Best Disposable Email Services for Privacy and Anonymity


Here are the best disposable email services. These will let you create temporary email IDs, within seconds, for free.

Obviously, a few of these offer more features than others. I’d suggest going through the fine-print so you can find the best temporary email service for yourself.

All of these are 100% free and anonymous. You can try each of these out without losing a single penny, or your privacy.  You don’t even need to “create” an account in most cases.

Let’s get started with the basics then?

What are Disposable Emails?

Disposable emails are often confused with “anonymous emails”. They’ve got similarities, but aren’t the same thing.

Disposable emails are “temporary emails”. You do not use these for long periods of time. These are generally valid only for a few minutes, or days at best.

These are best used for signing up at forums and other such sites where you may not wish to share your primary e-mail ID.

“Anonymous emails” on the other hand aren’t always “temporary”. They often are permanent and can be used as primary e-mails.

In most cases, disposable emails do not even require signing up. They just automatically assign an e-mail and inbox to you, this makes them anonymous. Anonymous email services do require a sign up as they’re used for longer periods.

Disposable emails are mostly only for “receiving” emails. However, anonymous e-mails also allow sending e-mails and offer more overall features.

Anonymous email services also often pay serious attention to “security” and encryption. Disposable emails on the other hand are best used for non-confidential purposes and may not be as secure.

In other words, all disposable mails are always anonymous, however, not all anonymous emails are disposable.

So, here are the best disposable services.

Best Disposable Email Services

Here are the temporary email service providers I’ll be discussing in this list:

  • Mohmal


  • Mail retention: 45 minutes (unlimited if refreshed)
  • Price: Free
  • Signup required: No
  • Custom domain: Yes (free)

Mohmal is one of the best disposable email providers for two specific reasons. It lets even free users create custom usernames for their e-mail IDs.

Then, it also lets everyone choose from about 6 different domain extensions, yes, even free users.  You also can let it create a random e-mail if you like.

The interface too is actually one of the more modern and impressive ones on this list.

No signing up is required. On the homepage, you can simply select your username and extension and instantly get access to the mail ID.

The default retention time for each ID is 45 minutes. However, you can click on the “renew” button to reset this timer.  E-mail IDs can be changed instantly in a single click.

The service is available in about a dozen languages.

  • 10-minute TempMail


  • Mail retention: 10 minutes (unlimited if refreshed)
  • Price: Free
  • Signgup required: No
  • Custom domain: Yes (paid)

TempMail does exactly what the name says it does, it creates temporary e-mails for you.

There’s no registration required. You simply go to the website and instantly get an e-mail ID. The inbox for the ID is displayed on the same page, so you do not need a password to access the emails.

Each e-mail address is valid for 10 minutes. As soon as an e-mail is created, a timer is displayed along with it. It counts down from 10:00 to 00:00.  Once the timer hits 0, a new e-mail is generated.

There’s a refresh/reset button. Clicking this restarts the timer from 10:00 letting you hold onto the email for as long as you want.

You can not manually request new e-mail IDs (unless you close your browser and re-launch).

The e-mail Id and all associated emails are automatically deleted after 10minutes.

It’s a 100% free service. However, there’s a “premium” version which allows users to choose their own email as well as extension.  The website is also available in multiple languages.

  • SmailPro


  • Mail retention: Depends on the plan
  • Price: Free
  • Signup required: No
  • Custom email: Yes
  • Primary feature: Gmail and Outlook e-mails.

This is probably one of the most advanced disposable mail providers on this list.

That’s primarily because it creates 100% anonymous, free and instant Gmail and Outlook accounts.

You heard that right. You get Gmail accounts which are accepted almost blindly across all major and minor platforms. This massively reduces the risks of your accounts getting banned or you not receiving e-mails.

You can even choose to get a @gmail/ @googlemail or mail extension even on the free plan.

On the free plan, you get a random username. The paid plan lets you choose your username as well.

Mails are deleted only on the free plan. Premium users get to keep their history if they choose to.

