The 20 Most Weird Websites That Will Freak You Out


Weird Websites: The Web has always been the home to strange and weird things, but in recent times a plethora of such weird websites have surfaced, and hence I’m compiling this list on some of those weirdest websites.

When I say weird, I don’t mean a web design or development project gone wrong, instead what I mean by the word weird is the “concept” or the “purpose” of the website.

For eg. I know for a fact that there’s a guy who sold a “rock” as a “pet rock” online, nicely gift wrapped in a box and made himself a millionaire, now that’s what I mean by “weird”.

Top 20 Weird Websites 2017

And let me tell you, this list isn’t organized based on “ranks”, so even the top 20 webpage might be the weirdest, it’s just a “list”.

Weird Websites

1). CorgiOrgy


It definitely is one of the most weird Internet sites I’ve been to till date. Once you land on the URL, you’ll see hundreds of animated, cute looking dogs who seem to be walking.

And then from the left side of the screen, larger versions of those dogs come out. It’s almost impossible to understand why would someone waste their money on a domain and server for something as weird as this.

Even though creating a website is cheap, it’s not absolutely free now is it? And let me tell you, this website was founded in 2012, making it five years old now which means the owner must have spent a minimum of 100-200$ on this project.

Although after a little bit of research, I found that the larger dogs have links to another “gif creator” tool, probably that was the primary reason for the creation of this site, to leverage in the popularity of the first site onto the second.

Anyway, the true intentions are known only to Mr. Seth Dandridge, the owner of the site!

2). Falling Falling


If you want to have a glimpse of what a seven year old website can achieve, you should have a look at Falling Falling.

It’s just a website which was probably created as a means to “meditation” as far as my knowledge goes.

You can see some abstract shapes and you get the illusion of them overlapping, and falling over each other.

Such techniques have been long known to facilitate meditation, and if that’s not enough, they’ve added in a background music which goes on to give me some solid ground to base my statement on.

Falling Falling was founded in 2011 by RAFAEL ROZENDAAL for reasons known only to him. Feel free to mail him anytime at rr@NEWRAFAEL.COM and ask him to show you the light of his true intentions.

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3). Rainy Mood


I’m not sure if I should be including it here in this weird websites list, simply because to me Rainy Mood is an actually “useful” platform which I use every single day, and I knew of it much before the idea of scribbling this weird websites piece hit my mind.

It’s basically a “white noise” platform. It helps mask outside noises and helps you sleep, study or concentrate. My neighborhood is a pretty noisy one with almost always some kind of construction going on.

So I use Rainy mood and a pair of headsets to dive deep into a REM sleep. Rainy Mood is available as an iOS as well as an Android application. Or you might just hit the URL and get to work.

The point is, White noise has been scientifically proven to boost concentration by masking any other distracting noise from the outside. So well I’d like not to call it a weird website, but rather a pretty innovative one.

4). The Nicest Place on the Inter .Net


Okay this is the definition of “creepy”. It’s just a platform where you can see random users on their webcams. I’m not sure how it’s streamed or what’s the agenda behind it.

I definitely don’t want to stare at random people on the Internet while they do absolutely nothing I can make heads or tails of, but rather just smile, wave hands and stuff like that. (Still don’t think it doesn’t deserve a place as a weird website?)

If this is your first day and you spend couple hours on the page, I can bet you’re going to have nightmares the following night. Who won’t?

First there was this girl, then a random dude and an old man who did all kind of weird signs and acts. I’m pretty sure it’s not the website owner who sits infront of webcams the whole day (especially as the site doesn’t make any money!)

So who are the people on the webcam? How are the videos streamed? Or maybe they are pre-recorded? Obviously it’s clear that the people on the cams are aware of their videos being streamed or watched. But still, the mystery remains.

5). Heyyeyaaeyaaaeyaeyaa


Weird websites? Need I say more? The name itself gives you a pretty solid idea that probably the owner was high on something while purchasing the domain, isn’t that right?

The concept behind the website is to make “He-man” sing the “What’s up” song. Although I know not why would anyone want He-man to do that, but they do that’s evident, and that’s a reason enough for it to be included in this weird websites list.

This too is a six-year-old website, created in 2011 and if it’s still existing for long six years now, I’d say the creator must have some serious issues either with He-man or the song.

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6). The Quite Place Project


The next contestant on our weird websites list is T.Q.P.P. Weird websites? No, Nope, Nada! It’s one of the top three websites I visit at least for 60 seconds every single day.

It obviously is “Weird” considering it’s on this list, but when was the last time any great idea didn’t seem “weird” at first? Yeah right, never!

It basically is like your digital mind-palace. It’s a project which gives you an inner reflection into life in its own way. It de-clutters life, gives you a purpose, and calms your mind.

