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Best Apps for Android: We all are getting addicted to android phones now. You just can not imagine your whole life without your smartphone. When it comes to make ease into your life, there are various applications that work for this.  You do not have to worry much about anything when you have a smartphone in your pocket.

These Android driven phones have changed your life a lot. These best apps for android keep you updated from all the happenings around the world. They manage your life better than you do. They take care of you even more than a friend. They just help you to synch with more people and make world a shorter place to live in. It reduces the distance between user and facilities and gives a new approach to the life.

Android is a vast sea of applications that are handy to use and gives your life a simpler way to go on. Android comes with lots and lots of features and one of them is various applications. Yes, Android offers you large variety of apps which makes the handling of the phone even simpler.

You can have best apps on any issue. If you are not able to manage your phone then these apps can do this for you. If you are not able to get answers of all your questions then these apps can do this for you too.

best apps for android free

But then arises a question that which app to go for and which not? You can not fill your phone completely with lots and lots of apps. It will surely result into the weak functioning of your phone. But still you want to stay updated with all the things. Here you find yourself trapped in a situation. Because there are many apps which cause malware in your smartphone which finally results in the damage of your phone’s system.

You would not want to download these apps for sure. Some of the apps shows that they have the capacity to fulfill your wants but when you download them, they result in thorough waste only. Such apps consume much of your data and gives nothing in return.

But now you need not to worry at all. Because we have brought the best apps for Android in your phone. These best apps for Android will help you to lead a simpler life than you have ever imagined. Be it business news or weather report, these apps would help you in every situation.

No complaints, no demands these best apps for Android in your phone would not leave your hand until and unless you think to do that. From your health to the business, they take care of each and everything and keeps you updated with all the stuff that you really need to know. They help you to goes hand in hand with the technology for the rest of your life.

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Best Apps for Android Free 2017

In this section we have managed to bring the best apps for Android to make the things easier for you. Take a look that whether you have them all or at least some of them. And if you haven’t downloaded either of them then hurry and download these best apps for android now.

Access these apps and find out the better way of living and you will come to know that you have been doing the things the wrong way and that they can be done right with just one click.

1). Circle of 6

Now this is one of the best apps in the category of best apps for Android. This app can really proved to be a life saver for you when you are in a tough situation.

Have you ever imagined that what if you stuck in a taxi on a lonely road? You would surely feel terrified. All you need to do is tap on this app having a button twice and it will send one of three messages that you have pre-saved to your 6 contacts.

This app will send your current location with a message that you need help in urgent. And this will not let you feel alone ever.


2). Facebook Messenger 

There is probably no one in this world who is having a smartphone but not having facebook messenger installed in it. This app is seriously best app for android.

This is so much cool that this provides the facility to chat with your thousands of friends on Facebook over a single page.

This app lined up all the friends as a contact list and avail you to the facility of video call, audio call and chat with them with so many stickers in it. a must from my side to every smartphone.


3). Hangouts 

Google talk is no more in use all thanks to the Google Hangouts. This app not only provides you the facility of chatting with your other Google contacts but if you have an upgraded version of Android on your smartphone, then you can manage your all SMS through this app.

If you are on Google+ then you can do conference video call up to 12 participants through this android app. With the ease of accessing, it truly becomes the member of the category best apps for Android.


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4). Redphone

This app secures your phone call to be encrypted. When you make a call this shows that whether the other user has a redphone app or not. And if another user has the app then this saves your phone call from the encryption.

This makes your phone calls even more secure from the other malfunctions. If you want your privacy to be maintained then you should definitely give a try to this best apps for Android.

5). Tumblr

Tumblr has changed a lot form the time when it came to the existence for the users. With the amazing features of sharing everything quickly this app has improved a lot over the years.

This provides you the ease of blogging and re-blogging. From sharing pictures to the new ideas and discover you can share anything through this app.

Be it photographs, links, quotes, videos or chatting this app has it all what you need for a great communication. Seriously the genuine entry in the category of best apps for Android.


