Why do foreign investors prefer real estate in Barcelona? 


Barcelona impresses foreigners with its outstanding style and architecture of buildings. Walking around the city, you may have the feeling of attending a museum or a gallery. Some of the buildings constructed in Barcelona have a cultural and historical value and are a UNESCO heritage site, and the real estate market offers a wide range of proposals. Here you can buy and sell small apartments and luxury apartments, cozy houses on the coast and luxury townhouses, as well as a variety of commercial real estate. Foreign investors prefer to buy villa in Barcelona because of the atmosphere of style, coziness, and comfort. 

Real estate for sale in Barcelona 

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city that features a combination of beauty and rationality in terms of real estate developments. In Barcelona, every piece of land is used very rationally, so despite the high population density, people feel comfortable and cozy here.

Real estate is located quite compactly: residential areas are successfully combined with commercial ones, and almost every house has stores, cafes or offices in addition to apartments. This feature makes each district of the city self-sufficient.

Purchase of property in Spain may be viewed in several perspectives:

  • place for staying during vacations;
  • way of saving and increasing funds; 
  • investment in obtaining a residence permit.

Reasons to invest in Barcelona in Spain

The number of reasons to invest in real estate in Barcelona is impressive. Foreign buyers are forced by economic, social, and some individual factors when deciding on the purchase. In this article, we have highlighted 10 reasons why Barcelona is a top destination for foreign capital. 

  • Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities not only in Spain but also in the world. 

Gothic architecture monuments (XIV – XV centuries), Gaudi’s fabulous creations such as Sagrada Familia cathedral, Baló and Milla houses, numerous parks and museums and other attractions create a unique atmosphere for a colorful vacation.

  • Barcelona is a major business center of Spain. 

In the megalopolis open offices of well-known companies, many large stores and shopping centers. The Catalan capital offers limitless business opportunities.

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  • Barcelona is a city on the Mediterranean Sea.

It is surrounded by 7 beaches, most of them awarded with the “Blue Flag”, evidence of cleanliness and environmental purity.

  • Low crime rate. 

According to the Index of Better Living, Barcelona is considered a safe city to live in Spain. In the Catalan capital none of the districts is considered crime prone.

  • Developed infrastructure and transport. 

In Catalonia, with an excellent condition of the roads, well-developed transport infrastructure, well-thought-out routes, there is practically no traffic congestion.

  • Barcelona is a tourist leader in Spain. 

Spanish coast has been always appreciated by foreign tourist and businessmen. This is a powerful argument for owners of rental properties, hotel and restaurant businesses.

  • Sustained growth in housing prices and high rental rates.

 At the height of the crisis, house prices in Barcelona fell at a lower rate than the Spanish average, and since 2014 have been steadily rising. Rental rates for residential and commercial premises in Barcelona are among the highest in the country and are not much inferior to the rates in Madrid.

  • Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city. 

The city welcomes residents of different countries and provides equally beneficial conditions in all spheres of life. 

  • Affordable mortgage. 

In Spain, a well-developed mortgage allows foreigners to easily get a bank loan. The cost of mortgage lending in Spain is much lower than the average for Europe and the CIS.

  • The educational center of Europe. 

The International University of Catalonia, the American School of Barcelona, and the British School are just some of the prestigious educational institutions of Catalonia, the diplomas of which are recognized far beyond Spain.

The outcomes 

Barcelona is a tourist city that is in high demand by travelers, so it is always possible to rent a place or stay in your apartment by yourself. Looking for a spacious housing unit, visit the official website Spain-Real.Estate. The catalog of thousands of apartments and villas in the Catalan capital is waiting for the examination. Identify your needs and possibilities, choose the necessary characteristics, and compare the prices. Best accommodation from renowned developers is represented in the list.

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