All in 60 seconds, and absolutely free! If you ever need to escape from your day-to-day life stress and need a fresh start, and a “nap” doesn’t seem possible, The quite place project is what you should be filling in your URL bar with. (Still the idea is what got it listed onto this weird websites list!)

7). Eel Slap


Who thought slapping someone with an Eel might be so much fun? It’s true, creativity knows no bounds.

And so probably one day the Mr. Per Stenius (the founder), got up from the bed and said “I’ll let people hit a face with an Eel”, and so was born the legendary Eel Slap!

And I’m not really sure what hit people in the 2011, almost all the weird websites on this list were created in the same year. Maybe there was this weird-frenzy or something, but well Eel Slap has been letting people slap a face with an Eel for the last six years!

It’s a simple page made to work with you mouse movement. Your mouse movement moves the eel, and you can see the face get slapped in real time!

It’s definitely good coding skills combined with creativity, but anyway a website for slapping people? That definitely calls for a place in this weird websites list.

8). ZoomQuilt


This is one of the best optical illusion websites I’ve ever seen, and ofcourse the “weirdness” comes up in the “thought” of creating a website which does nothing else apart from continuously zooming on on an image till your head spins.

Well the images are pretty graphic, ripe with colors and arts so you won’t get bored that’s for sure. Also I feel there’s a certain kind of mental peace you can achieve by spending couple minutes on Zoomquilt.

Just stare at the images and they’ll keep zooming themselves into a never-ending end. You can even choose from different artworks and images to play the “zoom” thing with.

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9). Ansomnia


The next level creativity (and weirdness) pops up with this platform which is probably the most “advanced” or let’s say “creative” constant on this weird websites list.

It basically is a “pencil-drawing”, a picture of a girl sleeping appears on your screen, and you’d need your microphone and webcam to enjoy the platform to its fullest.

Because when you turn off your room lights, the webpage changes to a “night mode” and the girl sleeps, a bulb breaks and stuff like that, and once you light up your room again, the page on the screen too lights up and “day” happens so as to say.

It’s weird because, who came up with the idea of making a “light-sensitive” webpage in the first place? And if that’s not enough, than “why” someone did that makes the mystery equally puzzling, and hence I added it over to this weird websites list.

And the fact that it’s nearly a 8 year old site, functioning 24X7 without any specific purpose just gives us all the more creeps.

10). Omglasergunspewpewpew


Weird? Well just the name is more than enough to get it popped on this weird websites list. But the name didn’t make me list it here for once, it was something else.

It’s a “game” website. A squirrel, armed with a gun shoots at random object. (Well, maybe not so random, Donald Trump is no more “random”).

So you basically get to shoot Mr. Trump, and the bullets make the sound of “pew pew” probably based on the name of the website. (The name for sure deserves a “weird websites” award!)

It’s weird without a doubt, it’s not everyday you get to see people coding hours to make a game, only to shoot the president of United States of America now, do you?

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What’s “weirder” is that this is 2006 website! That means it’s the oldest one in this list up to this point, so either the admin has updated the content with “Trump’s” face recently, or maybe he knew 11 years back that one day Trump would be such a controversial figure?

That is a question only Mr. Joshua Hamman can answer.

11). MapCrunch


We’ve all used Google maps and street view for various purposes, specially to have a look at how own homes. Well MapCrunch took it a step further, and that got it a place in this weird websites piece.

If “random street view” is your thing, (which I’m sure is not), MapCrunch is where you should be. Although I don’t have the remotest idea why would someone make a platform for “random street view”.

Especially now that Google maps exist and people can do the same thing over at Google Maps as well, with better options and quality.

But who can blame the creative mind of an entrepreneur? Although I’d surely love to ask Mr. Nick Nicholaou what hit him 7 years back when he created the website!

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Remember the very first site in this list? Well this is something similar. The owner for sure is a dog lover, and probably he took “the digital era” a bit too seriously so instead of adopting a live dog, he created a dog site. Weird enough even for this weird websites piece.

Basically it’s a single-page website, filled with hundreds of small, tiny dogs who keep running. It’s just an animation sequence, but still if you’re a dog lover, I’m sure it’ll hold a bit more deeper meaning and connection for you.

If you look closely, you might notice that the dogs don’t run alone, rather in pairs. Probably the owner was trying to encourage “unity among dogs” or something similar.
Anyway this is without doubt one of the weirdest uses of an URL and server I’ve ever seen.

13). Pointer Pointer


This is the definition of what happens when someone is really bored! He goes on to create something like this!

It’s “Creative” no doubt, but then again it’s here on this Weird websites list which gives you the basic idea of what it’s going to be like, doesn’t it?

I never could understand the site completely. There’s a blank rectangular space, and you’re asked to move your mouse pointer over it. And then some images appear which “try to” pinpoint the location where your pointer was placed. (Although without much success!)

So I must say, it was one hell of an idea to have, it might’ve turned into something pretty interesting if it worked, well either way it did make it up to this list on weird websites, I think that counts as success as well, in some ways at least.

