10 Best Apps like Mobdro


Struggling to access Mobdro like various other prominent users? Well, now you have the option to browse other apps like Mobdro which can help you to stream movies and TV shows online and that too in amazing quality.

10 Best Apps like Mobdro

As you people know Mobdro is a freemium app so the ones I am going to list here are also such apps. With paid version of the app you get complete access of it. They have huge database of various old and latest movies and TV shows which are bifurcated in different categories too. You can discover more about these apps right below.

1. Crackle

Download App: Android, iOS

CrackleWhen talking about the best apps like Mobdro especially for TV shows streaming I think Crackle tops the list definitely. Apart from being extremely popular, the app is greatly sorted and have simple interface too. Not only app but the official website of Crackle provides similarly large database too.

Call it a trend or creativity but the original shows offered by various media streaming platforms are a huge hit and Crackle is nowhere behind in this trend as it provides some of the most entertaining Crackle originals.

Talking about various features offered by this app then there are plenty and if you want to access them all then you would not even need to have some subscriptions for that because this app is absolutely free to use. This is the reason I listed it on the top most position.

I really liked that how Crackle provides you a huge library of premium shows which are hard to find on other platforms. You just need to create a free basic account and you are good to go on this app then.

2. Hotstar

Download App: Android, iOS

HotstarOne of the hottest and most exclusive apps like Mobdro in this list is Hotstar which is a live streaming app. Apart from providing a huge database of movies and TV shows you can watch live news and sports on this platform too and with minimal charges.

This on the go app is a wonderful solution to all of your entertainment problems. With a wide range of categories and on-demand video options, you can stream whatever you want and wherever you want.

Hotstar provides the best quality of videos on this app along with numerous TV channels too. This is no less than watching live TV with best quality content. The premium services of this app provides such content which are not available on any other streaming apps at all.

Hotstar is undoubtedly amongst the best alternative Mobdro apps. However, the content of this app varies according to the region. There is a great thing about Hotstar is that it consume 50% less data than most of the apps enlisted here which is quite a huge advantage. The free version offers limited services only so do not forget to subscribe on this app.

3. Viu

Download App: Android, iOS

ViuFor the people who are done with conventional movies and repetitive TV shows, Viu provides a platform where you can watch original shows and Korean dramas too. Apart from streaming multiple videos here you can also download them digitally on this platform too.

Viu is one amazing entertainment platform which suits perfectly in the list of apps like Mobdro and has so many versatile stuffs to offer. As per the quality, you have multiple options to choose including HD too.

Some of the genres that you can explore on Viu are action, regional, romantic, drama, fiction, thriller etc. You get numerous choices in movies as well as TV shows, I must recommend the original videos powered by Viu as they are amazingly powerful and entertaining.

The app has some subscription offers which you can choose accordingly. The offline download option allows you to download videos digitally and watch them later on through this app. Viu is one of the most loved and most download media streaming app whose content also differs on the basis of location and country.


Download App: Android, iOS

HOOQIf you are someone who wants to browse an app which is mainly dedicated to movie streaming then HOOQ is one such alternative apps like Mobdro which is going to do the work for you. It has a database of over 10,000 movies and some TV shows too.

Of course, there are some limitations over this app like no original shows or live TV streaming but still, it is quite up to the mark when it comes to latest movies and TV shows.

Be it local box office hits or topmost Hollywood blockbusters, you can stream it all on HOOQ. Interestingly, there are no charges or subscription plans on HOOQ but that reflects on the fact that there are some ad problems in this app.

Thankfully, there are various categories available on this app like superhero, thrillers, fantasy, romance, classics, suspense etc. HOOQ is a well arranged and a simple platform which is literally one amazing option that we have in this list of apps like Mobdro.

5. Netflix

Download App: Android, iOS

NetflixI don’t think I need to brag much about Netflix because everyone knows that this is the number 1 app when it comes to movie and TV shows streaming. In fact, the original shows of Netflix are the most popular ones and I would strongly recommend this app for the same.

Netflix is surely the most browsed apps like Mobdro but unfortunately, it does not work on freemium model and you would have to go for some subscription plans for it.

There are various plans available considering different services offered. You can create up to 6 profiles with one subscription and each one being suggested different videos on the basis of media streamed earlier. Netflix runs on the basis of different location and hence offers different database.

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It has great category wise bifurcation like action, drama, horror, thriller, romance and many more along with sub-categories provided too. You can also opt for free one month trial before option for some subscription plans. Netflix is a really handy app but it consumes way more data than most of the media streaming apps.

