10 Best Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend


Taking care of your girl is just like a baby. So, you definitely need some great bedtime stories for girlfriend to fall her asleep in your arms peacefully after a tired day. You must have heard your girl saying “talk me to sleep” and these stories are the perfect solution for it.

Keep the romantic bedtime stories for girls as your priority because of course, who does not want a little cuddling at night?

10 Bedtime Stories for Girlfriend

So, here is the section, which is comprised of some old classics and some new bedtime stories for your girl to forget about her worries and make her fall asleep quickly.

1. The Little Mermaid by Hand Christian Andersen

This is a very beautiful story that everyone knows about so you would surely be thinking that why you should tell an already heard tail as the bedtime stories for a girlfriend. Well, then there are some obvious reasons for that too.

This story is about a beautiful little yet courageous mermaid who tries to change the norms of the society around her. And you know the rest.

There is a guy, there is a girl and hence a beautifully perfect love story to narrate to your girl in a romantic way. If you want then you can change the plot of this story to make it a sweet, romantic and adventurous love story of a mermaid and a prince.

Such bedtime stories for girlfriend are really beautiful. Tell your girl that you find her as courageous and curious like the mermaid of the story. The continuous resemblance would help your girl to connect with the story more deeply and the more she will get sympathize, the earlier she will be able to sleep peacefully.

2. Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm

Tale of a really long-haired girl locked in a room, waiting for her fortune to change completely. Despite being protected by her parents from an evil witch, the girl found her soulmate just from there through her beautiful hairs.

Everyone knows about this story and this cute story of a girl finding the love of her life could be just perfect as one of the bedtime stories for girlfriend.

You can softly put your fingers through her luscious locks of her to depict the story in a beautiful way. She could actually visualize all the scenes of this love story. I am sure she is definitely going to like the way you are narrating it to her.

There are even movies and cartoons made on the same concept so you could clearly assume that the tale is quite popular. These short bedtime stories are just perfect to help her fall asleep. You are always allowed to twist the tale as you want to add some surprising elements to it. I think you would not even need it, as she is definitely going to sleep halfway only.

3. Beauty and the Beast by Gabrielle – Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve

Who doesn’t know about the famous Beauty and the Beast story? To remind you of it again, recently Disney released their movie of the same title starring Emma Watson in it. This story is something which is as old as time about a beautiful girl and a hideous beast.

But, this is not what counts the most in all the bedtime stories for girlfriend that I have mentioned here. All the stories that I have listed here are women-centric which means girl being the protagonist of the tale.

This will help your girl to recall all those moments when she fought with everyone and became the hero she is now. You can jokingly refer to the beast as yourself. This is really a fun thing to do the role-playing.

Such bedtime stories for girlfriend are so special as they help them to channel their inner strength. And this positivity while sleeping will charge them for the next day. And of course, don’t forget to put the essence of romance in it timely to keep the things interesting between you two.

4. Sleeping Beauty by Charles Perrault and Brothers Grimm

What else can be a perfect bedtime stories for girlfriend other than Sleeping Beauty, to put her to sleep. This story is all about a princess sleeping for years under an enchanted spell and this is the same thing you are supposed to do with your girl. Well, of course not for years though!

The story starts with an infant princess of a kingdom who is cursed by a witch to die when she touches a spindle. However, the spell was altered by a good fairy later on to sleep instead of dying.

The princess could only be awaken by the kiss of a princess of kingdom unknown. 100 years pass, and finally, a brave prince arrives cutting off all the thorns and wilds around the castle of the kingdom. And finally fall for the sleeping princess just by looking at her beauty.

He kisses her and the spell breaks out. After the whole story narration, says her Good night, I love you and put her gently to sleep by your side. I am sure she will instantly fall asleep to this beautiful story.

5. Erotic Poems by E.E. Cummings

Are you kind of done with the princess stories to narrate as the bedtime stories for girlfriend? Well, then it is the time that you move towards something naughtier and more erotic to not only entertain her at night but to also keep her mood high on love.

And to do so, I have this wonderful option of Erotic Poems by E.E. Cummings. This is a collection of some really erotic and sensuous poems which might work wonder to let her fall asleep.

This is 80 pages of a collection which was released on 8 February 2010. This means you are going to see the hint of modern love making and some really arousing narration in this collection of some beautifully described modern poetries.

