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Have you ever give it a thought that in case YouTube breaks down, what are other YouTube alternative that are gonna help you? Well, don’t worry because that is not going to happen anytime soon or in fact ever. But still, you must have some good and fully functional alternatives to YouTube.

Well, don’t worry because that is not going to happen anytime soon or in fact ever. But still, you must have some good and fully functional alternatives to YouTube.

Keeping in mind about all the features of YouTube and nonstop entertainment I have concluded a list of great YouTube alternative sites for you.

Top 7 YouTube Alternative

Some of them work in form of apps too. You just need to read out their description and decide it on your own that which one is the best YouTube Alternative?

1. Flickr


This is the time that you move a step ahead than YouTube and reach to a platform which not only features videos but photographs too. The best part of this YouTube alternative is that it is available on both iOS and Android platform in form of applications.

Flickr is mostly used for uploading and sharing pictures but it allows you to do the same for videos too. It has over 13 billion pictures on its site and 2 million groups too.

Moving aside from the statistics, you need to create an account to use all the features of Flickr and sign up is absolutely free too. You can also go premium if you want to access unlimited storage capacity on this site.

Flickr is the most used alternatives to Youtube and the best part is that it is accessible from the web, mobile or any other device which is convenient for you to use. You must make sure that there are some of the rules and regulations that you must follow for using Flickr safely.

You must make sure about Copyright infringement and proper posting terms and conditions. Otherwise, all of your uploaded media files can end up being deleted. Flickr also holds the power to delete your account too.

The best features that Flickr offers are as follows:

  • Making the videos and photos available to the people you want.
  • Organize all of your media files in a better way.
  • Share and upload as many videos as you want.
  • Sign up is free and provides 1 TB space per user.

2. Vimeo


In the list of YouTube alternative, Vimeo is positioned on the 2nd number but is no less than other options in the list. The amazing customization property of this media sharing and hosting platform is giving rise to a massive audience on its web page and apps too.

Just like YouTube, you can browse videos, download them and even save them for the offline use too.

Like all the other YouTube alternative, Vimeo has some specific features which make it different from others. These features are:

There are various subscription plans and pricings for Vimeo which are given below:

  • Vimeo Basic: In this plan, you don’t need to pay anything and just sign up for free and get up to 25 GB of storage capacity for a year.
  • Vimeo Plus: You need to pay $7 per month for this plan to avail up to 250 GB of storage capacity for a yearlong subscription. You also get advanced features in it like password protection, priority video conversion, reports, filters etc.
  • Vimeo PRO: for $20 per month charges, you get 20 GB per week in this plan. The exclusive features are review pages, graphical analysis, better customer support, customization etc.
  • Vimeo Business: In this business plan you need to pay $50 per month and get up to 5 TB space for a yearlong subscription. Additional features received are Google analytics integration, VIP customer support, up to 10 team members, professional video support etc.

3. Dailymotion


Dailymotion is a France based website which is working as the best possible alternative to Youtube these days. This platform reached to global audience when it opened headquarter in New York in 2007 and now it addresses to the people across the entire world.

This platform is more like a mix and match of various types of contents altogether. This is an absolutely free to use platform for hosting and sharing various media files.

The most amazing part of this website is its great functionality and ease of accessing. It is available in 18 languages and operates in about 30 countries. When it comes to file sharing and uploading then you must know that you are allowed to upload videos as large as 4 GB on it.

The very quick look on the specific features of Dailymotion is given below and you should have a look at it:

  • Personalized recommendations for the users based on their choices.
  • Private library to organize all of the media files of yours.
  • Live streaming on multiple channels.
  • Sharing of media files on social media platforms.

These quick and brief features say it all about this YouTube alternative called Dailymotion. The reason it is gaining so much of popularity is because its user interface is made a lot like YouTube. This is the reason of it being so handy and comfortable to use on whichever console and platform you want.

However, this is a must to create an account on this site to enjoy the utilities offered by it.

4. Twitch


If you want something which is not an ordinary YouTube alternative and offer much more than that then Twitch is the perfect option for you. From gaming, news to of course media streaming, uploading and sharing, Twitch is the perfect partner you have always been searching for.

This is suitable for consoles like Windows, Macs, iOS, Android, iPad etc. and you can even download its desktop app to keep the browsing easier.

