10 Best Apps like Garageband


Ever felt like turning your phone into a complete music studio, sounds impossible to many, right? But not anymore because with apps like Garageband you can literally become a household DJ in the parties and all you need for this is just your phone.

10 Best Apps like Garageband

Although Garageband is only for iPad and iPhone only but I am listing down the apps which are compatible for android phones too. With their free and paid features, you can easily mix songs and make amazing chartbusters in the house parties. So, here is the list which I have compiled for you people, you can check it out right below.

1. Music Maker JAM

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Music Maker JAMCall it a music creation app or some tool which can be turned into an entire music studio, it would always be less to describe Music Maker JAM app. Being one of the highly used apps like Garageband especially for Android users, this app is perfect for music making and sharing.

Let me get started with describing some really promising features of the app. The app consists of free music style packs and variety of genres like EDM, hip-hop, jazz, rock etc.

Although the app is free to install but you would have to make in-app purchases for better and high-quality services. Some professional music aids that you are going to get here are vocals recording, 200+ music styles, live recording, tempo and harmonics adjustment, drum beats and other instrumental sounds etc.

Music Maker JAM is no less than a high profile music studio just like Garageband and the fact that it is available for both Android and iOS makes it even more desirable. This is a perfect place to remix music and produce something of your own.

2. Walk Band – Multitracks Music

Download Apps: Android

Walk Band is the next option which can be included in the category of apps like Garageband easily. This is a complete toolkit which is perfect for creating virtual music of your own style and modifications. In fact, I found this app even more advanced than the former option.

So, let me already tell you that Walk Band includes all the instrumental effects like piano, drum, guitar, bass, multi-tracks synthesizer etc. If you are your friends want to work collaboratively on a project then Walk Band can bring you a platform to work together on a musical project.

Someone who is always in awe of creating different versions of the same music or song, I think Walk Band becomes the most perfect platform them. Just the way other alternative apps like Garageband works, you are going to find many other profound musical features in this app too.

These features are piano keyboard, two-player modes, key width adjustment, metronome, midi and audio recording, creation and sharing, studio quality audio, mixer and synthesizer, pitch adjustment and other advanced music studio features. You can make in-app purchases in order to use desired services.

3. Caustic 3

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Caustic 3Loaded with some really high quality and advanced music editing and creative features, Caustic 3 is an app you can easily rely upon for your music related problems. This app is a tailor-made tool for the people who want to utilize some really amazing features without even having to pay much for them.

The app makes a perfect pick for this list of apps like Garageband and I found it even way smarter and advanced than the former one too.

You can add up to 14 machines of your choice in the app through in-app purchases which are mainly synthesizer and harmonics. Talking about other tools then you get 2 effects per machine, song sequencer, automation support, utilizing personal WAV files like BeatBox, PCMSynth and Vocoder etc.

The initial installation and basic use is absolutely free but for upgrades, you would have to pay for whichever service you add in the app. Other common features of this app are USB MIDI controllers, tutorial videos and many more. The app comes primarily in demo version and for full version you would have to buy the unlock key separately.

4. FL Studio Mobile

Download Apps: Android, iOS

FL Studio MobileThis is the time to ditch the conventional methods of sound mixing and opting for something more advanced with apps like Garageband, FL Studio Mobile. I think this is a great thing that this PC software is finally having mobile applications of its own and that too for both iOS and Android users.

You can create multiple track projects in this app and save them too. So, next time when you will resume your work, you would not have to start it over again.

I am sure you are not going to find other apps like Garageband for Android this much amazing. Some of the features of this app that you should know about are high-quality synthesizer, MIDI file import, virtual piano keyboard and other instruments support, audio recording and mixing, advanced audio engine, great audio effects and many more.

You can add many other audio add-ons like distortion, chorus, compressors, various equalizer, flanger, filters, delays etc. in the music file too. The app is going to leave you with the best music creation experience ever.

5. Audio Evolution Mobile Studio

Download Apps: Android, iOS

Audio Evolution Mobile StudioThere are two versions available of this app i.e. Demo and full and I am mentioning the full-fledged one here. The main reason behind listing Audio Evolution Mobile Studio in the category of apps like Garageband is because apart from having superior music production options, it also incorporates some basic functions too.

While many such apps lacks some musical tasks, Audio Evolution focuses on everything from recording to mixing to music effects.

The app supports mic as well as USB MIDI input too. Apart from it supports a number of functions like music editing, virtual instruments effects, mixing automation, pattern editing, audio loops, mixers, multiple format support, sample rate conversion and many more.

