Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl


Today I’m here with some really dirty questions to ask a girl. These are perfect if you want to seduce her or make her feel horny. Having a talk by these sexual questions to ask a girl you can make the moment sexy and make her feel want you.

Through my list of sexy questions to ask a girl, things would go really easy and you don’t have to put much effort to turn on your girlfriend. At the end, she would really want you to touch her and even you can get into the bed with her.

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl and Things to Care

Dirty Questions to Ask a Girl

While you ask these questions to your girlfriend or your potential girlfriend, you have to take care of some things so things won’t go any weird. In the moment of these dirty questions to ask a girl, you have to feel her comfortable because she is not going to believe you quickly and if you won’t care things can end up negatively.

If you are planning to have these dirty questions to ask a girl while texting than these dirty questions also fit for that and it will also be  safe way to ask these questions from a distance so you won’t end up with a slap on your face, so let’s start the series of dirty questions to ask a girl.

1). How do you feel when you are about to orgasm?

2). How good am I with you in bed?

3). Have you ever experienced a mind-blowing orgasm?

4). Do you know a good thing about you when you’re in bed?

5). Have you ever hesitated during sex and how much?

6). What type of protection do you use while having it?

7). Have you ever used any female condoms?

8). Which brand do you prefer more when it comes to protection?

9). How do you want to end up on the bed?

10). How much do you scream or you moan?

11). When did you first masturbate?

12). What was your age when you first had sex?

13). Have you ever had sex with the same gender?

14). Can you turn on only through breaths?

15). What’s your favorite way to turn on with your partner?

16). How do you feel about using sex toys? How many have you used?

17). Which type of foreplay do you mostly prefer?

18). Have you ever used any household item as a sex toy?

19). What’s your favorite kind of foreplay?

20). What’s your type, a dominant or submissive?

21). How much you are inspired by the movie “Mr. Grey”? Do you like that hard sex?

22). What’s the nastiest and weird thing you’ve ever faced while having sex? Know her weird moments while having sex by these questions to ask a girl dirty.

23). Do you love saying dirty things while having sex?

24). How would you feel if I pull your hair during the climax?

25). Would you mind sending me your naked pics?

26). How many times can you have sex in one night?

27). Do you like touching your man in the public place? Have you ever done it?

28). How many days can you survive without having sex with me?

29). Do you have any idea how many sex positions are there?

30). How many sex positions have you tried? What is your favorite one?

31). Which position do you prefer for having a really amazing orgasm? So you know her favorite position for having a strong orgasm by these dirty questions to ask a girl.

32). What is the best way in which you can get your man’s clothes off?

33). How can I pull down your clothes in the most enjoying way?

34). Have you ever had a bathroom sex when you were all wet?

35). Is there any way or technique to cum ASAP?

36). How do you feel about getting naked in the lights?

37). Which part is your favorite in my body?

38). Can you tell me your dirtiest dream you have ever had?

39). Have you done your erotic fantasy? Can you explain it to me?

40). If you have only 1 day to live, which type of sex would you want on that day? So you would know her strong desire for sex through these dirty questions to ask a girl.

41). Is there any celebrity or any other person who you wish to be fucked by? What’re you thinking right now?

42). Have you ever got compliments on your breast size?

43). What’s the sexiest compliment you’ve ever gotten?

44). How much do you like if anyone goes down on you?

45). How much do you really enjoy it to be licked by your man?

46). Which kind of sex do you prefer, a hard one or a soft and gentle? Let her tell you the favorite type of sex just by having these dirty questions to ask a girl.

47). Have you ever gone down on anyone and for how much time?

48). What is your favorite thing when it’s about going down on a man?

49). Do you like its taste?

50). Have you ever swallowed it or you prefer spitting out?

51). What’s your favorite penis size that you consider as an ideal size?

52). How do you want your sex life to be?

53). If you see any man having abs and six packs, would it turn you on?

54). Can you tell me your hottest sexual moment?

55). In sexual life, what is your biggest fear?

56). Have you ever imagined anyone else over your partner while having sex?

57). Do you ever want to go with two people in one night separately?

58). Have you ever faked an orgasm and with who?

59). With how many people have you had great sex that you never forget? So you get to know all those persons and the reason behind by these dirty questions to ask a girl.

60). What is that one thing that you like the most just before intercourse?

61). Do you act as the main person or you like to be controlled?

62). Can you any public place where you have had sex?

63). Do you get turned on while watching porn?

