Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a site every movie buff knows about. But what if you want more sites like Solarmovie to browse more and more videos online?

People these days are just crazy about browsing and finding more stuff on the internet. One such thing is online movie streaming and video watching.

Top 10 Sites like Solarmovie

Solarmovie is a site which is a great option for that. But there are other movie sites like Solarmovie which are less popular but can be a good Solarmovie alternative. Given below are ten sites like Solarmovie which are as efficient and compatible with the former one. You would surely love browsing from these sites.

1. Yes Movies


Yes Movies

This is the time to say yes to your favorite movies because Yes Movies has got your back. This is one of the outstanding choice in the category of sites like Solarmovie and surely competent enough to provide what a user want.

Keep the doubt out when you are browsing this wonderful site because it just does not stick to the genres while categorizing movies. They have movies listed on the basis of genre, country, featured, IMDb rating and various other basis.

Well, talking about the genre, they have a huge list of movies on the basis of 25 genre categories. You can browse stuff from horror, comedy, adult, war, mystery, drama, biography, western, musical etc.

They always have a slideshow running on their site which features the upcoming movies that are about to release. This keeps the user up to date about the recent releases. You can also request them to upload a particular movie and they work on it too.

Apart from the movies, you can watch out for various TV series available on their site too.

2. Vumoo


Vumoo is a site which not only keeps you updated with the movies and TV shows but also has some good documentaries too on it. And the best part is you can get everything for just free. You just need to get yourself registered on their site and you are good to go.

You are not going to believe but they have a huge database of about 60,000 movies on their site and that too of amazing quality. Whenever you search a movie, they instantly show you result with your typing that means saving your time.

This is among the best alternatives sites Solarmovie in terms of maintenance and management. They also give you the amazing movie streaming experience as their video contains no pop-ups or additional commercials.

You can browse different movies on the basis of genres, actors, years, and their titles. Vumoo is an amazing alternative for the people who cannot browse Netflix. They provide you various streams for the same option and each one is derived from the third party.

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3. Movie Watcher


You just name the TV show, series, episode, movie or any other video you want to see and movie watcher is going to provide that to you instantly. Movie Watcher is surely one of the best choice you can make in this list of sites like Solarmovie.

They not only keep you updated with the popular recent releases but also have a database which shows what the upcoming movies are. This keeps you updated with your movie knowledge.

This site is no less than a heaven for the movie lovers who want to watch good movies online. They have huge variety of genre available on their site so that users feel no issues while looking for their favorite movies. If you are still not able to find the one then you can use the search bar for it.

As far as TV shows are concerned, they have a vast collection of them too. They keeps you updated with the new series and uploads every episode as it releases. It surely stands out among other sites like Solarmovie.

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4. Rainierland


Rainierland is not the normal kind of sites like Solarmovie but it has somewhat different to offer you. This site understands what a user wants and hence it offers exactly the same to them. The concept of this site is to provide movies and TV shows which favorites of the users are.

This site is actually more convenient for the TV series browsing. You can get the TV shows by their seasons which means no need to go through alternate sites for watching different seasons. You even get the access to watch reality shows too.

You just name the category and they have hundreds of movie on it. They have fully loaded genres like action, comedy, drama, Sci-Fi, thriller, crime, horror, animated etc.

No matter what is the age of the users, they have something for each one. If you want to watch a particular movie which is not on the site then you can browse that move or television show in the search section. They have real-time results update which means no need to type the full name.

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5. New Movies Online


Forget other alternative sites Solarmovie because it is the time to fall in love with new movies online. The name of this site is enough to let you know that they have this amazing content on their site regarding new movies, TV shows, series, documentaries etc.

You can sort thousands of movies on the basis of various genres and years. This site is a great way to watch some amazing biographies too.

Language is no bar for this site as they provide movies in multiple languages. Just like other sites like Solarmovie listed out here, they also do not have any content on their site and the streaming is derived from the third party.

You can search some good stuff from their collection if you are not able to find the movie in the relevant genre. They have a huge collection of TV series too so that no fans feel let down. This site can prove to be a great companion for the movie lovers.

