Top 10 Sites like Kickass


Kickass Torrent or simply Kickass is a very popular torrent site where you can find torrent seeds of almost anything. People didn’t even used to care about other sites like Kickass. However, ever since it went down the successors could not perform as wonderfully as the original version. So, to fill the gap in between, users wanted some great options for this site.

Top 10 Sites like Kickass

I am going to fill the void for you as I have some amazing KAT torrents alternatives which are compiled in form of a list right below. Here are the top 10 alternatives which can proved to be a great solution to find the best torrent seeding and works wonderfully in various types of categories too.

1. The Pirate Bay


The Pirate Bay is surely the king of all the torrent sites in this world and also makes the best option in this list of sites like Kickass too. This site always remains in the top 100 sites in the world and the reason is always one which is abundancy of database on its server.

There are so many things to check out on this site like applications, games, software, movies, TV shows, images, books, music and even porn too.

You just need a torrent file downloading software and you are good to go then. Check out so many links of the exactly same file and download the one you want. There are no issues of registration or other formalities, The Pirate Bay is intended from the point of view of entertainment only.

It has been 13 straight successful years since this site is reigning the torrent world and its huge database and never-ending fun are the main reasons behind it. The Pirate Bay makes a great option if you want to move over from Kickass torrent’s successor sites.

2. IsoHunt


The next Kickass torrent alternative in this list is IsoHunt. I hope you would have been acknowledged with its presence already as it has been active from almost 15 years now. Although, not completely active now but still IsoHunt allows you to download the available files from its server.

IsoHunt is an open source and p2p platform which means that apart from downloading files you can add something to its database too as long as it is up to the mark.

Now, talking about the categories on this site then they are as abundant as on the other sites like Kickass. The recurring categories are books, anime, adult videos, movies, music, software, applications and many others.

Apart from these mainstream options you can see the database being classified into other prominent categories too. The interface is simple and all the options are provided on the home page itself. You can also get yourself registered here as there are special advantages for the members here. Well, the rest is just like the others sites listed here.

3. 1337X


1337X is probably one of the oldest and most recommended options which is used by millions of users for downloading various torrent files in various categories. A secure, reliable and of course versatile mentioned in this list for sure.

Being an excellent solution in the list of sites like Kickass, there are so many great options to browse on this site that you are never going to get enough of using it ever.

Some of the categories which are available on this site are games, XXX, movies, anime, TV shows, applications, documentaries etc. You are going to love the fact that without even having to register on it you can download whatever you want from the torrent links provided on this site.

1337X is a type of open source platform which allows you to upload your files on this platform too. The links are verified and the videos on this site are available in various qualities which makes it even more versatile. Other sections like trending, top 100, latest uploads are going to help you for better browsing on this site too.



RARBG is another one in the list of torrent sites like kickass which is as effective as any other sites in this list. Launched in 2008, it is one of the most used torrent sites by the users around the world and the main reason behind it is the database abundancy on this site.

Like most of the sites, it has so many categories to offer torrent seeds for like TV shows, trailers, software, applications, games, movies, XXX videos, music and many more others too.

This site makes an excellent option in the list of sites like Kickass especially for watching latest movies and trailers in different video qualities. There is no hassle of registration in this site too and the simple interface is going to aid more in the great functioning of this site.

The only thing which might irk you is that although the interface is simple but has not been changed from like 10 years. However, the regular updating done on this site hide all its flaws and users love to utilize the torrents links from this site.

5. Sky Torrents


I found Sky Torrents quite straightforward then the rest of the sites like Kickass here. Well, the main reasons of concluding that is because there are no categories. Well, you heard it right, there are no content bifurcations provided here and you are supposed to search everything directly in the search bar.

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Let’s say that it also not bad as long as you are having like millions of options to choose from. The site is clean, there are no ads and thankfully privacy concern is quite high.

There might not be any categories, but to stay updated with what is new, you can check out a single option of Top 1000 given on the homepage. It is going to provide the mixed results in every possible category which is trending right now.

