20 Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Services


Here are the 20 best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services, which keep your identity anonymous, and allow uploading almost everything. You’ll save hours, we’ve done your research for you and listed all the primary features, policies, restrictions, and a lot more for every single company on this list.

Now, if you’re on this piece, you clearly know what Bitcoin is, and what VPS servers are. So we wouldn’t waste both of our times trying to explain those aspects.

But, it may be of help if we discuss briefly how exactly to choose the best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services, wouldn’t it? If you’ve got past-experience with crypto VPS hosts, simply skip the next section. For the uninitiated, let’s begin.

How to Choose The Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Services?

Even though your individual requirements, budget and goals may vary, the checklist provided below should hold true for almost any individual as long as we’re talking about VPS servers.

Also, I’ve kept it extremely simple and basic, making sure everyone understands it.

  • Managed vs. Unmanaged: If this is your very first time with VPS servers, you’d need managed support. This generally costs extra, but the company takes care of almost everything server-related on your behalf. Unmanaged servers are cheaper, but need at least some experience.
  • CPU and RAM: Put simply, these determine how well your server performs. The more the better.
  • Package customization: It’s best if the company you’re going with allows manual spec-configurations. In this case, you get to manually specify the amount of RAM, storage space, number of cores, IP addresses and other resources you need.
  • Operating system: Linux VPS are generally cheaper and more common. Windows is another available option. Depending on your project, its coding language and platform support these can be selected. When in doubt, stick to Linux.
  • Datacenter location and choices: I’ve mentioned which companies offer location-choices, and which don’t. The exact locations too have been mentioned. If you’ve specific location-preferences, maybe due to censorship laws, visitor-base or other factors this should help you pick the absolute best Bitcoin VPS hosting company for yourself.
  • Anonymity: “Private” isn’t the same as “anonymous”. Go with companies which offer maximum anonymity, and have a “no identification required” policy.
  • Free domains, cPanel and migrations: We’ve explicitly mentioned the companies offering or not offering these features.
  • Refund-policies: Some companies in the list below offer extensive 60-day refund policies, while others none at all. It’s best to go with those which offer the most number of days.
  • Bandwidth: Some best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services offer unlimited bandwidth, others don’t. This determines the amount of traffic your site can handle. Again, more is better while “unlimited” is the best.

*Important Note: None of these factors should be considered “individually”. E.g. simply going with unlimited bandwidth, cheap plans, or a company offering free domains isn’t the right choice. You ought to combine most, and preferably all the aspects mentioned above and only then make a decision.

Best Offshore VPS Hosting Service

Enough small-talk, let’s get down to business then?

Bitlaunch VPS ServerWebsite: https://bitlaunch.io/

  • Starting price: $10.00/month
  • Refund-period: None.
  • Free migrations: No.
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: 37+
  • Payment Method: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

The reason BitLaunch is listed as the #1 best Bitcoin VPS Hosting provider is, it’s a 4-in-one VPS provider. BitLaunch allows us to purchase servers from their own Datacenters, or from three other most well-established VPS companies, which are, Digital Ocean, Vultr And Linode.

These companies do not accept Bitcoin individually, however they officially allow purchase using Bitcoins via Bitlaunch. (Vultr accepts BTC, however requires card verification which completely curbs the anonymity you’re seeking).

This makes Bitlaunch the most options-rich Bitcoin VPS provider on this list. Combined, the 4 VPS providers offer as many as 37+ locations to choose from. Additionally, over 9 OS-choices (when you go with Linode or Vultr) are offered which include Arch Linux, CentOS, Debian, Slackware, openSUSE, CoreOS, Gentoo, Fedora, and Ubuntu.

Bitlaunch focuses heavily on privacy and anonymity, and never asks for KYC/Identification details.

The pricing plans too offer the widest possible range due to the availability of multiple providers. The cheapest plan is offered by Bitlaunch which costs $10.00/month, or the most expensive available plan is from Linode priced at a massive $1408.00/month. In-between, you’re bound to find a plan which suits your needs and pockets best.

