Best Friend Tag Questions (170+ Questions)


If you are also looking for best friend tag questions, then this article is exactly for you. We often find someone and we create our concretions. So I’m here with some best friend tag questions by which you can attempt a great conversation and company with your friend.

These best friend tag questions are very suitable for every person from recent best friends to deepest friends. The question where are all good and won’t create any embarrassing stations, so stay out of worry and start reading out this question and note your favorite ones.

When we say best friend we mean two persons that are going to stay friends for a lifetime. So don’t miss to make a person your best friend and just have these best friend tag questions to know him deep and clear out the mystery.

Best Friend Tag Questions (170+ Questions)

Best Friend Tag Questions

The principles are very simple, you ask questions to that person and then he asks you the questions. There is no wrong question and all are written here in the name of friendship. So increase your level of friendship by my list of best friend tag questions.

1). Do you know what the thing that I am allergic to is?

2). Who is the celebrity that I have a crush on?

3). What is that place when we met the first time?

4). What did I offer you the first day when we talked?

5). What was the last time we had a fight? What was the topic?

6). Do you know my birthday?

7). How many siblings do you have?

8). Do you know two positive things about me?

9). When did I last yell at you?

Test your best friend with these best friend tag questions to know if he remembers when you yelled at him.

10). What is the one negative thing about you?

11). Can you describe our friendship in one word?

12). What is the craziest memory of us so far?

13). Do you still have my last year’s best friend band?

14). Where is my favorite t-shirt that I gave you?

15). Do you know my favorite color?

16). When did I last cry?

17). Which one do I like the most, a shirt or a t-shirt?

18). What is my favorite kind of joke?

19). What is my nickname that one knows?

20). What is my dream job?

21). What am I to you, tell me in just one word?

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22). With which name do we call each other?

Know if he remembers the name by these best friend tag questions.

23). How would you get if I’m in trouble without telling you?

24). How many Facebook friends I have?

25). What’s my happiest day of this year?

26). How often do we hang out in a week?

27). Which restaurant do I love the most to go for a dinner?

28). How close are we to each other?

29). Do you know my favorite cosmetic brand?

30). Do you know my favorite haircut?

31). What is my favorite city in the world?

32). What is my favorite food that I eat often?

33). What we first shared in our lunch boxes?

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34). What is my favorite vacation place where I want to take you?

35). What is my favorite pair of shoes? Which brand of shoes do I love the most?

36). What is my favorite watch?

37). What is that weird that I ate last week?

38). How do I spend my Sundays normally?

39). How much time do I take to get a shower?

40). Who takes time in getting dressed?

41). When I was young how old I wanted to be?

42). What is my favorite room in your home?

43). Which is our favorite garden when we used to play in childhood?

44). Which is my favorite sport?

45). Do you still have that skateboard that we bought together?

46). If my family is safe, who is in this world that I would save?

47). Do you know which type of movies I enjoy to watch?

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Get to know if he is aware of your movie choice by best friend tag questions.

48). What’s that movie that we both watched more than 5 times?

49). What is my favorite reality TV show?

50). Which is my favorite musical instrument?

51). What is that song that I always hum?

52). Which is our favorite band and why?

53). Which season do I love the most?

54). Do you still remember when we first built a snowman?

Test him if he remembers those days by these best friend tag questions.

55). Which filing is my favorite in a sandwich?

56). What is the smallest creature that I am most afraid of?

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57). Has a group of spiders ever attacked me?

58). Where do I want to live in my adult life?

59). Who was that first girl that I proposed?

60). What is my favorite silly face that I make often?

61). What is that recipe that we both made out and the taste was like hell?

62). In which city was I born?

63). How often do we both go to church?

64). How scared am I to paranormal things or ghosts?

65). Which is my favorite one, Nike or Adidas?

66). Have I ever danced in rain?

67). How fast I chew my pencils?

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68). Which type of things do I like to collect?

69). Who was that person that I kissed the very first time?

70). When did I cry because something good happened to me?

71). When did I last visit a dentist?

72). When was the last time I suffered from fever?

73). Do I enjoy traveling?

74). When did a cop stop my car and fined me?

75). When did we last drunk and drive?

76). When did I break up last?

Check if he knows when you broke up your relationship through these best friend tag questions.

77). Which shopping mall in the city is my favorite one?

78). What game do I play often when you are out of town?

79). Have I ever gone through any surgery?

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80). Do you think I am always here for you no matter what happens?

81). When did I get married?

82). How did I propose my high school’s crush?

Check if he still remembers the way you proposed your crush by these best friend tag questions.

83). What was that horror film we last watched?

84). What’s that thing that only you and my family know about me?

85). Who was with me on prom? What I dressed that night?

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86). What is my favorite suit in my wardrobe?