6. Hulu

Download App: Android, iOS

HuluI am sure you must have already known about this app before as it is one of the best apps for Android. Hulu provides you the best experience of watching TV as well as latest and old all types of movies on it. Of course, Hulu works on subscription basis only and there are no free modes except trial one.

Hulu offers three different subscription plans which varies according to price and services provided which varies from $7.99 per month to $39.99 per month.

If you get access to entire streaming library of Hulu then it is going to be the best streaming experience for you. The app offers more than 50 Live TV channels to the users along with movies and TV shows bifurcated on the basis of multiple categories.

Some of the features of Hulu that resembles to other apps like Mobdro are 6 personalized profiles, subscription based accessing, list for favorite stuffs, browse on the basis of recommendations, live sports, events etc. Hulu also takes care of on-demand facilities too and am sure it’s smart interface is going to keep you entertained throughout.

7. Amazon Prime Videos

Download App: Android, iOS

Amazon Prime VideosOne of the most diverse and reliable source of browsing unlimited media files and amazing videos that too in great quality, Amazon Prime Videos are the ultimate destination one can go for all this. This app is undoubtedly the best solution for your quest of apps like Mobdro.

One thing I liked the most about Amazon Prime Videos is that it is quite an affordable service with charges nothing extra for additional services like downloads and offline watch.

Now, let me tell you about some of the interesting features of this app. These features are diverse content, multiple categories for TV shows and movies, region-based content, ratings provided, first episode of TV series for free, prime membership on nominal charges etc.

In fact, Amazon Prime also offers amazing original shows too which are critically acclaimed too. The app also features multiple TV channels too which means live TV shows. You can also purchase and rent videos from this app with great quality and no-ads at all. I am sure you are going to have fun watching great shows on this app.

8. Flipps

Download App: Android, iOS

FlippsAnother freemium app which I decided to add in this category of apps like Mobdro is Flipps. This is not just a simple movie streaming app but a completely different world on its own. From live TV streaming to various movies and TV shows database, Flipps can provide you everything which is needed for your entertainment.

Flipps provides you the facility to watch movies, browse YouTube, music videos, live TV and TV shows on its platform.

Now, some of the things that you should know about Flipps are that under the free plan you get limited access to everything. So, you would have to make some in-app purchases to get full access. Now, talking about the features then there are plenty of them.

Some of these features are partnership with other apps, categorized content, live TV without additional set up, TV remote control, personalized profile, smart suggestions, high-quality videos, linear playback and many more.

9. Viki

Download App: Android, iOS

VikiIf you are tired of watching stereotypical American shows and movies then it is the time to go Asian with Viki. It provides a wide collection of popular dramas, TV shows from various parts of Asia which are surely worth watching.

There are some great services which are offered under the free period but if you want to get access to premium services like wide library and no-ad policy and more then you can buy Viki Pass for it.

There are so many features and services which comes handy with this app. Some of them are Viki originals, no ads, genre wise streaming, 200+ language subtitles, ratings and reviews provided, fashion and lifestyle videos and many more.

Viki makes a perfect option in the list of apps like Mobdro and its wide database of amazing shows and movies are going to keep you equipped all the time.

10. Yupp TV

Download App: Android, iOS

Yupp TVThe last option which I decided to list in this category of Mobdro apps alternatives is quite different from other options here. Yupp TV is a platform which is especially dedicated to Live TV streaming only. This is the largest online TV streaming platform out there and a soap opera fan should definitely subscribe on it.

In fact, the platform of Yupp TV is not only restricted to live TV streaming only but it provides some amazing movies and old TV shows on it too.

You can find multiple categories of videos here like comedy, family drama, romance, crime, thriller, spiritual, news, sports etc. There are more than 200 TV channels provides on this app which are fully accessed when you opt for paid plans.

There is no doubt that Yupp TV is a bit different from most of the apps like Mobdro but its major content is about live TV streaming only. From popular to regional you can find all sorts of content on it. The app would not let you feel bored at all.


With so many amazing options of freemium apps like Mobdro in this list, I am sure you must be getting confused that which one to choose among all these? Well, you can try these apps one at a time and if you feel dissatisfied with the content and database then you can move on to some other ones.

There are some apps mentioned here which provides live TV options too. I think versatility is the key which are keeping the popularity factor of these apps so high. You can try out other options which are available on iTunes and Google Play Store.

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