PersonalityPerfect Review: Unlock Your True Self In Next 120 Seconds


What if you had a magic ball which told you everything you wished to know about yourselves?

Who you were, what worked best for you, which stream to peruse in college, which job to go for?

Sounds pretty romantic, huh? Well, what if I told you that’s now possible! And you don’t have to buy any magic-ball either. Infact, you don’t have to buy anything at all!

That’s what PersonalityPerfect now makes possible! It’s free, based on proven tests and works like charm as I’ll explain throughout this PersonalityPerfect review.

The reason why most people don’t get to where they want is because they’re not sure of their own capabilities. Make the wrong decisions and finally end up at the wrong places.

How many of us actually “choose” our lives? Less than 2-3% maybe. We just take the step that’s infront of us, maybe because it’s easier, maybe because society tells us to do so, or maybe because we are blind to the other steps right beside it!

PersonalityPerfect helps you illuminate these hidden steps! What if Leonardo Da Vinci never painted and instead went to work in a factory?

What if Einstein started focusing in the military? Maybe they’d still succeed, but would they have realized their true potential? Nope don’t think so!

So in order to make it to the top, you need to know which fields interest you and are made for you.

Its’ simple calculation, you might take up a career or course right now because it’s easier to you, but over time as life passes you on, there comes a time people realize how they’ve wasted their lives trying to be someone they were not!

If you’re not actually “interested” at something, you might be good at it because of your hardwork, but the top places in that industry/college would always be dominated by the ones who are “really passionate”.

What is PersonalityPerfect?

It’s a simple platform, which lays before you a series of 25 questions. MCQ’s, you’ve just to choose the answer which best represents you.

They aren’t general knowledge or mathematical questions, instead behavioral ones.

For eg. if you like to be alone; if you wish to wake up early or late and so on.

On the basis of your answer, it E-mails you a “Type” for your personality. And that tells you who you are at the very core of your existence, which career is best suited for you, what your interests are, and so on.


What is the Test based on?

Just in case you thought I’m singing praise-songs only because it’s a Personality Perfect review, let me assure you that’s not the case.

The test isn’t based on just random questions.

Instead it uses one of the most credible personality tests developed by Isabel Briggs Myers and Katharine Cook Briggs; The test classifies people into 16 different personality types; and based on your answers it tells you which type you fit in.

It uses 4 pairs of personality types to build up a whole personality type by integrating 1 type of each pair into your overall personality.

The types are:-

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  • Sensing :- S and Intuition :-N
  • Extraversion:- E and Introversion:- I
  • Judging :-J and Perceiving :- P
  • Thinking :-T and Feeling :-F

You can read all about each personality type here!

How does it help you?

Primarily, it tells you what “you” are; and how others perceive you. Secondly, it offers explanations for your behavior, tendencies and desires.

For eg. you might have a high-paying job, and still not feel happy at work? If you can’t be “happy” throughout 9-5; what’s the point of being a human being?

Also it would let you know why you can’t interact with people, or maybe interact too much? Why people do not take you seriously, or think you’re too serious! Basically it explains “You”, to you!

And thirdly; it let’s you know what is the core interest of people of your personality type. Obviously it won’t suggest if you should go and work for Microsoft or Google! That’s not how it works.

Instead it let’s you know the “core” functionalities; if you’re an outdoor or indoor person; if you like colors or more of a white-walls guy, if you’re a “Calculative” or a “creative” person.

Once you have all those answers, you don’t have to feel confused. If you’re more of a “creative” person; there’s no point in beating yourself up for failing at maths over and over again. It’s just not your personality! Why not try designing or architecture?

That’s not where it takes a break! It goes on out on a limb and even offers you relationship advices to strengthen your relationships.

So basically it’s like a treasure box containing all the secrets about you.

PersonalityMatch App

The web platform at is well capable of offering you a key to yourselves, but just in case you seek more; they’ve launched a mobile app with lot more functionalities.

I won’t get into the details; but here’s a glimpse of what the Mobile platform is capable of:-

PersonalityMatch App

  • Personality mbti test on mobile.
  • Inviting and comparing personalities with others.
  • Learn about others’ personalities.
  • Invite your friend or partner and get to know which points or topics you both agree; or disagree upon. It also advises upon how to be on the same page on the “disagreeing” topic!
  • Compatibility score!
  • Career Path suggestions.

Final Words

So that’s a wrap up as far as this PersonalityPerfect review is concerned folks.

There’s no complicated science to understanding the tool, and I’ve tried my best to explain it to you as best as possible through this PersonalityPerfect review as well.

It’s just is a platform which tells you more about yourself and your behavior.

Just head over there, take Myers Briggs test and check your E-mail! It takes less than 2 minutes to complete the whole process; self-discovery couldn’t be faster, huh?

Anyway be sure to leave a comment with your feedback both for this PersonalityPerfect review; as well as the tool in the comments! It feels great hearing from you folks!

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