Cool Last Names for Girls and Guys


Cool Last Names: It is true that you use the same surname or last name that your parents do but if you are not happy with your last name you can change it by having a look at some cool last names here. After choosing from your choice of cool last names and their meanings, you can even change it legally.

Cool Last Names

Cool Last Names for Girls

 Abernathy: This name means a person that is funny and mysterious as well

Abner: The short name Abner indicates a person that is sweet in her nature

AldaineThis is not a common one, so this will really keep your name unique

Amor: Amor is a Spanish name that means love, so if it’s your last name you are surely loved by everyone

Amherst: This falls in really cool last names and this name means being regal

Armstrong: There is not any specific meaning for this but you can own this if you are passionate about the names like- Louis, Neil, and Stretch

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Annesley: It sounds really feminine; this means a person having a soft and cool personality

Archer: It simply means anyone who is strong and focused while being cool

Ash: It is a one of the one syllable and cool last names and for one who doesn’t need a long name.

Bandini: Bandini means like a bandit, the word will give an exceptional sound to your surname.

Blackwood: The name has a hint of black yet cool and spooky sound

Blood: This is some of the perfect last names if anyone wants to sound little creepy with their last name

Bloom: A cute surname for a cute girl that has a face like a flower that always blooms

Boulder: This is not only a place in the US but also a stone, so it sounds really cool

Cadwell: It sounds like fantasy, so when you would have this surname people imagine you like going with Prince Harry

Cage: It is just by the last name but you can never be caught

Cobain: The last name connects you with the rock star so who doesn’t want to keep this last name

Colburn: This last name adds up a bit fire effect but you are not on fire

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Colt: Having the last name like Colt means that you are wild and beautiful, so it totally falls among the cool last names

Crabtree: This defines a classy and enlightened person that has all the knowledge

Crassus: This belongs to the history of Rome, so a name with the Rome history

Crew: It is just for the purpose of having a short last name

Cullen: I guess everyone knows it; it is the famous one from the Twilight series, sounds like the famous Edward Cullen

Dalton: This is a classy name having a cool sound

Duke: You’re a Duke because you are only with the heritage

East: East is also among the cool last names because the sun rose from the east and you are like that sun which is never going to stop from rising

Fawn: Fawn is for girls who are sweet yet powerful

Gamble: If you really like taking risks in the life and want to gamble it for good

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Granger: If you consider yourself as smart, beautiful and a wizard at the same time

Gunn: You can have this last name if you think you are cool, sexy and a bit dangerous as well

Halifax: This is a cool place from the British history and also one of the cool last names

Havoc: The girls having internal power to cause destructions

Holly: You’re beautiful, innocent but can be dangerous if anyone creates a mess

Hope: A really feminine surname for the sweet and adorable girls

Hunter: If you are strong and as powerful as a hunter that can take care of herself

Ice: Seriously no meaning is needed because your surname is Ice, it’s automatically cool

Iris: When you have your image like the flower “Iris”

Joy: You spread the joy in everyone you meet

Kelly: Kelly means having fun and being flirty so this one deserves among cool last names

Kennicott: This is totally an unusual name that just makes people keep guessing about the meaning of your surname

King: If you really from the background of royalty and you are a real royal man then what can be better than this last name

Knight: You are not afraid of anyone and seriously a sharp fighter

Lily: You’re as delicate as a flower and really sweet

Love: When you want to grab everyone’s attention to your last name, this is perfect among the Cool last names

Mayhem: Someone who cause trouble but not unnecessarily

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Merry: Merry means simple happy so who keeps others happy and feels happy vibes in herself

Noble: A really noble and gentle woman who is really tamed in all her behaviors

North: North means cool, so she is cool with the last name “North”

Paris: If you love this place and the culture then Paris is just perfect to create a cool impact on everyone

Pevensie: If you have the characteristics of the Narnia stories, go for it

Phoenix: A mythical word that is also known as sun-bird, this means you never give up and find what you want

Power: If you feel the power inside and fearless you can have this last name from my list of cool last names

River: If you really love nature, the last name River is amazing and it is especially for the girls

Rose: Everyone loves the smell of the rose, its softness, and even the thorns

Savage: This is the girl who is tough and cool as well

Slade: The girl who is a bit means and dangerous

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Star: This name is for you if you like the universe, its things, and mysteries and you’re really a star for everyone.