No free domains or migrations are offered. The only major downer is absolutely no refunds are provided. However, they do offer free trial-credits on-demand which last a couple hours.


  • Shinjiru – Offshore VPS Hosting

Shinjiru HostingWebsite: https://www.shinjiru.com/

  • Starting price: $11.90/month
  • Refund-period: 30 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: 8 locations.

Shinjiru is one of the most well-established hosts when it comes to privacy and/or anonymity. Hence naturally, Bitcoin is one of its favourite mode of payments.

It offers 4 primary types of VPS, the Barebone VPS (without any extra features), the NGINX+ Vesta VPS, then the CPANEL+ WHM servers and finally the Windows VPS.

All the VPS plans offer the most impressive location-choices, as many as 8 to be exact. Malaysia is the fastest option to go with, the other options include Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Lithuania, Holland, Bulgaria and Luxembourg.

These latter options require a higher delivery time, anywhere between 2-24 hours. All the plans also come with 1 Gbps DDoS protection and free migrations. It’s not managed, management-services start at an additional $20.00/month.

The cheapest plan starts at $11.90 and goes up to $46.90/month. Refund covered for 30 days. Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Fedora are the available OS-choices.

Why Shinjiru

All in all, if it’s offshore, anonymous Bitcoin VPS hosting you seek, I doubt there’s an option better-suited than Shinjiru. So much so that they also offer assistance through the anonymous, encrypted chat service WICKR.

Buy Offshore VPS Server With Shinjiru 

  • Webcare360 – DMCA Ignored, Offshore VPS

Webcare 360 Offshore DMCA Ignored HostingWebsite: https://webcare360.com/

  • Starting price: EUR 12.99/month
  • Anonymity: 100% (no personal details required)
  • DMCA: Ignored
  • Server locations: Russia, Netherlands, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Sweden, Romania
  • Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin + many others
  • Management: Optional and available
  • Root access: Yes

Webcare360 is much more than just a Bitcoin VPS hosting company.

It’s 100% anonymous and privacy-respecting, offshore, DMCA-ignoring server provider.

In simpler words, they do not need your personal information when signing up. In fact, they advocate signing up anonymously using anonymous e-mail IDs. Moreover, the company also preaches communicating with them using anonymous e-mail services!

Then, it’s a DMCA-ignore hosting server. Meaning, they do not comply to DMCA takedown requests from anyone on the planet except a local judge in their home nation.

This allows them to let you host movie streaming sites and many other such content which most other hosts refrain from.

Finally, they’ve some of the most privacy-respecting server locations on the planet. This includes Sweden, Romania, Netherlands, Poland, Moldova, Ukraine and Russia! I personally couldn’t come up with a better list for anonymous offshore hosting servers.

Of course, Cryptocurrency payments are accepted. You can use Bitcoin, ETH and many other Cryptocurrencies.

You can choose to go with their fully managed VPS servers if you want to. This isn’t mandatory.

They’ve got shared servers, VPS, dedicated and streaming servers for you to choose from.

All VPS servers offer root access. You can also choose from half a dozen available operating systems. They do offer free migrations, backup and cPanel on their managed plans.

Alike most other crypto hosts, there’s a “no refund policy” on their offshore VPS hosting plans.

Get Your Anonymous Offshore VPS Server

  • BlueAngelHost

BlueAngelHostWebsite: https://www.blueangel.host/

  • Starting price: $8.99/month
  • Refund-period: 7-days
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free SSL certificates: Yes
  • Server location: Bulgaria
  • Payment Method: Multiple Cryptocurrencies

Get Your Offshore Server With BlueAngelHost

BlueAngelHost is one of the most renowned Bitcoin VPS hosting service on the planet. It only offers VPS and dedicated hosts which makes it a perfect fit for the list.

