Top 10 Apps like Showbox


After Showbox suddenly disappeared from Google Play Store, people started looking for apps like Showbox. This movies and TV shows streaming app was like the daily routine for most of the people and the quality and quantity is something no other apps can ever match up.

Although, you may find an app in play store from the same name but it is not the original Showbox app and that you can confirm through the logo.

Top 10 Apps like Showbox

So, to help all the movie and TV shows lover there, I am listing the best of the options as Showbox alternatives right below. I am sure you would love them all.

1). Crackle

App Link: Download App

Crackle is no new name to be included in the list of apps like Showbox. This is not only an Android application but also available for iOS and it can be accessed through its website on windows as well. So, as a whole I can say that Crackle is a full package available for each and every one.

So, now talking about the app then I am so sure you are not gonna get disappointed with it at all. If you have not tried it yet then you should really hurry.

It has this simplest of the interface and the app turns like a complete movies and TV shows package when you sign up on it. The advantage of sign up is that you can pick up the media file where you left from even when you are streaming the app on other device.

I think it has the largest database which is updated on a daily basis for all the users out there. This make it one of the most perfect apps like Showbox. And the best part of the app is literally spending no money for the subscription charges at all as the app is free to use.

2). Tubi TV

App Link: Download App

Tubi TV is another fantastic app in the category of apps like Showbox. It has got millions of downloads and a wonderful rating of 4.1 which makes it one of the most reliable app to stream your favorite shows and movies. And you know the best part about this app that it updates very frequently.

So, if you are feeling that you are not satisfied with it then just wait for some days and you are going to see all your issues being sorted out. What else a movie love wants other than this?

Coming to the database of the app then Voila! You have got plenty of options here. The app runs according to the genres like horror, drama, comedy, action, anime, Hindi Movies, Korean movies etc. So, you can easily pick your favorite option in the desired genre easily.

I am sure that you are not going to find any other movies apps for android like Showbox anywhere. And talking about the accessibility then it is completely free which means you are not needed to pay anything ever for this app.

3). Latest Movies

App Link: Download App

Are you tired of the televisions showing the same movies again and again? Well, then give that damn box a break and rather move towards another box called Latest Movies. This is not only one great example of apps like Showbox but also a great handy tool which promises non-stop entertainment.

Thankfully, Latest Movies is a free to use application which provides all the latest movies right on your screen. So, forget all the expenses you have ever made on watching a movie in theatres because now you are gonna get everything for free.

And I can totally assure you that Latest Movies app is one of the greatest choice you can make to pick movie apps like Showbox.

The app is not only free but provides most of the movies in HD quality which means you can call it to be a win-win situation here. However, the app does not feature any TV shows here but still, I think this is worth giving a shot because of its abundant and organized data of movies.

4). Big Star Movies

App Link: Download App

Are you the one who is looking for some of the most exclusive movies which usually do not air on television that much? I think you have come to the right platform then. Big Star Movies is one such apps like Showbox which is capable enough to provide you the option to stream all such movies at one place.

Be it foreign films, award winning movies, documentaries or anything else, the app is going to showcase it all on its platform for the users.

However, the app is not completely free to use. It still have an option to be used for free at first which does not includes some of the exclusive features of it. But later on if you want to access it fully then you would have to grab the premium plan for $4.99 per month.

Even after the charges, I do not find the app any expensive or waste of money at all. If you are the one who is bored of watching Hollywood flicks then it is just the perfect place for you. The app does not feature any Hollywood movies on its platform and still it has millions of downloads till date.

5). Flipps HD

App Link: Download App

Enough of the apps only providing movies and TV shows to be streamed, as a user I think you all should get more than that. So, keeping that in mind I have mentioned this great app in the category of apps like Showbox. It not only features movies to stream but also latest news and music too.

In this way, I can declare Flipps HD to be an all-rounder app in this category. The qualities of this app does not end here because it is even more than that.

