reaction.

The interface is quite user-friendly. Accurate word suggestions for fast typing are available. Customize it according to you and you will see for yourself that this is the best emoji app for android.

The keyboard never stores any personal data and thus there are no privacy issues. Try this keyboard everywhere like Allo, Facebook, and WhatsApp. Link is provided below.

10). Minions Emoji

The next in our list of best emoji app for Android comes the Minions Emoji. This one’s a treat for all minion’s lovers all around the world. Our three heroes – Kevin, Stuart and Bob provide us the best of emoticons that we can think of.

Minions emoji contains some of the cutest of emoji to play around with. The animations are good and sharing them through different apps is made very easy.

They add a much more intimate touch to the messages being sent. So from now let your favorite minion express all your feelings of love, anger, happiness and joy, etc.

Add them with your creativity and enjoy the world full of minions. Download it for Android using the link given below.

11). Fleksy Keyboard + GIF Keyboard

Fleksy keyboard is also one of the best emoji app for android. It provides a large keyboard layout. The swipe to write feature is very fast. Texting is really a fun when you have this awesome keyboard on your side.

Another great thing about Fleksy is its vast database of emoji’s, GIFs and stickers that it provides. The usage is almost effortless and the searching algorithm is very effective. You can customize it to large extent. Choose form 40+ themes to make the keyboard resemble your style.

More and more GIF’s are added day by day. There are many other features that you get with this power packed package. Extensions for Android Launcher, Editor, Number row, Keyboard shortcuts, Invisible keyboard and Rainbow key pops are available.

It also has an intelligent dictionary that learns fast. And the more you type, better becomes its ability to predict next words.

Download Fleksy from Play Store and open yourself to a world full of emoji’s and GIF’s. Download link is provided below.

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12). Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons

This keyboard is known for its simplicity. Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons make you type 3000+ funny GIF emoji. The app is designed to be cute and stylish at the same time.

You get everything here to light up your chats. Emoji, emoticon, emoji art in flash. The interface is easy to use for beginners as well as expert users. There is neat separate section for emoji that you have used recently.

You can mix up these emoji in all major social apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. The easy to share feature even let you use these smileys even in SMS and emails. The keyboard is equipped with all advanced features like Android 6.0 Material UI style, clipboard and many more. All this makes texting with your loved ones a lot easier.

Considering this app is free of cost, this surely is one of the best emoji app for android. There are many apps in store named like this. Download the original one from the link given below.

13). Bitmoji – Your personal Emoji

As can be understood from the name of the app itself. Bitmoji is a superb platform for those who like to have their own faces in emoji they use. One of the highest rated app, Bitmoji makes it easily in our list of best emoji app for Android.

You can create your own expressive cartoon avatar. These cartoons are available is huge range of sentiments like romantic, happy to hilarious. They are supported by all popular chatting platform.

Personalize your avatar with the latest of fashion trends. You can look for different outfits as well as hairstyles to make it more and more fun for you and your friends.

The app unlocks friendmoji – 2 persons bitmojis featuring you and your friend, when you use it with snapchat. So pick up your friend and start making your own personal emoji!

Android users can download the app from link given below.

14). Flash Emoji Keyboard

Flash Emoji Keyboard offers 400+ cute emoji for android. It is a smart keyboard which provides you accurate word as well as emoji predictions. You can choose to send massive emoticons, smileys too.

It is compatible with all social likes Facebook, Messenger, Gmail, iCloud and Instagram. The smooth and fun experience that it provides to its users makes it all time best emoji app for android. Use multiple emoji at the same time to make those boring and long chats, much shorter and fun.

The app also stores history of the emoticons used. You can choose different themes for the look of keyboard and also select cool sounds every time you tap.

So if you like to add colorful emoticons in your chats, you should give this keyboard a chance. Download the original app from the link below.

15). Emojidom extensions for texting

Emojidom is a great emoticons app which provides more than 2000 unique emoji’s. All the smileys are available in HD quality. The app is well integrated with Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Another outstanding feature of this app is that you can create your own custom WhatsApp emoticons. This feature is what make it different from other emoji apps.

The app is constantly updated and newer emoticons are added day by day. Also 130 popular themes are available to make your keyboard look magnificent.

Thus Emojidom is a fun emoji app. It is one of the best emoji app for android. You also need not bother downloading any other keyboard for these emoji to use. Make life fun and texting hassle-free by downloading this app from given below link.

It is also available for iOS users in the App Store.

16). Emoji Keyboard Lite

If you experience trouble finding any emoji during chats than this is the best emoji app for Android, which you may install in your Android smartphone. It is popular all over the globe for its simplistic interface. It supports more than 5000+ emoji, emoticons, stickers, smiley and text faces. They are all divided into sub categories to facilitate easy usage of them.

Compatible with Allo, WhatsApp, Facebook and Messenger this keyboard is enough for all your chatting needs. Other advanced features like gesture typing, dynamic floating review as well as customizable key press sound are all present.

You can use your own photo as keyboard background and a top row is provided specially to show your most used emoticons. Access them quickly and show your friends your funnier side by using them.

The app also supports a ton of languages and thus is not restricted only to English users.

So if you want just a normal keyboard with lots of emoji’s and other options but with less customizable interface, go for Emoji Keyboard Lite.


Texting is inevitable in this modern world and emoji provides us a way to make those chats more fun and frolic for us. So from now avoid those long sentences and rather go with emoji to show your feelings/expressions more deeply. The emoji apps that we introduced you to will perform this job with utmost pleasure.

Each one of the above is best emoji app for android that you can find in Play Store. They are all free and are unique in their own way. You are advised to keep your Android updated so as to enjoy more and more keyboard functionalities, that are added with them.

Now head on to Play Store to try them and tell us which one you liked the most.

Happy Texting!

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