It’s also a DMCA-ignored hosting that’s also offshore. All its servers are based out of Bulgaria, a nation that’s known for its privacy-friendly regulations.

The company operates out of Serbia itself which is another nation that’s not exactly DMCA-friendly. In fact, it clearly states that hosting Warez is allowed! This means you’re free to host songs, music, software, games etc.

Anonymity isn’t an issue either. Absolutely no personal data is required for sign-up or at any later time!

The company also takes care of migrations, for free! If you’re already on another host, they’d migrate you for free. You also get free SSL certificates as well as free DDoS protection.

Being a VPS, you of course get full root access for your servers. You can also choose from self-managed servers or opt for optional management.

 There’s a 7-day refund policy on all VPS servers. The cheapest VPS starts at $8.99/month.

Host Your Server with BlueAngelHost

Namecheap VPS HostingWebsite: https://www.namecheap.com/

Namecheap even though primarily was a domain registrar, has expanded its business into servers since quite some time now. It’s pretty simplified with its pricing plans, only two of those are offered.

The first plan costs $11.88/month, and the second is priced at $19.88/month. You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or yearly. However unlike almost all other best Bitcoin VPS hosting options on this list, the term unfortunately doesn’t make a big difference to the price you pay.

Buy Domain With Namecheap

There’s a 30-day moneyback guarantee with both the plans. CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian are the available OS-choices. cPanel costs an extra $10.88 (the cheapest on this list).

Both the plans offer a free .website domain, and free website migrations. The cheaper plan also offers 1 dedicated IP address, while the more expensive plan gets you 2 of those.

General support via Live-chat/ and e-mail is offered. The servers aren’t managed, however you can purchase management add-ons for extra prices.

Phoenix Arizona is the only location the VPS servers are offered from.

Buy Your VPS Server and Get Upto 30% OFF

Website: https://www.hostwinds.com/

  • Starting price: $4.49/month
  • Refund-period: 30 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: Seattle/ Dallas/ Amsterdam.

Host Winds offers both managed and unmanaged servers. The cheapest unmanaged servers start at $4.49/month, being practical and realistic, the 1GB RAM and 1 CPU should be enough for the basic websites.

Naturally, more expensive plans exist going all the way up to $296.09/month. The range of resource-choices available between the cheapest and most-expensive plans is impressive.

Managed servers have a price-range between $5.17/month to $247.69/month. All plans include automated nightly backups and free website transfers. No free domains are offered.

The refund-period is 30 days for all annual-billing (or more) cycles. For billing-cycles less than a year, the refund-period is 48 hours. Although because you’re searching for the best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services, note that Bitcoin (or other Crypto) payments aren’t refunded in “currency”, rather as HostWinds credits.

OS choices can be made from Fedora, Ubuntu, CentOS, or Debian. Multiple datacenter locations too are offered, including Seattle, Dallas and Amsterdam. Root access offered. cPanel costs an extra $15.00/month.

Live-chat is available and extremely detailed with the answers. DDoS protection costs an extra $25.00.

  • Liberty VPS

Website: https://libertyvps.net/

  • Starting price: $19.99/month
  • Refund-period: N/A
  • Free migrations: No
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: The Netherlands

Liberty VPS is for those who’re primarily seeking “anonymity/offshore locations” without a lot of fancy perks.

Liberty VPS offers servers from The Netherlands, arguably the best offshore, free-speech, privacy-respecting location on the world.

The prices start at $19.99/month going up to $79.99/month. Liberty VPS isn’t great with add-ons or management, so that’s something you’d have to take care of yourself.

OS-choices include CentOS 6 & 7, Debian and Ubuntu. Not much customization is offered.

It accepts payments not just via Bitcoin, but also many other Cryptocurrencies. The company markets itself heavily on its “No-overselling” policy.

Buy Your VPS with LibertyVPS

  • Vsys

Website: https://vsys.host/

  • Starting price: $18.00/month
  • Refund-period: 60 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: Kyiv and Frankfurt.

