Top 10 Apps like Bluestacks (Bluestacks Alternatives)


Bluestacks has always been a great tool for those who want to access android features on Windows. However, there are times when Bluestacks malfunctions and hence you need more apps like Bluestacks which are light in size and yet quite efficient too.

Top 10 Apps like Bluestacks

Here is a list of wonderful Bluestacks alternatives which are going to allow you to launch mobile applications, games and everything else relevant in your PC and Macs. I am sure these wonderful apps are going to change the way you have ever accessed mobile apps before and that too with so much of ease.

1. AMIDuos


AMIDuosAMIDuos is not just an app for letting you play games on your PC but it is actually way more than that. This is a simple software which is super easy to download as well super easy to use too. This is compatible for Windows 7/8/10 and works perfectly with all of them.

This can be your perfect choice to find apps like Bluestacks for your PC. AMIDuos gives such an access in your windows that you will probably fall in love with it.

However, the only issue you are going to face with AMIDuos is that it is not free to use. You can use the free trial for initial 30 days only and then you would have to pick a plan between AMIDuOS Pro for $15 and AMIDuOS Lite for $10 for which you get android version Lollypop/Jellybean and Jellybean respectively.

This is so fun to use AMIDuos as it is very handy and does not require additional boot to switch between windows and android. You can now play games, run apps, enjoy every social media facility without any issue in your PC.

2. Genymotion


GenymotionGenymotion is another tool and next pick for the category of apps like Bluestacks and makes a perfect Android emulator too. It has the capability to simulate more than 3000 virtual devices configurations in your PC and that too with great smoothness.

Genymotion is not a simple app to just play games but it allows you to create and develop your own little virtual world too along with high security and no bugs problem.

However, Like AMIDuOS Genymotion also does not come for free and you would have to buy one of the subscriptions for using this software in your pc. For Genymotion Indie you need to pay $136 per year, for Business plan you need to pay $412 per year and for Enterprise plan you need to contact them.

There are so many Bluestacks app alternatives and I think Genymotion makes one great pick amongst them. But I would recommend this software to those people who want to use it for professional purposes rather than just switching between some android apps for pass time.

3. Nox App Player


BignoxFinally, there is an option in this list of apps like Bluestacks which is completely free to access. Yes, you hears it right, Nox App Player does not involve any sort of hidden fees and you can access it for free as long as you want on your PC.

The latest version of this software is Nox Player 5 which can be easily downloaded from its official website for free. This app is not only compatible for different Windows versions but also for Macs too.

As a user you should know that Nox Player is very fast and smooth and works on Android 4.4.2. Well, considering the technology used, it is running behind than other Android versions but I am sure it won’t disappoint you performance wise.

I would especially recommend Nox Player to those people who are in love with PC and mobile gaming. The app is definitely a perfect tool for it. Other features which comes along with this software are script recording, gamepad, keyboard support, multiple functioning and many more. I don’t think you are going to get any other app of such category performing this many functions for free.

4. Andy


Andy-emulatorI guess you must have heard this name before because Andy is one of the most powerful tool which is often used as alternative to Bluestacks for developing an Android platform in your PC. In fact, Andy provides access to various other important tools and apps which you were not able to access on Windows earlier.

Andy is super simple to create a sync between mobile devices and desktop that finally you will be able to operate everything on a single screen.

Now, the exciting news about Andy is that it is completely free to use. There are no hidden fees, no subscriptions and no charges at all for using this app. However, you will be needing a paid enterprise license for developers support.

Andy works the way other apps like Bluestacks do and offers a number of features like full Android UI, app sync to mobile, access to local file system, camera and mic integration and many more. However, it supports only Windows 7,8 and Mac OS X only so if you are using Windows 10, you would have to consider other options here.

5. MEmu


MEmu-emulatorMEmu is a popular option listed under the category of apps like Bluestacks which is used by many people to operate android features on their PCs. MEmu is a successful approach accompanied with various security measures to introduce a new reform in Android emulating systems.

This is a free to use platform whose latest version is V3.5.0 and you can easily download it through the official website of this software.

What I mostly liked about MEmu is the fact that it operates on various Android versions which are Jellybean, KitKat and Lollipop simultaneously. It is also seen that MEmu works better than some of the renowned Android based smartphones in some criteria.

