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How many times have you tried to engross in a serious and intense conversation with the guy you are in love with? Well, actually if we count then the answer would be a straight zero. Relationships have become so hollow that people usually forget the discussion part and keeps on going with the flow. But being a girl, you should always make yourself clear and listen to his opinions too through questions to ask your boyfriend.

It’s time to take a twist into your relationship and put the serious and intense side foremost. I am not saying to go total sober and dull, you can also add some wit and humor by the funny questions to ask your boyfriend. It is always important to have “the talk” in the right phase and right time of your relationship with him.

If you thought that only goofing around was enough then ladies wake up and have a mature talk with him. These questions would only help you to know him better as a human being. Of course you would surely want to know that what he is like when is not with you?

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

These questions to ask your boyfriend would tell you all about him. And that is the reason that I have mentioned different categories for these questions. These are deep, funny, dirty, romantic and even serious ones. I hope you two would have a meaningful and interesting conversation in order to know each other more and more through these questions. You never know what you get to know about him.

Deep Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Wanting to know your guy more as a person than he is as your boyfriend? Well, this is the time that you use these deep questions to ask your boyfriend. They are sensible and mature kind of questions and his answers on it would clear every doubt about him to you.

1). Which is that time of your life that you wish you could bring back again?

2). Which is that one memory of your past you wish never happen to you again?

3). Which name do you wish to keep for yourself if you could change your existing one?

4). Which is that historical moment you want to be a part of?

5). Which is the most embarrassing photograph from your childhood that you do not want anyone to see?

6). What inspires you to earn more?

7). If you could bring one thing from heaven then what it would be?

8). Which song motivates you to keep going in your life?

9). What do you think is the most exciting job to do in the whole world and why?

It is no harm to ask him that what kind of jobs he like to do and why so. These questions to ask your boyfriend would tell you everything about it.

10). If you could implement a law then what it would be and where would you apply it?

11). What was the worst one liner you ever tried on girls?

12). Have you ever managed to make headlines in the newspaper for something good?

13). What is supernatural for you? Have you ever experienced anything like supernatural?

14). How would you define the word eternity?

15). How would you judge between right and wrong?

16). Do you think that aliens exist? What made you thought so?

17). If someone saves your life then how would you ever be able to owe him this?

18). Whom would you save if you could save only one member from your family from dying?

19). Would you like to get yourself involved in the cut throat competition that everyone brags about?

20). What kind of environment gives a child perfect growth and development?

This is one of the deepest questions to ask your boyfriend. It shows how he grew up and what values he would like to deliver to his children.

Looking for more deep questions? Well, I will not disappoint you. Here we go 100+ Deep Questions to Ask a Guy.

Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Cuteness is like the synonym of love. Guys always like cute girls and when you will try to talk to him about something really loving then he will love it too. Keeping that in mind we have compiled a list of 20 something cute questions to ask your boyfriend which are like the heavy dose of love for him.

1). What is the highest degree of getting romantic for you?

2). What would you have been doing if we were alone and a bit of drunk too?

3). Where would you see this relationship going if I am moving to some other country?

4). If you are getting married then what are the prime qualities you want in the girl?

5). What makes you look differently at me than every other girl?

6). Where would you like to take me if I close my eyes and hold your hand to walk?

7). Which nickname would you like to give me out of love?

8). If you believe in destiny then which is that impossible thing that you want to happen with you and me?

This is surely one of the cutest questions to ask your boyfriend. Every girl loves to listen to the things running in her guys mind about her.

9). What comes first for you while hanging around for a company, me or your friends?

10). How many relationships you have been into before you got together with me?

11). Who are those five most important people in your life you cannot make it a day without?

12). Have you ever been into a one night stand? If yes then what led you to do so?

13). How would you explain your love to someon without even saying a word?

14). What is the most romantic thing that you ever thought you would do to me?

15). In which age you lost your virginity?

16). What do you think is the best idea to make love to someone and why?

17). What was the last time when you were in a committed relationship?

18). What it feels like to you to chat with me late in the night?

19). Which movie do you want to become your real life love story?

Fantasy working on its best. These cute questions to ask your boyfriend is surely living up in the fantasy world that you never want to escape.

20). What is the most essential thing to have in your love life?

Want some more? Well, I shared recently 100 Cute Questions.

Fun Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

I hope you do not want him to get bored with all your serious question answer round. So, it is the time that you change the topics to something fun and happening topics. You can use the questions to ask your boyfriend which are given below to have a light hearted conversation with him.

1). How much you like kids and how much they like you?

2). Which is your favorite animation movie of all time and why? Which character do you like the most in it?

3). Have you ever got fooled by a kid?