Obviously we’re prioritizing anonymity and privacy-respecting best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services here. Parallel to the same, Vsys offers absolute anonymity. It’s one of the few companies on this list which is lenient and forgiving with DMCA complaints and violations.

As for the pricing, it’s the only company on this list which will match the price if you can find the same server-specs at a lower price somewhere else.

Server locations can be chosen from Kyiv or Frankfurt. Pricing plans start at $18.00/month, the most expensive plan sells for $65.00/month.

Extensive customizations are possible for the servers, including the RAM, storage, no. of IP addresses, CPU Cores etc. No free dedicated IPs offered, they each cost $2.00 extra.

OS-options include CentOS 6/7, Ubuntu, Debian, and Windows. cPanel costs an extra $15.00. DDoS protection too is an add-on and costs $50.00 for protection against 500Gbps attacks.

Free domains aren’t offered, however the company does offer free migrations. An impressive 60-day moneyback policy exists. Unmanaged servers, however basic help is offered via live-chat.

  • Cherry Servers

Website: https://www.cherryservers.com/

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  • Starting price: $9.00/month
  • Refund-period: 15 days.
  • Free migrations: No
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: Lithuania

Cherry Servers offers servers from Lithuania for now. Although they do have plans to soon start offering servers from The Netherlands.

A bit of customizations are offered which let us customize the number of cores and RAM for our VPS. The cheapest plan goes for $9 and the most expensive plan costs $80.00/month. Refunds are offered within a period of 15 days.

The servers are unmanaged by default, while managed services cost extra. cPanel or Direct Admin can be installed at will. Dedicated IP addresses aren’t included for free but can be purchased optionally.

Root access is provided. CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian OS can be chosen from. No free migrations or domains are included.

Website: https://hosterbox.com/hosting/vps.php

  • Starting price: $22.95/month
  • Refund-period: 30 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free domain: Yes.
  • Datacenter: N/A

Hoster Box is one of the more feature-rich best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services in existence.

For starters, all of its plans offer free DDoS protection, free domain, free SSL, complete root access and free backups. It also includes 2 free dedicated IP addresses for all the VPS plans. cPanel however isn’t free and costs an additional $20.00/month.

They also offer free migration services with their VPS plans.

It may not be the most pocket-friendly option, considering how its cheapest plan costs $22.95/month. The most expensive plan however isn’t miles away and costs just $62.95/month. The refund-period extends up to 30 days.

Server location-choice isn’t offered, and unless you purchase a VPS from them you can’t know what location you’ll be getting for your VPS.

  • VPS Server

Website: https://www.vpsserver.com/

  • Starting price: $4.95/month
  • Refund-period: 7 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free domain: Yes.
  • Datacenter: 13+ locations.

VPS Server seems to take its business quite literally. They offer unmanaged servers by default, management add-on is available for $49.95/month.

They offer the widest range of OS-options, including Debian, Fedora, Suse, Arch Linux, Gentoo, Open Filer, Mageia, Windows, Forex, ClearOS, Ubuntu etc.

Their Datacenter locations too are more than impressive, as many as 13 of them are currently available. These include 6 locations in North America, 3 in Europe and Asia each, and Australia as a standalone option. They’ve got plans to start offering Seattle, Atlanta, L.A, and India pretty soon as well.

*Hong Kong only offers Linux VPS, and not Windows.

No free domains or migrations are offered. Root access is offered. cPanel is allowed but not included, you’d need to purchase the license independently.

The plans start at $4.99/month, and go up to $39.99/month. There’s  a 7-day refund policy, however at times they deduct an additional $10.00 as “handling charges” for the refunds.

  • Pi VPS

Website: https://pivps.com/linux-vps/

  • Starting price: $4.99/month
  • Refund-period: 3 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: 5 locations.

Pi VPS ticks most of the boxes you’d be looking for when searching for the best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services. For starters, it provides both Linux and Windows VPS. The OS-choices include Ubuntu, CentOS and Debian.

