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Relationship Questions to ask a Girl

After getting into a relationship with a girl, if you think that the ‘get to know’ part is over then you are totally wrong. Actually this is the real start of your relationship and your process of knowing each other in a better way. So here are the questions to ask a girl while being in a relationship with her.

1). What are the lows and highs of an extreme relationship?

2). Can you leave a guy if he cannot make your every wish come true?

3). Is it important to have sex with someone you love a lot?

4). What is the ultimate goal of being in a relationship?

5). Do you mind if someone asks you out in front of your boyfriend?

6). If your parents do not pressurize you then will you marry someone?

Marriage is the ultimate goal of a relationship; this is what most of the people say. But through such questions to ask a girl, you can get to know that what she thinks about it?

7). Which one is the most perfect celebrity marriage that you have ever seen?

8). Do you still feel bad because of your ex-boyfriend?

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9). How long you can extend a relationship when you are left with no feelings anymore?

10). Will you ever leave a lucrative business deal for your ailing partner?

11). What comes first for you, parents or lover?

12). Do you split the bill in half, while dining with a male friend?

13). Do you feel that it is better to let go instead of stretching it a lot?

14). Would you consider remarrying in an age of 50 if your partner dies?

15). Can you survive without love if you have enough money?

Such kind of questions to ask a girl is an indirect way to ask her that what a relationship means to her.

16). Can you build up a relationship with someone new by hiding all about your past?

17). Do you feel that hiding something from your partner is like cheating on him?

18). Do you find any difference in hiding and lying in a relationship?

19). Life is pretty rough and alone without a partner, do you think the same?

20). Do you want a lavish and larger than life wedding or something like a close affair?

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