100+ Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend


Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend: You know what is the basic reason of splitting up of many couples? It does not happen because they do not love each other enough now, but it happens because they forget to show their love to each other.

In a relationship, mostly girls demand some attention and affection from their partners. And all you guys can give it to them with the help of sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

Don’t let your ego ever comes between you two. Love has more power than any other thing in the world. Use this power to overcome all the problems in your relationship.

These sweet things to say to your girlfriend are nothing when you are not feeling them. These are not just the lines but the feelings you hold in your heart for her but could not display all this while.

100+ Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

To help you more on this, I have compiled a list comprising of more than 100 sweet things to say to your girlfriend. These are simple and yet classic with the essence of love and affection. All these would surely help your relationship to attain new heights and parameters like never before.

Sweet Things to Say to Your Girlfriend

1). Apart from God, the only power I have felt over me is the one of your love.

2). If there are people who do not believe in angels, then I think they should meet you immediately.

3). You know what is the best part of having you in my life? It is that I can have my best friend and love both in the same person.

4). They say love becomes an inseparable part of your life. But in my case, I think my love has become my entire life.

5). I don’t need any love calculator to prove how much I love you. It is always there in my eyes like the wind on the earth.

Such sweet things to say to your girlfriend are actually very romantic. Love has no measure, and you can show it to her through these lines.

6). They say you cannot live without the heartbeats. But every time I see you my heart skips a beat, and it makes me feel livelier than ever.

7). There are 26 alphabets in the English language, but I don’t think any of them has the power to describe my love for you.

8). I told my mind to stop thinking about you, but it said even it cannot live without your memories.

9). I am on a journey of your love from the moment I looked into your eyes, and I do not want it to stop ever.

10). I really want to learn from you that how you understand my thoughts even before I say them.

These types of sweet things to say to your girlfriend can prove to be really good to make her feel really special. Such small little things show the chemistry between you two.

11). There are millions of people on this Earth, and see how lucky I am to get you from those millions.

12). I came to know about the perfection only after I met you.

13). Even the million stars together cannot shine brighter than the smile you have.

14). I am ready to steal you from each and every one because I am so lost in you and your love.

15). You still do not know the feeling I had when I saw you for the first time. It was like watching an angel.

Such sweet things to say to your girlfriend are like walking down on the memory lane backward. The first time you saw her and all the first memories revives everything again in your mind.

16). This is only you because of whom I feel more responsible and full of live.

17). If there were more than seven heavens, then I am on the top of them right now because I got you.

18). You are the one who makes me feel complete and all my disappointments seemed finished.

19). I may not die without you, but that life would only be like taking breathes and not living.

20). If I ever tried to look upon the brighter sides of my life that is because of the positivity, I receive from you.

These types of sweet things to say to your girlfriend are enough to show her the positive changes that she is bringing in your life right now.

21). My life could not have been much better, all thanks to you for coming into it and making it a better place.

22). I guess, I am gonna go out of every romantic songs because they all together cannot express my love for you.

23). I don’t know why but I feel so protective towards you like a father for his baby.

24). There is a different kind of spark that you have). Every time I look at you, I feel like all my pains are getting less.

25). I am so addicted to you that I am ready to follow you even in the next birth.

In the middle of all the sweet things to say to your girlfriend, this one stands out among all. This is so romantic to see that how far you can go just to be with her.

26). I am ready to hold on to you in every phase of life, and I promise you no matter what happens, I would not let you go anywhere.

27). Even if I am getting to spend some minutes with you, that too is enough to make my whole day lively and cheerful.

28). Ever tried to hold to the whole world in your arms and failed? I think someone should hug my girl then.

29). I am proud on the fact that I am your man but more than that I am honored that you are my girl.

30). My life is nothing but a rollercoaster revolving around the track of your love.

Such kind of sweet things to say to your girlfriend are witty as well as romantic. You can never go wrong while using humor along with love to impress your girl and put a smile on her face.

31). I would still be a loser, but you made me the biggest winner of the world.

32). I am so much in love with you that whether I keep my eyes open or close, I can see you always.

33). I am ready to get hurt but on the condition that you are always going to be with me.

34). I can walk thousands of miles, would climb biggest of mountains and ready to face any situation to get the love of yours.

35). I love you because you have made me a completely different person through your positivity.

These amazing sweet things to say to your girlfriend are enough to woo her and cherish her existence in your life.

36). Even my heart seems to be small to love you enough because you deserve all the love on this earth.

37). I wish to be the first guy to see you in the morning and the last one to see you in night.

38). People think I am going crazy because I smile for no reason but merely did they know that you are the one behind this smile.

39). The biggest pain of being with you is the time when I have to say you goodbye after we meet.

40). I will love you till the sun shine bright in the sky, the earth revolves around the sun and till the wind touches my face, and I will love you forever.

These are something really flattery sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

41). If I could reserve my rights over something, then it would be you and only you because I want you to stay mine always.

42). My heart never beat like that when I saw you for the first time. Even my heart knew that you were the one for me.

43). If you were not there with me, then I am very sure that I would not have become the person I am right now.

44). They say there is always a woman behind the success of a man. I think she is not behind it, she brings success with her.

45). I started believing in the destiny when life gave me everything in form of a person which is you.

Such sweet things to say to your girlfriend are really perfect express her importance in your life.

46). I just want to thank your parents for bringing you in this world. What would I have been doing without you in my life?

47). You are not the moon of my life because it comes and goes but you are the star of my life, no matter what the conditions are, they are always there for you.

48). The picture of my heart was always incomplete because the major part of it was there in your heart; you came and completed it like never before.