1 free Dedicated IP address is included with all plans, however, additional IPs can be purchased for a low price of $1.00/IP.

The server location can be chosen manually, options include The Netherlands, Germany, France, USA, and Canada.

Free migrations too are offered, however the domain isn’t included. Complete root access is offered.  cPanel license costs an additional $14.99/month.

The cheapest plan goes for $4.99/month, while more ambitious projects may require the most expensive plan which costs $129.95/month. Has a short refund-period of 3 days.

  • Hostinger

Website: https://www.hostinger.com/vps-hosting

  • Starting price: $3.95/month
  • Refund-period: 30 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: US/UK/Europe.

Hostinger started off as a free webhosting company (as far as I remember). Today, it’s the benchmark for “free, quality servers”. It offers a number of advantages so to say over most of its competitors on this list of the best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services.

For starters, its live-chat feature even for unmanaged servers is commendable. Then, it’s one of the few companies on this list offering SUSE in addition to CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian and Fedora.

The plans start at a low $3.95/month, going up to $29.95/month. Hostinger offers 100% refund within the first 30 days.  All the plans include 1 free dedicated IP address and offer full root access.

The servers are located in Europe, UK and USA. Free domain or website migrations aren’t included. Another major problem with Hostinger is no live-chat is available for non-customers. So there’s not a lot of pre-sale research you can get done.

  • MonoVM

Website: https://monovm.com/

  • Starting price: $6.99/month.
  • Refund-period: None.
  • Free migrations: No.
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: 5 locations.

MonoVM is another contender for the position of the best Bitcoin VPS hosting. It offers unmanaged VPS only. Two separate product-packages are available, one with cPanel the other without it.

It does offer Datacenter choices, 5 of them to be exact. These are Chicago, France, Germany, Denmark and Romania.

No free domains are offered. They do help with the migrations however note that it’s not a hands-on approach.

The cheapest Linux VPS plans start at $6.99/month, going up to $64.99/month. All of the plans include unlimited bandwidth. cPanel VPS starts at $30.00/month. The OS-options are CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Free BSD.

The deal-breaker here might be the fact that they do not offer any refunds whatsoever.

  • 1Gbits

Website:  https://1gbits.com/linux-vps/

  • Starting price: $15.99/month.
  • Refund-period: None (for Crypto).
  • Free migrations: No.
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: 12 locations.

1GBits offers Bitcoin VPS hosting with 4 payment terms, you can choose to pay monthly, for 3-months, semi-annually or annually.

As many as 12 Datacenter locations are available and can be chosen from. The options include The Netherlands, USA (3 locations), Denmark, Australia, Canada, UK, France, Germany and Romania.

OS-choices too extend beyond the normal options, these include MikroTik, FreeBSD, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS and Windows.

cPanel is offered at an optional additional price of $15.00. Other panels such as Plesk, Interworx or DirectAdmin too can be selected.

The servers aren’t managed, however you can purchase a management add-on for $25.00. Doesn’t include free domains or migrations.

Complete root access is offered. The plans start at $15.00/month  and go up to $60.00/month. No refunds for Bitcoin (or other Cryptocurrency payments) are offered.

  • Snel

Website: https://www.snel.com/bitcoinvps/

  • Starting price: €9.90 /month.
  • Refund-period: None.
  • Free migrations: No.
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: The Netherlands.

Snel will be best suited for those who require absolute control over their resources. All the aspects including the Core, RAM, Space, and bandwidth can be set manually. The bandwidth isn’t unlimited, it starts with 2TB for the cheapest plan, and can be extended up to 20TB.

It offers both managed and unmanaged servers. No free domains or migrations included. 1 Dedicated IP address included with all plans as is natural. Additional IPs can be purchased for €2.00/month.

It only offers one location-choice, viz. a. Viz. The Netherlands. No refunds or trials offered. Root access is offered.

