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Have You Ever Questions: Are you throwing up a party with the guests who are known to you but not known to each other? Well, then I would have to say that your party can become a bit boring. You can add some fun in your party through the have you ever questions.

These questions would help in breaking the ice between your guests and would make your party even more happening than it could ever be. These have you ever questions are going to share some facts about each guests like they have done some particular thing or not. This would let everyone know about their likes and dislikes.

Have You Ever Questions (100+ Questions Collections)

Given below is a cool list of different types of have you ever questions. You can ask these questions to your friends, guests, family members, cousins and different people depending upon their type.

Have You Ever Questions

1). Have you ever been into any abusive kind of relationship?

2). Have you ever been to New York (or mention any other city that you want)?

3). Have you ever fractured one of your bones?

4). Have you ever got featured into a magazine or any other media platform?

5). Have you ever tried to pet a wild animal but regretted over it later on?

This is one of the random kinds of have you ever questions to ask someone. They can even tell you the story about it to keep the conversation going.

6). Have you ever got bitten by any animal or even a snake?

7). Have you ever remained awakened for an entire night and did nothing productive out of it?

8). Have you ever broken your neighbor’s window while playing with your friends?

9). Have you ever done any adventurous sports like sky diving, surfing, or bungee jumping?

10). Have you ever talked to someone for more than three hours on the phone, especially when you were the one who called?

It would be really interesting to know that whether they have done it or not through such kind of have you ever questions. If they have done it then I am sure you would be eager to know the name.

11). Have you ever been kidnapped by someone?

12). Have you ever been embarrassed by your parents in public?

13). Have you ever thought that you are totally going to die now but got saved on the last moment?

14). Have you ever suffered a major heart break?

15). Have you ever been called in principal’s office in your school for doing too much nonsense in class?

This is one of the interesting kinds of have you ever questions to ask someone. It would lead you to an interesting conversation about their past memories of school.

16). Have you ever been awarded in school or college?

17). Have you ever done someone’s assignment for money or chocolates?

18). Have you ever saved someone’s life by risking yours?

19). Have you ever fell asleep in a church because it was too boring out there?

20). Have you ever befriend someone just for your own benefits?

21). Have you ever had a major crush on one of your seniors in school or college?

22). Have you ever been cheated on or dumped by someone?

23). Have you ever had or have a friend whose birthday falls on the same date as yours?

24). Have you ever left your money in your clothes and washed it just like that?

25). Have you ever gone for not taking shower for two consecutive weeks?

This is gonna be really dirty if they really have pulled this off. Such kind of have you ever questions are going to reveal a lot about them.

26). Have you ever sung karaoke with someone and ended up so badly?

27). Have you ever gone for camping with your friends?

28). Have you ever laughed so hard that tears came rolling down from your eyes?

29). Have you ever recycled a gift you received from someone by gifting it to someone else?

30). Have you ever set a really embarrassing ringtone?

This is gonna be really hilarious if they have done so. Through such kind of have you ever questions, you are surely going to know that what this ringtone was.

31). Have you ever seen an animal or human giving birth?

32). Have you ever gotten stitched somewhere in your body?

33). Have you ever donated some amount of your money?

34). Have you ever been the reason of someone’s smile?

35). Have you ever stayed for two days without brushing your teeth?

Eww, get ready to listen to some real stuff through such kind of have you ever questions. Well, there are very less chances that they have done this.

36). Have you ever fallen from a moderate height?

37). Have you ever stolen someone’s stuff?

38). Have you ever found a wallet with money in it on the road or somewhere else and you made no effort in returning it?

39). Have you ever manipulated someone to get out from a serious trouble?

40). Have you ever misspelled something and it turned out to be very dirty?

41). Have you ever gone for window shopping and ended up buying a lot of stuff?

42). Have you ever bought a thing that you used never ever?

43). Have you ever broken a very expensive thing?

44). Have you ever been slapped by someone in front of your friends or family?

45). Have you ever thought of becoming a porn star someday?

Get ready to get shocked over the replies on such kind of have you ever questions. This is so gonna make your day.

46). Have you ever witnessed or got trapped in a tornado?

47). Have you ever caught cheating in exams?

48). Have you ever terminated from your job forcefully?

49). Have you ever risk someone’s life for your own benefits?

50). Have you ever even been friend to someone who belongs to LGBT community?

There is nothing wrong with doing so)And you can know about them better through such kind of have you ever questions.

