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Dates always go fantastic when you do some funny questions to ask a girl and then the romance gets its place. If you are going on a date with your gorgeous one, make sure you have all the arrangement to keep her smiling and delight her all the time through the fun questions to ask a girl. Dating is not really an easy job and creating connection doesn’t get easy always.

So I bring you all the funny questions to ask a girl to make it an unforgettable dating from initial to the end. While getting funny, you also get to know her and things start well because now you know about her tastes and somewhat funny secrets too.

So let’s get start with these funny questions to ask a girl.

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl to Make Her Laugh

Funny Questions to Ask a Girl

1). Can you tell me the funniest joke of the year?

2). Are you jealous of your best friend?

3). Do you wish for any of your siblings to not be in your life?

4). What do you prefer more, my love or a bag full of money?

5). Have you ever raised your hand just because the whole class raised it?

6). Do you want to be a dolphin in your next life?

7). Have anyone ever spilled out drink your dress?

8). Who takes you to home when you’re all drunk in the bar? Can you tell me any of those moments?

9). Do you prefer taking bath daily?

10). Is there any day in this week when you didn’t brush your teeth? These funny questions to ask a girl will get a great laugh from her and help you in making your date filled with fun.

11). Have you ever embarrassed on any of your dates?

12). Has anyone ever pushed you in the pool in your new dress?

13). Have you ever dated a woman?

14). What is your favorite part in a man’s body?

15). Have you ever fixed two dates at the same day?

16). Are you registered on any dating site?

17). What is the most awkward moment of your life?

18). Have you ever peed in a pool?

19). Have you ever experienced sex or intimate things in a pool?

20). Have you ever dated anyone younger than you?

21). What is the naughtiest thing that you have done?

22). Have you ever used a razor to shave your cheek?

23). Have you ever imagined me nude?

24). Do you think about having a remote control home where you just have to speak things like ice cream come here?

25). Have you ever thought about having something precious from me?

26). Do you watch any fairytales and how much are you influenced by them? By these funny questions to ask a girl, you would know how she sees her romantic life or if you have the qualities of her prince charming.

27). Have you ever dreamed me? What did you dream?

28). Do you tell your friends or roommates before going on a date?

29). Do you tell your friends about the discussion you have on your date?

30). Have you ever thought about kissing a man?

31). Who is your favorite animated character that you consider hot? Through these funny questions to ask a girl, you can know her choice about how much is she in animated world?

32). If you have the choice to change the color of anything permanently, what would it be?

33). Are you satisfied with your skin color?

34). What if humans have eyes in the place of a nose and vice versa?

35). Have you ever screamed while watching any horror show?

36). What is your favorite thing in the bathroom?

37). How do you imagine your dream bathroom?

38). Have you ever seen any jaw-dropping water fountain?

39). What is your weirdest conversation ever and with whom? Have funny questions to ask a girl about her weirdest talk and how she considers a talk weird so you take
care of these things and never repeat in front of her.

40). If you ever see me naked, which body part would you see first?

41). Have you ever asked a guy out in a bar or a restaurant just because you were horny?

42). On what age did you lose your virginity?

43). Have you ever faked your orgasm while having sex?

44). What is the craziest thing you have done in your school life?

45). Have you ever dreamed having sex with the same sex?

46). If I ask you to touch my one body part, what would it be?

47). Do you love thongs more than panties?

48). In how many ways have you kissed so far?

49). What is your wildest sexual secret?

50). Have you ever had an unexpected orgasm?

51). If your guy’s hands are tied, what are the things that you would like doing him?

52). In how many minutes can you seduce a guy?

53). Have you ever heard about a butterfly kiss? Have you ever got one?

54). What is that thing that you feel irritating without any reason?

55). How much do you like me?

56). How sexy am I to you?

57). What is that chocolate name that you feel disgusted? So now you know about the flavor she hates though these funny questions to ask a girl and don’t bring it for her ever.

58). What’s your favorite animated movie? Have you ever imagined yourself in any animated movie?

59). Do you imagine having a boat house and live on that without having to work?

60). Have you ever seen any penguin?

61). Have you in this year found any weird thing about social media?

62). What’s that thing you find funny about using social media? Know her interest in the social world as Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp by having these funny questions to ask a girl.

63). What is the most useless app on your phone?

64). Have you ever set an ugly wallpaper of your own picture?

65). Do you bake your own bread every morning?

66). Do you know names of all the American states?

67). Have you ever seen fishes doing sex?

68). Have you ever made out with a wrong person?

69). What’s the size of your underwear?

70). Have you ever collected piggy banks?