6). Whatsapp

This is one of the best apps for Android in your smartphone. This best app for Android is a must for every smartphone from my side. Extremely user-friendly and possess lots and lots of features that every user loves. Along with the ease of chatting for hours this app can even function on a very slow data connection.

This app gives you the facility of sharing photos and videos just like that. You can share contacts, location and audio too.

You can create WhatsApp groups and enjoy the fun of chatting with hundreds of your friends together. Also, you can make free WhatsApp calls too. This app is a package for the app lovers.


7). Wickr

What if you need to secure your private messages? You would simply delete them. Yes, this app works in the same manner.

This app keeps your private messages private forever. If you want a secure conversation then you can go for this app. You simply decide the life span of each message and after that they are deleted from your chat history automatically. This also works on the media messages too. A good app in the category of best apps for Android.


8). Saavn

This app is a boon for the music lovers. If you want to stay updated with the latest music in any language then you should immediately download saavn in your smartphone.

You can listen to the songs even without downloading them. It means this app gives you the facility to stream the songs online with a nice quality. With a great collection of database this music app is surely the best apps for Android.


9). Dead Beef Player

Dead beef player is just an amazing player for the music lovers. This app supports the song in mp3, Ogg, aac/mp4, alac/mp4, FLAC, ape, wv, wav, tta, mpc, sid, mod, s3m, nsf format and others too.

If oyu want to take control over the music then this app is just perfect for you. you can equalize the songs in more than 10 forms. So start listening to the concert performances of your favorite musicians which you have kept storing yet.


10). Slacker Radio

This is one of the best apps for Android especially for those who want more than music. This app offers you something much more than music.

You can discover and connect with your favorite music of all time. You can find the best of music right here. Also you can stream the different comedy shows, sports and radio stations on this app.

So along with the music you can have other thing which can keep you entertained.

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11). Adobe Photoshop Express 2.0

A complete shop of creativity is now available right at your smartphone. Now, there is no need to bang your head on the laptop or computer for hours.

You can show off your creativity skills on your smartphone too. Photoshop your pictures and upload the albums on the social media is now just one click away from you.

It is the time to experience the world of creativity with this best apps for android in your smartphone.


12). Instagram

You just clicked a picture and adored it for minutes and then kept the phone aside. Seriously? Are you not going to get praise for it from all over the social media? Instagram leaves no stone unturned form aking you a social butterfly. Whatever you are doing eating, sleeping, cooking, gym just take a selfie and upload it on Instagram instantly.

Get likes from all your friends and tag some pals of yours and enjoy the social surfing with all the heart out.  Probably the most creative and best apps for Android.


13). Pics art

Even the superb pics look dull sometimes and sometimes the worst pictures of your friends look stunning just with some edits.

Pics art is all about editing out your pictures. Make it blemish free, blur out the unwanted part, create a magical environment in your photographs just with a click.

If you want to make a collage or you want to place lots of pictures on a single platform free handed then pics art is just the perfect choice for you. try out the app now and enjoy the fun of creativity. One of the best apps for Android for those who are addicted

One of the best apps for Android for those who are addicted of uploading their photographs and getting likes on it. Now you can increase them all with a one click.


14). Calorie Counter: My FitnessPal

If you are gaining weight by eating lots of calorie food then calorie counter is just perfect for you. it takes account of all the things which are causing the high consumption of calorie in your stomach.

Now it is the time to burn lots of belly fat and this app keeps you updated that how much calorie you are consuming in a day. It surely does not inspire you to work out a lot but by seeing the calorie consumption you will be automatically inspired for maintain your health.

If you want to live healthy and stay healthy then this is the best app for android in your smartphone. Put it as your priority and set a icon on the screen of your phone right now.


15). SleepBot: Sleep Cycle Alarm

If you are curious to know that what goes on with you when you are deep asleep then sleepbot has answers of all your questions.

Sleepbot let you know about everything you do when you are asleep. It tells you about your movement and voices and noise that you make while sleeping. Also this android app awakes you when you are in your lightest sleep cycle. This app helps you to take more sleepy nights and more wakeful mornings.

It take care of your sleep more than you know. Best app for Android if you want to keep your schedule absolutely right and up to the mark.


