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Deep Thought Provoking Questions: Have not you ever wondered over some really important issues in your life? Or it can be an incident that left you kept thinking about it for a long time. It not only make you think a lot but there are some unanswerable questions that pop up in your head. You get to answer some of the questions but the rest keeps on getting on your nerves. These thought provoking questions leaves your lingering in the middle of nowhere.

But you can surely ask such deep thought provoking questions to those people who you think can really answer them. It is all about triggering those locked aspects that you never got to thought upon. This is like a mini exercise for your brain to notice something which is so important for you and for the people around you.

The reason for coming up with such thought provoking questions can be a bitter incident that you have gone through. However, depression and anxiety can also be the prime reasons for these questions. Keeping them all in your heart can increase your troubles. So, instead of soaking them up you should better ask these deep thought provoking questions to someone who can answer you.

100 Deep  Thought Provoking Questions

Thought Provoking Questions

This section is all about pondering on such questions which influence your life a lot in one or the other way. Life can be really challenging at some point of time and these thought provoking questions give you a way to look at it differently.

1). Is there something in your life you think you can get but it would come with a great cost of losing something else?

2). What do you think are the things that are stopping you from achieving those happiness that you really deserve?

3). What do you want people to say at your funeral?

4). What do you want to be written on your tombstone?

5). If you close your eyes for the very last time then who is the one you want to see for the last time?

Such kind of thought provoking questions given you an insight to someone’s personal life. The person that they want to see for the last time is surely someone special in their life.

6). If it was possible for you to take something away while dying then what would you take along?

7). What if everyone leaves you in your hard times? Would there be anyone who would still hold your hand?

8). For a message containing only ten words and being forwarded to all the special people in your life, what would you like to write in it?

9). There is a situation in your life where you have earned enough to not work again, then what would you do to spend your days?

10). With everything going wrong in your life, what do you always want to go right?

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These are the most sensitive issues that they always want to go right in their life. Through the help of thought provoking questions maybe they discover something new about themselves.

11). In whose arms, you find peace and love even in the worst time of your life?

12). All those people who mean a lot to you, did you ever say them how much you love them?

13). You need to propose someone and only two minutes are given to you, how would you do it?

14). What it feels like to have a life with incomplete love story and tremendous success in your career?

15). How would you like to spend the last day of your life?

Well, that is one of the most interesting and thought provoking questions to ask to someone. They would surely want to do everything possible in the last day of their life. And it would be really interesting to listen to all of it.

16). If you suddenly find out that you are living a totally fake life with fake parents and family then what would you do about it?

17). How do you think love and lust are related to each other?

18). Name a title for the story of your life till now?

19). Quickly name any five words which do you think suitable enough to describe yourself?

20). Did you ever plan a revenge story for someone and did you actually end up doing it?

This is really one of the tough one thought provoking questions to answer but still the answers can be really surprising on it. So, just grab a popcorn bucket and enjoy the thrilling revenge stories.

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21). What are the chances that you have got over with the regrets you had about your past life?

22). What did you learn from someone randomly that stays with you till now?

23). How do you want people to remember you after you are gone from this world?

24). If you had to give a saying from your personal experience then what would you have said?

25). What if you find out that you are never going to die, how would you deal with it and what changes would you make in your life?

This is surely an interesting one to ask to someone. I mean can you imagine that you are going to last forever. This is surely one of the most terrifying kind of thought provoking questions.

26). You are given an opportunity to ask five people in your life five different questions and they are answering truthfully, then what would you ask from each of them and why?

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27). Is there anyone in your life you grew apart from, if yes then who is that person and why did you grow apart?

28). Action speaks louder than words, can you name any incident of your life on it?

29). You need to do something major in your life for once again differently, then what would you like to do?

30). If you could ask only a single question from the one you are going to marry to then what would you ask?

Umm, Can you imagine that you are allowed to ask only a single question to the one you are going to married? Well, to answer such kind of thought provoking questions is going to be really difficult for someone.

31). What is your idea of celebrating happy moments of your life?

32). For all the bad things you have ever done to someone, do you have any explanation about it?

33). If you could celebrate only one festival for the entire life then which festival would you like to choose?

34). At an age where you have got retired from all your work and responsibility, what would you like to do now in your life?

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35). Which is that desire of yours, you really want to be fulfilled but you know, it can never happen to you?

Of course, a disheartened thing to ask from someone but it is good to share such things. Through the thought provoking questions you can really reach up there and ask these things.

36). Is there anything you are still holding on to? If yes, then what is it and why is it so hard for you to let it go?

37). In your country’s law making system, what rules would you like to change and why?

38). What are the interesting things/skills that you have learned and what was the last time when you learnt something new?

39). Which is that line that sums up all your life story?

40). Which is that activity which makes you feel really happy and peaceful and why?

There is always one thing or the other which soothes and relaxes our mind and soul. And it would be one of the really intense kind of thought provoking questions to ask from someone.

41). What bothers you the most in your everyday life and you cannot even do anything about it?

42). If you are asked to teach other people a skill you are good at then what would you teach them?

43). What is that thing which is really perfect enough to make you smile all day long?

44). How money has affected your life and how it will be?

45). At this moment, what do you want so badly in your life?

Thought provoking questions are a great way to ask people about their hidden desires and unsaid dreams. This is surely hard to share but maybe they share it with you.

46). What is the meaning of a perfect life for you and why?

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47). What was the last time when you made a new friends? Is that friend is still with you now?

48). Did you ever do something which is capable enough to hit you hard when Karma is striking back at you?

49). How would you like to define your home in just one single sentence?

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50). Are you afraid of dying? Tell me the exact explanation you can give for the moment when you realize you are going to die?