87). How much would you rate your friendship from 1 to 10?

88). What can I do to save you?

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89). How many kids do I want in my life?

90). Have we ever fought for talking behind the back?

91). What is hat thing that y do to bring me smile?

92). What is the reason that we are best friends?

93). What can you do for me if I’m dying in next 24 hours?

Get to know what he has to sacrifice for you by my list of best friend tag questions.

94). How do I get hurt, by the one who I love or who I trust?

95). Can I easily fell in love or it takes time?

96). What was the last time when I told you about my fight with my girlfriend?

97). Have I ever given a CPR to anyone?

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98). What is my favorite pet?

99). What was the name of the puppy that we brought in childhood?

100). Who is that girl with whom I am in love now?

101). Do you think I have some dark secrets that only you know?

102). What is the weirdest thing that we both have done recently?

103). What was that meanest thing you did last time?

Know if he has ever done something mean to you by these best friend tag questions.

104). How big am I a fan of crayons? Do I eat them?

105). Which color do I prefer for socks?

106). Do I have any type of phobia?

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107). What is my favorite hobby?

108). What is that thing I really hate?

109). In how many days I wash my clothes?

110). Do I love cleaning my car?

111). Do I believe in cleanliness?

112). What are my favorite snacks?

113). Which is that movie that I hate so much?

114). Do I still enjoy watching cartoons?

115). What is that song that I often sing in the shower?

116). How do I attract the opposite sex?

Know his trick to attract girls by best friend tag questions.

117). What was the last SMS for you today from my side?

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118). When did we last been to a movie theater?

119). Do I have an alarm clock in my bedroom?

120). What is my favorite book of stories that I read at night?

121). What is my favorite food when I come to your home?

122). How much I like outing and parties?

123). Do I like watching the news?

124). What is your favorite car?

125). Which kind of job do you want in future?

126). Have you ever tried any continental food? What about Mexican?

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127). Do you have any pets? What is his nickname?

Know about your friend’s favorite part and let the conversation grow through best friend tag questions.

128). Do you remember our favorite teacher from the school time?

129). Do you know which type of dishes I can cook perfectly?

130). How many hours I spend on the Internet a day?

131). When did I create my Facebook account?

132). What is my favorite superhero?

133). What happened last time when I went for an interview?

134). In the childhood, what was our favorite superpower?

135). Who is my ideal person in the world?

Get these best friend tag questions and know how much knowing he has about you.

136). How we planned in old days to be in a time machine?

137). What is your favorite animal that you can live inside it?

138). Which song suits your personality?

139). What is your favorite gym equipment?

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140). What are your abilities that you are a master at?

141). When was the last time when we were on a boat?

142). When did we lose our umbrella in rain?

143). What is the interesting thing about your childhood?

144). Do you consider yourself as a happy person and why?

145). What do you love more chocolate or teddy bears?

146). Do you know that I love snowy days?

Get to know if he knows that how much you love snow by best friend tag questions.

147). When did we last experience bungee jumping?

148). What is that talent in me that I don’t use?

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149). Who was your childhood crush?

150). How was your first kiss?

151). Is there anything in me that annoys you as a best friend?

152). Do you like it when I drive?

153). When did we last sleep with open doors and windows?

154). Have you ever found something precious from the street?

Know about his secret treasures that he has ever found by best friend tag questions.

155). What are your favorite shopping sites?

156). Do you smile in your pictures?

157). When did we last go on camping?

158). What do you like more, Sea or Mountains?

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159). Have you ever worn pink as a guy?

160). Have you ever found any treasure in your home?

161). Which drink is my favorite with food?

162). What is that movie that I can watch over and over again?

163). When did you last write a letter to your girlfriend?

164). Can you do some minor engineering on your car?

165). How much do you enjoy Halloween?

166). What is your Zodiac sign?

167). Do you have any contact lenses?

168). Who is more stubborn between both of us?

169). How afraid are you of heights?

Know his greatest fear by best friend tag questions.

170). Have you ever used a gun?

171). How do you celebrate our Christmas?

172). Do you believe in Easter bunnies?

173). Which vitamin do you take daily?

174). Which color of bathrobe do you like?

175). Which is my favorite store, Wal-Mart, or Kmart?

176). Do you take dance lessons?

177). Which filling is your favorite, mustard sauce or mayonnaise?

Know her secret filling that he finds most delicious by these best friend tag questions.


Best friends are real joy in your lives, as we can have biggest secrets with them. A best friend is the person who helps you but in a better way, they care about us in all our bad and good, they are the one that knows what is really happening in our lives.

These are some best friend tag questions that you can ask with your best friends. So I hope these all best friend tag questions will help you to know your friend better and to know if he remembers things about you.

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