Top 7 Sites to Watch Latest Telugu Movies Online for Free Without Buffering

If you are a lover of South Indian cinema and wish to watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering then I have some great options for you.

Obviously, Bollywood and South Indian cinema industry are two different things and works differently too.

You are going to see too much of action and a completely different story line in Telugu and Tamil cinema. This is the time that you can browse online movies Telugu to watch free on different sites.

Sites to Watch Latest Telugu Movies Online for Free Without Buffering

Here are the top 7 solutions to watch latest Telugu movies online without even any ads or charges. Hope you will like mention sites.

  • TodayPK


TodayPK offers one of the least-BS interfaces out there when it comes to latest Telugu movies online for free. It has a top-bar which lets you choose from the various categories such as Bollywood, Hollywood, Hindi Dubbed, Telgu, Tamil, Pakistani and so on.

The list clearly indicates the fact that the site excels not just in Telugu movie streaming but for films in nearly all other Indian languages as well.

There’s a thumbnail-based list just below the top bar which lists featured movies which you can watch directly simply by clicking on them once.

Or, you can choose one from the left-sidebar which enlists “Hollywood movies‘. The right-sidebar is where you’ll get hundreds of Telgu movies enlisted separately.

Furthermore, most movies are offered in HD quality and its no-ad interface is what’s commendable as well. There are almost no ads and the only ads are on the “play’ button which open in a separate window.

Offers over 5 alternate servers for most videos, and videos can be played in-screen as well (without leaving the site or opening up a large video-screen). No signup required.

  • GoFilms4U


The first one in this list of sites to watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering is GoFilms4U.  The most interesting thing about GoFilms4U is that this site is really versatile and engaging.

This means when you will go through GoFilms4U, then you will get to see a lot of different options to browse media files from.

The various categories in which HDBuffer offers movies are:

English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, TV Shows, WWE, A to Z Movies, Reviews and Trailers etc.

From this, you can get the idea that how versatile and varied this site actually is. If you are a true fan of watching great movies hailing from different cinemas then GoFilms4U is just the right option for you. While we are talking about Telugu Cinema then you must get to know about it details too.

In the section of Telugu Cinema, GoFilms4U has almost all the recent flicks uploaded on its site. Be it an old classic of Telugu industry or the recent ones, you are going to find all of them on GoFilms4.

This makes GoFilms4U a perfect place to watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering. The best part of the site is that there is no need to download any of the movies as they provide online streaming on all.

In the section of Telugu movies, you are going to see movies from the year 2015, 2016 and 2017 in majority. There is no need of sign-up or giving any charges as the site is free to use.

  • Filmlinks4u


Next reliable option to watch Telugu movies online for free without buffering is Filmlinks4u. This is one of the most browsed sites in India for watching multi lingual movies. The USP of this site is its versatility. It not only focus upon Telugu movies only but also give full priority to other movies too.

The major categories on this site are Hindi movies, Hollywood movies, Telugu movies, Tamil, Malayalam and other movies like Punjabi, Kannada, and Bengali etc.

From the above-mentioned information, it must have become clear for you that Filmlinks4u is very rich in its content. Not only Telugu movies, but you are also going to get various movies dubbed in Hindi or dual tone on this site easily.

You get all of these features and services without the worry and hassle of getting yourself registered on this site. In fact, you are not supposed to pay even a penny for anything on this site. If you have any doubts regarding the domain that please note that they have transformed from to

Filmlinks4u does not provide any of the content on its site and you would be redirected to a third party for the streaming of the Telugu movies.

You just need to click on the options of Telugu and you are ready to watch Telugu movies online for free without buffering. The quality of the movies are really good and you can even find some of them in HD too. So, don’t wait anymore and watch all the recent Telugu flicks on this site.

  • The Cine Bay


The next one and really interesting platform made especially to watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering is The Cine Bay. Now, don’t waste your time browsing through different sections of other movies genres because The Cine Bay is completely dedicated for Telugu movies only.

Apart from browsing movies online, you are going to get every possible stuff and sections regarding the movies.

They have multiple categories like trailers, gallery, reviews, movies and even TV shows. In the section of TV shows, you get to browse channels like Z Telugu, Gemini, Maa TV etc. You are also free to go through different Telugu TV serials too.

If you wish to watch full length latest Telugu movies then just click on the section of movies and it will display you all the possible movies uploaded on their site. There are various filters also given on this page. You can pick your favorite movie on the basis of Genres, years and cast.

There are various sub categories also given for the movies like featured, recently released, most watched etc. You can watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering on this site and that too in full length and different subtitles.