There are no issues involved in registration and other stuff. Once you carry out a search, you get additional filters to find the desirable content. There are various seeds for the same file which means the site is quite abundant in terms of database.

6. Lime Torrents


Lime Torrents is no just a site which you can use in place of Kickass Torrent but it is actually one of the best torrent sites in the world. Having a huge number of users on this site, Lime Torrents always try to keep it stable by updating its database on daily basis to fulfill the users’ demands.

The main reason for Lime Torrents being so popular is because of the various categories available on it. Some of these categories are anime, movies, TV shows, applications, games and music too.

The interface of this site is easy and every category and other options are mentioned directly which do not confuse the users at all. The site is secure to use but do not forget to use VPN along with it. No matter what you are browsing on this site, you are going to various torrent seeds of the same file.

However, before you start browsing this site, you would have to get yourself register on it first. For the people who want to download latest TV shows, Lime Torrents makes the perfect option as sites like Kickass for such users.

7. YTS


YTS is probably the heaven for people who are looking for an excellent option in the list of sites like Kickass which is especially for movies. People, brace yourselves because YTS is the biggest torrenting site ever for providing all the damn movies in the world.

Get yourself started by a simple and free of cost registration on this site and enjoy the perks of being a member here.

The next thing you are supposed to do is just search out for the movie you want to see, get to the torrent seeds and download it. Click on the option of browse movies and you will have certain filters to customize your search to the direct point.

You can categorize the search on the basis of genre, quality, rating, and order. In this way, you are more likely to find the exactly desired result in just some fraction of seconds. So, without having to spin your head for like hours, you get to the results pretty soon with a simple platform.

8. Extra Torrent


Apart from being an excellent addition to this list, Extra Torrent also makes a wonderful ThePirateBay alternative too. For all those who have already used this site earlier, they must have known to the fact I am talking about.

Extra Torrent is just like its name and has so much extra to offer to its users than most of the conventional sites mentioned in this list. And apart from the conventional media and other files, you can check out some news articles on this site as well.

Now, it is the time to mention the things which can be browsed on this site. Well, these classifications are music, games, movies, XXX, software, anime, images, applications, books and many others. These categories are updated on daily basis and new content is added on daily basis.

Extra Torrent is as efficient as other sites like Kickass are and the current version of this site is the successor of the earlier one of the same name. Despite being new in the game, it has already established itself well and now witness millions of users each month.

9. YourBittorrent


YourBittorrent might not have excelled into a specific category but that does not mean it is not good enough to be browsed. In fact, it actually comes in the top torrent sites in the world. You can start exploring this site simply by signing up on this.

So, just the way any other sites like Kickass works, there are some categories to choose from. These are software, movies, TV shows, XXX, games, anime, eBooks and many more categories here.

While on the home page, you are going to see the top 50 torrents listed here which gives you an idea of what is trending right now. There are like more than 9 million torrent seeds on this site right now which is like a very massive database.

Being a peer to peer server, it allows you to download as well as share files here too.

10. EZTV


I have already listed so many Kickass torrent alternatives here and the last one to join this list is EZTV. If there could have been an award for the best torrent sites for providing endless TV shows then EZTV would be the winner of it for sure.

I bet you that there is probably no show which you cannot find on EZTV. It is simple, interesting and just like YTS works for movies torrents only, EZTV works for TV shows torrents only.

Ok, so what you have to do here is to do the registration and explore the site as much as you can. Just click on the option of “show list” and you will come across the never ending list of shows available on this site.

You can also check out the chronologically sorted list near the search bar too. No matter what show it is, you are surely to get it on EZTV. I really found the site one of the best amongst this list of sites like Kickass.


If you want then you can use Kickass torrents mirror too but I think rather than using proxy settings you can use VPN services which gives direct access to the blocked websites in your region. You might be needing them in accessing some of the sites which I have mentioned above.

There are many other sites like Kickass which can be surfed as one of the best torrent services in the world and has like millions of options available on their platform. I am sure whatever you are searching for you would surely get through these torrent sites and you would not even access KAT successors from now on.

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