10 Best Educational Apps for Kids


Kids can learn a lot from apps and smart games are an asset during trips and when parents need some quiet time. There are plenty of educational apps for kids and here are 10 types that you should opt for when you want to combine entertainment with learning.

1. A puzzle game

The puzzle game never goes out of fashion. Try a game like Toy Crush that lets your child blast cubes in order to solve the puzzle. This is one of the very best puzzle games out there. Just tap the screen and start matching by tapping, cracking and collapsing bricks. The colors are playful and very suitable for younger children.

Toy Crush

2. Word game apps

For kids who have started reading, apps that practice words are a great choice. There are Scribble-like apps for all ages. Alphabear is one example. Just make sure that the word game app is suitable for the child’s age and reading level. If it becomes too difficult, the kid will soon lose interest and then the learning opportunity is lost.

3. Counting games

Try an app like Elmo Loves 123s. This will help the child count numbers from 1 to 20. The app is made to teach very basic subtraction and addition. It also includes Sesame Street videos and little puzzles. Counting games are fun and easy to get going with. They can be the perfect prop for a car ride.

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4. Science facts

Let your child discover the joy of science with a fun app like The Magic School Bus from Scholastics. This is a journey with Ms. Frizzle and her students. It takes the child under the sea and shows lots of interesting things about our world. The app also has games and videos that are educational.

5. Memory games

Memory games are easy and fun. Download an app that will let your child click on cards to turn them over. There are versions for one player as well as multiplayer options.

6. Easier puzzle games

You can also choose easier puzzle games. There are puzzles with 10 pieces and up. The child will have to drag and drop the pieces to get them into the correct place on the board.

7. Stacking games

Stacking blocks much like Tetris but at a slower pace can also be educational. The child gets to practice important skills while having fun. This is similar to puzzle games.

8. Interactive games

The game app will instruct the child to do something on the screen. There are also games that can register if the child gives the right answer to a question vocally.

9. Apps for the toddlers

The youngest family members can also enjoy apps. Find special game apps for kids that are younger than 2. These can be simple drag and drop games or push buttons that give off sound and show pictures.

10. Games for the whole family

If you want fun for the whole family, you should pick an app that is educational for the kids but also fun for the adults. Toy Crush is a good example of such a game but there are more. With games that you will all enjoy, you are very likely to play them together and that is also important for the child’s development.

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