4). Which was that movie you really got inspired from and wanted to apply it in real life?

5). What do you often do while taking a shower?

6). Have you ever seen someone laughing so hard that their fake teeth came out of their mouth?

7). What was the grossest thing you have ever did or seen someone doing?

Well, you can listen to some amazing replies on such questions to ask your boyfriend. This can lead you to have some crazy conversation with him.

8). How afraid do you feel from injections?

9). What is the worst dream that you have seen till date?

10). Which is the best place for a late night long drive?

11). How did you get escaped from the situation of farting loudly in a silent room?

12). What do you do to keep yourself energetic and lively all the time?

13). What was the craziest fantasy you had as a kid?

14). If I am leaving you today then how would you take the revenge from me or just let the things be?

15). How strongly do you believe that angels and devils exist?

16). Have you ever bluffed someone?

You must have done it too. But listening to his side of the story would be even more interesting. Questions to ask your boyfriend give you this opportunity comes handy to you.

17). What do you like the most about Game of Thrones?

18). Have you ever caught abusing in front of your parents?

Want more funny Questions? Check out this funny questions to ask a guy collection.

Dirty Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Every guy like their girl to get dirty at some point of time. It is always sexy when a girl initiates a dirty conversation. Well, to keep these things going you can use the dirty questions to ask your boyfriend. It would tell you about his sexual desires and you guys can also try them out sometime.

1). Do you believe in live in relationship and have you been into any?

2). Who is the most important person in your life?

3). What do you notice the most in a girl while looking at her for the first time?

4). Have you ever seen someone naked intentionally?

5). What is your wildest fantasy ever?

6). How did you manage to hide a sexual arousal in public place?

7). What is your biggest weakness sexually and why?

Listen to the answer on such questions to ask your boyfriend carefully because it is going to work all in your favor.

8). Did a guy ever had a crush on you?

9). Did you ever drunk called someone and said all the nasty things you think about them?

10). Do you find it normal to have sex before marriage?

11). What is your favorite part of a female body and why?

12). Which was the worst porn movie that you have ever seen alone?

13). Have you ever been caught sleeping naked by a girl?

14). What is the one thing that you want to change about your sex life?

15). Have you ever had crush on your teacher in school?

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16). Have you ever masturbated in dreams?

This can be a bit of embarrassing to answer but if you guys are comfortable with each other then, you can surely go for such kind of questions to ask your boyfriend.

17). With whom you had your first kiss?

18). What was your fantasy about sex as a teen?

19). What kind of outfit you like girls to wear?

20). Have you ever been aroused while taking a full body massage from a girl?

Looking for some more dirty questions? Here is a giant list of dirty questions.

Good Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

These are some of the random kind of questions that you can ask to your boyfriend. Having sex is not the only way of spending some time together of I say ‘quality time’. Asking each other about hobbies and passion is something which is necessary too. These questions to ask your boyfriend is just the perfect excuse to know about the things that you have not discovered about him yet.

1). What do you think about the matter of someone’s appearance?

2). Have you ever imagined your wedding day just to pass the time?

3). What kind of adventure sports you like to do on weekends?

4). Which is your dream job which will always remain a dream for you?

5). How much the cast and community matters for you while getting married?

6). If you have to relocate to some place of your choice in the entire world then which one would you go for?

This is an indirect way of asking about his dream location. Maybe answer to these questions to ask your boyfriend can land you to plan next big surprise for him.

7). What kind of award you wish you could win someday and why?

8). What is the most hilarious joke you keep on telling other people?

9). If you had to eat only a single thing for entire life then which one it would be?

10). Do you like being single or taken?

11). What is the limit of craziness for you?

12). What wrong you did in your past for which you do not feel bad at all?

13). Have you ever been the reason for someone else’s suspension in the office?

14). What are your hidden hobbies that you does not like to mention?

15). Do you have any mysterious future plan that you do not want to reveal to anyone?

16). What do you like to do in vacations and holidays?

17). Have you ever thought about marrying your best friend?

Well, it can be kind of interesting to listen. Such questions to ask your boyfriend is like a complete hilarious package.

18). Are you satisfied with a life where you do not fall in love with anyone?

19). Which is that personal space that you want from even your parents or friends?

20). Can you share your room with an unknown person?

Serious Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

It is always important to know that where the relationship between you two is heading. Every relationship has a point where you guys need to talk about what is going on. These serious questions to ask your boyfriend is the right way to get that important conversation done on time.

1). What did you thought about the future of us together when we met for the first time?

2). What would you like to say me if the world is getting end today?

3). Do you think you know the person well that you love the most?

4). What was the last time when marriage was on the cards for you?