The great part about MEmu is that it supports various platforms like Windows 7/ 8/ 10, Intel, nVIDIA, AMDA, Intel HD Graphics etc. For the love of gaming, MEmu is the best decision you can make as it provides the best experience along with the uses of keyboard, mouse and joystick.

This free to use service is really popular for the people who are a big gaming freak and looking for perfect android supporting system in their PC.

6. Android-x86


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androidx86-emulatorAndroid-x86 is a completely different approach towards operating android in your PC and worth trying out if you are looking for more apps like Bluestacks. This is an open source project which ports Android to x86 after which it can be easily used on the PC platform.

This is not something that you come across every day but something way smarter and higher than you think and everything that you are getting here is absolutely free.

Under this open source project, you can get the links to such software and apps which are capable of providing android emulator. Here you get variety of sources along with latest android version support too. Along with supporting numerous PCs and laptops, this unique app is capable of performing various tasks too.

To be true, I found this app to be more useful than other apps like Bluestacks. The features you get under Android-x86 are image viewer, unlimited gaming, Kernel 4.9, KMS enable, G-Sensor, Mirror modes, support netbook native resolution and many more.

7. Android Studio’s Emulator


Android-Studios-EmulatorAndroid Emulator offered by Android Studio is not just a simple tool which is used for android emulating but a great software through which you can do many other tasks. You can perform everything like receiving and making phone calls, text messages and many more through it.

Interestingly, Android Studio is a completely free to use software which can be easily downloaded from its site and the installation process is followed then.

I consider this app to be one of the most useful apps like Bluestacks which has way more to offer than conventional android emulating apps. This is simple and straight forward and there are no complexities involved.

However, Android Studio’s Emulator requires your device to be 64 bit otherwise it won’t work on it. There are also some of the functions that are not supported by it like WIfi, Bluetooth, USB, SD card, NFC etc.

8. KOPlayer


KOPlayer-EmulatorKO Player is a free to use software which is used as an excellent option for the category of apps like Bluestacks for windows. Being an android emulating tool does not mean that it involves any type of complexities in its interface or usage.

In fact, this is so simple to download and use KO Player. You can simply download it from the official website of this app and then install it for usage. The latest version was updated in January 2017 and it is free to use. KO Player is mostly preferred by gamers as it makes an excellent tool for playing android based app games.

However, KOPlayer is one of those apps like Bluestacks which does not support Windows 10. The other platforms it supports are Windows XP/ Vista/ 7 only. There are also other technical limitations which applies on this app as well. Despite that people love to use it for hour long gaming sessions on their PC.

9. Droid4x


Droid4x-EmulatorDroid4X is another android emulating tool and next option for apps like Bluestacks in this list. It is powered by Haiyu Dongxiang Co. and the latest version of this software is 0.9.0. You can easily download this software from the site mentioned along.

Droid4x is a robust Android operating tool on PC which provides lots of options to its users. Through this software you can use any app like gaming, music, movies, lifestyle or anything else on your PC.

The operating system of Android that you get with this app is Android 4.2.2. This is the most common platform of Android and almost every app supports it. Things which you can do after installing it in your PC are recording video file playing on emulator screen, toggle image quality setting, control customization, gaming support and many more.

Droid4x is a free to use software and this makes it even more desirable by the users. I am sure you would surely love using it.

10. Youwave


Youwave-EmulatorThe last one in this list of apps like Bluestacks is Youwave. You might not have heard the name of this app for PCs but it is actually quite useful and perfectly if you are looking for some kind of android emulating tool to use all the android features in your PC.

The latest version of Youwave is Youwave premium 5.0 and you can directly download it from the official website of this software. However, this version is paid and for free you can download Youwave 4.0 ICS.

Youwave is a totally free to use tool so you are not supposed to pay anything for the basic features which you get under 4.0 ICS version. The in-app purchases which are supposed to make only for the desired apps and 5.0 version are done through PayPal.

The features which are offered under this app are multiple screen sizes, availability of Lollipop android version, SD card functionality, amazing gaming platform, compatibility to Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10, dynamic rotating, volume control buttons and many more. Youwave is a perfect option for apps like Bluestacks for Windows 10.

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There are a huge number of Android emulator available currently right now. I have only tried to bring down the few best for you. There can be variety of reasons for using these tools in your PC and for the same you really need to have a look at this list given above.

Keeping in mind about the systems of Windows 7/8/10, you are going to see number of variants here accordingly. You can choose anyone according to your system’s requirement and then start accessing it with utmost ease.

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