51). Have you ever met someone who always mispronounces your name?

52). Have you ever kicked by someone right on your ass?

53). Have you ever got suffered from some major disease?

54). Have you ever gone for a one night stand?

55). Have you ever got a hickey on your neck?

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Well, asking such kind of have you ever questions can prove to be very interesting. This can lead you to a really personal conversation with them.

56). Have you ever been thrown into a mud pit by someone?

57). Have you ever beaten your sibling so badly in a fight?

58). Have you ever tried to kill yourself because of extreme stress?

59). Have you ever seen a natural calamity like earthquake or tornado?

60). Have you ever fallen badly from the stairs?

61). Have you ever gone for some kind of major surgery or operation?

62). Have you ever bitten your own nails?

63). Have you ever swum into an ocean?

64). Have you ever called someone for sleep over when your parents were not in the town?

65). Have you ever eaten raw meat and ended up puking it?

Through such kind of have you ever questions you can know that how much they can push their limits and that too over something really stupid.

66). Have you ever duck tapped your younger sibling on the wall?

67). Have you ever been asked to do sit ups as a punishment in your school?

68). Have you ever pretended to be drunk when you were actually not?

69). Have you ever tried to kill someone all in your mind and imagination?

70). Have you ever pretended to speak in a language which does not even exist to fool someone?

Answers on such kind of have you ever questions are going to be really hilarious and terrible ones that you will die laughing.

71). Have you ever sent a love letter to someone?

72). Have you ever faked that you are extremely sick so that you can take a leave from office?

73). Have you ever seen the same movie with two different people/dates?

74). Have you ever tried to eat 5 sandwiches at the same time?

75). Have you ever come out naked from your bathroom and someone saw you accidently?

Umm, Get ready to listen to some really shocking replies over such kind of have you ever questions. This is totally going to blow your mind off.

76). Have you ever treated someone so rudely that they ended up crying out badly?

77). Have you ever eaten a whole cake out of anger?

78). Have you ever hurt yourself by being impulsive over something?

79). Have you ever felt that you are possessed?

80). Have you ever caught by police for doing something illegal?

81). Have you ever been recorded by someone while singing in the shower?

82). Have you ever locked yourself out of the car or home?

83). Have you ever clicked someone’s picture without their consent?

84). Have you ever ridden some animal like cow or elephant?

85). Have you ever made fun of yourself in front of a lot of people to win a bet?

Such kind of have you ever questions are going to let you know that what hilarious things they can do to win a bet

86). Have you ever run out of money in the middle of the month?

87). Have you ever been assaulted by someone in childhood?

88). Have you ever petted a dog or a cat?

89). Have you ever seen someone changing their clothes?

90). Have you ever made out whilek watching a movie in a theatre?

Get ready to dig into their private life through such kind of have you ever questions. If they are not willing to answer these questions then you must not force them.

91). Have you ever dated two different people on the same day?

92). Have you ever caught by the traffic police for breaking over the speed limit?

93). Have you ever painted your room pink and black?

94). Have you ever talked to yourself while watching in the mirror?

95). Have you ever taken someone’s stuff and never returned it back?

96). Have you ever gotten a jet leg?

97). Have you ever succeeded in sneaking out of your house in the middle of the night?

You can talk to them about why they did so. Such kind of have you ever questions are always open ended ones.

98). Have you ever met a dwarf?

99). Have you ever tried to attempt a world record but ended up getting failed in it?

100). Have you ever tried to run away from your house to never come back again ever?

101). Have you ever suffered from a heart attack?

102). Have you ever lost someone who was very dear and close to you?

103). Have you ever seen a dream which turn out to be true later on?

104). Have you ever gone shopping and ended up buying nothing?

105). Have you ever cheated on someone for someone else?

106). Have you ever been into one sided love?

107). Have you ever seen someone dying in front of your eyes and you could do nothing to save them?

108). Have you ever kissed a celebrity’s picture?

109). Have you ever dreamt about your crush?

110). Have you ever made a snow angel?

Want more questions? Well, I don’t have a very big collection for you.


I have included all types of have you ever questions like funny, crazy, and dirty and some really interesting ones too. I hope you would surely like all these questions in order to know the people around you. It will not only add some fun quotient into the party but would also break the ice between all the people.

You can also ask these questions to your new friends or someone special in order to know them better as a person. These have you ever questions are surely going to release the stress from the environment and entertain all of you with the hilarious replies over it.

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