This is surely an intense kind of question in the category of thought provoking questions. And to listen from someone about the explanation of their death can be really spine chilling.

51). What do you like to do in your free time?

52). If right from this moment, you are asked to leave your job and do something you really like, then would you be able to do so?

53). What was the greatest thing that you have ever experienced in your life?

54). What is that thing you achieved in your life that you are really proud of?

55). What is that thing/person in your life who is your strength and weakness at the same time?

This can be one of the most interesting thought provoking questions to ask from someone. I mean, it would be really thoughtful to answer this as this combination is really rare.

56). At which point of time you really think you should have taken a stand against something but you did not?

57). What are the things that you could not have done in the past years but you are capable of doing them now?

58). If you have made any plans for the next five years of your life then can you describe them in just one single sentence?

59). How would you say a day well spend and how would you say it was wasted?

60). Who are the five people in your life, you are deeply and truly in love with?

Obviously there are many people who are dear to us. But naming only top five amongst them can be really difficult task and this is what thought provoking questions are all about.

61). Who you really are and what people think you are, does both the personalities differ a lot from each other?

62). What are the things that you have given up till date to achieve what you have right now?

63). Getting out of your comfort zone is really difficult, can you tell me any incident when you had to do so?

64). What is the worst example that you can ever give me from your personal experience about losing self-control?

65). If a story is to be made revolving around your life then whether it is Villain or the Hero that you are most suitable for?

Now, that is what you call a tricky kind of thing to ask in the category of thought provoking questions. But wait for their explanation for each of the answer.

66). What is the reason of rape and murder, do you find women like objects to play with?

67). If you had to decide a punishment for rape then what punishment would you fix for this?

68). If you have to relive your life in such a way that not even a single second is wasted, then how much time would you be able to save?

69). How much money is required to persuade you to kill someone? Is it even possible?

70). Whom would you consider the protagonist of your life and why?

All you have to see is whether they follow their protagonist a lot or not? Such thought provoking questions are really open ended ones.

71). What is the meaning of honor for you and how much it matters for you to honor someone who deserve it?

72). What is that fine line which makes a difference between ego and self-respect?

73). Do you have enough courage to be a martyr for your country or you would better be pragmatic and live longer?

74). If you have stopped every sort of communication with a person and they meet with a serious trouble in front of you then would you save them?

75). What kind of people you want to surround yourself with?

Such thought provoking questions are an indirect way to ask people that what kind of people they like to have in their life and why?

76). What are the goals in your life and how many of them you have achieved yet?

77). What kind of things are those, you usually spend your money on?

78). What is the story of your life that you would narrate to your kids?

79). If you are allowed to speak only a single sentence in an entire day then what it would be and why?

80). What was the last time when you did not touch your phone for an entire day and spend some time alone?

The answer can probably be a straight no because people these days cannot last an hour without their phone. So, these thought provoking questions are really interesting ones.

81). What are the sacrifices you are making today in order to let your future be happier?

82). What are the mistakes you made in your past which are reflecting now in future?

83). What inspires you to keep going even in the most difficult phase of your life?

84). Who is a perfect person according to you and why?

85). How much the social media affect your life and would you be able to spend the rest of your life without it?

This is really hard to leave the social media for an entire life and such thought provoking questions are really questioning the mainstream other people are following.

86). What is the most tempting offer till date you have said no to?

87). Have you ever tried to take the credit for someone else’s idea and how does it make you feel today?

88). What is the biggest and most challenging experiment that you have ever done in your life and what outcome you had to face after it?

89). What changes you would have to make in your life in order to feel fully satisfied?

90). Do you have someone in your life you usually compare yourself with?

This can either be their goal which sums up that what they want to be like. Thought provoking questions are really a great way to look into people’s inner thought.

91). What is that thing you heard somewhere which really made sense to you?

92). What keeps you lively in this harsh world and how do you manage to survive the odds?

93). What was the worst thing that have happened to you till date which made you learn a great life lesson?

94). Are you a curious kind of person or you are happy with what you are getting?

95). What is that sign of yours which shows you are weak right now?

It is better to not answer such thought provoking questions because I hope you do not want people to know when you are weak.

96). Do you answer people the mainstream way because you think they would judge you for this?

97). You need to thank god for a thing really amazing, then what thing would you name?

98). How would you differentiate the word living from existing?

99). For anything in your life you have not done yet, if not today then, when?

100). How the gestures compliment what you say?

Body language is like the secret language of your own and thought provoking questions is all about knowing a language that nobody knows.

101). What are the activities that make you lose total sense of time?

102). Which is the perfect phase of life to stop thinking about risks and have enough zeal to just do what you want?

103). If you have to give a message to a really large audience then what it would be?

104). If you are only allowed to live until you are 40 then how it would have affected your life?

105). If you need to find something common between you and certain animal then what it would be?

This can be a bit absurd to answer over such thought provoking questions but worth giving a try.

106). What book would you like to remove from high school syllabus and what book would you like to add?

107). How do you handle failures in your life?

108). Is there something which is worth trying but you are not able to have enough guts to try it out?

109). When did you have the time to sit relaxed and listen to your own heartbeats?

110). What do you do differently than most of the people?

This reflects one of your quality and such thought provoking questions helps you to come out of your shell.

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Humans are tend to judge people on the basis of the questions and queries that they ask. You can call it philosophy in a way. And this is indeed true too. People usually ask questions about those things which are running in their mind. And these deep thought provoking questions is like a proof that they are really thinking about something sensible and serious.

You would have noticed sometimes asking questions to yourself only. Because there are a lot of things only you can answer about. And I hope these thought provoking questions would force you to reach that phase.

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