CentOS, Debian, Direct Admin, Plesk and Windows are the available OS options (each with their own pricing). cPanel isn’t free and costs €15.00 extra.

Plans start at €9.90/month, and go up to €259.00/month. No refunds offered.

  • Innova Hosting

Website: https://innovahosting.net/

  • Starting price: $7.59 /month.
  • Refund-period: 30 days.
  • Free migrations: No.
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: Moldova.

Not the most feature-rich mentions on this list of best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services, still a well-deserved inclusion.

The VPS plans are unmanaged, management services cost an extra €20.00/hour of work, not the most practical charges to be honest.

Datacenter choices too aren’t offered, the only available servers are located in Moldova. Free domain and migrations aren’t offered. cPanel isn’t included for free.

The bandwidth isn’t unlimited and varies for each plan. The billing cycle can either be 1 month, 3 months, 6months, 12 months, 24 months or even 36 months.

Ubuntu, Debian and CentOS are offered. Cheapest plan sells for $7.59/month, and goes up to $24.97/month. 30-day money back period exists.

  • Abelohost

Website: https://abelohost.com/offshore-vps/

  • Starting price: €9.99/month.
  • Refund-period: 30 days.
  • Free migrations: Yes.
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: N/A.

If you can put up with their comparatively longer support response-times, Abelohost totally deserves to be considered as one of the best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services.

Two VPS types are offered, a SSD plan and the other is a “Storage” plan. The SSD plan starts at €9.99/month, with the most-expensive plan going for €58.99/month.

Multiple billing-cycles are available and they do come with impressive discounts. 1 free dedicated IP offered, extras cost €6.00 each.

CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu available. cPanel costs an extra €20.00/month. It’s semi-managed by default, as in support is provided via tickets. However, fully managed support costs €53.83 recurring.

Migration help is offered. No free domains included. Refund-period extends up to 30 days. Root access provided.

  • Elder Node

Website: https://eldernode.com/bitcoin-vps/

  • Starting price: $6.66 /month.
  • Refund-period: 7-days.
  • Free migrations: No.
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: 16+.

Elder Node offers unmanaged VPS servers.  It has three primary packages, the Windows, Linux, and Mikrotik servers. The latter two even though are offered separately, cost the same.

The OS-options are Debian, Ubuntu and CentOS. No free domain or migrations are offered. Full root accesses provided.

Without doubt, one of the most location-rich best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services offering as many as 16 options to choose from. These include USA, The Netherlands, UK, France, Germany, Canada, Denmark etc.

Although 7 of these 13 locations cost extra, e.g. Russia costs $9.66, Singapore $7.66, Spain $11.99 and so on.

3 Management add-ons available, they each cost an approximate amount of $40.00/for one time. cPanel too is priced slightly higher and costs $20.00.

The cheapest plans start at $6.66/month, going up to $26.99/month. Unlimited bandwidth on all plans. Refund-period is 7 days, only if the company is at fault.

  • MVPS

Website: https://www.mvps.net/cpanel-vps

  • Starting price: €3.00/month.
  • Refund-period: 3-days.
  • Free migrations: No.
  • Free domain: No.
  • Datacenter: 6

MVPS is a company based in Cyprus, one of the best privacy-friendly locations on the planet. Its plans start at a low €3.00/month, after the 6 other available plans you reach the most expensive plan priced at €99.00/month.

6 locations can be chosen from, the options include Germany, France, UK, Sweden, Greece and The Netherlands. cPanel costs an extra €18.00. 4 billing-tiers with individual discounts available.

The servers are unmanaged, management services aren’t offered. Free automated backups are offered with all plans.  No free domains or migrations are offered.  A short 3-day window is available for refunds.


Website: https://vpsbg.eu

  • Starting price: €15.00/month
  • Refund-period: 30 days.
  • Free migrations: No
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: Sofia, Bulgaria.

