10 Best Apps like Whisper


Whisper is a popular platform joined by millions of users to post videos, images etc. anonymously. Yes, you heard it right. You can literally post and share anything without even having to reveal a thing about your identity. However, over the concerns and claims of user’s data and privacy more apps like Whisper started to originate to claim this throne.

10 Best Apps like Whisper

So, if you are someone who wants to move over Whisper and try out more such apps with better user’s data protection then I have some really great options for you. You can check out this list given below to get to know about these apps and try them out now.

1. AntiChat

Download App: Android, iOS

AntiChatThis is the most similar app I could find for the category of apps like Whisper. This is a platform which is perfect for the people who always feels a bit weird and troubled while sharing their feelings and thoughts with others as what they will react on it.

So, AntiChat works as such a platform where you can share whatever you want without having to reveal your identity at all. You can download it for free but there are some features for which you would have to make some in-app purchases.

AntiChat features Anti chat rooms where you can go incognito in order to hide your identity. Apart from the one on one chats you can also join chat groups too. You can easily make new friends and meet new people through this app and also gossip about anything without even having to reveal a thing about your identity.

This platform is also quite larger where you can find more than a million people to talk to and that too from different parts of the world. AntiChat supports more than 1000 group chats in 32 languages, 100+ avatars, moderators and full control over the content you want to post.

2. Anomo

Download App: Android, iOS

AnomoI don’t think you would even know it before that there are so many alternative apps for Whisper and the next one you can try out in this category is Anomo. This app is more sort of like a community of like-minded people where you can actually consider about meeting someone in person too.

The process is pretty simple where you would have to start with creating an avatar of your choice and your identity remains completely anonymous and now you can connect with the people sharing the same interests as you.

However, if you want to reveal pieces about your life then it is totally up to you. There are options available of one on one chat as well as group chats too. Also if you are feeling cautious at first then you can play ice breaker games in order to start things smoothly.

Anomo is counted among such apps like Whisper which is more preferred for making new friends. dating and flirting too. There are also some in-app purchases available through which you can opt for better and advanced features.

3. Anonymous Chat

Download App: Android

Anonymous ChatAs the name says it all, Anonymous Chat is a platform preferred for chatting to new people from around the world without revealing anything about your identity at all. Although it is not that similar to other apps like Whisper as rather than social media posting and sharing it is more oriented towards anonymous chatting only.

However, still the app is quite popular and used by more than 2 million people from around the world. The app is also free to use just like Whisper and also does not contain any in-app purchases too.

According to the process, you just need to create a profile for yourself with basic information like age, gender, language etc. And now you can start chatting with people recommended for you with full control over the revelation of your identity.

The interface is pretty straightforward with two theme options for light and dark. Apart from text-based chatting, you can also include images in it. Also you can save a conversation too. Still, it lacks some interesting features as compared to other apps.

4. ASKfm

Download App: Android, iOS

ASKfmAt one point of time, this social media platform was a rage amongst youth and teenagers but with the introduction of other apps like Whisper, it became less popular. However, still, if you take a look back down the memory lane, you are going to find Askfm as one of the coolest app ever.

Available for both Android and iOS platforms, Ask.fm is a place which is used for asking anonymous questions to whoever you want.

It has over 215 million users on it and its particular use is just about the question and answers only. Hence do not consider is as an anonymous social media posting and sharing app. So, the idea is simple, you need to create an account for yourself and then people can ask you whatever questions they want without revealing their identity and you can do the same.

You can follow people here and also share your feeds on other platforms too. This is like the coolest thing ever where you can literally ask whatever you want. I think this is one of its kind of apps like Whisper which should be definitely tried out.

5. After School

Download App: Android, iOS

After SchoolThe next one in the row for the list of apps like Whisper is After School which is just like Whisper but based on a different theme and context. Just like its name, this app is especially designed for the recent graduates from high school.

This is more like a confession and posting platform which is specially formed for USA based schools only. And hence level of authenticity is kept high here.

You can call it a private message board of your school where you can post whatever you want without revealing your identity. Whether it is confessionals, funny jokes, old pictures, compliments, important information, school gossips or anything else, on After School you can post it all.