The unique features that Twitch possesses are as follows:

  • Subsidiary of
  • Biggest video game streaming service in the world with High Definition visuals.
  • Liberty of creating own show and advertising to the world.
  • Largest gaming community having 10 million users every day.
  • Other areas of working are music, cooking, art, cartoons, events etc.

You would not even know this but Twitch is an Amazon subsidiary and was acquired by Amazon in 2011.This is not just a usual alternative to YouTube that you get to see on everyday basis but something way more than that.

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The unique features that Twitch are going live through mobile broadcasting, record videos, live chat in the gaming community, late night viewing feature through dark mode etc. Twitch is a unique platform which also donate some part of its earning to charity purposes.

There is a Turbo plan in Twitch through which you can avail more facilities and better features. Otherwise, the sign up on Twitch is absolutely free of cost and you need not to spend anything for it.

5. MetaCafe


MetaCafe is a California based website which has the great following in the entire USA. MetaCafe was launched in 2003 and later on got acquire by Collective Digital Services in 2012. MetaCafe is one of the best platforms for watching movies, videos, TV shows, music labels etc.

The major features provided by MetaCafe are as follows:

If you will check out the website of YouTube alternative then you will find out that on the left side, there are certain options you are being availed. These are basically the categories in which you want to explore different videos.

You will find out categories like comedy, pets, and animals, how to videos, sports, video games, animation etc.

Just like other YouTube alternative, it has distinct sectionalizing features which helps you to get acknowledged with the viral content. You can browse sections like trending, latest, popular and you will find out which video is going viral these days.

However, iOS users will have to get a bit disappointed here because MetaCafe is available as Android application only. You can upload and share as many videos as you want by signing up on this site. Through the built in features, you can also edit out the video too.

Just like YouTube, you can create your own channel here and get subscribed to other ones too. Overall, this is a great alternative which mainly focus on short-term videos.

6. Vevo


Vevo is an American video hosting company which serves as a great YouTube alternative to its users. This site is especially famous for watching videos in High Definition quality. The tad bit disappointing feature of Vevo is that it works on internet connection only.

Here are some of the distinct features of Vevo which will help you to understand it better –

  • Users get notified when their favorite artist releases a new song, does live concert or even collaborate.
  • Create personalized and customizable playlist.
  • Add videos to your offline playlist to watch them later.
  • Apps for Android and iOS does not have background play.
  • Follow people and get their updates.
  • Works in certain countries only (not in Asia).

Vevo majorly focuses upon live performances and latest and trending music videos. The main advantage that you get with Vevo is that it is totally free to create an account on Vevo and even access it. There are no further upgrades and hence you get all the features for no charges on this site.

However, Vevo has the policy that you need to see some ads before the video and that can be a bit frustrating. Vevo is quite like other YouTube alternative and quite handy to use too.

You would be glad to know that Vevo is available on the number of platforms like Android, iOS, windows, Google TV, Apple TV, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 etc.

7. Livestream


The last YouTube alternative is Livestream and I don’t think any other platform can be as amazing as this for broadcasting live events. This US based video hosting and the broadcasting company which also offers its application for iOS and Android platforms.

Livestream is a great and reliable platform for watching millions of live streaming events throughout the world.

The basic features of Livestream are given below:

  • Provides desktop software for accessing this site in a better way.
  • Live streaming cloud computing to address millions of people at the same time.
  • Helping 10,000 companies and paid customers.
  • Tracking and analysis of audience engagement.
  • End to End system encryption.

Livestream is not completely free and this YouTube alternative follows some pricing plans which are as follows:

  • First one is the free plan which is a free 30 days trial.
  • Basic: In this plan, you need to pay $42 per month and you get features like live chat, ad-free, Event archive etc.
  • Premium: This plan charges $199 per month with features like streaming to Facebook and YouTube, Analysis, phone-based customer supports etc.
  • Enterprise: For the charges $799 per month you are being availed features like advanced privacy, advertising, password protection, priority support, cloud transcoding
  • Custom: You need to contact the company for this plan. You get features like on-site training, registration portal, full-time streaming, live video playback

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Things are pretty clear now that there is no way you are not going to get acknowledged to latest media files and great channels. Other YouTube Alternative listed above are as capable as YouTube itself but they are not showcased enough to the audience.

On the basis of the information provided for each of the options here, you can decide which one to pick. You can set your preferences and get channeled in front of a massive media storage world.

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