10 Best Family Movies on Netflix


Netflix and chill is the latest trend in this generation. So, let’s take it a step higher with best family movies on Netflix which you can watch with your entire family together. In fact, you can even go for a Netflix movie marathon on weekends and in this way, your family will get the much needed quality time together.

10 Best Family Movies on Netflix

Now, you do not even have to spend time in searching for them too. I have handpicked some of the best options for you in the category of family movies which are going to make your weekend more entertaining for sure.

1. Finding Dory

If you have already seen Finding Nemo then this 2016 release Finding Dory is going to be totally loved by your family for sure. This is a complete entertainment movie and you are going to find it on the top of the list of best family movies on Netflix.

What makes this movie family entertainer because it is a 3D animated movie, action, adventure and of course comedy too.

Finding Dory is the sequel or you can say spin-off of the earlier movie Finding Nemo. This story is centered around a blue tang fish dory who has amnesia problem. The story proceeds with her quest of finding out and reuniting with her parents again after a long time.

Finding Dory turned out to be a huge success on the box office and earned $1 billion worldwide. Interestingly, the highlight of the movie is Ellen DeGeneres giving voice over for Dory. I think this movie deserved to be on the top of the list of best family movies on Netflix.

2. Lion

If your family loves to watch intense and inspirational biographical kind of movies then Lion can be the perfect choice for all of you. I mean what’s a family movie without some crying and emotions? So, this is the next pick in the list of best family movies on Netflix.

Lion is also a 2016 release which stars big names like Dev Patel, Nicole Kidman, Rooney Mara, David Wenham etc. This is directed by Garth Davis in his feature debut.

Lion is the story of a young boy Saroo who accidently gets departed from his family and boards a train to reach a place he has no clue about. But, his life completely changes when an Australian couple adopts him and his life then moves to a totally different country.

This is such an emotional movie which everyone must watch at least once. The movie is based on the real life of Saroo Brierley and his book A Long Way Home. The movie won several awards including academy awards and BAFTA too. Lion is amongst the best movies on Netflix with thousands of positive reviews.

3. First Position

First Position is a movie which is quite different from the rest of the best family movies on Netflix. The reason is that First Position is basically a type of documentary movie which is based upon six dancers who were preparing for Youth America Grand Prix.

First Position is directed by Bess Kargman and it was released in the year 2011. This 90 minutes documentary left a powerful impact on the audience when it was first premiered in Toronto International Film Festival.

First Position focuses upon the young dancers of the age 9-19 who are preparing hard to be the part of an elite ballet company. The reference of first position is in context of the placement of feet in classical ballet. The hardship that this form of dancing requires is portrayed strongly and the details are just breathtaking.

First Position got critically acclaimed and got a very high rating. In fact, it also features professional dance artists and choreographers from across the world too. First Position is a strong movie which should definitely be there in the list of best family movies on Netflix.

4. Zootopia

Again after Finding Dory, Zootopia is also a 3D animated American movie in this list of best family movies on Netflix. It falls into the genre of adventure comedy movie and hence promises to entertain people throughout with its small puns and great animation work.

Zootopia was released in 2016 with power packed and entertaining characters in it. The movie went on to earning record 1 billion worldwide along with great praises and awards too.

Zootopia is the 55th animation movie by Disney and focuses upon the friendship of Judy a rabbit police officer and Nick a red fox who is a con artist. Their unlikely friendship transforms the entire concept of believing people and together they solve a mysterious case of an abducted kid too.

Zootopia is no less than an entertaining fiction film with lots of suspense, comedy, great animation, interesting characters and most importantly a perfect climax. This can be the perfect pick for family movies online on Netflix and it is going to make your weekends tremendously entertaining for sure.

5. Moana

Finally our Disney princess Moana got her own movie which is also a 3D animation film released in 2016. Moana came after the release of Zootopia and became 56th Disney movie. This feature film is focused upon the strong character of Moana and her life’s adventure.

Moana is one amazing addition in the list of best family movies on Netflix. In fact, Moana was a great success on box office too and earned some great reviews too.

Moana is the daughter of a Polynesian chief. She is a young and wild and totally confident about her capabilities. Moana is chosen by the ocean itself to return something precious and important to a goddess. Moana also saves her tribe from a blight on which the entire story is based.

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Moana got nomination for two academy awards and its great animation and powerful story of a girl won everyone’s heart. I think animation movies makes the best family movies on Netflix to watch with your entire clan together. They are entertaining, adventurous and most importantly inspiring and I guess they are worth watching at least once.