The app is absolutely free to download and possess no in-app purchases too. Also, cyber bulling is strictly prohibited here so make sure whatever you post must be positive and must not hurt someone’s feelings at all. This teen based app is one of its kind and am sure you would love to join with your school community here.

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6. Sarahah

Download App: Android

SarahahI am sure you must have heard about it before and despite being the latest release, it has become one of the best apps for android in a really quick time. Within 2 years of its release the popularity of this app spread like wildfire and it garnered millions of users within initial months only.

Sarahah is quite like Ask.fm but here the context is not limited to just asking questions only and you can literally say anything to anyone having a Sarahah account.

You just need to create an account here and post its link on your other social media accounts. Now, anyone can go to this link and send any message to you without even having a Sarahah account of their own. However, because of having security issues the app had to face major backlash too.

Some people even claimed that this app might release the names of people texted you but it never happened. So, the level of anonymity still remains intact on Sarahah and you can access it for free too. If you haven’t tried out this viral option in the list of apps like Whisper then I think you should try this right away.

7. Pseudo- Anonymous Social

Download App: Android, iOS

Pseudo- Anonymous SocialIn the list of apps like Whisper which works on completely anonymous social networking basis, Pseudo is the next inclusion. To be true, this is not that popular option in this list but still the level of security and anonymity provided on this app is seriously commendable.

Pseudo does not require you to create any account on this platform and hence you do not reveal anything about yourself from the very starting.

And without even doing so, you can access various anonymous pictures, videos, gifs, locations of events, audio files and many more which are posted anonymously by other people. You can be part of this community too and post whatever you want.

Also, there are options like setting the radius of post, adding hashtags, live chat rooms, randomly generated ID etc. With interesting emoji and other sites integration you can make this app even more fun and interesting.

8. Psst! Anonymous

Download App: Android

Psst! AnonymousA highly customizable platform especially curated for likeminded people who wants to connect anonymously, Psst! Anonymous is an app especially curated for such people. Here people just do not connect randomly but over the similar taste of content and conversations.

This is why you are more likely to connect to the right person here and this increases your chances of forming better friendships.

I found this one of the smartest apps like Whisper which can be downloaded for free. Quite like Whisper this platform also focus on posting and sharing more like jokes, images, videos etc. You can share gossips, news, confessions, secrets and anything on this platform along with maintaining your anonymity too.

You can also do personal messages, vote on poles, comment, follow people, share to other platforms and many more things on Psst. And most important thing about this app is that it does not record any history or past trace of your conversation which means the security level is quite high on this app.

9. Steams

Download App: iOS

SteamsSteams is a free anonymous chatting and posting app offered by Mixology LLC which is quite like Whisper in nature. However, it is restricted to iOS users only and also not as popular as the other apps like Whisper mentioned here.

The app is 100% anonymous as the claim and intended for pure fun purpose and nothing else. In fact, you would glad to know about its other features too like memfy, draw, express, join discussions, debates, cast poles and many more.

Also, despite being a free app, Steams offers a lot of features to its users. These are no sign up policy and direct use after installation, video posting also allowed but up to 8 seconds only, anonymous chatting with likeminded people etc.

With the help of Steams you can also share your posts on other social media platforms too and can also convert the images into memes and funny posts by putting your creative self into it.

10. Confess-Share Secrets

Download App: Android

Confess-Share SecretsAnd the last option which I would like to mention as one of the Whisper alternatives apps is Confess which is a secrets sharing platform. Available for only Android users but for free, this one is a really popular platform used by people who wants to share their feelings, secrets and other things anonymously.

The platform is curated in order to let people get free from their guilt and can take a second chance to start their life afresh.

In terms of productivity, it is hands down one of the most creative apps like Whisper. You can also customize this app according to your choice by changing themes and background. You can also read other people’s confessions too by adding filters too.

You can also create a personal group here by adding only your friends here and it can be really fun to guess the person according to the kind of confession they make.

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If you have used Whisper app before then you must have been known to this fact that it does not charge anything from the users. However, this is not the case with other apps like Whisper enlisted here as some of them works on freemium model where for advanced features a certain amount is charged.

Talking about other such apps then there were some like Yik Yak, Secret etc. but they got shut down pretty soon. Also, some of the apps mentioned here are not exactly like Whisper but the anonymity quotient remains the same in them and hence I picked them up for this list.

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