  • Mailnator


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  • Free Mail retention: Several hours
  • Paid email retention: Unlimited
  • Price: Free
  • Custom email: Yes (paid)
  • Signup required: No

Mailnator is another one of the more “advanced” disposable services on this list. It has two modes, the “free” mode is simpler and easier.

So, you can create “anything” In fact, there’s no “creation” process. E.g. you can give someone directly, without “creating it”.

You can then go to the mailnator website, enter the e-mail you gave and access it directly.

Do note that this means anyone can access your e-mail if they guess the mail right. So, it’s important you make it hard and complex.

The e-mails on the free plan are stored for a few hours.

The paid plans offers additional benefits. It retains emails till you delete them manually. You also get a “custom domain” and your inbox remains “private”.

  • EmailonDeck


  • Free Mail retention: Several hours
  • Paid email retention: Unlimited
  • Price: Free
  • Custom email: Yes (paid)
  • Signup required: No

EmailonDeck slightly differs from the other services providing disposable emails. For starters, to get an e-mail ID, you need to complete a very basic “captcha” (just a tick on the “I’m a human” button).

Then, it’s one of the very few options which allows sending emails as well. Although, e-mails can only be sent to other EmailonDeck IDs. This feature is only for paid users though.

The paid plan also offers unique domains which aren’t available with the free plan.

Also, the e-mails here are “private”. Meaning, unlike most services, simply knowing the e-mail ID wouldn’t let others access it. (It’s attached to your browser session and cookies).

It’s one of the very few disposable mail providers which can “hide” the fact that it’s disposable. This is important as some sites may not send emails to disposable emails if and when detected.

  • ThrowAwayMail


  • Free Mail retention: 48-hours (unlimited if refreshed)
  • Paid email retention: N/A
  • Price: Free
  • Custom email: No
  • Signup required: No

ThrowAwayMail gives you anonymous disposable emails without signing up or account creation.

Each e-mail account is provided on a 48-hour refresh period. Meaning, each e-mail is initially valid for 48 hours, however, if you revisit your email within these 48 hours, it gets extended for another 48 hours.

In other words, each e-mail here is valid for 48hours “from the last time you visited it”.

The emails are private. Meaning, at one time only one browser has an active e-mail ID. The same ID and inbox aren’t displayed anywhere else.

Alike most other similar services, these can’t be used to send e-mails and are recieve-only.

  • ALTMails


  • Free Mail retention: Permanent (forwards mails your primary mailbox)
  • Paid email retention: N/A
  • Price: Free
  • Custom email: Yes
  • Signup required: No

altmails is different from all the other disposable services mentioned above.

It’s an anonymous email forwarding service and offers some pretty unique features.

For starters, you can create your own custom email for free. You can then enter your primary e-mail to link this disposable mail to your primary mail ID.

After that, you can share the disposable e-mail anywhere you want. The other party will never know of your real e-mail ID.

altmails forwards all e-mails received on your alias/disposable email to your primary email.

What’s special is its email sending feature. You can reply to all the e-mails you receive normally, using your native email provider.

The other party receives the e-mails from your @altmails alias and not your primary e-mail.

The e-mails are never stored on altmails, rather, they’re  only stored on your primary mailbox and can be deleted anytime.

You can delete your altmails alias and stop forwarded e-mails in a single click by clicking on the “unsubscribe” button that’s attached to each e-mail you receive.

  • Temp Mail O


  • Mail retention: 2 days
  • Price: Free
  • Signup required: No
  • Custom email: No

Despite having a similar name and features, Temp Mail O is a separate service and not affiliated to any other disposable mail service mentioned above.

You get an e-mail ID simply by going to the website. You can also click on the “change” button to get a new email ID.

The service stores messages for up to 2 days, after which they’re permanently deleted.

The mailbox auto-refresh every 15 seconds. Manually refreshing is possible as well. No registration or signing up is required, it’s completely free.

Final Words:

These are totally the best services to use when you’re searching for disposable email services.

However, if you ask me for my best picks, I’ll say SmailPro and Mohmal totally deserve special attention.

Every single temp mail service on this list is absolutely free and only takes a few seconds to setup.

Hence, I’d suggest you try some of out and then decide which is the best disposable email services for you.

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