Deep Questions to Ask a Guy (100+ Questions)

Deep Questions to Ask a Guy: It is the most preliminary thing to know that what kind of person you are living with. But it is still a challenging to gather the things to ask him to know him better as a person. This may sound a bit of serious and extra mature to you but it is really necessary to know a person well before involving in him completely.

Deep Questions to ask a guy

If you are not able to figure out that how to go with it then you need not to worry anymore. I am here to take care of all your problems. Here are some of the amazing deep questions to ask a guy. These questions are not the one of regular kind. But these are something which will really help you to know him better.

100+ Deep Questions to Ask a Guy

1). Can there be any understanding between two people from which one is dumb and other one is deaf?

2). Do you believe in the second chance given by life?

3). Do you think that we should live as if this is the last day of our life?

These types of deep qestions to ask a guy are totally hilarious. You never know what is in his kitty to revert back on this. A guy should be full of life so that he can keep you happy as well. This will let you know that whether he is energetic or just bring lad.

4). Can there be a feeling of love between two arrogant people?

5). Do you believe in demons and angels?

6). Have you ever relied on just the fate and it actually worked out for you?

7). If you know my best friend and she doesn’t know you then would you make a move on her in a night club?

8). Have you ever harassed someone but repented on it later on?

9). If you marry someone with different religion then whose religion would your children follow?

Now this is something which is really serious and deep questions to ask a guy. This can really let you know about his beliefs and acknowledgment towards culture and religions. He should have a broad perspective. And this will clear your doubts that whether he is pure from inside or he is just faking it.

10). Do you find it okay for you to insult someone in front of everyone?

11). What is your idea of correcting someone over certain issues?

12). Have you ever pulled off a prank so bad that it made someone cry?

13). Do you believe that it is because of some incident that you became what you are today?

14). What are the essential qualities that should be there in a person?

15). What is that one thing that you want to change forever in the world’s ritual?

16). Whom would you consider more in an argument, me or your mom?

This is an obvious thing that all boys are mamma’s boy. And there is nothing to be wondered if he takes his mom’s side. But still such deep questions to ask a guy are really fun. You never know when he turns out to be more favorable towards you.

17). Who is that female cousin of yours with whom you share everything?

18). Have you ever got into an ugly fight with your parents?

19). Have you ever abused in front of your parents accidently?

20). If you find someone more perfect than me then would you leave me for her?