VPSBG stands for VPS Bulgaria, and is based in Sofia. It’s one of the more liberal options on this list, and tries to keep the clients afloat in case of DMCA-related, or other complaints.

The plans start at €15.00/month, and go up to a high €720.00/month.  Obviously, quite a few options are available in-between these two ranges.

Ubuntu, Fedora, Debian, CentOS and Windows OS supported. cPanel costs an additional €12.50/month (the second-cheapest on this of the best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services).

1 free Dedicated IP address included, extras are priced at €2.50/month/IP address.  DDoS protection too can be purchased as an add-on for €10.00/month.  A 30-day refund period is offered.

  • Vik Host

Website: https://vikhost.com/bitcoin-vps

  • Starting price: $12.00/month
  • Refund-period: None.
  • Free migrations: No
  • Free domain: No
  • Datacenter: Ukraine.

Maybe not the absolute best Bitcoin VPS hosting company, but sure one of them at the least. Especially if offshore location is one of your priorities. Despite not offering many “choices”, Vik Host offers servers from Ukraine which still seems acceptable.

Debian, Ubunti, CentOS and Windows are the available operating systems. 1 IP address is included for free, additional addresses can be purchased for $3.00.  Pretty-customizable packages which allow manually specifying the RAM, storage and CPU cores.

cPanel costs an extra $20.00. Plans start at $12.00/month, and go up to $45.00/month. No refunds are offered (unless Vik Host is at fault). Bandwidth isn’t unlimited, varies depending on the plans.

No free domains/migrations offered.


Everything in the sections above is purely our own opinions and experiences. Not everything may be universally true.

We’ve also made our best efforts to ensure that the data above is correct. However, due to the nature of the services offered, the pricing, features, response-times etc. may change with time.

We make no claims of the data mentioned above being 100% true. We urge you to do your own research before making any decision regarding any of the companies above. This list of the best Bitcoin VPS hosting Services should be only considered as additional research-material.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the best VPS hosting companies.

  • What are the benefits of Bitcoin VPS hosting?

Bitcoin is decentralized, so no company or organization controls it. It’s also anonymous to quite an extent. So your payments can’t be traced back to your real-life identity.

As a result, your website and its content can’t linked to your as well.

  • How do I know a Bitcoin VPS company is really anonymous?

As long as the company accepts Bitcoin, and doesn’t ask for any personal details (documents, address, phone numbers etc.) whatsoever, it’s anonymous.

Many companies may still ask for data citing logistic and legal reasons. They claim to be “private” and never share the data with third-parties. Stay away from those companies.

  • Will I get my refund in Bitcoin, or in other form of payments?

Unfortunately, most companies will NOT offer refunds on Bitcoin payments. However, some do provide “Hosting credits” which can be used to pay for your services on the same company.

As for the form of payment, in most cases companies only offer refunds via the same method as the mode of payment used during purchase, however, there may be exceptions.

  • Can I use other Cryptocurrencies to purchase Bitcoin VPS hosting servers?

In most cases, yes. Most companies extend their support beyond Bitcoin.

  • What is the best, most anonymous place to get Bitcoins?

If you ran out of Bitcoins, or are only starting with Cryptocurrencies, I’d say go with Paxful, Cex.io. Binance too is comparatively a lot more anonymous than most of its other competitors.

  • What are the differences between managed and unmanaged VPS servers?

Managed servers take care of the server  and your website from their end. These may include automated backups, updates, security scans, hands-on troubleshooting etc.  In most cases, managed servers also offer personalized, on-call support.

Note that the exact services differ for each company. So, what you get with their “managed” plan will be specific for each hosting company.

Unmanaged servers are those which are almost entirely managed by the server admin/owner. You may still contact support via live-chat or tickets, however the support wouldn’t cover “technical” aspects in most cases.

  • Can I switch from Bitcoin to Fiat (traditional) payment modes, or vice-versa later?

You probably should, on your next bill due-date. However, this defeats the purpose of your first Bitcoin payments to begin with.

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