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Styles: Just to add a style to your last name, so it automatically goes in all these cool last names

Tremaine: A person who is sophisticated and also businesslike

Troublefield: If you create troubles you also well manage them

Underwood: This last name sounds like a magical thing and very cool as well

Verbeck: While being a classy last name this is mysterious also, so if you are ok with being a mystery girl then this is the perfect name from my list of cool last names

Violet: Violet should be the last name for the girl who is always pretty in every situation.

Vow: If you are the person that makes promises and keeps them then it’s for you

Cool last names for Guys 

After giving you list of cool last names for girls, here my list goes for the cool last names

For guys, so choose your favorite one and stay with it.

ARDEN: Arden meaning “high”, and it’s an English surname, it’s for the man who thinks high and just superb in everything

ARGYLE: It is a Scottish last name which goes perfectly with any first name

ARLINGTON: It is also an English surname that originated from a village in Sussex, in the England

ARLON: An English surname originated from the Netherlands

ARMISTEAD: This is an old one, also an English surname and the name means “place of arms.” Isn’t that sounds like Cool last names?

ARMITAGE: An English surname that is gained from the word hermitage

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ARMSTRONG: A very Old English surname that simple man’s “strong arms” as it looks. It’s based on the history of a Scottish family with the original name Fairbairn

ARTHUR: An English surname that includes both meaning “bear” and “man,” so it’s like a bear-man or a man who is powerful as a bear

ARTOIR: It’s a province in the Netherlands, but people also prefer it for their cool last names

ASCALL: This is a variation of the word Hascall that means a sheltered place

ASHBURTON: This English last name goes among all cool last names, this surname derived from a town in Devonshire, England. So basically this town is all covered with ash trees

ASHLEY: One of the well-known English last name, so the name has two words ash and lēah that means wood

ASKEW: The surname derived from an English word Ack Sheugh that is also a surname, this word means hills that are covered with oaks

ASTLEY: It is derived from the English surname Eastley, the last name means the East Meadow and Meadow means grass or grassland same as “Hey”

ASTOR: It is an English surname that means “hawk.” so it is good for a man that has characteristics like a hawk and speedy and sharp just as a hawk

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BABER: An English surname with the meanings like death-man, swordsman or someone who is not afraid of death 

BACKMAN: It is an English last name. But the origin is German, and the meaning is Brookman

CALVIN: It is a Norman version of the surname Chauvin which is originated from France that means little bald one, so it’s good for boys

CAMDEN: This name has two words (camp that means enclosure and denu that means valley), so the meaning is “enclosed valley”

CAMERON: A Scottish name that means “crooked nose”

DAVIS: Davis means son of Davy, an English surname

DAWSON: Also, an English one that means son of David which means God

MADDOX: A really adorable English surname, the origin is from the same name Madog which means a fortunate one and the name from the cool last names sounds really cool for guys

MAVERICK: An English surname from the original word maverick that means an unbranded range animal.

MAYNARD: A man who is considered as strong and hard every day and in every moment

MEAD: Anyone who lives by meadow or lives near a land of grass

ORRELL: An English last name that contains two words ora that mean ore and hell that means hill, so it’s “ore hill”

PACE: It’s originated from the French word Pascal that means Easter

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PAISLEY: This is a Scottish name and perfect for Christians because it means “church”

PARKER: This is an occupational surname from the language English that means a park-keeper or the park owner.

PERRY: A topographical last names for the person who lies by a pear tree

RADCLIFF: This surname also has two words, rad that means red and cliff so the meaning is “red cliff”

RAIN: This English surname is perfect for just any guy because of its unique meaning that means “wise”

REAGAN: This last name is perfect for someone who is full of rages like an angry young man or a furious one

RÉGIS: This is a French occupational name that simply means ruler

RHETT: This is an American name that means a person who is good at giving advice

SEWARD: This last name is derived from Anglo-Saxon Word that means a person who guards sea or a sea guard

SHAW: An English surname that means wood

SHERIDAN: An Irish surname that means a person who prefers searching for a searcher

SHERWOOD: An English surname from the Sherwood Forest and the meaning can be clear or bright  

SLADE: This English word from the Middle English means “small valley”

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TALBOT: This word TALBOT means destruction some meaning can be a person who is capable of a great destruction

TATE: A person who is always cheery

TENNYSON: This English name means son of Tenney

TYRRELL: If you are really a stubborn that you should go with this surname

VAUGHAN: A Welsh last name, which means little

WADE: This English surname means someone who lives near the river crossing


In this list, there are several of last names for both boys and girls, so if anyone of you is having trouble with your last name, check my list and choose the one that is cool to you and goes with your first name in a better way. I hope you like this list of cool last names.

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