6. Hugo

Talking about best family movies on Netflix, well then Hugo can become one of them. Hugo is a release from the year 2011 and it is a type of historical adventure movie based on the book The Invention of Hugo Cabret. This is a great movie by popular director Martin Scorsese.

Hugo is the story of a boy who lives on his own on the Gare Montparnasse railway station in Paris. The plot of the movie belongs to the year 1930s.

The movie engages great work of fiction and screenplay and includes some big names too like Ben Kingsley, Chloe Grace Moretz etc. You can call this movie to be a tribute to cinema and film industry in a really different and unique way.

Amongst all the online movies on Netflix, Hugo earned the utmost respect and it was nominated in 11 academy awards amongst which it won five of them. This movie is like discovering a piece of immense talent and wonderful illusions that too pictured in 3D.

7. The Jungle Book

There is a different grace and charm in Walt Disney’s movies which cannot be ignored in any way. The Jungle Book is one such example which was released in 2016 with the best of the VFX technology and a great animation work turning out in real life scenes. This is one movie which is surely deserved to be in the list of best family movies on Netflix.

The Jungle Book is of course based upon the popular author Rudyard Kipling’s collective work and Disney’s 1967 movie of the same name.

Everyone knows the story of The Jungle Book which is about a little but brave boy Mowgli. Mowgli lives in forest from the very start and taken care by the animal guardians only. He lives in constant fear of being killed by Sher Khan but ultimately wins over that by killing him.

The Jungle book features powerful voices of Ben Kingsley, Bill Murray, Lupita Nyong, Scarlett Johansson etc. Best family movies on Netflix like The Jungle Book is like living your childhood once again with better imagination and visualization work.

8. Coraline

Animation has always been the perfect genre of family movies and hence I decided to pick another animation movie called Coraline in the list of best family movies on Netflix. It was released in 2009 and I would have to say it was way advanced than any other animation movies of that time.

Coraline is based on the Neil Gaiman’s novel of the same name and it is a type of 3D dark fantasy stop-motion horror movie.

Coraline is the story of a girl whose name is Coraline Jones. When her family moves to a new place, she finds a parallel world hidden behind a secret door out there. She thinks the world is just ideal and way more amazing than the real world but the truth is something else.

This movie is the journey of Coraline’s courage and strength which helps her to reveal this dark secret and saving other people’s life. I think the subject of the movie is quite great for the fantasy watching and there is no doubt it is pretty entertaining too. Such family movies forces you to think twice about the reality of your own life.

9. Minions

If any of my friends would say that they do not like cute minions I am surely gonna end my friendship with them. Minions is a 2015 movie which is a prequel to Despicable Me franchise and extremely funny and a type of animation movie too.

Minions is amongst the best family movies on Netflix with so many positive reviews and great ratings. In fact, this is the 13th highest grossing movies of all time.

Minions is the story of small yellow creatures who serve the powerful people as their masters but eventually lead them in such troubles that they die. Without any master, they feel so bored so three of them, Kevin, Stuart and Bob set out on a quest to find one.

In this journey, they find one evil woman and they start serving her. But at the end of the movie, they find a more powerful villain named Gru, which embarks the starting of Despicable Me franchise. The movie is going to become your heavy dose of laughter with so many little gigs here and there.

10. The BFG

And finally, the last one in this section of best family movies on Netflix is The BFG or The Big Friendly Giant. You would not even believe, but being an adult, even I too like it a lot. This was released in 2016 and comes under the genre of fantasy adventure movie.

The movie is a direction work of popular director Steven Spielberg and it is based on the novel by Roald Dahl of the same name.

The movie is set out in London and it is the story of an orphaned girl Sophie. Sophie discovers a friendly giant whom she calls BFG and then he takes her to the giant country. She finds out that there are bad giants there who are trying to invade in the real world to eat children.

This is a very imaginative story and it can be seen as the movie proceeds further and involves Queen of England in this story too. The BFG is surely one of the best family movies which you would love to watch with your kids on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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As a note I would like to say that you should pick such best family movies on Netflix which belongs to the genre of comedy. I think in this fast paced world, people get so less chances of laughing and watching these movies together can really help in that.

The light-hearted movies are always fun to watch. Apart from this fact, you can also consider the individual choices too. I am sure this is going to be so much fun with all your family together.

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