Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend


Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend: Are you in search of those magical words which can revive your relationship and help it to reach a whole new level? Now you do not have to worry at all because I have come to your rescue through these cute things to say to your boyfriend.

These are just the simple words that require great emotions and that love because it can create a huge difference. The idea of saying them is simple. You can text him these things, Say it in the morning, Say it on the phone or in person too. This sudden change in your behavior is surely going to be loved by your guy. Such cute things to say to your boyfriend can actually do wonders in your relationship.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend (100+ Questions)

Here is a complete list of the cute things to say to your boyfriend. These are written in simple language with not so fancy words to keep the communication simple but effective. It is the time to show your love to your guy but in a completely different way.

Cute Things to Say to Your Boyfriend

1). I only want you to be with me two times in my life. Once is today and second are forever.

2). No measure of time will be long enough to be with you, but I want to start with forever.

3). If you are reading this text right now, then you must know the fact that how much I am missing you. I want you to know that like always you are still on my mind.

4). When we first started talking, I was nervous to tell you about my feelings. There is this certain nervousness always taking over me. And now this is all about the fear and nervousness of losing you, and I cannot let that happen.

5). You know what matters the most in my life? You know who is that someone who means the world to me? If you want to know, then read the first word of this text, and you will know about him.

It is one of the most affectionate cute things to say to your boyfriend.

6). People say nothing lasts forever. If that is the way to be with you for eternity then I want to be the nothing in your life.

7). I do not smoke weed because what I got is more than cocaine. You are like a drug to me, like my own personal brand of heroine. And now I do not want to get over this drug ever.

8). I wish there could be a day when I do not have to wish you good morning through texts. I wish there can be a day when I will be lying right next to you and when you will turn around towards me I will wish good morning in person.

9). the most incredible thing for me is to see you smiling. But you know what matters more than that for me? This is the smile on your face whose reason is me.

10). There is this feeling I cannot show you ever if I try fully. I don’t think I can show you the fullest of my love ever.
This is one of the most heartwarming kinds of cute things to say to your boyfriend.

11). Just wanted to let you know that there is this girl somewhere who is dreaming about you all the time, even with the eyes open.

12). I am wondering that how awesome our life is going to be together if it is so perfect even right now.

13). Each night I crave for your touch and your presence. This is not something physical, but I always want to fall asleep cuddling with you.

14). I don’t know with who I am in love with more? Is it you or is it your body temperature?

15). You know what is more comfortable than wrapping a blanket around me? These are your hands wrapped around my body.

It can be more of a dirty kind of cute things to say to your boyfriend.

16). I don’t know what I would have been doing without you? You are the one who makes me laugh till my stomach hurts even when I am at my saddest mood.

17). Do you know who the luckiest woman in the world is? Of course, it is me because I am the one texting you right now.

18). There is no way I can stop myself explaining why I love you. If I would start doing this from today, then it would not end up even forever.

19). I wish every girl gets a guy like you in their life. But I wish I am the only one who gets you because you are only mine.

20). If I am a princess to my daddy, then you make me feel like a queen in your kingdom.

This is one of the best cute things to say to your boyfriend than anything else.

21). You know why everyone is irritated with me in these days? It is because I have made everyone go crazy by constantly talking about you.

22). Many people can touch the body of a girl. But the way you touched my soul is simply unconventional.

23). I am so addicted to your smell that each time you go somewhere else; I want to sleep with your shirt.

24). I wish I could capture you in a cage because you are so good that any girl can easily get attracted to you without making any efforts.

25). You know why every girl is jealous of me these days? It is because I have got something they can never get, and it is you.

This is those cute things to say to your boyfriend which shows him your love.

26). You have spoilt me this much with all your love and care that now it is impossible for me to imagine my whole life without you.

27). I just want to say you big thanks for always being there for me. No matter what happens to me, big or small. You are always there to stand by me in every situation.

28). I got so much spoilt by you for always being there that now I need you for every single thing in my life no matter what it is.

29). If I get the opportunity of being born again as a human, then too I just want to become only your girl because that is what makes a life worth.

30). The best part about the guy reading this text is that not only he dreams big, but he has the caliber to make all those dreams come true too.