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You cannot install the app for free and you would have pay certain amount before installing the app. However, the demo version is available for free but you would have to eventually upgrade to this one for better features. Apart from it, for even advanced features like FX Pack, interfacing support etc. you would have to make other in-app purchases too.

6. n-Track Studio 8 Music DAW

Download Apps: Android, iOS

n-Track Studio 8 Music DAWCan you even imagine that there are apps like Garageband for Android devices too which can transform your smartphone into a music studio? From recording to making it perfect for playback, you can do it all with your desired music file through n-Track Studio.

The idea is to install the app for free and use it for some time to understand the features. Now, if you like it then you can upgrade to paid features and subscriptions otherwise stick to basic features only.

Now, talking about the tools and services offered under this app then there are plenty of them. Some of these services are the unlimited number of tracks, stereo effects, MIDI editor, sequencer, file imports, file sharing, group and aux channels, music collaboration projects online, virtual instrumental effects etc.

The app might somewhere legs behind some of the Garageband app alternatives but other features compensate for it. From online collaboration on tracks with other artists to direct file sharing, you can do it all by this app.

7. BandLab

Download Apps: Android, iOS

BandLabOne of the most interesting apps like Garageband that I came across while searching was BandLab. Where most of the platforms are dull and more oriented towards professional works, I think BandLab is quite fun to use which is great for mass work.

There are like millions of creators on BandLab and this app works in more than 180 countries with great efficiency and amazing features.

This app is not only a destination to create music but to discover it too. The features available on BandLAb are 12-track mix editor, Guitar/bass/vocal etc. music, loops, remix, cross-platform sync, photos and videos sharing, unlimited projects, built-in tunes and audio files etc.

And guess what you are going to get it all for free of cost and that too without any ads trouble too. Isn’t it the best music creative platform ever? This app also works as music player too where you can discover more than 4 million tracks. This is like the best music platform that you are ever going to find.

8. Figure

Download Apps: Android

FigureUnfortunately, Figure is one of those apps like Garageband which is available for only iOS users. With simple apps like Figure, it becomes just a matter of minutes to produce the desires music of your choice and quality. The app is free to download and supports iOS 9.0 and later.

Figure comes under the prime choice for the music makers and collaborates from around the world for not only recording music but to also edit it too.

Now, let us have a look on the technical features and advanced services offered by this app. These are online collaboration on musical projects, multiple format support, different key and modes, desired loop, synthesizer, audiobus support, file export etc.

Of course, it lacks some of the services which are offered by other apps enlisted here but I think this is also not bad considering the low prices of in-app purchases. You can discover more after installing this app.

9. PocketBand Pro – Social DAW

Download Apps: Android

PocketBand Pro – Social DAWNow, there is an app which is only available especially for Android users only. While Garageband and other apps like Garageband are doing amazing for iOS users, I think there should be some options available for Android users too so I listed out this app here.

PockeBand Pro is the paid version of PocketBand app which has highly advanced music features. If you want to use it for normal use then you can download the free version too.

You should know about the things which comes handy with this app which are 150 additional synth instrumental sounds, 40 extra drumsets, unlimited use, 16 channels by loop, MIDI format support, mixing synth, 32 loops by song, recorder and importers etc.

Some of the basic features are recurring which can be seen on other apps too. You would have to directly pay before installing this app. Make sure you have one great data connection otherwise you are going to face some troubles using this app.

10. Soundtrap

Download Apps: Android, iOS

SoundtrapThe last one but surely not the least one in this list of apps like Garageband is Soundtrap. Its elaborative technology supports multiple inputs and associate them with this app to not only record the audio but to also edit and mix it too.

The super easy interface of this platform allows even beginners to keep up with the app. Moreover, there are always tutorials available to assist users.

Soundtrap is a free to install app but includes number of purchases inside. I found the services offered by this app a bit costlier than other apps. The features you can enjoy inside this app are high quality and professional loops, virtual instrumental music, recording and file saving, collaborative approach, file sharing etc.

The app has so much to offer in its basic features that you would not have to opt for much in-app purchases and hence it can be called one of the best apps for android too. I would still recommend Soundtrap for less professional works and local projects only. Apart from Android and iOS you can use this on Windows and Mac too.


These music making apps like Garageband possesses number of features and services and it is going to take you a while to understand and discover them all. Make sure that you wisely choose the further paid option and do not just hastily invest your money in something you have no idea about.

Some of this apps are of professional level and even support Windows or Mac platforms too and I am sure you are going to learn a lot while using them. There are more such apps available and you can always check out better options if you want.

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