49). No matter if the world is ending or not. My love for you is beyond the existence of this world. It will never end even after this life.

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50). I wish I could say you sun because you bring brightness in my life but the fact is that you are hotter than the sun itself.

These types of sweet things to say to your girlfriend are really wonderful to praise the beauty of your girl.

51). Whatever power is left in my arms, whatever love has left in my heart and whatever breathes has left in my life. I promise I will love you with all of them.

52). I cannot explain the reasons for which I love you but to let you know, I can say that they are more than the stars.

53). I think you should not look into the mirror because if you will do so even the mirror will fall in love with you and I don’t want any competition.

54). You know what counts the most after all this struggle of day to day? It is the voice of yours which makes everything normal at the end of the day.

55). The normalcy as well as the excitement of my life can be summarized into just one word, you.

Nothing else can be more perfect than such sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

56). You know why I kiss you this much; it is because I have run out of words to express my love for you.

57). Loving you is like breathing, this is necessary to live, and you cannot make it even for a second without it.

58). Every time I make a wish it is always that all your wishes come true forever.

59). You are not only the girl I fell in love with but you are the girl who taught me what love is.

60). Now that I have met you, I think that all the life that I have spent without you is a life spent in vain.

These kinds of sweet things to say to your girlfriend can really do wonders to revive in your relationship.

61). Every time you travel out is the time all my nights go sleepless. You have totally spoilt me with all your love.

62). I wish I could find the combinations of letters and then combinations of words to tell you the depth of my love for you.

63). I am not that romantic as a person, but whatever romantic I have done till date it is because you were the person I was doing it for.

64). If I could pause my life then I would pause it on the moment we are together and would never resume it again ever.

65). Every time I meet you I think I start loving you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.

This is one of the most common sweet things to say to your girlfriend that you can see anywhere.

66). I will love you only until all the roses will lose their smell.

67). You have melted me bit by bit each second through your presence. I wonder how much hotness you have.

68). I know this is what especially girls like a lot but I am addicted to cuddling with you.

69). I just wanted to confess that I have fallen in love multiple times but the catch is that the person was always you.

70). I am ready to go through any hardship and hard work in my life just to keep you happy and smiling all the time.

Such kind of sweet things to say to your girlfriend are really full of love and affection.

71). You know why I always try to make you blush? It is because the redness of your cheeks adds more to your beauty.

72). I am wondering that how much free God was when he was making you because he has put everything best in you.

73). If I could kiss only once in my life, then I will make it this much memorable to you that you will never forget it.

74). I want to make my arms stronger than ever so that I can hold you forever in them.

75). Everything and anything that I ever wanted to have belongs to you and only you.

Such kind of sweet things to say to your girlfriend is really romantic and full of love.

76). I have never seen a combination of the perfect looks and perfect brain like you have.

77). the most melodious and beautiful sound that I have ever heard is your heartbeats.

78). Forget all the butterflies; I feel like the entire zoo running in my belly when I see you.

79). I am the real one of myself only when I am with you.

80). I think you know how to read the minds of people because I never had to tell you anything, you read everything in my eyes.

Such kind of sweet things to say to your girlfriend shows the ultimate understanding that you two share.

81). You make me feel like the crazy child who is damn excited when his parents take him to the amusement park.

82). If I get to watch your face for the rest of my life then too, I would not be able to get over with your beauty.

83). Even my cheek bones start hurting because I constantly smile when I am with you.

84). The only way one can admire your beauty is through filling every page of every book till the paper in this world comes to an end.

85). I am ready to chase you even in my dreams but do not want to lose the sight of your beauty.

These types of sweet things to say to your girlfriend are really wonderful to say to her.

86). My pillow is super comfortable, but even this lacks behind when I hug you tight.

87). I have never seen a girl who looks so pretty even in her pajamas.

88). In my entire life, I have never seen a power so high like your love that completely transformed me into a better person.

89). I love you not only for what you are but also for your capability of bringing so much positivity into each and every aspect.

90). My love for you does not depend upon the fact that how much perfect you are but it lies on the fact that how loving you are.

Such sweet things to say to your girlfriend show the unconditional love that you have for her.

91). Sometimes I wonder that how many things are there in this world to be thought about but still you are the only one that pops in my mind.

92). It does not matter whether you are near to me or not, I just want you to be in this world so that happiness can be spread all the time.

93). I love you not because of the beauty of your face but because of the beauty of your heart.

94). If I ever have to wait for you, then I am ready to wait forever for the day when I will be finally with you.

95). I wonder what forces drew us this much together that now I cannot think about a moment spending without you.

These are really superb sweet things to say to your girlfriend.

96). I never believed in true love until I met you.

97). I never thought that there will be a girl in my life this much special that I would not be able to think about walking even a step without her.

98). It is not that I cannot stand without you but it is just the fact that I can do anything without you except for being happy.

99). I just want to announce it on the top of the world that you are mine but then I think about your parents and drop the idea.

100). I don’t need an army to win over the world; your love would be enough for me.

Such kind of sweet things to say to your girlfriend are really romantic and show the strength of the love you two have.


Timing is everything to carry out these kinds of sweet things to say to your girlfriend. You can use them when she is angry with you or you two have not had a great time in a while. These lines will do wonders in your pretty plan relationship. The idea is just simple, indulge yourself completely in these lines and feel the love in them.

These are just words written in synchronization. The thing that counts the most is what you actually feel for her. Formalities in a relationship would not lead it in a great direction. Don’t say it until you feel it. Such sweet things to say to your girlfriend would totally help you to relive all those moments you guys had in the starting of your relationship.

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