14). ProCatInator


Okay if you’re a cat lover and for some reasons, you can’t adopt a real cat, this website should solve your problems to an extent.

It’s a website which plays a background song while displaying a cat poking its head on the screen. I must say it does feel real, and 3D, but then again who creates a website to showcase this?

It might give you some internal comfort if you’re a cat lover, or it might give you shocks if you’re afraid of them, it’s hard to guess what the website has been doing for the last six years! But if it’s here for six years, I must say it’s bound to have some fans.

15). Nooooooooooooooo


With a web address like that, it was bound to get included in this weird websites piece. Well, if you ever feel like you’ve got lot’s of time on your hands, life isn’t moving as far as it should and you’ve got a long life to live, this is the perfect place for you to waste your time at.

It’s a web page where you’ll find a blue button neatly placed at the center. Pressing it plays the ‘noooooo’ sound. And that’s pretty much what this website is about.

Don’t blame me, you were the one who came searching for weird sites, now that I’m giving it to you it can’t possibly be my fault now, can it?

And make no mistake, this platform has survived for almost eight long years doing absolutely nothing! Who says you need to be useful, resourceful and smart to exist?

But anyway, as far as “weirdness’ goes, we must credit the founder for coming up with this idea, it’s unique in its own way.

16). Tholman Texter


To be honest, this might be a “weird website” but it’s creative, unique and fun. You get a blank canvas, and a customization panel on the right side.

Now, type whatever you want in the customization panel, and move your mouse across the screen in any direction you want. The text gets sprayed out in a creative, organized and beautiful way.

And that’s not all, the site senses your “pressure points”, meaning how fast or slow you’re moving your mouse and adjust the font size accordingly.

This is probably one of the best platforms in this list, which along with being weird, is creative and has at least some usefulness.

You can even set the background color, text color, maximum and minimum font sizes, and much more from the customization panel!

17). Exit Mundi


I’ve always been fascinated with the ‘space’, and the “way things are’ on this planet. So naturally the thought of this world ending has crossed my mind. (As I’m sure has yours too!)

Well, Exit Mundi is a platform where you’ll find a collection of “world-ending” scenarios. No doubt the people behind it have done their research, and know what they’re talking about.

It’s basically an “article based” websites, but the content there isn’t gibberish, instead it does have some solid ground to whatever they’re saying.

Still it’s being included in this weird websites list because I’m sure when the internet was invented, they didn’t force people using it for this purpose!

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18). I Look Like Barack Obama


The site starts with “Hi, my name’s Trevor, and I look like Barack Obama”.

And let me tell you, the guy looks anything but Obama. But as he seems pretty confident of his resemblance, he has a “differences and resemblance’ section, a “fanmail” section and what not!

After spending couple minutes over there, I was confident the guy is just blowing off steam and isn’t actually serious. But it’s pretty hilarious all the same.

If you’re short on comedy shows and need to take a “laughing break” this is where you should be.

Although the reason it made to this weird websites list is, who on Earth has fantasies about resembling the American President, then creates a site on it, and is almost confident of the resemblance (while at the same time knowing for sure that it’s just not possible!)

19). Thebeatlesneverbrokeup


Conspiracy theories, parallel universes, and some creativity! Yeah that’s what goes into the making of something as weird as this website.

I had heard about this much before I decided to scribble this weird websites list down, but then I thought why not give it a try?

So well, the website features a “beatles” album (or so the label says).And there are some songs you can download off the platform.

The owner claims this cassette was never released and hence is a proof that the Beatles never broke up.

You can read the whole story on the platform, but as far as I’m concerned, the Beatles did break up, break up, break, up!

20). Anomalies-Unlimited


If you’re a believer of conspiracy theories, great! If not, you soon will be. Well this final addition to this weird websites list surely is a good parting gift from our end to you.

It’s basically a well-designed, conspiracy theory website. The point here is, the theories aren’t mere theories, but the facts or assumptions are more than believable.

In fact they’ve such good way of narrating any story or historical event, that for once you might start to doubt your whole existence.

Starting from Alien writing to murder theories of great personalities, you’ll find it all there.

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Wrapping it Up

So that was all I’d say for this weird websites list folks! I know it’s been a long list on weird websites! But can you blame me?

The internet has deep pockets when it comes to “weird websites”. In fact being honest this was just the tip of the iceberg, there exist at least a thousand such platforms which will either give you the creeps, or leave you confused about your existence. (Basically the definition of weird websites !)

If nothing else, they make you wonder why on earth was the Internet ever invented! Anyway do leave your feedback in the comments section about this weird websites list. I love hearing from you.

Not to mention that if you’ve got anything that fits the bill of this weird websites list, feel free to use the comment box, I’d love to include it here. And ofcourse, feel free to share it to the inboxes or timelines of your social media friends, I won’t mind, nope not in the least!

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