64). How much would you rank me when I’m with you in bed?

65). Can I get off your clothes just by kissing you and touching you?

66). How much louder do you consider yourself in bed?

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67). How do you like it to have from the front or from the back?

68). What is your most sensual place?

69). How would you feel if I touch your lips and your neck only with breathing?

70). Can you get turned on just by whispering?

71). Do you prefer wearing makeup before doing it?

72). Who is your favorite bed celebrity?

73). If you saw me with any woman doing it, what would you do?

74). What’s your best thing that I do to you?

75). What’s about me and two girls at the same time?

76). Do you like me to be on top of you?

77). What do you prefer, a day sex or night sex?

78). Have you ever regretted sleeping with anyone? So you know if she ever slept with any random guy by these dirty questions to ask a girl.

79). What do you think about having anal?

80). When you watch porn, what is your favorite kind of sex?

81). Do you prefer a man with all shaved or it’s ok to have hair?

82). Have you ever dreamed me having sex with you?

83). What’s the dirtiest thing that you’ve said to anyone in bed?

84). What do you think which is my favorite part in our body?

85). Have you ever got caught while dong masturbation?

86). When you masturbate how long it takes to satisfy you? Know her choices for masturbation and how does she do it by dirty questions to ask a girl.

87). If you have to pick up only one kind of sex for the rest of our life, what would you choose from oral, anal, or regular?

88). Which is your sexiest body part according to you?

89). What do you think which thing guys notice first in you?

90). Have you ever visited a nude exhibition?

91). Have you ever gone to nude beaches?

92). Have you ever used a dildo?

93). What’s the most sexual type of movie that you have ever watched and then fantasized?

94). Is there any book or ah literature that turns you on?

95). How sexy do you find handcuffs? Have you ever tried them?

96). Have you ever enjoyed sex with your legs tied? These dirty questions to ask a girl will reveal about the positions that she has tried and wants to try.

97). What would you do if I kiss you?

98). When you see me which thing makes you wet?

99). Have you ever imagined me sleeping with you?

100). What is your sleeping dress, bikini or nothing?

101). How can you turn a guy on, is there any specific move you use?

102). What is that place if a guy touches you could make you horny? Through these dirty questions to ask a girl, you would know her most sensual places so you can try touching them and get her horny at a great level.

103). Do you want to go to a strip club with me?

104). Have you ever imagined your nude painting?

105). Are you wearing a bra right now, what is the color?

106). What type of panty do you prefer wearing?

107). How do you want me to see in boxers or tight briefs?

108). If I’m nude in front of you, what would you see first?

109). How great am I in being romantic?

110). How much do you rate me in kissing?

111). Do you consider yourself a perfect kisser? Well, prove it.

112). In which way and how much do you like to be teased in bed?

113). How would you like to see me in your bedroom, in clothes or naked?

114). If we are really drunk and both on a bed, what would you do to me? So you know her dirty fantasy about you by these dirty questions to ask a girl.

115). What attracts you for having sex?

116). What’s that one thing that you want from me to do to you froth rest of your life while having sex?

117). Who is your favorite porn star?

118). What is your favorite sex style, Doggy or cowgirl?

119). Do you still imagine your ex for having sex with him? What would you do if he is in front of you standing naked, would you cheat your relationship?

120). Which is the sexiest clothing in your wardrobe?

121). How do you like it to start, with cuddling or with a dirty and flirty conversation? Havre these dirty questions to ask a girl or your girlfriend and next time try having out by her choice and know how much she enjoys it with you.

122). Have you accidentally watched someone doing sex? Did you continue watching it?

123). Has any man touched you on a privately in any crowded place like a club or other? Can I touch you in that way?

124). If you’re so horny at any time, would you have sex with me?

125). How would you feel if I give you a body massage?

126). I want to kiss your lips right now, would you allow me?

127). How do you feel like getting an oral sex or you like giving an oral one?

128). If you don’t have any boyfriend, would you make out with me?

129). How would you feel if I whisper something in your ear? Know how much she likes to be whispered and does it turn her on by dirty questions to ask a girl.

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Just use my list of sexual questions to ask a girl and you will really find her personal choices that what she likes in bed. You will definitely get her wet and if you are lucky enough you can also get a chance to share her bed all night.

I really hope these dirty questions to ask a girl will warm her up and she will really want you next to her. So all the best and have a great night with your girl by sexy questions to ask a girl.

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