Such cute things to say to your boyfriend will not only make him feel loved but adored too.

31). Instead of watching the news channels or reading a magazine I would love to have chitchat with you. There is no other one having this much knowledge with a hot personality.

32). If I had to choose that what is my favorite pass time? Then I would love to tell all that it is and it will always be watching you work out. You do not know, but when you sweat, you turn on a lot of girls.

33). Sometimes I just stare at you without your acknowledgment thinking that how can someone be so good in each and everything.

34). There is only one thing I can leave the Netflix and pizza for and that is you because who needs virtual fun when you can have a real one.

35). There is only one request I want to make to you. Please stop using your sense of humor anymore because you are making every girl fall for you and you do not even know that.

Such cute things to say to your boyfriend will indirectly praise him.

36). I am ready to replace all the pillows I have now. None of them are good enough to give me a hug the way you do.

37). I have never seen a guy who is this much superb taste in dressing, food, gifts and especially girls.

38). You know what makes you different from the rest of the males. It is your quality of being a man although you could be a guy yet.

39). When I am alone, the time refuses to pass even a second. But when I am with you, time flies like it has become a jet. People say it right that time passes quickly when you are enjoying it.

40). Only you are responsible for making me so possessive for you. Why are you so good that I always feel insecure and terrified to lose you someday?

Such cute things to say to your boyfriend will let him know that what he means to you.

41). If I could travel on the journey of your love, then I wish it would never end because I do not want to bid goodbye to something so beautiful.

42). You have totally blocked my mind. There is not even a single thing that I can think about except you.

43). Do you know why they say that you cannot sleep while in love? Finally the reality is so amazing.

44). Do you have any criminal case registered on your name? I think there would have been many because you must have stolen many girls’ heart.

45). I would totally recommend you not to eat any more chocolates or other sweet things. You are already this much sweet that I do not want you to become diabetic.

This is one of the best cute things to say to your boyfriend.

46). You should be totally banned from the mankind. Dude, you are intoxicating me with all your love.

47). I think they should cancel your driving license because literally, you are driving me crazy.

48). I think you should start issuing a map of your eyes to each and everyone. Because I think, I have lost in your eyes.

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49). I think you should carry an ice bag with your. You are this much hot that your hotness is burning every other guy.

50). You should totally pay all my bills of my doctor. Because of you, I am getting this ache in my cheeks for blushing all the time.

This is one of the wittiest as well as cute things to say to your boyfriend.

51). I am getting a serious medical condition, and they say it can only be cured by you. My doctor said that I am deprived of some Vitamin U.

52). I don’t need any falling star now because I have got you.

53). I do not have to think twice while talking to you.

54). I have never been as sure in my life about anything as I am about you.

55). I did not believe in love at first sight until I saw you.

This is one of the most common yet effective cute things to say to your boyfriend.

56). I have never been pampered the way you do.

57). If life is ready to take everything from me, then I will give it all for the fact that it gives me you.

58). I have never seen the eyes as magical as yours.

59). You got a heart more beautiful than your face.

60). You are like chocolate ice cream to me. I cannot stop craving for you.

Such cute things to say to your boyfriend will always remain the sweetest talks ever.

61). If I ever had to choose between you and something else, then it will always be you for me.

62). Each month’s each day and each day’s each moment of mine is spent thinking about you.

63). They say diamonds are the most precious thing; I think they have not met you yet.

64). More than I love you, I think I adore you.

65). I don’t know why I have started liking your arms more than my blanket.

This is also one of the very cute things to say to your boyfriend to tell him exactly how you feel around him.

66). There is no other thing better than cuddling with you for hours.

67). I wish I could see your face all the time even when I am dreaming.

68). I think I am getting obsessed with the way you smell.

69). If I had two hearts, then I am sure you would have stolen the second one too.

70). My life is nothing but a bunch of mess and a box full of your love.

Such cute things to say to your boyfriend are enough to show him that what your life is like without him.

71). I wish I could install CCTV cameras in your room to watch you for 24 hours.

72). If I am getting lost somewhere then I wish there is only you with me.

73). I wish all those dreams that I have seen about you come true very soon.

74). I think love is nothing but your surname.