6. Haloa Movies


What makes Haloa Movies different from its competitor’s other Solarmovie alternatives is its details of the movies and well-maintained site. When you will come to the homepage of this site then you will come to know they have uploaded so many movies here.

But when you point on any of the movies then it shows its little description so that you can get to know about its storyline. Isn’t that amazing and different from other kinds of movie streaming sites?

You get the categorization perfectly done here on the basis of genres like horror, mystery, comedy, fantasy, crime, history and many others. You would have to get disappointed here a bit because they do not serve you the TV shows and TV series on their site.

This is the point where Haloa lacks from other sites like Solarmovie. Still, you can find a really wide range of collection of the best of the movies out here and that too in High Definition print and lesser ads.

7. Movie4k


Another one in the list of Solarmovie alternatives is Movie4k. Just like the other sites listed out here, it leaves no stone unturned to keep the audience and users happy and satisfied. You are going to find a lot of recent movies out here on the display.

You can even browse the oldest movies too because Movie4k has got your back on it. They not only maintain the quantity but quality too as they have provided different streams only in HD which means full satisfaction and watching experience.

They do not directly stream the movie on their site but provides various working links for the exact same movie. So that viewers always have options with them. You get at least 4-5 links of the same media so that you always have some options with you.

Just like various other sites like Solarmovie listed here, it also has a database of various TV shows too. You can stream the entire TV series here with very less or no commercials at all.

You can even upload your movies on this site to contribute in their database. They have an adult section named XXX too which means each and everything for everyone.

8. Movies4u


Movies4u is another rescue guide for the job of sites like Solarmovie. It has every single quality like the rest of the sites provided in this list. You just name it and you can find that movie out here definitely as they have a really large database.

Not only movies but they serve good quality TV shows and other TV series too. However, the database of TV series are not that well maintained as compared to the movies on this site.

But when you turn to the categories to find your movies then you can get some really great options out there. You can find your favorite movies on the basis of Genre, Years, actors, IMDb ratings, alphabetically etc.

However, there are not that much genres provided in the list but other categorization covers up for that. They also provide only US, Hollywood and UK movies on the basis of the country categorization. Still, the quality of the movies are quite good and almost all the links provided supports the HD prints and hence a great movie experience.

9. Yify


If you are the one who believes in quality, not quantity then Yify is the perfect destination for you. They are almost like every other sites like Solarmovie listed here but their quality has surely raised the bar for other sites.

And you know what the icing on the cake is? You can watch all the movies in HD and that too absolutely free. However, they directly do not provide the movies on their site and the streaming is provided by a third party. But still, you can rely on them to browse the best of the movies.

You can pick the movies from different genres like action, drama, fantasy, horror etc. You can even browse the popular movies in a list of top 250. You are going to love this site for its vast categorization and quality content.

However, they lack in providing the TV shows on their site and you would have to check out some other sites for that.

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10. Hulu


Do you want sites like Solarmovie which are a complete package? Well, Hulu is one such platform where you can get whatever video you want and whenever you want. Although this site is not completely free but you get a free trial of a whole month before you actually have to pay for it.

Hulu is not just a movie streamer but a live TV too. It has 50+ live on-demand channels as per the request of customers. However, the live TV plan can cost you $40 per month. But every penny is worth paying.

You can browse Hulu on your Android, Xbox One, Apple TV and can watch live on-demand channels on it. The normal plan of Hulu costs you only $7.99 per month and it allows you to stream movies and videos on whatever device you want.

This is one of those sites like Solarmovie which even has original series of its own. You would not get this anywhere else than here. If you are a movie buff then Hulu is everything and anything you have always been waiting for.

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There is no limit to the world of online movie streaming and video browsing. There are various other websites like Solarmovie too which has not been mentioned here but are great Solarmovie alternatives. Each of the site mentioned above has its own policies and regulations.

Some of them are free but some of them charge a minimum amount for a subscription. You just need to search for your movie and you are going to get the best options from these sites like Solarmovie and that too in HD. So, get ready for binge watch along with your popcorn bucket.