16). WebMD for Android

This is the best apps for Android in case you are facing any sort of emergencies. This app is absolutely free of cost in usage.

This app take cares of your health in a better and organized way. All you need to do is just write down the symptoms that you are facing and this app would tell you the possibility of disease you are going through. Also it will tell you the best remedies to fight from that disease.

It also recommends the near by clinics and hospitals in your area. This app can prove to be life saver in case of emergency. But I wish you do not have to take use of this app ever.

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17).  Cookpad Recipes

Cookpad Recipes is the best apps for Android for those who are a big fan of food. If you are a hardcore foodie and want to try out something new always then this app is just perfect for you.

You can find new recipes through this app. And if some of your recipes are just delicious enough then you can upload these recipes in this app. Also you can manage your shopping lists on this app. This app manages your entire kitchen on just one click. Once you will start using this app you will find yourself more organized than before.

If you are diehard fan of new recipes and want to learn them with simple steps then this app can prove to be your best friend.


18). Duolingo

If you want to learn different languages then this is the best apps for Android in your smartphone. This app makes the learning a fun. It simplifies the process of learning new languages.

This free app currently supports Danish, Dutch, French, German, Irish, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish. You can learn these languages in the form of games and learning will be a fun for you.

This app provides simple and small lessons which do not let you bore.  The more you will use the app the more you will unlock the fun of new languages and by continuous practice you will know the language completely.


19).  Google Goggles

If you know the things by their picture and not by the term assigned to them then Google Goggles is just perfect to unlock the mystery behind these things. All you need to do is just take a snapshot of anything that you want to know about.

This can be a painting, a thing of historical values in a museum or any sort of barcodes. This app will give you the maximum information about it. this app is reliable and works very fast which makes it the best apps for Android for those who are curious enough for everything.


20).  Google Maps

Google maps have always been a great companion to many travelers from years. This app has improved a lot over the years. You can find the directions for anywhere from this app. And hence it is google it provides you the best results of nearby destinations within seconds.

It even supports walking, bicycle, mass transit directions and uber too. Within a few taps you can find the directions of wherever you want to go.

If you are a traveling lover then this is the best apps for Android in your smartphone. This app is a must of every phone in case you need it in any sort of emergencies.


21).  Amazon

Online shopping is not a taboo word anymore to anyone. Instead of trying out many shops to find that one piece of cloth people prefer to go for online shopping and search out over millions of products just by sitting at home.

Amazon gives you the facility to search out the products in different categories. From clothing to electric items or home and kitchen appliances, Amazon has it all on a single site.

Amazon delivers the product to even the remote areas where others sites refuse to deliver the products. This makes the app more suitable for everyone. Best apps for Android for the phone of those who are shopaholics.


22). Pinterest

Pinterest is the best app for android for those who wish to see all the things at once. Find something new just pin them according to your interest.

If you want to redecorate your home then you can find everything on this app. You can use this app as your favorite shopping site. You can find

You can find variety of products right here just pin them and have them. And with a good browser the process of pinning becomes even faster.


23). Flipboard

Flipboard keeps you updated with the happening around the world. It provides you the latest news from the remote corners of the world.

Flipboard has improved a lot over the years. It has new streamlined features and with the better interface it becomes the best app for Android for those who want to stay updated every time. With its signature magazine style environment it keeps the readers entertained.

With this app you can browse the articles, podcasts, and videos all at a single click. You can read the news of different interest on this app.


24). Kindle

Kindle keeps the account of every ebook you have purchased from amazon or other sites. This also keeps up the records of notes, bookmarks and where you left off things on a single app.

If you are having a habit of forgetting the things very easily then this app keep up the data you have on your behalf. A complete store for your ebooks, it also tell you which ebooks have been read by you on your fingertips.

The best app for android for those smartphone users who want their life to be more organized.


25). Pocket

Pocket keep up the account of everything you want. It stores the articles, videos, images for later. Also it reformates everything for a better reading.

It synch the things with other devices too so that you do not have to face any sort of trouble while streaming them up. It is a wonderful and probably the best app for Android for those who want to organize every literary work they have done or want to do later.


26). Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a browser that you can find easily in anyone’s smartphone. This browser keep you fast in the browsing era and am sure you would not have to repent after downloading this app in your smartphone.

If you want to add bookmarks to some pages you can do that in Mozilla. Also by using Firefox you can work on different tabs all at once.

This allows you to stream many sites at once. The best app for Android for those who are prone to work on different sites at once. This app provides the ease of accessing internet for you.


27). Opera

This app is the best for those who have a slow connection of internet in their smartphone. This browser doesn’t consume much of your data pack and also it works very fast an gives you the ease of accessing.

But there is a drawback that this browser is not that much advanced like firefox or google chrome. This browser doesn’t support opening up multiple tabs. But still many people prefer to use Opera as per the low data usage.


28). Weather Underground

This is the best app for android in terms of weather forecasting. This app shows the temperature in your area. Also it gives you the complete weather condition of your area.

The beast feature of this app is that it gives you a comparative analysis that how much the weather has been changed as compared to yesterday.  With the accompanying set of widgets it is the best weather app for Android.


29). Dropbox

Instead of having google drive, drop box has its all importance. This app helps to share everything no matter what kind of device you are using. It automatically uploads every image to the cloud.

It gives you the ease of accessing the things while sharing them. Dropbox has excelled the idea of using cloud services.

You can upload your important documents and other files on the dropbox if you want to share them with anyone. This is the best app for Android for those who are heavy cloud services users.


30). Avast! Antivirus and Security

Avast supports your phone in a way that no other app can do. It protects your phone from all the malware by acquiring very less space in your phone. This light weight security applications avails you numerous features.

It manages the battery of your phone too. It gives you the features of remote wipe, remote lock, app management, and safe web browsing. It keeps your phone safe from the malware that happens on the internet.

It manages your entire app and if any app stops working then it recommends you the best option. But it lacks the backup feature. Still it is the best app for android to secure your smartphone.


31). Truecaller

There are many calls that you do not pick because those numbers are not saved in your contacts and you do not want to get bother with these unknown calls. But because of this habit, sometimes you do not pick the important calls too. True caller helps you to recognize the caller.

It tells you the name of the caller whose number is not saved in your contacts while calling. True caller search out the contact list of every single phone number registered on it and then tell you that who is calling. By this facility you do not have to loose you important calls and do not have to attend the fake calls.


32). Cleanmaster

Clean Master app is one of the best apps for android cleaning. It clear out all the cache files and temporary folders created. It clears out the useless stuff from your smartphone and makes the space for the new items.

It manages to keep the temperature of your phone at right reading. It keeps your phone up to date also it updates all your applications time to time.

This is one of the best apps for Android that consumes very less space in your phone and gives the best result in the better functioning of your phone.


33). Google Drive

Google drive is the best example of the usage of cloud services. If you have Android then you have google and you have the access to the most amazing features that Google has provided till date.

Google drive gives you the facility of lots of cloud storage. With this app you can easily synch the files no matter what device you are using. Google Drive provides you the spreadsheet and other features which can be edit form any device. This is best apps for android to have.


34). Adobe Reader

Another best apps for android, This Android app is basically free to use but it takes $9.99 to be upgraded every month.

Many apps give you the aid to open PDF files but only adobe reader gives you the facility to open the PDF along with edit it. by taking the subscription you can convert any file into PDF file. If you are having long text documents to be read then this app is just perfect for you.


35). Freecharge

If you ever find yourself trapped in such a situation where you need to make an urgent call but your phone goes out of balance and there is no recharge shop near you then this app is just perfect for you.

This app provides you the facility of online recharges. You just have to synch your bank account along with it and enjoy the online recharge.

You can find out the recharge offers on your sim card through this app. Also, you can avail the offers provided on this app. It is one of the best apps for Android for those who really need recharges at odd hours.


This is ultimate list of best apps for android free. I have added all most useful and free Android apps in this list.

I hope you will like this collection, And will love to share with your friends so that the could get benefit from these best apps for Android in their daily life.

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