5). Can you pursue something which requires a lot of patience to learn?

6). Will you find something hidden in your home if you do not need it?

7). If I die today then how would your life change?

8). How do you think that best friends can end up becoming the perfect couple?

9). Who do you think get feelings first for another in the friendship of a guy and girl?

It may have happened to him before and through such questions to ask your boyfriend you can get to know about it well.

10). If one of your female best friends get committed to someone then would you feel jealous?

11). What is that thing you cannot bear in your room ever?

12). Do you feel like having some privacy from even your parents?

13). If nothing goes right in your marriage then would you head for divorce?

14). Just because you are going to have a love marriage, would you allow your kids to do the same?

15). What is the advice you would give your kids to lead their life?

16). Do you think it is okay to cheat during examinations?

17). Having an extra marital affair is a sin or is it just out of love for someone?

18). Can you justify that killing someone for your own safety is right?

19). How much the beauty of a person matters for you to love them?

20). What are your views about female lead relationships?

This is surely one of the most serious questions to ask your boyfriend. It is important to know that what he thinks about such issues.

Romantic Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

Which boyfriend does not like her girl to become a bit of romantic and ask him such questions which are enough to set his mood right? These romantic questions to ask your boyfriend would not only fill the ambience with love but would give you guys, an opportunity to talk endlessly.

1). Have you ever pretended to be happy in a fake relationship?

2). Do you think it obvious that your happiness depends upon the happiness of your partner?

3). Is any of your friend is homosexual and do you feel comfortable around them?

4). What do you think is better, love marriage or arranged marriage and why?

5). Can you tell me the exact moment when you thought you have fallen for me?

6). How far you can go to save your marriage which is on a verge of divorce?

This is surely romantic enough to listen when your partner is describing what he can do to save the love in his marriage. Such questions to ask your boyfriend are really romantic ones.

7). Do you believe that love can make you more responsible?

8). What are your views about the involvement of BDSM in sex?

9). Will you be comfortable with it that your wife makes more money than you?

10). Can you buy love with money?

11). Can you sustain in a relationship where there is no physical intimacy?

12). Tell me one thing about the girl who left you in mid-way?

13). What was the longest when you stalked someone on any kind of social media platform?

14). Can you explain our relationship withouth the involvement of social media in it?

15). Is it right to hit on a girl who is already taken?

16). Have you ever made a girl broke up with some guy so that you can date her?

Such questions to ask your boyfriend are the open ended ones. You guys can have some discussion on it and through it you guys can share your views about it.

Interesting Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend

It is time to engage your love into some interesting conversation with the help of the question to ask your boyfriend given below. These are the open ended types of questions which means you get to talk to him like never before. You can express your heart out through such questions.

1). What is the craziest profession that you have ever seen or heard of?

2). Who is your favorite superhero and favorite superpower?

3). What would you do if you had an X-ray vision?

4). Who is the most beautiful Disney princess according to you and why?

5). If travelling were free then how it would affect your life?

6). Whose celebrity’s life would you like to live for a day?

7). Do you find it annoying when someone uses your stuff?

8). What would you do if you go broke suddenly?

9). Have you ever thought of killing or even hurting yourself?

10). Which is the regular thing that annoys you the most?

It would be interesting to listen to the replies on such questions to ask your boyfriend. Each one have some kind of craziness within and you would love to listen to it.

11). Which is the most erotic movie you like to watch and implement in real life a lot?

12). If you find a talking frog then what would you do?

13). Which is the worst book you have ever read and how would you describe it?

14). What are the extreme things that you can do for money?

15). If your mom needs a heart transplant and only your matches then would you donate it for her?

16). Which is one that show you only like to watch alone?

17). Do you find pets friendlier and cuter than humans?

18). If you have to spend your entire life with a pet animal then which one it would be?

19). If you have to kill someone in return of million dollar then would you do it?

Ready to listen the most hilarious replies even on such questions to ask your boyfriend. You are so gonna blow off by it but along with it, it would surely tell you more about your guy.

20). What would you choose between your girl and regular workout and why?

Need some more interesting questions to ask your boyfriend? Here we have great collection of interesting questions to ask a guy.

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Don’t go too harsh on him, I hope you do not want to make him feel uncomfortable at all. These questions to ask your boyfriend also depends upon certain things like duration of your relationship with him, the seriousness of your relationship and how comfortable you guys are with each other. Everything has its time and relationships too also has their time to have some discussion. This is the reason that popping up such questions are really necessary in a relation.

Well, as far as being comfortable is concerned, these questions to ask your boyfriend would only increase your closeness to him. It will only work in positive way until you do not force him too much on it. So, I wish you a great time with your boyfriend while asking these questions.

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