Questions to Ask a Girl [Good, Funny, Dirty, Interesting, Flirty, Cute]


Personal Questions to ask a Girl

To touch the chord of her heart you really need to understand a girl personally. And to know her personally you can seek help from this section. This section is especially all about the personal questions to ask a girl that you really going to like. But make sure that you do not enter her comfort zone further.

1). What was the worst reason you ever gave to take an off from office?

2). If ever given an opportunity would you involve in a high profile social media rant?

3). Have you ever read XXX magazines?

4). Would you let your partner go to a strip club just because his friends are insisting?

5). Have you ever used your office property for personal use?

6). Would you advise your friend something if she is cheating on his boyfriend?

Watch over closely as she answers because it can make you to reconsider your chemistry with her. So such questions to ask a girl really make their way into a relationship.

7). What was the last time when you masturbated?

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8). Have you ever attempted period sex?

9). If you could sleep with one celebrity then who it would be?

10). What do you think is the perfect body part to get a kiss on?

11). Have you ever stolen something and get caught later on?

12). Would you like to cheat on someone if you are never going to get caught for it?

13). Which is your favorite travel destination for honeymoon?

14). Do you believe in playing politics for your own benefits?

It is a cut-throat competition in these days. Through such questions to ask a girl, you can get to know about her thinking.

15). Would you skip a romantic date over the fun party with college friends?

16). Whether you are a night person or more of a day person?

17). Have you ever been arrested by police?

18). Have you ever used the men’s loo because it was unbearable for you?

19). If you are turned into a boy for a day, what would you like to do first?

20). Whom would you choose among these two, your best friend or your boyfriend?

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