75). You are that spice in my life which is making everything tastier and exciting than before.

These are the kind of cute things to say to your boyfriend to know him how he is affecting your life and that too in a good way.

76). I am still confused over the fact that why I am still nervous in front of you.

77). The way that you look at me, it takes my heart away.

78). You are more than a superhero for me because you taught me how to live when I was a dumb shit.

79). Nothing matters to me the way you do.

80). If I was a guy then I am very sure then I would have become a gay because of falling in love with you.

This is one of the funniest as well as cute things to say to your boyfriend.

81). I have never seen the depth in any of the ocean that I have seen in your eyes.

82). Nothing is crueler to me than the fact of you smiling because of someone else.

83). I am in love the spice you bring to my life.

84). The gaps between my fingers clearly define that they are longing for your fingers to fill them.

85). In this world of numerous shows, the one I can watch on repeat is you with me.

Such cute things to say to your boyfriend are perfectly relatable according to the current state of society and world.

86). If loving you is a crime then I am ready to get arrested for it.

87). You can ask my friends that how much I blush when they take your name.

88). I want all my mornings to start with you and all my nights to end on you.

89). Earlier I was only breathing, but now that you have come I think I am living.

90). The thing I think about after meeting you is the time when I will meet you again.

Such cute things to say to your boyfriend clearly show the craving you have to meet him soon.

91). Each time I breathe, I love you more than before.

92). This is only your fault that I am so much crazy about you.

93). I can give you whatever I have except my heart because that is where I have kept you.

94). If I could ask for one thing from God then it would be your company for a lifetime.

95). Nothing else can make me feel livelier than the smile on your face.

This is my personal favorite among all the cute things to say to your boyfriend.

96). If I could steal something from you, then it would be surely all your sorrows.

97). I was nothing before meeting you, but now I think I am everything.

98). If someone wants to hold the world, then they should simply hug you.

99). The only word that sounds cruel from you is bye.

100). If I could time travel, then I want to relive the moment I saw you for the first time.

These cute things to say to your boyfriend show the feelings of your heart for him.

101). I have never seen a guy so amazing like you that all I can think about these days is only you.

102). Holding your hand in public is another way of saying that I love you a lot.

103). I don’t want to die with you; I want to live with you the fullest one can ever live.

104). I have not imagined my future with you because I am too busy to construct my present with you.

105). The only thing I want from you is only you.

These simple lines are really cute things to say to your boyfriend.

106). I don’t know why I always have this fear of getting away from you even when we are together.

107). If I ever got angry on you so much because of the fact that I love you so much.

108). The way you look, even my soul starts blushing.

109). If given a chance, I want to recreate all the moments I had with you.

110). Nobody can’t ever replace you in my life.

111). Love is seeing you smiling every day.

112). Always remember, I want to spend every moment of my life with you.

113). You are so perfect.

114). I only want you in this life.

115). You are extremely cute. Who gave you right to be look so cute all the time?

116). When I am with you, life becomes beautiful.

117). Heaven is in your arms.

118). I love your smile, your talks, your mistakes and you completely.

119). You know me better than me that’s why I call you My Love.

120). You always find a way to make me smile, seems like you are a magician.

121). Every time we do sex you surprise me with your new way. How you do it baby?

122). I love to sleep wearing your shirts when you are not with me. It makes me feel close to you.

123). I am so lucky you are my boyfriend. My girlfriends feel jealous when they see us together.

124). You are so dedicated in bed.

125). I never met a guy like you. You are amazing in every way.

126). I wish I can spend every moment of my life with you.

127). When you are with me, I forget everything only you in my mind.

When someone is loved they become irreplaceable, this is what can be shown through such cute things to say to your boyfriend.

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Love is something which cannot be entitled or confined to these boundaries of cute things to say to your boyfriend or girlfriend. This is something beyond words and imagination. However, if you wish to express it to the one you love then you can take help of these cute things to say to your boyfriend.

These are just the simple things that can make a huge difference. Now that you have gone through the entire list then you can make out certain things from it. When the normal dialogues are said with love then there meaning becomes entirely different. These cute things to say to your boyfriend are something that is surely going to be loved by your guy.

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