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Good night poems like these are the perfect option that you need to put her to sleep peacefully. Let me tell you already, that this book not only contains poems but some sexual sketches too. So, it will be like the treat for you two. I am sure she is going to love this little bedtime experiment for sure.

6). Tangled by Emma Chase

No, I am not talking about the popular Disney movie Tangled based upon the story of Rapunzel but this is something different instead. This is instead a story of a young, handsome and rich guy named Drew Evans who meets a beautiful, brilliant and ambitious girl Katherine Brooks.

This Tangled is the debut novel of Emma Chase who is a renowned best-selling author and it was released on 14 January 2014.

This novel has every shade of modern life and hence makes way into the best bedtime stories for girlfriend for sure. This is about turning a rude and arrogant man into a desperate male dying to get a woman in his bed by hook or crook.

But what if this girl is not like everyone else? This is when the story kicks in and it is going to keep you hooked to it. Such bedtime stories generate a different type of excitement and the urge of what happens next will keep both of you hooked to this novel for a real long time.

7. Deep Desires by Charlotte Stein

Deep Desires is a work of fiction by Charlotte Stein which was released on 27 September 2012 and the next mention in this list of bedtime stories for girlfriend. The story is about the hidden desires of a girl named Abbie who is very restless because of her violent and dark past. She has never even seen a hint of love and sympathy around her.

But things change when she finds her neighbor Ivan to be super attractive. You can call this book to be a perfect sensual treat for people looking for more than Fifty Shades of Grey.

Bedtime stories for a girlfriend which are sassy and erotic enough always do wonders in a relationship. You can call this book to be a presentation of deep dark feelings hidden behind the name called love. The kinky tactics of both and the void of intimacy will keep you glued to it to find out the climax of this book.

8. Snow White by Brothers Grimm

I am sure that if you have not heard the story of Snow White which is a 19th century German based tale then you must have seen the movie Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart. Well, to be true being an adult, it is still my favorite.

I am not gonna involve in that and let me tell you the plot of this story. This is about the story of a very beautiful girl Snow White who is hated by an evil queen who is her own step mother. The queen wants no other woman in this world to look more beautiful than her.

In order to satisfy her wrath, she feeds poisonous apple to Snow White and she faints. She is of course saved by a brave prince and the story is all about love and happy time accompanied by seven dwarves too.

Such magical bedtime stories for girlfriend are perfect to let her imagine the beautiful world where there is magic, creatures, and happiness all around.

9. Dirty Girls: Erotica for Women by Rachel Kramer Brussel

This is a release of 2008 and this 400 paged Erotica by Rachel Kramer Brussel is enough to melt anyone’s desires easily. The author understands what a woman wants and being a woman she has mentioned it all in this book.

This book is full of all types of emotions surrounded around the feeling called love. Be it anger, jealousy, drama, lies, sex or anything else, it has been mentioned in this Erotica beautifully.

What else do you want in bedtime stories for girlfriend? This is surely gonna lead to a fantastic foreplay between you two. This book is no less than the best representation of a woman’s fantasy. I am sure your girl is going to love this.

And why only your girl, such bedtime stories for girl friend are a treat for guys too. Make sure to keep the tone of narrating naughty enough so you can create that aura between you two.

10. Alice in the wonderland by Lewis Carroll

The last and of course not the least one is the amazing and adventurous story of a girl named Alice and who fell into a rabbit’s hole and discovered an entirely new world. She experienced unbelievable things inside that world which could not be believed.

There is no way you can deny that it is not perfect enough to be included as bedtime stories for girlfriend. There is everything in this story, drama, surprise, adventure, emotions, magic etc.

There are talking animals and magical happenings which are enough to keep anyone hooked to this story for long enough. I think bedtime stories are sometimes better than good night poems as they engages you more into imaginations and dream world.

The story of Alice is also relatable to your girl as you can compare her with Alice and the world can be her wonderland. This is going to be so interesting for her to see everything being relatable and imaginable to her. And you can manipulate the story as she likes to keep the pace going and interesting.

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You must keep one thing in mind that it is not about narrating a story to her but about helping her to visualize it. The way you say it with so much of love is something which matters the most. Otherwise, it won’t be worth at all.

So, keep the narration soft, romantic and of course do not forget to keep her hugged tight to you while doing so. I am sure such bedtime stories for girlfriend are going to win over her heart.

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