The app is also a great tool which can be connected to your TV easily. Actually, Flipps HD was mainly intended for this purpose only but it does not mean that you cannot stream the videos on your mobile app. This is one of those few apps which can be connected to your TV without any additional software, set up or hardware.

You just need to link it with your TV and tap on the video to stream and done. Now, you can watch everything on your TV too. This makes it one of the most unique addition in the list of apps like Showbox.

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6). Box TV

App Link: Download App

Box TV is hands down one of the most popular media streaming site and now its app is extremely handy to use too. The specialty of this site is that it features multi lingual movies which means you have a great option in the list of apps like Showbox.

You can not only stream the movies but also TV shows on this site as well. You can call it to be a premium video service because of the rich content on its app.

Box TV applies some of the rules on its browsing policy. You have the access to 5000 hours of streaming for free and then the charges apply. You get all these features after you get registered on the app first. So, basically the app is surely one great tool for video streaming.

I would strongly recommend this app under the category of apps like Showbox and every movie lovers must download it.

7). HD Movies Now

App Link: Download App

HD Movies Now is an app which is capable enough to serve its users all the HD quality movies. Not only movies, but HD Movies Now contains a great collection of TV shows too. This means now you have the opportunity to browse every type of media files for free of cost.

However, the fact that the app is completely free to use makes it one of the most desirable apps like Showbox for sure.

People always try to look for such apps which are free to use so HD Movies Now fits perfectly in that criteria. Not only movies, but the app also features trailers in HD quality too so that users can remain to be updated about the upcoming releases.

The app also has a TV schedule so that you do not have to look for the upcoming TV episodes again and again. Apart from all, you have the facility to download some of the movies as well.

8). Free Movies

App Link: Download App

Free Movies is just like its name which means it provides movies for free to the users. However, there is a twist in that too. You are allowed to watch 5000 hours of media streaming for free and then you will be charged as per the subscription charges.

But I guess, 5000 hours is way too much to be spent. So, indirectly, that makes the app to be free of cost just like the rest of the apps like Showbox.

You are going to get various genres like crime, war, sci-fi, horror, drama, mystery, fantasy, romance etc. This enables the handiness of the app so that users do not feel confused about the mixed content at all. The best part is that you are not required any additional player because the app runs on its built-in player.

You must give this app a try as it has got millions of downloads already. Free Movies is the perfect option in the list of apps like Showbox for sure.

9). Popcornflix

App Link: Download App

Popcornflix is a very popular site which allows users to stream movies online and now we are going to talk about the Android app of the same. This is another pick in the category of apps like Showbox and am glad to say that the app is completely free to use.

This is a premium quality application for android to stream different types of movies on it. You have the allowance to watch 700 films in a row on this app for free of cost.

You are going to get the full-length movies here with the great quality display. In fact, you can pick the movies on the basis of the genres too. Some of the options in genres are urban, family, horror, comedy, romance, documentaries etc.

The app also does not stick to only Hollywood movies and provide other multi lingual movies too which means it is suitable for all types of audience. Popcornflix is one of the best examples of apps like showbox for android in this list for sure.

10). Stremio

App Link: Download App

The last one in this list of apps like Showbox is Stremio. The app has the decent number of downloads along with some good reviews too. The app not only allows you to watch any movies but also helps you to manage your content too.

In fact, the app is not restricted to movies only and the list is quite long. You can watch movies, TV shows, series, Live TV, video channels etc. through this app.

And the best part above all, the app is free to be used which means no additional money being spent on any subscription charges. This app is basically a content aggregator and hence draws streaming link through various other apps like YouTube, Netflix, iTunes, HBO etc.

But, this is a sure shot fact that you are surely going to find all the latest content on this app very easily. To start enjoying this app, you are supposed to first sign up on it and then you are ready to operate it.

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I am really looking forward for all you people to download these movies apps like Showbox and start using them really soon. You would be really amazed to see the massive content and regular updates on these apps. You will not even realize it but they apps will soon cover up the void of Showbox.

These apps like Showbox are all functional and you can download them all through Google Play Store for absolutely free. So, do not waste any more time and streaming on these apps right away.

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