This is not compulsory to sign up on this site. However, this would be good to do so for additional features. This is absolutely free of cost and no upgrades charges any money on this site. If you are not able to find your desired movie on this site then you can request them to upload it.

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  • Movies Golds


The next one in this list of various sites to watch Telugu movies online for free without buffering is Movies Golds. Like all the other sites, this site is also capable enough to deliver a great database of some amazingly entertaining and latest Telugu movies on its site.

Not only Telugu movies, but the site also works in various categories too. The major sections that you are gonna see on their site are English movies, Hindi Movies, Tamil Movies, Telugu Movies, Malayalam, Bengali etc.

This means, Movies Golds is a site which works in the field of providing different multi lingual movies to its users and that too without evening charging anything from them.

When you will point the arrow on Telugu movies then you will get certain options in them. You can choose the movies on the basis of the year they released in. In this way, you get more refined output of your searches.

Be it Kayyum Bhai or Patel SIR, you are surely going to get every latest release of Telugu movies on this site. In fact, in just the folder of 2017 movies, you are gonna get more than 100 movies with just half of the year passed. It will not be wrong to say that Movies Golds is one amazing Telugu movies oriented site.

This makes it a perfect option to watch Telugu movies online for free without buffering. There are no issues of sign up or charges, you just need to simply click on the movies name and follow the link which will stream the movies.

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  • HighQuality


Well, High Quality is indeed in very high quality and this is surely gonna make you go addicted to it. This is a big shout out to all the South Indian movie lovers out there, that I have got the perfect option for you to browse as much movies as you want on this site.

You should better start binge watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering because they have got their stocked full with some amazing movies.

Coming over to the description of this site, you need not to go for any sign up on this site. This means no hassle of unwanted mails and no issues of charging bucks for upgrades. They just offer you pure entertainment without wanting anything from you in return.

HighQuality is not only a huge Telugu movie hub but also a great site to watch dubbed movies in Hindi and other languages. If you are someone who likes to watch Hollywood movies in Hindi, then the site can help you over in that too.

But, as we are talking about the Telugu section then to watch Telugu movies online for free without buffering, go to the section named Telugu Movies.

You are gonna find every Telugu movie (latest or old) out there along with their release year. You just need to simply click on it and follow the given link to watch the movie. The process is really simple and the database is really large, so you are gonna have non-stop entertainment for a really long time.

  • Smart Talkies


Looking for a site which not only let you watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering along with satisfying all your South Indian movie needs, the Smart Talkies is the one for you. They have not restricted themselves just for movies and have gone way too far than that.

The major categories that you are going to get browsed on this site are as follows:

Hindi movies, Telugu movies, Kannada movies, Malayalam movies, trailers, songs etc.

All of a sudden you will feel like you are watching a whole Telugu library in front of your eyes. When it comes to movies, you get various sections so that you know what you exactly going to watch. They keeps you updated with upcoming flicks, the one running in theater, trending movies etc.

In this way you not only watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering but also gets to know about them completely. From great audio and video songs to biography of various actors and directors, you are going to get everything on this site.

I don’t think any other site is as capable as this one to provide a whole Telugu world to you. If you want then you can also get to see the trending news about movies and celebrities on this site.

If you want to stream movies on this site then you get various categories for that. You can pick from upcoming, latest, comedy, mythological, old classics, horror or even short movies. This is a site that I would personally suggest you to all the Telugu movie lovers as it does not even want you to create an account.

  • Download-AnyMovie


The last one in this list is Download-Anymovie. No matter the site is US oriented but its content is mostly diversified and you are sure to get the results perfectly refined and the way you want. In fact, along with Indian movies, you are going to get a great collection of latest Hollywood movies too.

Like most of the sites to watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering, it is not required to do any sign up process on this site. In fact, whatever movies you wish to see, you need not give any prior charges for them.

This is just a click and go kind of site which is very easy to access for all the users. The various categories available on this site are Bollywood, Hollywood, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, Malayalam, Marathi, Gujarati etc.

Of course, to stream Telugu movies online, go to the relevant section. Sadly, you are not going to get any filters here to refine your search, but you will surely get lots of options of Telugu movies.

Mostly, you are going to get the recent flicks of the Telugu industry but if you dig deep, you may find some old classics too. And finally, a big thumbs up from my side to watch latest Telugu movies online for free without buffering on this site.

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There is absolutely no big deal in finding out the solution to watch latest Telugu movies online. But the fact is that you have to pick the best ones from millions of options. And this is why I think you can rely on me to do the patch work for you.

This instant listing is going to make you completely acknowledged with the tiniest details of these top 7 websites. So, just grab that popcorn bowl and start watching right now.