Personal Questions to Ask a Girl


Personal Questions to Ask a Girl: Do you ever think that you like a girl but there should be a conversation between you both and especially a good talk? But from where these good talks come, what should be the personal questions to ask a girl that you can as her comfortably to know her more on a personal level.

I am here with some quality questions that are totally sensible and give you freedom to know your crush personally. Through these personal questions to ask a girl, you can scratch her a little more from inside and know about her personal interest on various factors.

You may get chances to know some secrets about her that she hasn’t told anyone else. These personal questions to ask a girl are real gems when it is about your girl and a healthy discussion about things, so I hope you would like them.

100+ Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

Personal Questions to Ask a Girl

1). In which place you grew out?

2). How many members are in your family?

3). What are your healthy and unhealthy habits?

4). What are the three most important things in your life?

5). How do you judge a person, his appearance or his qualities?

6). What is the most embarrassing thing you faced so far?

7). What is your weird habit?

8). Which movie do you find the most sensible?

9). What as the last time you cried?

10). Who is the person in your life for happiness? These personal questions to ask a girl help you to know the most important person in her life so you would be aware of that person.

11). Who becomes the reason of sorrows in your life?

12). How was your childhood, have you ever gone through any trauma?

13). Have you ever faced any worst date?

14). What is the biggest lie you have ever said?

15). What’s your favorite vacation spot and is there any vacation memory you remember?

16). What are your beliefs that most people find unnecessary?

17). What do you think about your first impression on people?

18). How was my first impression on you?

19). Which person inspires you the most?

20). Which thing do you find most inspiring in your life?

21). Is there any incident that changed your life completely?

22). What is the base of a strong and long lasting relationship?

23). When you l last break up, who was responsible?

24). Why did you put an end to your last relationship?

25). Who is the best person in your life?

26). If I say that you are dreaming this life, would you like to wake up? Have these personal questions to ask a girl and know how much satisfied she is with her life and which things she wants to change.

27). What is the dumbest thing you have ever believed?

28). What are those things that you want to achieve eagerly before you die?

29). How do you want to retire?

30). How do you manage your work and personal life?

31). How is your behavior with your colleagues?

32). How much do you want to achieve in your life?

33). How would you like to retire?

34). What is that thing that you enjoy even in tough situations?

35). What is a perfect partner according to you?

36). What type of personality of a man attracts you?

37). If in the moment you close your eyes and imagine your life, what would be a perfect life?

38). According to you, what a perfect day should be, which thing would you do to make that a perfect day?

39). What is your choice when it comes to home, do you prefer it countryside, beachside or in the middle of the city? The personal questions to ask a girl will hint you how she thinks of having her dream home and what things she want to include in that home.

40). What do you think about the role of a woman in a relationship?

41). Does a relationship face negative changes after marriage, what would you do to avoid these changes?

42). Can you count on your number of past relationships, what was the most successful among them and why? Maybe you won’t get the correct answer by these personal questions to ask a girl, but it is worth to ask about her past relationships.

43). Have you ever cheated in any of your relationships; do you think you were responsible for breaking up any relationship?

44). Do you still spend some time with your ex-boyfriend, what do you think about this?

45). Have you ever faced any fight in your current relationship because of your ex-boyfriend? How does she give importance to past relationships over current relationships, find it out by these personal questions to ask a girl?

46). What are the most annoying things that men do in a relationship?

47). What was the most adventurous/crazy thing that you have done with your boyfriend and that you won’t ever forget?

48). What is a great idea to spend your weekend, outdoors or indoors?

49). How much money is important to you, have you ever made any harm to anyone because of money issues?

50). Have you ever listened to any mean things from your best friend bout you? Have these personal questions to ask a girl and know those things and the reasons behind saying mean about her.

51). Do you consider yourself a peacemaker or a short-tempered?

52). What are your favorite TV shows is there any schedule fixed to watch them? So next time you can get an appointment to watch that show with her, you just need to have these personal questions to ask a girl.

53). How should a couple spend a perfect Saturday night?

54). What precautions do you use while having sex, have you ever had an unprotected sex?

55). What are those two mandatory things for you while being intimate with your partner? Through these personal questions to ask a girl, know about her choices when getting intimate, the answer can difficult to get but you should try it.

56). How many times a couple should have sex in a month?

57). Have you ever made a schedule to go intimate with your boyfriend or you do it casually without plans?