71). What do you think about doing hand milk a cow?

72). Have you ever seen an igloo?

73). Have you ever eaten something without knowing it?

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74). What is the print on your favorite mug?

75). For how long can you keep secrets in your belly?

76). Have you ever ridden a motorcycle?

77). Have you ever used self-defense?

78). Who’s your favorite action hero?

79). Have you ever imagined any older man getting intimate with you?

80). Have you ever argued with your boyfriend for who should pay?

81). Have you and the banaa skin ever met on any place?

82). Do you have your personal lawyer?

83). Have you ever thought of climbing a wall without any support?

84). What was your least favorite school subject, but even then you passed it?

85). How many clothes do you wear while sleeping?

86). Have you ever imagined having a bathroom pot near the window?

87). From how much time you haven’t smelled any flower?

88). How much would you rate me if we are in a relationship? How far am I from your expectations, just to know how she feels about you by these funny questions to ask a girl?

89). What is the most disgusting foreign language?

90). Have you ever received any gift from a stranger?

91). Have you ever gone illegal about something? These funny questions to ask a girl get you know her more and how she did that illegal thing and much she enjoyed it.

92). What’s the weirdest place that anyone can eat food?

93). Have you ever dreamed that you are a vampire?

94). Have you ever thought your house having wheels?

95). Wat was that positon in that you had to sit for hours even being uncomfortable?

96). Have you ever experienced your menstrual cycle when you’re in a meeting?

97). What if a dentist is having tooth pain, would he go to another dentist?

98). Have you ever thought working at McDonald’s? These funny questions to ask a girl will bring her fantasy to you, also ask her favorite junk food so you can offer her some time?

99). What is your favorite last name?

100). What’s your favorite middle name that you wish to adopt?

101). Where would you drive me, if you have your own Ferrari right now?

102). Have you ever fasten a car than a police car?

103). How do you imagine the deep down Centre of the Earth?

104). If a person is already in the coffin but he returns back to life, would he get his money back? Check these funny questions to ask a girl and know her sense of humor, of course, she will greatly appreciate yours too.

105). Have you ever seen any girl with extra-large breast?

106). Have your ever said idiot to the person who drives faster than you and moron who drives slower?

107). Why does a mango smell like mango?

108). Have you ever taken a nap in your working time when no one was seeing you? Have some funny questions to ask a girl about her workspace and know more about her work culture and colleagues and how does she feel at that place.

109). Have you ever tried of explaining something to a deaf person and got a failure?

110). What do you like the most, mayonnaise or ketchup?

111). Do you have baby hairs? Do you like them? These funny questions to ask a girl will let you know if she loves her baby hairs or planning to remove them permanently.

112). Do you consider eyebrows threading a useless and painful thing? If it is that painful then why do you do it?

113). If bread is always in the square but a sandwich meat comes in round shape? Check her humor by these funny questions to ask a girl.

114). Have you ever daydreamed at night?

115). If vanilla extract is always brown then why vanilla ice cream is white?

116). Does an animal think about committing suicide?

117). What is the biggest prank of your life?

118). If there is an operation going on in the operation theater and the doctor gets an attack, would the team treat the doctor or the patient? On these funny questions to ask a girl, you will be able to see her having a big laugh.

119). If two men get married what would the priest say, you may kiss the bridegroom?

120). Why beans are the magical fruit when they are just vegetables?

121). Why do people say, he died laughing if laughing is the great meditation?

122). Have you ever imagined money growing on the trees?

123). If rabbits don’t lay eggs then why easter bunnies take eggs with them?

124). If the cook is bald and working a restaurant, would he still wear the hair net?

125). Do you know how many hotdogs get sold in every second in the world? Have funny questions to ask a girl and know if she likes hot dogs at all and you can offer her hot dogs with her favorite sauces.

126). Have you ever used my emergency exit? Do prisoners’ buses have these emergency exits?

127). What’s the funniest thing about an astronaut?

128). What do you think how an astronaut pee in the space?

129). Whenever the lightning strikes the ocean, how do all the fishes remain alive? By having my list of funny questions to ask a girl, enjoy your romantic date as these questions will really add charm to your date.

130). Have you heard that song “London Bridge is falling down” when it is still standing?

131). Have you ever used the emergency system 911?

132). A parent always warns to never get candy from a stranger, then why do they ignore this on Halloween?

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If you have on your date, you would never forget it; fun always makes things marvelous and well engaged. So these funny questions to ask a girl are among the most demanding funny questions so you can create joy around your girl and leave her all blushing in your company.

So I really hope that you would enjoy trying these fun questions to ask a girl.

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