Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)


Random Questions to Ask a Guy: Ever wondered that what to ask a guy while proceeding towards a relationship? Sometimes it becomes too much complicated that what to say at when. If you think that you have gone out of words for it then you need not worry now. You would have to create a healthy flow of communication between you two.

Random Questions to Ask a Guy

Random Questions to Ask a Guy (150+ Question)

We have come up with numerous random questions to ask a guy. These questions are something which cannot be fell in a category. They are just the normal questions that can be asked to a guy.

1). Have you ever gone through a breathtaking experience in your life?

2). Do you have faith in the fact that you have to pay for what you did on earth only?

This is one of the random questions to ask a guy. You can know that what he feels about mythological concepts. There is nothing personal about it. These are to be asked just to maintain the flow of conversation. Well, it is likely to be possible that he does not believe in all these things.

3). Have you ever cried so badly in front of everyone?

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4). What was the last thing you had regret on?

5). Which bond do you find stronger, with your mother or with your father?

6). Have you ever recorded your voice while singing in the bathroom?

7). Do you have a habit of snoring weirdly?

8). Can you share your most valuable thing with the person you love?

Such random questions to ask a guy are the medium to know his nature. You can get to know about the precious thing which he cannot share even with the love of his life. There is always one thing in everyone’s life which is hard to share. You can get to know that what it is in his life.

9). What is that thing for which you can use someone for your own benefit?

10). What was the worst mess you ever created in your room?

11). If you had to teleport yourself to somewhere else then where it would be?

12). Whom would you like to marry just for a day?

13). What is your favorite brand of shoes?

14). Name those five people you want to die before you?

15). Have you ever fallen into love and regretted over it?

These are one of the efforts as random questions to ask a guy that whether anything bad has happened with him or not? If there is some bad experience in his past, then you can work on it to make him smile. If he has a past, then it should be okay to you as it is normal with everyone so do not freak out.

16). What is that time of the year for which you wait eagerly?

17). Can you leave your family forever for the sake of money?

18). Have you ever felt like possessed with some spirit?

19). In which part of the world, you want to reside forever?

20). If you had to change your identity with someone then who it would be?

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