58). How good are you in saving money? Is there any fixed amount of money that you save for you? Just have these personal questions to ask a girl about finance casually, don’t react too much on the topic of finance.

59). What is that thing that you can spend some extra bucks to get the quality?

60). What is a waste of money according to you?

61). What is the good thing about being rich, how can you use money in the best ways?

62). Have you ever donated a part of your money just to feel inner peace?

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63). Do you think that every time a man should pay or they should split the money when needed?

64). How do you manage your body, do you work out? By having these personal questions to ask a girl, this will notify you that how conscious she is for her body structure and how she manages her workout routines.

65). Is there any restaurant that you love to visit and to fill up your belly?

66). What’s your favorite food of all time?

67). Have you ever experienced any supernatural thing?

68). How Religious do you consider yourself?

69). What are the things that you wish to have if you have enough money?

70). What are the things a man should have in him when he is in a relationship?

71). Who should be admired, movie heroes or people in real life?

72). Can you name a book or a movie that has a great impact on your life?

73). Have you ever thought about your autobiography, what should be the title?

74). What do you think right now sitting with me?

75). Have you ever done something very differently?

76). Is there anything like karma?

77). Does law of attraction really exist?

78). What was your favorite fairy tale in childhood, do you still love it?

79). Have you ever been to any sexy date? What was so sexy about it?

80). Have you ever done anything wild that you still enjoy when thinking about it?

81). What is your marriage fantasy?

82). How do you consider marriages, relax in life or a pain in the butt?

83). If you have the choice to name your kids, what would you choose one them?

84). Do you feel fear with someone?

85). Is there any reason you feel irritated with?

86). How can I feel you safe?

87). What is your opinion about death?

88). Do you think lies are necessary to have a long relationship or honesty is the best policy?

89). Do you have any dream that you haven’t completed yet?

90). If you would have to buy a gift for me, what would it be?

91). What was the best birthday of our life and why?

92). Do you stay in touch with people forever or maintain distance when they are not part of our life anymore?

93). Does the thought of dying ever come to your brain that what would happen to your things and stuff after you die? Get these personal questions to ask a girl to come to know does she ever think this deep about her life.

94). How do you manage your thing, are they all organized or messy?

95). How does your temper rise?

96). How do you feel when you are dealing with a bad mood?

97). Is there any type of food that can cool your temper?

98). Between a man and a woman who is more responsible for making things romantic?

99). What is your greatest ambition? Know the important things and aims inner life by these personal questions to ask a girl.

100). Have you ever gone foreign country?

101). What do you think about one night stand have you ever done it?

102). What was the biggest surprise you have ever met?

103). When you feel stressed and exhausted, how do you relax?

104). How can I instantly put a smile on your face?

105). Have you ever done any kind thong to some stranger?

106). What type of charity would you support if you have an unlimited amount of money?

107). Have you ever crushed on anyone? Have you told him?

108). On which part of your body you like taking kisses?

109). What’s your favorite coffee shop where we can hang out often?

110). What’s your nature love, Beaches, mountains, forests or fields?

111). Is there any reason you like more? Is there any specific holiday which you enjoy more?

112). Do you like when someone gives you your favorite flower or a bouquet?

113). How much do you find yourslelf possessive about your boyfriend?

114). If you catch your man being intimate with someone else, would you expect any explanation or just pack up? So you know in which way she thinks of getting rid of these relationships by these personal questions to ask a girl.

115). What is your favorite melody or song so far? Do you like blues?

116). Have you ever faced a serious girl fight?

117). Have you ever faced anything like you are about to dead?
118). What is the best thing about your best friend? How do you consider people as your friend?

119). Is there any favorite line from any book or movie?

120). If you would ever write a book, what would be the subject?

121). What is that thing that you love about you?

122). What is in this word that you would miss the most after death?

123). What was the last time you feel restless?

124). Are you afraid of death or something else?

125). What is your favorite year so far?

126). Do you have any serious health issues? This will be a bit serious but these personal questions to ask a girl real about her health issue or any past health issues.

127). If I want to gift you a perfume, what should it be?

128). At which age do you wish to have your babies?

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A good communication is a key to a good relationship where it’s friendship or you’re in love with a girl. It’s hard to know someone and their choices, but having all these personal questions to ask a girl you can really know each other on a deeper level.

These personal questions to ask a girl will also clear out what things do you have in common, so read these out, you ask your girl and get her personal views.

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